Monday, February 16, 2009

Venezuela Allowed to Vote on Term Limits .. Not NYC

Third World Country's Voters Allowed to Vote on Term Limits
Term limits out of Chavez's way in Venezuela *** City Council Approves Term Limits Extension (Gotham Gazette ... *** New Yorkers for Term Limits : NYC Public Advocate Opposes Council ... *** The Term Limits Hearings, Friday - City Room Blog -

President Obama Brakes On Car Czar *** Obama faces tough choices on auto industry... *** To Fix Detroit, Obama Is Said to Drop Plan for ‘Car Czar’ *** Aide: Obama Has 'Solid' Housing Plan *** Obama faces tough choices on auto industry... *** Geithner to Lead Auto Restructuring Panel - Detroit News *** TO SPEND, OR NOT TO SPEND: President's decision on new fleet of Marine One helicopters... *** Obama Confronts a Choice on Copters *** Yet another reporter joins Obama administration... *** Daschle’s withdrawal for Health and Human Services secretary stalls the health agenda *** Faith-Based Fudging A firm rule barring discrimination on the basis of religion was notably missing from President Obama’s executive order extending faith-based initiatives - NYT Ed *** Advice to the President: Abolish the Commerce Department *** Stakes Are Huge for Obama & Nation - Julian Zelizer, CNN *** Obama Must Talk to the Iranian People - Christopher Hitchens, Slate *** HHS Vacancy Stalls Health Agenda - Washington Post *** Interview with David Axelrod - Meet the Press

Congress Blago Senator Must Quit: Pol *** Burris Mounts Defense Amid Criticism *** Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand keeps two rifles under her bed *** Shoot, yeah, I'm packin' heat: Gilly keeps two rifles under bed *** She says she is broadening her views *** The Virtual-Reality-Based Community The RNC's open-source quest for an online strategy *** Ackerman draws fire claiming Israeli "settler pogroms" *** John McCain criticized Obama for his lack of bipartisanship in crafting the stimulus bill *** WATCH: Dan Aykroyd Returns To SNL For Opening Skit Mocking GOP Opposition *** Culture Wars Aren't Over & Never Will Be - Rod Dreher, Dallas Mrng News *** Guests: Sen. Shelby and Rep. Frank; Robert Gibbs - Face the Nation *** Guests: Sens. Schumer & Graham, Reps. Waters & King - This Week *** Beltway Games Don't Really Matter - Jonathan Singer, MyDD *** Joe Lieberman Stimulus Hero - Joe Klein, Swampland *** Burris says statements were consistent *** Bank bailout: Schumer still Wall Street's mouthpiece *** Monday morning ten: Don't mess with Kirsten! *** The Stimulus Goes Green The $789 billion recovery package wasn't all enviros hoped for. In some cases, it was more *** Cenk Goes After Congress For Their Fake Outrage.

Albany GOV'S HY-PAY-CRISY: STAFFERS GET SECRET RAISES AMID 'FREEZE' *** Dave Warms To 'Rich Tax' *** Jim Odato has a list of car assignments in the new Senate majority *** State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli reports that the state now spends more than twice as much on the state pension pay-outs as it did 10 years ago *** SPARKS A FUROR: PORN PROS $PANKED - tax porn downloads *** Porn could cost you an eXXXtra 4%, says gov - ipod tax extended *** UFT seeks to renew 8.25 pct. guarantee on 403(b)s *** Governor Paterson's 2010 team 'in shambles' - Benjamin, DN *** Opposition to Sheldon Silver’s plan to weaken Rockefeller Drug Laws is coming from Dan Donovan, head of the state’s district attorney association *** Dems and cars: This is Malcolm's idea of reform? *** More Dave cluelessness: 14 raises *** A Recap of Last Week's Action on the Hill - The Nation

City Economists’ Forecast: Chance of Change 100% - A look at the city's economy after the crash *** Hurdles for a Plan to Turn Catholic Classrooms Into Charter Schools *** TERMINAL'S COST FERRY HIGH - Port Authority project costs triple *** CASH FOR TRASH IS BIG LOSER - Recession is trashing the city's recycling efforts *** CITY CROSSWALKS GOING BACK ON THE CLOCK *** Pol: Crack whip on scofflaw landlords *** Audit cries foul, says Yanks stiff city on rent - again *** Parents will have more than 100 privately run, publicly financed schools to choose from in September *** City gets 'Judge Sue' venue switch *** Richard Florida Thinks New York Will Survive the Crash (The Atlantic) *** Teachers Union Proposes Cuts That Don’t Harm Classrooms (New York Teacher) *** Ratner’s Atlantic Yards Stimulus Shakedown (Daily Intel) *** Bronx Will Lose Eight Bank Branches (Bronx News Network) *** The Journal News has a database of New York's "shovel-ready" projects. [JN] *** A Funeral for the G Train.

