Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Investors and Developers Control Comptroller's Campaign

Investors and Developers
Who Controls the Next

Lawyers and developers contributed almost half of the funds to the three major candidates running for Comptroller. Of the 4,636 listed occupations (5,779 in total) on the contributor list, 826 are listed as lawyers. But even 826 is not the true number due to the fact that the candidates mislabel the contributors' occupations on the list. The same can be said for the 344 real estate contributors. Bruce Slovin of 1 Eleven Associates, as a lot of contributors did, gave to more than one candidate. Weprin's contributor Slovin, is listed as "Real Estate Agent", while Katz called him an "Executive" in her listing. Peter Fine of Atlantic Development is listed by Katz as an Exec, Yassky listed him as "Real Estate Developer". Katz has Richard DeMatteis as a "CEO", not as a Real Estate Developer. Of the 200 contributions listed as CEOs, most are in real estate, law or banking. Many other listed professions that should have been specified as real estate include: Architect, Broker, Builder, Contractors, Developer, Director, Engineer, Management, Owner, Partner, President, Principal, and Self Employed. One of the contributors to Katz, Arthur Zeckendorf the famous developer, is listed as an Exec. As is the contribution from Benjamin Development Co. and tens of dozens of others. Yassky has a contribution from Continental Ventures Realty which is listed as "Managing Partner". Of the 400 contributers listing their occupations as executives, many are developer’s lawyers and bankers. Talk about cooking the Comptroller books, Katz has a contribution listed as "Self Employed" and another contributer from Two Trees Mgmt listed as "Director" for his occupation, when in fact everyone knows that Two Trees is a very famous real estate development company.

Michael Lazar head of the famous Wall Street Company is listed not as a banker or financier but as chairman. We are also talking about Wall Street contributors who can now be listed as unemployed since their company Lehman Brothers went out of business. They have contributed $2000 to Yassky, $100 to Katz and $175 to Weprin. Employees of the nationalized Citigroup have also given campaign money to all three candidates – over $10,000 to comptroller candidate Weprin alone. Contributors from Bank of America gave to both Yassky and Katz. Most of the bailout banks on Wall Street have contributed to the three Comptroller candidates. Pay to play?

Most of the contributions came from Manhattan (1820). The second highest borough total is the home borough of both Katz and Weprin, Queens (1280). Brooklyn gave 956 total contributions, and only 64 came from the Bronx with 45 coming from Staten Island. Two thirds of the contributors who gave the maximum contribution came from Manhattan, 131. 39 came from Brooklyn; 15 from Queens; 4 from the Bronx and none from Staten Island. 21 maximum contributors listed their occupation as homemaker, 4 as housewife, 10 as retired and 4 as unemployed.

Despite the fact that there are ongoing investigations of former Hevesi Consultant Hank Morris (for receiving over 25 million in fees - allegedly for helping a financial firm get contracts with his former campaign client), and a recently started investigation of some Bronx consultants (who were allegedly receiving kick backs from the state’s comptroller’s office), consultants continue to contribute to and work for the three major candidates. Lobbyist Joni Yoswein's company gave to all three candidates. Lobbyists Capalino & Company also gave to Katz, Weprin and Yassky. It is actually difficult to track all the lobbyists who contributed to the Comptroller. For example, Connelly & McLaughlin's contributions were listed as coming from an Attorney on one filing and listed as "Govt. Relations" on another, with still others listed as EVP (whatever that means). Other lobbyists who contributed to the comptroller's races include Patricia Lynch Assoc. (Katz), Tonio Burgos Associates, Bolton St. Johns, Parkside Group, George Arzt Communications Inc. and Rubenstein Assoc.

Despite hard times, City Council members still get big stipends for leadership positions.

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