Monday, March 16, 2009

Competive Elections + Press/Public Outrage = Change and Action

Competive Elections + Press/Public Outrage = Change and Action

The mayor, whose image was somewhat hurt by the term limits extension, is working hard to limit his negatives in the press and to clear the way for his reelection. Once the problems in his administration are exposed, he is quick to fix them.

Power of the Press
Sunday's Post COMMISH A 'TWO-TIMER': REAL-ESTATE SIDE GIG SECRETLY OK'D BY CITY *** Monday's Post DOUBLE-DIP NIPPED COMMISH QUITS 90G SIDE JOB *** City Finance Official Resigns Seat on a Developer’s Board, Citing Publicity

AIG will no longer exsist because Obama knows his future is tied to what he does with that company and the nation's economy.

AIG R.I.P. TEAM O RIPS AIG BONUS BONANZA FUME & GLOOM AS EXECS GET $450M IN BAILOUT BUCKS *** Millions in AIG bonuses draw chorus of outrage *** Summers calls AIG bonuses 'outrageous' *** Bracing for a Bailout Backlash *** WATCH: Fed Chair Bernanke Tells "60 Minutes" He Was Most Angered By AIG *** Outrage grows over AIG bonuses *** Lupica: Business as usual at AIG *** Outrage grows over AIG bonuses *** Summers: AIG "Outrageous" *** AIG Faces Growing Wrath Over Payouts *** PM Obama Orders Treasury Chief to Try to Block A.I.G. Bonuses *** Cuomo Seeks A.I.G. Bonus Information *** WATCH: Citi CEO Pandit Caught In Double-Talk: Earned $10.8M In 2008 But Claimed He Made Only $1M

Incumbent Protection Society
Albany's disconnect is the reason that the Daily News Editorial about their failure to save the riders of the MTA from fare hikes and service cutbacks, is falling on deaf ears. They are being led by an appointed governor who has not acted to gain power to move his agenda through the legislature. Elected Assemblymen and State Senators use the member items and incumbent protection election laws to ignore the public good. They are even able to ignore the public and press outrage at their failure to solve problems, like the melt down of the MTA.

MTA Daily News Editorials Smith's doomsday Dems: State Senate leaders must act to save the ... We've got their numbers: Five state senators betray a half-million ... *** Make a stand, Malcolm: Senate leader Smith must get Democrats ... *** It's up to you, Malcolm: If MTA fare skyrockets, blame Senate ... *** Lawmakers must protect millions of mass transit riders from ... *** Gov. Paterson, Sheldon Silver and Malcolm Smith must step up and ...

Daily News vs. Borough Presidents Manhattan beep Stringer: 'We can do anything we want' *** Marty Markowitz 'reinvented' position as Brooklyn beep *** Furniture fit for a Queens Borough President Helen Marshall *** Carrión spent big Adolfo Carrión made a production of his annual State of the State *** Marty Markowitz 'reinvented' position as Brooklyn beep *** Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro's megabucks promotion machine *** Pols dish out 450M! Nothing is too good for the city's borough presidents - mid-winter island travel, a tricked-out SUV, equipment to make a Hollywood movie, even helicop...
Times Vs. City Council ? Cover Up At City Hall Continues (True News) - there has been a buzz going around for a while now, that the Times is doing a series about the Council's slush fund scandal. Could that story be tied to the also buzzed about critical report by the U.S. Attorney's office on the Council's fake non profit backroom operation and slush fund scandal? Why is the Times waiting for the U.S. Attorney's Report to come out? Why not expose the corruption at the Council now before the elections, when it can do some good? More Times' News Light You, Too, Can Own a Piece of the (Mini) City *** Madoff Swindled You? Dinner's on Nino *** Lose Your Job, Grow a Beard? *** Quinn to Mark St. Patrick's Day Elsewhere.

Race to City Hall PENSION-BIZ FIRMS IN COMPTROL City comptroller and mayoral hopeful William Thompson has been silent on the issue of pension reform, but he's been anything but shy about raking in campaign contributions from investment firms... $423,985 in campaign contributions from firms that manage municipal pension funds *** Against Mayor Bloomberg, do Democrats really have Bill Thompson's back? *** 2009 Comptroller Race Lawyers and Developers Control Comptroller's Campaign *** The Council IQ Test *** Tomorrow is also the deadline for the DOJ to rule on the term limits extension that's making Bloomberg's re-election bid possible *** Crain’s Insider says Thompson “could qualify for general-election matching funds in midsummer if he can convince the Campaign Finance Board that he is a sure winner in the primary” *** Bloomberg Tries Bipartisan Message With Republicans in the Front Row *** The Case Against 'Two-Term White Incumbents'By Azi Paybarah *** On the Price of Borough Presidents, Bloomberg is Not Outraged *** Bloomberg downplays slush fund scandal *** Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up *** Bloomberg's third-term-rigging: Not so fast, folks....

