Tuesday, March 3, 2009


White House Instigates

White House Paints Limbaugh as Voice Of GOP - Howard Kurtz, Wash Post *** The Tired War on Rush Limbaugh - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times *** This a Rush to judgement, or was Steele offended? *** Limbaugh, Steele Face Off Limbaugh, Steele Face Off *** The Caucus: R.N.C. Chief Apologizes to Limbaugh *** WATCH: "View" Ladies Get Heated Over Limbaugh's Speech *** Steele: Rush, I'm Sorry *** Rush Steele Controversy Ignites - Limbaugh Audio - Democratic ... *** Rush v. Steele - Sean Hannity Discussion *** Rahm Emanuel Pumping Up Rush Limbaugh's Bloated Balloon Drudge ... *** YouTube - Rahm Emanuel Discusses Rush Limbaugh on Face the Nation *** Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party(Salon.com) *** White House fires back at Talk King... *** Limbaugh A Weekend Cable Draw... *** Letterman on Rush Limbaugh:Rush Limbaugh A Day in the Life of President Obama *** Dave Letterman describes Rush Limbaugh as a Bonehead Gangster.

Fuming: Sandy Weill Privately, the former CEO who created the financial superpower is fuming that he hasn’t been consulted during the firm’s freefall—and some people close to him believe he cashed out of the stock a long time ago. by Charlie Gasparino

Wall Street Mess Dow Tumbles After Lowest Open In More Than 11 Years *** Steep Market Drops Highlight Despair Over Rescue Efforts *** Dow drops below 7,000 as financials tumble *** Dow plunges below 7,000 for first time since 1997 *** Dow 6800 *** BERNIE: KEEP $69M IN EVIL CLUTCHES - Madoff wants to keep $69 million worth of assets - including the $7 million penthouse where he's living in luxury under house arrest *** HEDGE HOG IS COP KIN *** Madoff papers all over LIC From the New Yorker *** Madoff's Other Enablers *** Ruth Madoff’s Lawyers Try to Have Her Retain Assets *** Madoff wants to keep the penthouse and $62M in assets *** Bernie's wife: Paws off my $62M! *** SPIN METER: Oh really? That wasn't bailout cash? *** TARP overseer joins board of firm with bank ties *** AIG = All Income Gone *** The Never-Ending Bailout - AIG NYT Ed *** A Remake of A.I.G. Is the Goal of Rescue *** A Better, Cheaper Mortgage Fix *** Schumer, Wall Street's Go-To Senator, is Now Pro-Regulation *** Schumer does a 180 on financial deregulation *** Schumer takes stock of Wall Street compensation *** U.S. Likely to Keep the Reins on Fannie and Freddie *** Toyota Talking With Japan Government About Loan *** Baked-In Losses Weigh on G.E. *** Wendy’s/Arby’s Posts $400 Million Quarterly Loss ***Citigroup to Lower Some Mortgage Payments *** Blackstone CEO Takes 99 Percent Pay Cut *** Met puts up two Chagalls as collateral for loan *** Business BofA's Ken Lewis: TARP Funds "A Mistake" *** Lewis: Merrill Aid a “Mistake” *** Investors Throw In the TowelToday's Papers *** Geithner Goes to Capitol to Tout Budget *** 'Bad Bank' Funds Get Fleshed Out *** Citi to Allow Jobless To Pay Less on Loans *** GM's U.S. Sales Remain Weak *** The Financial Crisis Is Reaching a Climax - Steve Forbes, Forbes *** Obama's 'Change' Is Capital On Strike - Editorial, Investor's Business Daily *** PM Administration to take on international tax dodgers... *** Bernanke: May Need More Than Approved $700B to Fix Banks... *** Fed-up Fed chairman meets fed-up pols on the Hill *** Bernanke: Recovery Hinges On Financial Turnaround *** Ben Bernanke Is Angry About AIG

State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith said Monday that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has agreed to share additional financial information he wanted before considering legislation to bail the transit agency out of its financial crisis. - AM-NY

Albany Smith Hits Brakes On Plan For E. River Tolls *** MTA Discloses Finances To State Lawmakers *** Smith's audit-first approach a stall tactic? *** Toll plan followup: Skelos whacks Smith over inaction *** Helping the M.T.A., Ravitch Takes a 3rd Turn as Fiscal Savior *** State Dems question credibility of MTA business data *** The Middletown Times Herald-Record editorialized against the payroll tax included in Ravitch's plan *** TOWNS IN PENSION SQUEEZE: MUST PAY IN MORE *** I run 'open' pension fund, DiNapoli says *** DiNapoli defended the way he has run the pension fund, which is under investigation by AG Andrew Cuomo's office *** BRUNO HURT IN CAR CRASH *** GOV GETS A LEG UP: TELLS OF NEW LOVE: JOGGING *** Prosecutors Fight Release of Spitzer Records *** Tedisco and Giuliani in Dutchess County *** Joe Bruno in car crash; treated and released *** A Plea to Keep Cameras Rolling in New York *** Editorial: Hospital hype & hysteria Even before two hospitals shut their doors, a new TV spot was airing, insinuating that Gov. Paterson was responsible for the closures - and that his policies would shutter more institutions. Truth in advertising this was not. Far from it - DN Ed *** (1199 + Obama) v. Paterson on the (You)Tube *** Doctors will lobby today to change malpractice laws *** The state and feds are boosting programs to help the unemployed *** DiNapoli says that the state pension fund will shrink more than 20% this year *** Bill Hammond writes that Paterson is right to allow wine in grocery stores *** The state will provide free gas cards to people seeking jobs in hopes of improving the unemployment rate *** A poll to be released later today will show Gov. Paterson’s approval rating the lowest of any governor in modern history *** PM Paterson's Job Approval at Historic Low *** Paterson Does Dicker *** Paterson Approval Rating Plummets *** Will Gov. Paterson Save Tax Credit Program? *** Three for Tuesday: Liberty, stocks and pay-to-play

