Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Apple Republicans Going

Big Apple Republicans: Going … Going ... Gone

With the expected turn-over of the state senate this week to Democratic control, New York Republicans will lose their ability to run contract, patronage and other controls of government’s budget needed to sustain a viable political party. For the first time in its history New York is now a one party state. The 2010 governor’s race is shaping up to be the last stand for the state’s Republican Party. Rudy Giuliani, Bloomberg - now a registered independent, Rep. Peter King - the bench strength is not very good for the Republican team. Giuliani can try to revive his crime buster image to go after dysfunctional and corrupt Albany, but with former Senate Majority leader Bruno expected to be the next elected official taking mug shots after being fingerprinted, it will be hard to run against democrats on a anti-corruption platform.

An examination of the state’s demographics and the 2012 redistricting indicates that it will be a long time, if ever, that the Republicans regain any power in New York. With the loss of population upstate, two or three assembly seats and one or two state senate seats will be shifted to the heavily democratic city during the 2012 redistricting. Many upstate Republican state senators, some of advancing age, are expected to leave office once their party loses its majority senate position. The final kill off of Republicans will come in 2012 when senate democrats will control redistricting and redraw senate districts Bruno and his buddies gerrymandered in 1982, 1992 and 2002 to elect republicans.

Brooklyn has 49 elected officials - 16 Councilmembers, 8 State Senators, 19 Assemblyman and 6 Congressmembers. Only one, Senator Martin Golden is a Republican. And that seat will be gone in 2012 when his gerrymandered district is redrawn by a Democratic majority redistricting team. Manhattan and the Bronx have no elected Republicans. In Queens, only Republican Senator Padavan is hanging on by less than 500 votes in the recount. Once he leaves office or after the redistricting of his seat, it too will be safely Democratic.

Albany GOP PLOT TO TAP STATE STAFF FOR RE-ELEX BIDS *** Bruno's kid didn't have to show up at the office to get her $84K a year *** FBI is probing the work activities of Susan M. Bruno, the elder daughter of the former Senate leader *** Brodsky: Postpone Vote on Bonds for Mets, Yankees *** Still a tug of war for Senate Dems - "Gang of 3" plays their card till the end *** Political bigs gorged on Hevesi pension fund trough - Hank Morris and other city power players *** Scandal, budget woes rocked state government in '08 *** More than half of Assembly and State Senate members work other jobs--lawyer, real estate agent, lifeguard.

Daily News Editorial: New York still has the most dysfunctional, anti-democratic, boss-ruled, slovenly legislature in the country. Almost five years after nailing New York's Assembly and Senate as partners in America's worst legislative branch, the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School has compiled a fresh set of scandalously damning data. We know the problems already, lets start looking at the Dysfunctional Incumbent Protection Political System that makes the Swamp in Albany possible - Member Items, Lobbyists and a gate-keeping system of petitioning for ballot access.

Term Limits Battle Opening Arguments Begin Today in Federal Court to Challenge the constitutionality of the NY City Council Term Limits extension vote *** Term limits battle in Bklyn.

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There is Gambling Going On at Rick's Place
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