Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who Is Doing the Ignoring?

Who Is Doing the Ignoring?
New York Times or True News

The Times Says: NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF The Daily Me As we ignore traditional news media more and more and go online for “news,” we become our own editors. Heaven help us.

Don't Blame the Public . . . They have Lost Interest in Spin by Traditional Media

True News Says: Will Dysfunctional Albany Destroy the MTA? *** Love Me . . . Hate Me, Congressional Bank Robbers? (AIG campaign contributions) *** Competive Elections + Press/Public Outrage = Change and Action *** The Times They Are A Changing *** Deadline Brooklyn *** Bloggers Must Now Fill The Void to Protect Democracy *** New Yor k’s Political Mob Wars *** Cover Up At City Hall Continues *** New York Needs A Sun Burn *** Lawyers and Developers Control Comptroller's Campaign *** GOP Vs. GOP *** Organized Crime Politics *** End of the Great Newspaper Era *** Organized Crime Politics Part 1 *** Spin is the Cancer of Jounalism *** You Read Pataki and Giuliani Were Working to Get the Mayor the GOP Line In True News First *** True News Seeking FED TARP and Bailout Help *** New Yorkers Have Lost Their Anger, Soul and Cockiness *** NY's Falling Voter Participation *** Venezuela Allowed to Vote on Term Limits .. Not NYC *** Wall Street Falls is NY's Loss - Pols Failed to Keep NYC's Economy Diverse, and to Keep Manufacturing Jobs Here *** Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again *** The Real Campaign is to Suppress Challengers *** Reformers Have Their Annual Press Conference . . . Nothing Else *** Roadmap of Madoff's Ponzi Scheme Ignored *** Appointments Strengthen Special Interests, Corrupt Politicians *** The Financial Industrial Complex *** How NYC Became the World's Banking Capital *** Jackie Bouvier Kennedy *** Quinn's Con Game *** NY's Non Investigations *** Candidates Accept Funds From Laid Off Workers *** Who is Destroying NYC's Economy? *** No Fault GreedDysfunctional Political System, Press and Powerless Public Allow Wrong Doers to Escape *** Inspector Clouseau Investigates *** When Watchdogs Don't Bite (media) *** Bloggers Get Their Press Passes *** Taking Down Deutsche Bank Not the Problem Councilman Gerson *** Our Culture Of Double Standards *** Big Apple Republicans Going *** Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up *** Triple Dipping?Fleecing the PublicTaxpayer Subsidies, Tax Bailout of Citibank and High Ticket Prices *** Shrinking Newspaper Coverage Means Less Real TV News More Sexy Reporters *** Can't Anyone Here Play This Game Anymore? Erie Canal Became NY's First Economic Engine *** It's All About Vito Lopez *** Change Has Not Come to New York . . . Why? *** Wall Street Meltdown Predictable ***Rebate check finally in mail - & now you can use it to pay tax hike (Daily News) *** Newspapers Coverage of the Budget Crisis: A Tail of Two Standards of Coverage *** Tax Hell 137 Hikes, 88 New Fees *** NY' s Leaders Have Lost the Values and Morality that Once Made it the Greatest City in the World - Where have we read this before?

MTA NEW FARE HIKES SET TO 'STAGGER' RIDERS *** MTA crisis: The Empire State governor strikes back *** GOP May Bail Out MTA Bailout with Smith Now as Piñata *** Dave Evans reports on the MTA's money troubles *** MTA doomsday budget: The details
A one-way ride on the subway will cost $2.50 and a monthly MetroCard will be priced at a stunning $103 under a doomsday menu of fares expected to be approved by the MTA next week

The City WTC CHURCH DEAL NIXED *** Church Destroyed at Ground Zero Is Still at Square One *** NYC AREA A POP. STAR New York metropolitan area's population is on the rise relative to upstate and the rest of the country *** CHARTER FIGHT SOARS HARLEM SCHOOL RALLY DRAWS 5,000 PARENTS *** Ratner selling 2 Queens properties From Atlantic Yards Report comes word that 2 Queens properties are among the ones that Bruce Ratner is selling off *** Brooklyn stores hit hardest by retail slump *** Harlem eatery Amy Ruth’s files for bankruptcy *** AIG HQ to sell at fraction of price *** A New Ferry Terminal, the Same Fretful Commute *** Court Allows Brooklyn Jail to Reopen *** Pier 15 on the East River to Become Green Park and Cafe *** Next casualty of the budget cuts? English-language classes *** New hires are on deck at new Stadium *** $4.2M simulator trains FDNY for high-rise hells *** City official fears OSHA oversight of big cranes *** Noodle shop must pay $2.3M for underpaying its workers *** Some WNYC listeners questioned why the station hosted Spitzer for an interview on AIG and the ongoing Wall Street mess.

Public Relations Machine MIKE'S 'BULLPEN' NEEDS $5M FIX (protect against spendin money on City Hall during economic crisis) *** MIKE SAVES PASSED-OUT STUDENT (post) *** Mayor Mike to the Rescue *** Mayor Bloomberg rushed to the side of a collapsed student (WABC) *** Taxes Not Seen as Making the Rich Flee New York ( remember the 70's?) *** New York City Sees Fewer Residents Leave for Other States

Race to City Hall MORGY AIDES RECRUITED FOR VANCE TEAM *** CUOMO IS LIFE OF THE RIVAL PARTY *** Weiner gets tagged From PolitickerNY *** There isn’t much evidence to show that taxing the rich will make them flee, but tax opponents say its the wrong argument ***WNYC's Beth Fertig examines the connections between Learn NY, a pro-mayoral control group, and Bloomberg *** Council candidate and Hasidic Jew Isaac Abraham won't attend a CBID endorsement forum because it's being held in a church basement; he says his rabbi told him to stay away

Albany Senate Democrats' pay scales up with majority *** No handicap perks for legislative plates - Savino parked in a handicapped metered spot right outside of the Hampton Inn in Albany *** On Tour of New York, Paterson Gets an Earful *** Cuomo Wins Ruling to Name Merrill Bonus Recipients *** Spitzer takes shots at Cuomo over AIG mess *** Hevesi aide faces indictment in state pension fund scandal *** The IG finds that a state worker was playing politics on state time *** The fight over the expanded bottle bill takes to the airwaves *** There isn’t much evidence to show that taxing the rich will make them flee, but tax opponents say its the wrong argument *** Following a tough town hall-style meeting in Rochester, Paterson called himself the "hardest working man in show business."

