Monday, February 23, 2009

You Read Pataki and Giuliani Were Working to Get the Mayor the GOP Line In True News First

You Read it in True News First

True News Reported 10 Days Ago that Pataki and Giuliani Were Working to Deliver the GOP Ballot Line to Bloomberg

Today's Daily News
True News 1St and Better
Several Media outlets have done stories about the mayor's quest for ballot lines in recent days. Only True News pointed out that the system of ballot access in New York has been corrupted.
From True News, February 13, 2009:
Even A Dead Party Has Power in NYC
The fight over who the big dog with the mayor is doesn't quite qualify as a civil war, for that you need troops. There are no elected Republican officials in Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens and only one in Brooklyn. This year the Republicans lost their only congressmember in the city when it was discovered he had two families. There is no GOP vote to deliver in the city. It is all about controlling the ballot line.
But A Powerful Last Card to Play
What the GOP has over the mayor is ballot access in the name of a Wilson-Pakula law that requires Bloomberg who registered as an independent (not Independent Party) when he was running for president to obtain the written permission of three of the city’s five Republican county leaders to run for re-election on the Republican ballot line. It's not only the four council candidates knocked off the ballot in the Staten Island special election who are victims of the Tammany Hall ballot access system. Designed over 100 years ago, it was created to give those in power total control of the City’s politics and government. Even the billionaire mayor is caught in Boss Tweed's 130 years old corrupt scheme of control. Today’s machine made of party leaders and elected officials, have perfected Tammany’s system to compensate for their loss of control over the ability to deliver votes.
Even Obama Cannot Change New York
Tammany's system prevents change. Even if the newspaper editorials and good government groups continue for the next 100 years to speak out against New York’s corrupt politicians $$$, dysfunctional government, lobbyists, increased taxes and services cut, these problems will never be solved until we end machine control of elections in New York and return democracy to its citizens. Change occurs when elected officials believe they can lose their elections. More on Tammany’s Control of the City’s Elections *** In Defense of Political Hardball in a Howard Beach Council Race - Knocking candidates off the ballot *** PolitickerNYGiuliani Lists Bloomberg's 'Virtues' for Queens G.O.P. Leader *** PolitickerNYA Republican Chair Waits for His Call About Bloomberg *** PolitickerNYManhattan G.O.P. Leader Gets the Call, Sees a 'Tough Sell' for Bloomberg.

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By David Paterson

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