Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's All About Vito Lopez

Vito Lopez's
Incumbency Party

The Mayor And Chairman Vito are Friends
Bloomberg's Christmas Day visit to the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Center lunch, where he was greeted at the door by Brooklyn Democratic Chairman Vito Lopez. . . . This was the second time in about a month that Bloomberg made the trek to Bushwick to pay tribute to Lopez *** Mis-used for self-gratification? Above is Vito's paper where every single story is about Vito Lopez, paid for by public funds ($230,000)

Vito Loves to Endorse Republicans Brooklyn County Leader Vito Lopez twice endorsed Governor Pataki for election, and also backed Rudy Giuliani for mayor in 1997. He even supported former Senator Al D'Amato over Brooklyn's own Chuck Schumer in 1998.

Surrogate Judge’s Loss Looms Large for Party Chief Mr. Lopez's candidate for a Surrogate Court judgeship in Brooklyn was handily defeated. In Lopez own 53rd Assembly District, his candidate won by less than 100 votes *** The Judge Who Said No (to Vito Lopez) *** Vito Lopez loses Court Seat to Reform-minded Challenger Judge Lopez Torres *** Vito's Surrogate Judge Plan Derailed A county leader who can’t deliver votes Lopez's election losses have also gone unreported by the media.

Vito Following His 2005 Script "Lopez added fuel to doubts about his intentions to back the Democratic mayoral candidate when he appeared twice in recent weeks with Mayor Bloomberg at a pair of high-profile, good-news announcements by the mayor regarding his housing policies. Lopez chairs the Assembly's housing committee and controls one of the City's largest nonprofit housing development groups, the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, which has received more than $10 million in city funding in the past two years." - Voice, Robbins *** Mayor brings Vito in line as City's plan to transfer control of venerable institution to new organization sparks conflict *** 2005 Mayor's Race Brooklyn's New Top Dem: Freddy Who?

Mr. Lopez has built the prototype of the modern inner-city political machine, . . . largely by exploiting it's links to a social-service organization that Mr. Lopez founded and that is now the largest employer in his neighborhood. *** All in the Lopez family - Judgeships for family members Pataki appoints Vito's daughter to judgeship *** A Supreme Court Judge's pick by a Judicial Convention controlled by Lopez, called the county leader the greatest leader ever *** Vito Scores Big Contract and Contributions *** A Brooklyn Political Story: Vito, Bernie and Shawndy - Room 8, Hackshaw

The Above Mentioned Paper (where every single story is about Vito Lopez) is paid for by the Bushwick Senior Citizen Non Profit which Vito has funded with millions of dollars of member item funds - Vito was also a paid consultant for the Bushwick nonprofit at the same time he was funding them as an assemblyman *** Double Dipping Vito *** Vito Invites Seniors for Free Holiday Dinners at the Bushwick Center.

Vito Rules His Kingdom
"Farce": A Review of Last Night's Brooklyn Democratic County Committee Meeting *** Three activists have filed a complaint with the Brooklyn DA, alleging Lopez used a fake address on his voter-registration form and doesn't live in his Brooklyn district *** Lopez: "Gang of Three" Carl Kruger Appointment By Bruno "Dawn of New Day".

Divide and Rule
A last-minute campaign mailing is accusing Hasidic Jews and other "powerful interests" of opposing City Council member Diana Reyna . . . Vito Lopez sent out a letter to voters in the mostly Hispanic section of the Brooklyn district warning that their future is at stake because "many powerful interests, like the real-estate industry and the Hasidim community . . ." Fernando Ferrer compared the "disgusting" letter to the racially tinged campaign against him in the 2001 mayor's race" - NY Post, 9/9/03

Senate Campaign
Kennedy Dominates News Coverage Kennedy Talks of Seeking Senate *** I am Set to Serve *** Kennedy name may have kept her from running *** Brennan: Calls Caroline 'Bloomberg's Agent' *** NY to lose only one house seat during the 2012 redistricting says Election Data Services.

Economic Meltdown Downturn Ends Building Boom in New York *** BIG APPLE RETAILERS ARE REELING AND DEALING *** Deep discounts fail to bring in buyers as retailers still suffer *** 'Forrest Gump' Eric Roth screenwriter sues over Madoff losses *** NYU lost $24 Million in Madoff Scandal *** Black Friday II

Washington CNN Poll: Three out of four Americans glad to see Bush go *** Blagojevich: I'm On The "Wrong Planet" If What I Did Is An Impeachable Offense

City Hall Fidler Calls Bloomberg Inconsistent on 'Gutless' Comment *** Brothers Weprin play hot potato with council seat

Bronx Politics Stanley Schlein Rides Again: A Bronx fixer's scandalous history doesn't bother Yankees or Democrats - Voice, Robbins

Media Meltdown The Internet has surpassed newspapers as the main source for national and international news for Americans, according to a new survey *** Times Co. Seeking to Sell Its Stake in the Red Sox *** Washington Post, Baltimore Sun To Share Content