Pay to Play Aides to Hevesi Indicted in Kickback Scheme *** 'Beyond The Grossest Manifestation Of Pay-To-Play'

Wall Street Mess BERNIE'S BEAN COUNTER BUSTED RUBBER-STAMPED BOGUS AUDITS: FEDS *** Accountant for Madoff Is Arrested and Charged With Securities Fraud *** Madoff's accountant released on $2.5M bail *** Madoff's Lawyers Will Attempt to Spring Bernie *** Madoff bled hedge funds too *** Bernie getting bad food, few visitors in hellhole *** Bernie getting bad food, few visitors in hellhole*** Record Hedge Funds Close In '08 *** Timing of AIG 'clawback': More 'dribble-back' economics *** AIG to bonus babies: 'Do the right thing' *** Judge: Merrill bonus info must be disclosed *** Markets rise after Fed details credit plan *** Fannie plans bonuses *** Fed to Buy $1 Trillion in Securities to Aid Economy *** A.I.G. Seeking Return of Half of Its Bonuses *** Spitzer Joins the Furor on Money for A.I.G. *** It’s the Regulations, Not the Regulator The financial crisis is not just the result of a missing regulator, but also deregulatory zeal that eclipsed rules and regulations — and the very will to regulate - NYT Ed *** A Small and Dangerous Spat Protectionist measures against our trading partners could drive the world into an even worse economic slump - NYT Ed *** Fed to Buy $1 Trillion in Securities to Aid Economy *** Hired to Salvage A.I.G., Liddy Becomes a Target *** As Credit Cards Falter, the Cash Variety Gains Popularity *** U.S. Extends Its Inquiry of Offshore Tax Fraud *** Fed Decision Tanks Dollar *** WSJ: AIG Exec Who Received $6.4M Bonus Will Return Payment *** Macy's to close 11 stores; other retailers report dismal sales figures *** Little piggies want more *** Donald's bounced off Grand tennis deal *** Fed to buy billions in Treasury securities, Wall St. rallies *** Top people to blame for wrecking the economy *** Why Investors are Hoarding Gold

President Obama 'TREASURY' TROVE OF INCOMPETENCE *** Schwarzenegger helps Obama answer GOP critics *** Obama plays populist, anti-D.C. role in Calif. *** Attorney general signals shift in marijuana policy *** Obama Eyes Toxic Takeover *** Obama to bring star power to L.A. *** Budget red ink rising *** Calls increase for Geithner resignation *** Can Geithner bounce back? *** A Defining Moment for Treasury Secretary *** Obama Would Crush Sarah Palin In 2012: Poll *** Bush Book Deal Worth $7 Million *** Gates puts stop to Army's 'stop-loss' redeployment policy *** Citigroup's chief economist to work in Treasury Dept.?! *** Obama's Education Spin *** Is Obama Waging War on the Rich?

What was supposed to be legal lynching of AIG's Edward Liddy turns into huge defeat for Congress - We have met the enemy and it's the people who represent us. The blowhards and buffoons in Congress proved again Wednesday they are worse than useless

Congress Dodd Lied About Ok Of Bailout Execs' $$ *** Dodd: Administration sought bonus limit revision *** Dodd Blames Treasury Department for Bonus Loophole *** Dodd facing fresh political firestorm *** Dodd to Blame for AIG Bonuses *** House whip whips up NYC $ amid anti-Wall St. frenzy *** POL: TAX THE BONUSES TO HELL HOUSE SETS VOTE ON 90% LEVY * AIG BIG: I ASKED FOR REFUNDS *** House sets up vote on taxing AIG bonuses *** Durbin meets with panel, prosecutor about Burris *** Dems, Ethics Committee discuss Burris *** Waters' use of funds faces scrutiny *** Senators grill regulators on AIG bailout *** Congressional Dems outrun W.H. *** Lugar casts 12,000th vote *** AIG CEO: 'High point of public anger' *** Video of Pelosi's cat shows pols are discovering YouTube

National LA Times: DOJ won't prosecute pot dispensaries *** RNC fundraising *** PoliticsColin Powell's Former Chief Of Staff: Cheney Is 'Evil,' 'Assisting' Al Qaida *** Attorney General Signals Shift In Medical Marijuana Policy *** Economic woes slow US migration to Sun Belt region *** Kellogg CEO: Food safety must be strengthened

International Next NATO commander strives to break with past *** Officials: US prepares civilian 'surge' in Afghan *** After Gaza, Israel Grapples With Crisis of Isolation *** Workers Protest Across France *** In Mexican Drug War, Soccer Remains an Oasis *** Workers Protest Across France *** Death Penalty Banned in New Mexico *** Gitmo Detainees Headed to US

Media Mess Sony Reaches Deal to Share in Google’s E-Book Library *** Buyout Firm Acquires San Diego Paper *** Atty Gen. Willing To Reconsider Antitrust Policy For Newspapers *** SEC Proxy Statement: Gannett Execs Receive Nearly $2M In Bonuses, Golden Parachutes *** Dear Twitterphiles …