Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jackie Bouvier Kennedy

NY Has Lost it's Respect and Dignity
No Way to Treat the Family of NY's First Lady
In addition to leading a life of class of which we are all aware, most people do not know that Jackie Kennedy is responsible for the preservation of many of the old elegant buildings in New York City. It is thanks to her that so many of them were able to escape the developer's wrecking ball. Her involvement saved Grand Central Station after developers destroyed the old Pennsylvania Station, and created the City's Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Has NY Lost it's Sense of Shame?
Mark Twain, who came up with pretty much every good line not ascribed to Oscar Wilde or Yogi Berra, said of human nature: “Man is the only animal that blushes.” “Or needs to,” he added." *** Bruno: Time for righteous indignation.

Albany PATERSON LYIN' KING OF STATE: KNOWS KENNEDY LEAKER - all the disclosure documents that were handed over by Kennedy were given to Paterson's legal counsel's office, which is under a professional obligation of secrecy *** Paterson Seeks Distance From Senate Damage, but Hedges *** DN Ed: Gov. Paterson has a duty to deliver for New York after bailing on glittering international confab *** Gov cancels trip as numbers tank *** Caroline bashing 'cheap dirty politics,' Mike says *** DN Lupica: Gov Your 15 minutes are up! *** DN Benjamin: Hired PR gun doomed Caroline, insiders say *** Rep. McCarthy, who is threatening to primary Gillibrand in 2010, has contributed $1,500 to her since 2006 *** Poll: Caroline Kennedy Blew It *** NYPost ED: Paterson came to his senses yesterday and canceled his junket to this week's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. We take full credit *** Under fire, NY Gov calls off Davos ski junket... *** DN Daly: Pro-gun Senator-designate Gillibrand should see heartbreak at Brooklyn HS *** Will Gillibrand shift on guns? Incoming Senator faces controversy over stance.  

Former surgeon general rocked by scandal *** SCANDAL HITS EX- HEALTH COMMISH: turning her subordinates into personal servants forced to take her on shopping excursions and runs during Pataki Adm *** Report Assails Ex-Health Chief in New York *** Paterson fills Balboni vacancy by merging jobs *** Despite Flags, Citigroup and M.T.A. Cut Bond Deal *** EJ McMahon says the cash New York expects to receive from the federal stimulus package will do "painfully little" to forestall the "massive tax hikes now being cooked up in Albany and City Hall." *** When Gillibrand unseated Republican Sweeney in a nasty battle in 2006, her opponent's camp attacked her for receiving $250,000 from firm that defended businesses in high-profile corruption scandals including Enron, Tyco and Adelphia. That angle of attack could reappear in a special election next year *** The Schenectady Gazette endorses the idea of bringing back David Grandeau to clean up Albany.

City Hall Weiner Catching Up To Bloomy In Poll *** Poll numbers not shiny for Bloomberg *** Bloomberg: 'Too early' to campaign for re-election *** Bloomberg declined to say whether he would back Paterson in 2010 *** A NY1 poll shows Bloomberg would win with less than 50 percent of the vote against either of his strongest Democratic challengers: Rep. Anthony Weiner and Comptroller Bill Thompson *** The 1980s are back!: Overstretched cops are struggling to combat petty crime *** Landlords not being held accountable *** NYC eyes split rides in 'fare share' taxi program... *** Kerik Eyes 'Geithner' Tax Break *** MAYOR'S $WEET CHARITY.

Washington In Interview, Obama Reaches Out to Muslim World *** F.D.R’s Example Offers Obama Cautionary Lessons *** President Obama puts stamp on environment policy *** Obama revved up over fuel standards *** GOPers balking as Biden plugs Bam econ plan *** Obama Begins Term With "More Political Capital" Than Reagan *** Conservative Clash: Bennett Slams Limbaugh For Saying He Hopes Obama Fails *** Will Obama Adopt Any Republican Ideas? - Dickerson, Slate *** Obama Sends Special Envoy to Mideast *** Technology Gets a Piece of the Stimulus *** Congress May Soon Freeze Salaries *** Proposed Stimulus Isn't Big Enough - Wall Street Journal *** Geography Is Dividing Democrats Over Energy *** Detroit Calls Emissions Proposals Too Strict *** House Judiciary chairman subpoenas Karl Rove... *** Senate confirms Bam pick Geithner *** Vote to delay digital TV *** Woodward Suggests Future Scandal For Obama White House *** PM Obama Signals New Tone in Relations With Islamic World.

LOON FLIES COOP: BLAGO SKIPS OWN TRIAL TO PLEAD CASE ON TV *** Illinois Trial Goes on Minus Star Defendant *** Oprah: 'I Think I Could Be Senator, Too. I'm Just Not Interested'... *** Blago: I considered Oprah for Senate *** John Lewis: The President's Hero - Remnick, The New Yorker *** Is Virginia For McAuliffe? - Ververs, RealClearPolitics *** Power,Politics,Gossip Among Clinton-Era Comrades - Harris, Politico

Wall Street Mess BERNIE HOME TP'D BY TEENS *** Imparting Some Shame to Those Who Trade in Greed *** NYPost ED: CITIBOOBS - plans to buy a jet *** Gloom deepens as 75,000 global jobs go... *** The Year Of The Ax: More Than 40,000 U.S. Workers Lost Their Jobs On Monday *** "We're Just Seeing The Tip Of The Iceberg" *** Business Amex Earnings Fall 79 Percent... Fannie Mae Wants $16B More... *** Arianna: The Marie Antoinette Of The Meltdown *** Global Financial Crisis Has World Leaders Flocking To Davos *** FANNIE to Seek Up to $16 Billion in Emergency Treasury Aid to Stay Afloat... *** Credit storms lash Hamptons real estate *** AmEx 4Q profit plunges 79% *** Donation drop forces 92nd Street Y to cut staff *** Brooklyn businesses hit hard by recession *** Economic Cures Like Booze for An Alcoholic - Baum, Bloomberg *** OBAMA & CONGRESS BLAST CITI OVER JET *** CONGRESS TO GRILL SEC BIGS OVER MADOFF *** $130M 'SCAM' BUST: CONVICTED SWINDLER'S NEW 'PONZI' *** Suspect in Ponzi Scheme Surrenders on Long Island *** L.I. has its very own 'Madoff,' feds charge *** Cornell’s medical school facing 8% budget cut *** Cornell Cuts Budgets, Plans Tuition Increase *** The Stimulus Time Machine - WSJ Ed ***
RENT-TO-OWN BOOMING *** Layoffs Spread to More Sectors of the Economy *** Thousands of Job Cuts Likely After Drug Merger *** Money for Nothing *** DOLLAR MEALS: MCDONALD'S posts sizzling 80% profit rise in 2008...