Friday, January 23, 2009

NY's Non Investigations

Inspector Clouseau

Overlapping ‘Troopergate’ Inquiries Are Criticized *** SIC on Troopergate: Convenient conclusion? This conclusion is particularly convenient because, as it turns out, the proposed state budget for this year calls for reducing the State Commission on Investigation budget from $4.153 million to Zero, and eliminating the State Commission on Investigation altogether on March 31. How convenient that an investigation of Troopergate led the investigators to conclude that their jobs needed to be saved!!! *** Teitelbaum: Troopergate Probe No Whitewash ***Public Integrity Agency’s Chairman Teitelbaum Resigns Amid Inquiry - *** Head of NY public integrity panel John Feerick resigns -- - His resignation comes in the middle of an investigation by the state Inspector General into whether staff of the commission was improperly passing along information to officials of the Spitzer administration about a commission probe into the so-called "Troopergate'' matter.

“Seven months ago Assistant U.S. prosecutor Rua Kelly asked Justice Joan B. Lobis of State Supreme Court in Manhattan to delay a Tax Payer public inquiry into the City Council’s member item slush fund for 90 days if she grants the lawsuit request. Judge Lobis ruled against the lawsuit and nothing has been heard since from the U.S. Attorney.” Times, June 27, 2008

The U.S. Attorney's Office and the City Department of Investigation are investigating the council's use of slush funds - first revealed by The Post to be hidden under the names of nonexistent sham organizations. Post, May 14, 2008

Mayor Bloomberg's offer to use taxpayer dollars to pay for a criminal defense lawyer for the speaker of the City Council, Christine Quinn, and possibly for other council members, is a sharp departure from practice in Washington, where public officials who may have violated criminal statutes almost always pay for their own defense." NY Sun, April 28, 2008

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has begun a preliminary investigation into the pension fund as the state Attorney General's Office and the Albany County District Attorney's Office continue to probe into how disgraced former Comptroller Alan Hevesi's longtime top political consultant was being paid over $25 million in fees from firms doing business with the state pension fund." Post, Oct. 13, 2007

Catch Larry Seabrook If You Can: For the Bronx councilman, the council slush-fund probe is just another investigation Take Bronx Councilman Larry Seabrook, who never breaks a sweat no matter how many times his name pops up alongside words like "slush fund" and "probe." Investigation-wise, this is the second time around for Seabrook. Or is it the third? The one that may not count was a little look-see by the Department of Investigation back in 1986, Village Voice, June 2, 2008

Senate Sausage Factory DAVE PICKS GILLIBRAND AS LIBERAL DEMS HOWL (post) *** Gillibrand Chosen as Senator for New York (Times)*** Nasty Caroline War: GOV CAMP CLAIMS TAX & NANNY WOES* DREDGES UP RUMOR ABOUT MARRIAGE* KENNEDY BACKERS SEETHING & DENYING *** Kirsten Has Big Goals - But Little Experience *** THAT'S NO WAY TO TREAT A KENNEDY! *** Caroline cites 'personal issues' while Paterson aides whisper she was 'unsure' and 'overwhelmed' *** MYSTERY THEATRE: DID SHE FALL OR WAS SHE PUSHED? *** Ted Circle Upset By Awkward Exit... *** Stephanopoulos: Why??... *** Aide: Gov. Paterson to announce Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand pick to fill Hillary Clinton's Senate seat (DN) *** Political luv-fest becomes mud-fest *** Hammond: Kennedy in over her head, but Dave crew stoops low *** Kennedy's bid a disaster from the start *** Caroline Withdrawal: Version 3.0 *** Schumer to McCarthy: Lay off Kirsten! (Updated) *** Nassau top Dem: Doubts McCarthy primaries Kirsten *** Wayne Barrett: Is Gillibrand Too Republican to Replace Clinton?, Voice Barrett *** Few Committee Seats Left for Gillibrand *** Bloomberg Begs To Differ With Gillibrand On Guns *** Paterson: Cuomo 'Never Asked' To Be Senator *** Gillibrand Is a Centrist With a Tenacious Style *** Gillibrand Voted against Wall Street bailout...
Liberal Democrats have been wary of her because she ran for re-election with the backing of the National Rifle Association, opposed the federal TARP program to rescue banks, and has been less than enthusiastic about gay marriage.

Washington PREZ & HILL LOVEFEST ON HER 1ST DAY AT STATE DEPARTMENT *** BARACKBERRY STAYS: HE GETS A SUPER SECURE GADGET *** MEET O'S GABBY GIBBS: SPOKESMAN OFF TO FEISTY & FUNNY START *** The Frigid Fingers Were Live, but the Music Wasn’t *** OBAMA STARES DOWN POLITICO: NOT THE TIME FOR QUESTIONS *** MN DRAMA: Court Rejects Franken Bid To Stop Recount Lawsuit... *** Obama to Lift Family-Planning 'Gag Rule' *** First Press Briefing Packed: "New Press Secretary Trumps The Old President" *** DNC Chair Will Rally Millions of Obama Backers *** Lobbyists Who Pay $25,000 Get To Mingle With GOP At Luxury Resort Next Week *** Republicans Building a New K Street - Amanda Terkel, Think Progress *** Limbaugh Attacks Republicans Who Want Obama To Succeed *** Feds allow first test of human stem cell therapy...