The City MORE FAILING SCHOOLS PASSING THE TEST (Post) *** 2 Schools Bloomberg Started Cited for Poor Performance (Times) *** CUNY WEIGHS AN RX SCHOOL *** HIZZONER LOVES A GOOD WEINER *** The history of St. John's Queens Hospital *** Robotrain Putting Fear in L Train Conducters *** New York Tenants Could Benefit From Foreclosure *** Remembering a Harlem Power Broker *** Mr. Morgenthau’s Legacy - NYT Ed *** New York’s rich take their tax lumps *** Foreclosed homes set for big auction at Javits... *** Senator wants to jumpstart Moynihan with stimu... *** Williamsburg Waterfront Park Re-Opens Month Early *** Virgin Megastores Sacrificed, Report Says *** Tourists banned from Woolworth Building *** L.I.C. condo developers offering incentives and rebates to attract buyers *** Met up against wall for funds *** PM Developer to Let Laid-Off Renters Walk Away From Leases *** Staten Island Education Official Resigns Over Racist E-Mail

Road to City Hall Thompson Rakes In Lobby Cash *** BRONX BEEP VOTE IN APRIL *** Bronx Borough President Election Is Set *** MOB-LINKED CLIENT IN VANCE'S PAST: CY'S MATTERS IN DA RACE *** Mike's got no problem with Weiner earmarks *** Staten Island ferry hotel called inn-sane *** An Eye (Many Eyes) on the Stimulus Money

The President OBAMA OFFERS RUSSIA MISSILE DEAL *** Report: Obama sought Russian deal on Iran *** Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter *** Obama's Secret Russia Letter *** Britain's Brown looks for boost from Obama meeting *** Did Obama Snub Brown? *** President Obama set to meet with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown *** AG: I'LL BAN WATERBOARD *** Bush-era memo details argument for rendition power *** O, NO, NOT ANOTHER!: TAX WOES HIT PREZ PICK FOR TRADE REP *** Tax man nails 5th Obama appointee *** BAM PLAN MAY RAISE GAS *** O: HOST WITH MOST: TOP DEM THROWS GRAND OL' PARTIES *** Obama's Agenda Is Rattling Wall Street - Charlie Gasparino, Daily Beast *** Obama's Morning in America - Bob Shrum, The Week *** Bending the Trajectory Left - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Obama Not Who We Moderates Thought He Was - David Brooks, NY Times *** Obama Has No Mandate For Radicalism - Patrick Buchanan, Creators *** Obama Wants to Be Bipartisan. Pelosi Doesn't - Holly Bailey, Newsweek ***Blacks, Whites Hear Obama Differently - Nia-Malika Henderson, Politico *** Obama's Foreign Policy is Tough Yet Modest - Gabor Steingart, Der Spiegel *** The Obama Economy - Wall Street Journal *** Interview with Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel - Face the Nation *** Obama's Mortgage Plan Another Federal Burden - R. Posner, B-P Blog *** Obama's 'Change' Is Capital On Strike - Editorial, Investor's Business Daily *** PM RUSSIA BRUSHES OFF OBAMA: NO 'HAGGLING' *** Buy stocks now, says Bam! Opportunities for long-term investors *** Obama: It's a Great Time to Buy Stocks

Congress Van Slyke: Our guns, ourselves - Gillibrand must now represent and balance has challenged her to reconsider her historical positions on gun control. *** Cramdown Shows How Congress (Still) Really Works - D. Sirota, Open Left *** Why Congressmen Fear the CBO - Ezra Klein, American Prospect *** Crowley Gets a Fund-Raising Title in Congress *** PM Fed-up Fed chairman meets fed-up pols on the Hill *** Sen. Byrd Brings Home the Bacon for W. Va.

Pay to Play Justice Not for Sale The Supreme Court should make clear that judges who receive outsize campaign contributions have a duty to recuse themselves - NYT Ed

National High court to decide when judges should step aside *** Waging War on Prosperity - Dick Morris & Eileen McGann, New York Post *** States Give Gambling a Closer Look *** Blago to blab-o in new six-figure book deal *** Let Them Serve With Dignity - San Francisco Chronicle

International HILL BUDDIES UP TO SYRIA *** Clinton meets Israeli leaders in Jerusalem *** Hillary pleads for Mideast peace *** THE INFLUENCE GAME: Libya case gets lobbyists $2M *** Castro Spotted in Havana *** Will the European Union Splinter? *** U.S. Backs Two-State Solution in Mideast *** Trial Will Offer Window on Kremlin *** Koreans Take Pay Cuts to Stop Layoffs *** Gordo Fiddles Abroad While Britain Burns - Rachel Sylvester, The Times *** An Eyewitness Account of Iceland's Meltdown - Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair *** Mrs. Clinton's Task - Daily Telegraph *** Europe's Financial Discord - Anne Applebaum, Washington Post *** Afghanistan's Complicated Election Plans - Stratfor *** Germany warns of 'catastrophic' state of Web security...

Old Newser stayed gruff till the end - Sal Gerage taught a thousand kids like that copy boy and my brother John the noble craft of newspapering long before the concept of the Internet and words like "blog" and "Web site" were even imagined.

Media Meltdown Bits: U.N. Says U.S. Internet and Telecom Lags *** Philadelphia Daily News to Be Edition of Inquirer *** White House Denies Shunning YouTube *** MORE D.C. JOURNALISTS TAKING JOBS IN NEW ADMINISTRATION... *** Congressman: 'Media is dead, and long live new media'... *** Steve Brill to Save Journalism