Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Culture Of Double Standards

Two Sets of Rules


1. Incomes of state workers are published on the Internet while their bosses "The Elected Officials" salaries are kept secret. In spite of the conviction of several lawmakers (A List) for putting their offices up for sale, the State's lawmakers have blocked every attempt to reveal how much money they make from side jobs. Project run by The Manhattan Institute: WHO GETS PAID WHAT BY CITY AND STATE GOVERNMENT IS PUBLIC INFORMATION *** Salaries of all City and State workers just a click away *** Some 6 percent of city workers rake in more than $100,000 *** Mayor's office paying big bucks to staffers.

2. New York City would benefit from taking a cue from the federal government and the 11 state governments that have employed a new weapon in the war against corruption and wasted public spending: Posting the government's actual check register in its entirety on the Internet. The Transparency Act of 2006 was sponsored by Senator Obama. Today the Federal Budget is online as a result of this act and posted at USASpending.Gov.

The City Council Slush fund became public as Speaker Quinn forced the councilmembers to reveal the member items they were funding. It is the secret budget that allows for corrupt contracts and most of the public officials' looting of the budget for their family and friends. With a web trail contractors would be forced to do the right thing due to the knowledge that they might be exposed for the harm they cause. Contractor busted in Deutsche work fraud - A contractor charged with stealing $1.2 million from the Deutsche Bank demolition job was allowed to work there even as his mob-tied former employer was booted off the job.

3. Why would a judge allow a man who destroyed a non profit that took care of children with cancer, destroyed thousands of lives and caused great harm to the nation's financial system, stay in his million dollar home? How many poor men are in the city's jails for stealing money for rent and food? Allowing Madoff to stay under house arrest in his penthouse makes a mockery of justice *** Judge to Ponder Whether Madoff Is Dangerous *** Take Comfort, Crooks No doubt Federal Magistrate Judge Ronald Ellis had his reasons for sending Bernie Madoff back to the penthouse instead of the jailhouse after he got caught trying to hide $1 million in bling. I can't fathom why - Molloy *** NYU lost $94 million when a hotshot money manager against the school's wishes, invested the cash with swindler Madoff.

Madoff's End Product: Masses of Unemployed Overwhelm State Claims Systems *** UNEMPLOYMENT OUTAGE - system overwhelmed *** State’s Unemployment System Buckles Under Surging Demand.

Senate Campaign Cuomo Aide Is Said to Put a Chill on Kennedy Bid - The Un-Campaign *** 45% FAVOR CAROLINE *** Sweet on Caroline Kennedy is smart, cultivated, serious and unpretentious - Maureen Dowd *** Caroline 'unfazed' in quest for Senate seat *** Hillary to get confirmation hearing next week.

Albany DEMS SEAL THE DEAL FOR CONTROL OF STATE SENATE - Kruger will become chairman of the budget-controlling Finance Committee, but without the autonomy Smith had promised in an initial deal. Espada will take the newly coined "vice president for urban policy." Diaz will become chairman of the chamber's Hispanic caucus. Diaz had also demanded that Smith forgo a vote to legalize same-sex marriage, but would say only that he was "satisfied" when asked about the issue *** Sen. Malcolm Smith makes Albany history - Video *** After two months of political bickering *** Smith appointment would be boon for SE Queens nabes *** Lawmaker to Take Senate Seat as Assault Inquiry Goes On *** Hiram caught on tape - sources *** Paterson Would Insure Dependents Up to Age 29 *** Gov: Let kids stay on folks' insurance *** The N.Y. Legislature is an embarrassment and must reform itself *** GOOD NEWS SCARCE FOR GOV'S STATE OF THE STATE .

Past Majority Leaders of the NYS Senate

Democrats to Lead Senate First Time in 40 Years
Robert F. Wagner Democratic January 1911 to January 6, 1914
two terms; Acting LG 1913-1914; Minority Leader 1915-1918
Jimmy Walker Democratic January 1923 to December 31, 1924
Minority Leader 1919-1922 and 1925
Joseph Zaretzki Democratic Feb. 3, 1965 to December 31, 1965
Minority Leader 1957-1964 and 1966-1974
Earl W. Brydges Republican January, 1966 to December 31, 1972
(1966, 1967-68, 1969-70, 1971-72); Minority Leader 1965
Warren M. Anderson Republican Jan., 1973 to December 31, 1988
Majority Leader (16 years); LG 1973-1974 and 1985-1986

Ralph J. Marino Republican January, 1989 to November 25, 1994 Ousted by his party shortly before the end of his third term.

Joseph L. Bruno Republican November 25, 1994 to June 24, 2008 Re-elected seven times, then resigned; Acting Lieutenant Governor 2008.

Dean Skelos Republican June 24, 2008 to January 7, 2008
Elected for the remainder of the term; Acting LG since June 24.

City Hall Update City Out at Home CITY GIVES UP BASEBALL STADIUM LUXURY BOXES *** City Trades Its Yankee Stadium Suite for Cash *** MTA & UNION OK ARBITRATION *** M.T.A. and Workers Shun Confrontation *** Ex-MTA board member parking $76G Jag illegally, ignoring order to turn in permit *** Hot-dog vendor pays the city $81,701 more a year to peddle franks on the north side of the Metropolitan Museum of Art entrance *** GOPER DROPS OUT OF MAYORAL RUN *** A million more city residents by 2030 ain't gonna happen *** POL BUS KILLS KID: CANDIDATE DEVASTATED - Mike Ricatto Special Election 32nd City Council District *** Ricatto campaign vehicle kills 8-year old ***
Ex-party boss Rivera still in political game *** RIP former Staten Island Borough President Robert T. Connor.

Washington WATCH: Burris Refused Senate Seat In Chaotic Scene *** BURRIS BRUSHED OFF : BLAGOJEVICH 'SENATOR' IS TURNED AWAY *** Burris is refused seat in U.S. Senate *** Obama Warns Trillion-Dollar Deficit Potential *** Obama forecasts trillion-dollar deficits *** OBAMA BANS STIMULUS-PACKAGE PORK *** Sanjay Gupta TV DOC AS 'SURGEON GENERAL' *** O'S OOPS ON CIA PICK *** Obama draws heat on his choice to head CIA *** Transition Team Defends CIA Choice, Reaches Out to Senate Chairwoman *** Politics: Coleman Officially Challenges His Election Loss *** Obama Wants CNN'S Sanjay Gupta For Surgeon General.