Comptroller Candidates Silent On:
Benefits draining city coffers From the NY Post

Cutting Back Democracy?With the mayor's budget calling for a 17 percent cut in spending for community boards, a board president argues the reduction will make it harder for New Yorkers to have their say.

The City Vigil Marks One Year Since Deadly Crane Collapse *** 7 crane victims recalled *** Coney Island Staple Vows To Rebuild After Fire *** Why the Recession Depresses New Yorkers More *** Neighborhood News From Around the City *** Once a Beacon of Change, a Cafe Struggles to Stay Afloat *** Ferry sends S.O.S. NY Waterway's owner says next its berth is Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection *** Challenges swamp ferry service *** NY Waterway Might Declare Bankruptcy *** Most BYOB restaurants are breaking the law *** UJA is the latest nonprofit to slash payroll *** Changing Face of the Homeless *** One last hurrah for Egan *** Coney Island zoning changes cause political sideshow *** South Ferry station, finally just right, opens Monday *** Plucking the City’s Golden Geese(CityEconomist) *** High Density Living is Green Living(Economix Blog) *** Despite Stimulus, Schools Budget Still Drops(New York Teacher) *** Another Interactive Map of Transit Cuts(Regional Plan Association) *** City Nears Launch of Programs to Boost Supermarket Development(The Real Estate) *** New York City: A Nice Place to Be Unemployed?(Brooklyn Rail) *** New York and D.C. are Magnets for Tech Jobs(eWeek via FierceCIO) *** Chinatown’s Transformation Hard on Low-Income Residents(World Journal) *** How Bloomberg Could Finally Build Moynihan Station(New York Magazine) *** The Secret Lives of Beekeepers in New York(The New Republic) *** The DN cheers the federal government's doubling of the TransitCheck limit to $230 a month *** Seattle Paper Shifts Entirely to the Web *** Hundreds Laid Off From Brookdale Hospital

Albany Senate Is Said to Seek More in Income Tax From Wealthy *** State Commission of Investigation May Close for Good *** Plus: MTA warns ‘doomsday’ is approaching *** Michael Gormley calls Paterson’s first year a “three-act play of tragedy, comedy and more tragedy, astounding for its political turmoil even by New York’s flamboyant standards.” *** None of the big issues have been resolved at the Capitol yet *** Three potential 2010 Senate hopefuls in the New York Congressional delegation sent Democratic Chairwoman June O’Neill a warning not to support incumbent Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand *** Fred Dicker writes that Paterson has set aside $121 million in member items to win support from Senate Dems on key issues *** For the Senate, the income tax on the wealthy is now a matter of how much, rather than if *** Aides to Malcolm Smith anonymously complain to Fred Dicker that David Paterson is throwing their boss under the bus *** Paterson Hoping to ‘Buy’ Votes for MTA Bailout *** Progress in Albany? "What a foolish notion," the Journal News writes *** Silver Says Senate Needs to 'Focus' On M.T.A., as Senators Demur *** Cuomo To Issue Subpoenas Over AIG Bonuses *** Tisch is new Regents chancellor *** New York ties Utah for online information access *** PM Panel: Ex-op Dopp opts to drop suit v. ethic cops *** Seizing the moment: AG Cuomo hits AIG bozos

President Obama Obama plans small-business lending boost *** Obama to unveil plans to help small businesses *** Kurtz: Slamming Obama For Dow Reflects "Fast-Forward Culture That Demands Snap Judgments" *** Audience sees racism in comic's comments on Prez *** U.S. to Toughen Finance Rules *** Obamanomics Is Incrementalist Yet Radical - Robert Reich, Salon *** Obama Tightens Reins on Capital - Manu Raju & Mike Allen, Politico *** Free Larry Summers - Noam Scheiber, The New Republic *** Obama Takes Fire For Fixing US Foreign Policy - Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek *** Obama's Missile Test - Boston Globe *** Obama and Volcker on the Economy - The White House *** President Obama To Appear On "Tonight Show" Thursday *** Amid Recession, Obama to Prod Weary DNC Donors

Congress DEMS ISSUE WARNING ABOUT GILLY TO PARTY BOSS - Ten New York members of Congress, including three potential Senate candidates, have warned the state Democratic chairwoman not to use party resources to aid newly named Sen. Kirsten... *** McCain Doing "Twitterview" With George Stephanopoulos *** Builders Split on Tax Break, Lobbying *** Labor-Backed Contract Rules Advance *** Pa. Gov Says He, Biden Have Tried to Lure GOP's Specter