Spin in the Press Vs. The People
What The Police Dept PR Operations Say
*** NYPD Goes Green With New Test Fleet.

What they Mean
We do not want the public to get the idea that crime will increase when we talk about the budget decreasing *** Budget ax will force NYPD to slash ranks to lowest level in 16 yrs *** NYPD facing major budget cuts ... *** Budget Forces NYPD to Cancel 2010 Police Academy: Top News Stories ...

Road to City Hall Bloomberg's Staff Full of Potential Rivalries *** NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg may seek the Working Families Party line, as he also seeks the GOP line *** Mike eying try for WFP ballot line *** Bloomberg reelection team - potential rivalries *** Buying victory, Bloomberg-style - Mazza *** New mayoral poll.

Rose Color Press
How the press helps pols get elected or reelected
DON'T MI$$ OUT ON TAX CRED: POL - Post gives Gioia a campaign flyer - how about blaming the council for not getting info to the public about the tax program? *** DA To Spray-Taint Park Vandal Teens.

Wall Street Mess ERODE TO RUIN: BIG DROP IN CELEBS' HAMPTONS REAL ESTATE *** Don't Fear 'N' Word On Banks: Graham *** Miami banker gives $60 million of his own to employees... *** WSJ: Obama's Rhetoric Is the Real 'Catastrophe'... *** Calif. Lawmakers Fail to Pass Budget *** BMW to Lay Off 850 U.K. Workers *** Sirius Creditors Eye CEO's Ouster *** Offshore Bank Curbed Commitments *** WSJ: Obama's Rhetoric Is the Real 'Catastrophe'... *** Miami banker gives $60 million of his own to employees... *** Michael Moore Wants to Expose Wall Street *** States and Cities in Scramble for Stimulus Cash *** Unions fight to control piggy bank *** How the Financial Crisis Is Good for New York *** So Long, Car Czar- Slate's Today's Papers *** Geithner Pitches Plan Across the Pond A summary of what's in the major U.S. newspapers *** Public Relations Fiasco Why can't America's banking CEOs defend themselves better? *** BMW to Lay Off 850 U.K. Workers *** After stimulus, time to take over banks? Idea has currency *** Madoff: A smash hit? The Bernie Madoff doll offers something extra. And just like swindler Madoff, it's gonna cost you *** Business Bernie Madoff 2.0: Texas Billionaire's Alleged Fraud Could Hit 30,000 Investors *** California Desperate To Pass Massive $42 Billion Budget Plan *** A Lost Decade Ahead? - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** Back to Reality After 10 Year Illusion of Wealth - Paul Krugman, NY Times *** Once Radical, Bank Nationalization Attracts GOP Support - The Hill *** CNNMoney: Cheap gas is history, again *** NYC Toy Fair Vendor Offers Madoff Doll To Smash *** What Does Stimulus Mean to Homeowners? *** Kansas suspending Income Tax Refunds... *** CA ON THE BRINK.

World Of Trouble Scott Pelley Reports, 60 Minutes - How did the mortgage industry destroy itself and set off an economic collapse that ruined the finances of millions of Americans? Executives tend to hold themselves blameless, saying that no one could have seen the disaster coming.

International Clinton in Asia; Issues Warning... *** NKorea to 'go ahead with missile launch'... *** Pakistan Sets Pact With Militants *** Pakistan Agrees to Islamic Law in Swat Region *** Pakistan Sets Pact With Militants *** Worst Isn't Over for Japan *** Chavez Wins Bid to Scrap Term Limits *** Japan’s Economy Plunges at Fastest Pace Since ’74 *** Worst Isn't Over for Japan *** Britain's Winter of Discontent D.D. Guttenplan: The global economic crisis has hit Britain harder than any other developed country. Is it too big to fail?

Media Mess FAILING ACADEMY: L'OREAL IS SKIPPING OUT ON OSCAR, JOINING GM *** NYT PROFILES RICH MEXICAN WHO CASH-PUMPED PAPER... *** Carlos Slim Helú: The Reticent Media Baron *** In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update *** What Convergence? TV’s Hesitant March to the Net *** Republicans Discover Twitter *** The Times on the Times *** The Battle for 95.1 FM(free103point9) *** Save the News, Not the Newspaper
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