Friday, January 30, 2009

The Financial Industrial Complex

The Financial Industrial Complex

We were warned in the 1920’s about the dangers of an unregulated economy. Yet 90 years later we are faced with the same exact situation, this time because of deregulation brought about by the undue influence of the Financial Industrial Complex. The reason for both financial crashes is the same: greed and easy cash. An axis of evil made up of Wall Street, government and lobbyists.

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The Financial Industrial Complex is so controlling of government that even after we learn of the abuses of hedge funds, derivatives and ponzi schemes, the only thing that the new president is willing to do is Jaw Bone Wall Street about bonuses and a $50 Million jet plane. In today’s paper we read about a parks department employee who is paying a fine of 200 times that which he ripped off from his job.

HONCHO NOT LET OFF E-Z:$52 THEFT, 11G FINE - A Parks Department official caught cheating the city out of $52 by using his official E-ZPass on personal business has been socked with a stinging $11,000 fine - or 211 times what he ripped off.

President Obama needs to hire 100 US Attorneys like Patrick Fitzgerald and go after the elected officials and economic barons who have destroyed the nation’s economy. We have already seen how the same people who bankrupted their own financial institutions use the bailout funds to pay for corporate mergers that put even more people out of work.

We are even beginning to see the same elected official who took special favors and campaign contributions that led to the circumstances that got us into this mess, tell us that what we need now is better regulation of Wall Street and the nation's economy.

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