Wall Street Mess Bernanke: recession could end in '09 *** Bernanke’s Words Seem to Reassure the Markets *** Bernanke Sees Recovery Beginning in 2010 *** Is the Notion of Blue Chips Defunct? *** A.I.G. Lists the Banks to Which It Paid Rescue Funds *** Railroad Bailout May Offer a Model for Detroit *** For a Week, CNN Turns Its Cameras to the Economy *** Economic Advisers Warn of No Quick Turnarounds *** CEO quits after Cramer’s TV flameou... *** Judge weighs whether to out Merrill bonus name... *** Hotel, garment union fight widens *** HEARTBREAKING FOOTAGE: Dateline Follows Police Evicting Families From Their Homes *** Insana, After Losing Money At Hedge Fund, Returns To CNBC *** Feds Looking to Freeze Ruth Madoff's Assets *** Add terrible tipper to Bernie's offenses *** Where he torched the most victims *** Daly: Ruth, I found an ideal home for you *** Daly: Tears for Madoff vic's piano *** Cheney: Don't blame us for economic mess *** Stronger unions, better jobs: Why middle-class families need the Employee Free Choice Act *** Not Enough Welfare Recipients in College or Employment Training(DMI Blog) *** British Bank in American Court *** Pension Bills to Surge Nationwide *** The Shadow of Depression - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** US's Monumental Failure of Management - Henry Mintzberg, Globe & Mail *** Guests: Senator McConnell and Lawrence Summers - This Week *** Interview with Lawrence Summers - Face the Nation *** Free Trade Is the Gateway to Recovery - Peter Mandelson, Times of London *** How to Turn a Recession Into a Depression - Bill Frezza, RealClearMarkets *** PM Government Seeking Madoff Assets *** Wells Fargo's Kovacevich Slams TARP, Calls Stress Test 'Asinine'

International Pakistan Leader Backs Down and Reinstates Top Judge *** Europe’s Hedging on Inmates Clouds Guantánamo Plans *** A Continent Adrift Europe is facing at least as severe a slump as the United States, yet has failed to respond effectively to the downturn *** WorldRoadside Bomb Kills 4 US Soldiers In Afghanistan *** Iraqi PM cautions on pullout ***
Pakistan Reinstates Judge
*** Pakistani President Bends to Opposition *** China's Real Estate Bust - Bill Powell, Time *** Pakistan: The State of Failure - Times of London *** Ireland's Tough Peace - David Park, New York Times *** A Message from Africa - Kofi Annan, The Guardian *** Shifting Washington's Mideast Focus - Waleed Sadi, Jerusalem Post

National Blago's Even Dirtier Secrets *** On Supreme Court, It Keeps Coming Down to Kennedy - Robert Barnes, WP *** Naive U.S. Justice System is Turning Terrorists Loose - NY Daily News *** The Sprint to June in VA Gov Race - Washington Post *** Steele's Focus Turns to Nuts and Bolts - Washington Post *** 10,000 show for job fair in Los Angeles... *** PM Ex-Pennsylvania Lawmaker Convicted

Health Care Possible therapy takes bite out of peanut allergy *** Health insurance industry works on image makeover *** Massachusetts Faces Costs of Big Health Care Plan *** Nine Senators Hold Key to Health Reform

Hillsborough: The Internet Strikes Back BY MICHAEL WOLFF The weird and calculated mob force of the Internet is felt more and more by politicians and businesses. Rush Limbaugh is able to command contrition merely by directing his 14 million listeners to send a blistering email in the direction of any hapless Republican who might have dissed him.
Media Mess & New Tech Computer Makers Prepare to Stake Bigger Claim in Phones *** Yahoo Reverses Its Web Strategy With Web Videos *** At Austin Meeting, Seeking Exposure for New Tech Products *** New York Times waffles on free Web site ... *** Actor/Activist Ron Silver Dies *** This Week In Magazines: Marty Peretz Defends Jim Cramer, Hitchens Revives Karl Marx *** Study: State Of Journalism Bleak, But Not All Hope Is Lost *** Court Twitterer: Juror 'Sent Revealing Tweets During $12.6 Million Case' *** "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?" Postponed Due To Economy *** Ex-Allies Square Off In a Tech Turf War *** Radio host Don Imus announces on morning show he has stage 2 prostate cancer *** PM Seattle Paper Shifts Entirely to the Web *** New Yorker Cancels Conference Due To Economy