Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love Me . . . Hate Me, Congressional Bank Robbers?

Love Me . . . Hate Me
Congressional Bank Robbers?

AIG Once the Bank of Congress, is Today's Congress' Butt Boy

AIG Contributions to Congress
2008 $843,305 Democrats $576,826 Republicans $265,579
2006 $650,375 Democrats $361,081 Republicans $274,294
2004 $1,076,948 Democrats $593,612 Republicans $482,336
2002 $2,266,357 Democrats $894,517 Republicans $1,371,840
2000 $1,642,861 Democrats $806,572 Republicans $835,289
1998 $833,095 Democrats $392,125 Republicans $440,970

Top Ten Recipients of AIG Funds During the Bank Robbery
2008 Senate Dodd, Chris $103,100, Senate Obama, Barack $101,332, Senate McCain, John $59,499, Senate Clinton, Hillary $35,965, Senate Baucus, Max $24,750, Presidential Romney, Mitt $20,850, Senate Biden, Joseph R Jr $19,975, House Larson, John B $19,750, Senate Sununu, John E $18,500

2006 Senate Dodd, Chris $79,800, House Johnson, Nancy L $26,900, Senate Kyl, Jon $23,400, Senate Baucus, Max $22,000, Senate Ensign, John $18,400, Senate Clinton, Hillary $15,800, Senate Lieberman, Joe $14,600, House Farrell, Diane Goss $13,550, Senate Biden, Joseph R Jr $12,875, House Baker, Richard $12,000

2004 President Bush, George W $160,160, Senate Kerry, John $55,900, Senate Dodd, Chris $40,578, Senate Grassley, Chuck $18,250, Senate Crapo, Mike $16,500, Senate Bayh, Evan $16,250, Senate Murkowski, Lisa $14,500, Senate Bond, Christopher S 'Kit' $13,250, House Hastert, Dennis $13,049, Senate Lieberman, Joe $12,500, Senate McCain, John $12,500

2002 Senate Baucus, Max $36,250, Senate Schumer, Charles E $31,000, House Sununu, John E $26,250, Senate Torricelli, Robert G $19,000, Senate Smith, Bob $16,250, Senate Kerry, John $15,600, House Johnson, Nancy L $14,750, Senate Shelby, Richard C $13,750, House Shapiro, Ira S $11,000, House Castle, Michael N $10,750

2000 President Bush, George W $40,400, Senate Giuliani, Rudolph W $37,050, House Lazio, Rick A $31,000, Senate McCain, John $26,250, Senate Roth, William V Jr $17,000, Senate Lieberman, Joe $15,000, House Zimmer, Dick $14,900, Senate Frist, Bill $13,300, Senate Chafee, Lincoln D $13,250, House Johnson, Nancy L $13,000

Top Two House Committees to Receive Funds from AIG
Financial Svcs $45,793, Ways & Means $45,250

Top Five Senate Committees to Receive Funds from AIG
Health/Ed/Labor $248,397, Foreign Rel $238,807, Govt Affairs $123,332, Armed Svcs $114,564, Banking $125,200

Top Three AIG Contributors
Broad, Eli & Edythe $362,179, Greenberg, Maurice "Hank" $307,500, Rubin, Robert M. & Robin K. W. $357,750

Warnings Ignored Malkin: The mother of all financial scandals ***Glass-Steagall Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia *** 1. TPF: Legacy of Laissez-Faire Banking Bred Monsters *** Greenspan: Bubbles Are a Necessary Part of Innovation -- Seeking Alpha *** US: How Wall Street Paid For Its Own Funeral The Agonist.

Today: AIG Congress' Butt Boy BONUS-BUSTER BAM IN SLAM AT GREEDY AIG *** Obama berates AIG and vows to try to block bonuses *** Bonus furor may prompt limits on AIG bailout money *** BONUSES FOR BOZOS - NYP Ed *** Cuomo Issues Subpoenas Over AIG Bonuses *** AIG Faces Pressure From Obama, Subpoena From Cuomo Over Employee Bonuses... *** SENATOR ON AIG EXECS: QUIT OR COMMIT SUICIDE... *** Citi awarded Pandit $37M signing bonus *** The Case for Paying Out Bonuses at A.I.G. *** The Gift That Keeps on Giving Congress must investigate where all of the A.I.G. bailout money went, and the new disclosures give them enough to get started- NYT Ed *** Obama in Effort to Undo Bonuses at A.I.G. *** Pin AIG woes on Brooklyn boy: Joseph Cassano walked away with $315 million while company staggered *** President Obama: I'll fight AIG bonuses *** DN Editorial: AIG disses Barack *** Exclusive: U.S. Injecting Billions Into Foreign Central Banks *** Political Heat Hits AIG *** Wall Street Pursues Pay Loopholes *** The Real AIG A five-month cover-up of the bailout's real beneficiaries - WSJ *** AIG Hobbles Obama *** AIG uproar speeds action on new regs *** AIG bonuses: Bring on the lawyers *** Grassley on AIG execs: Quit or suicide

Safe Perch Is Shaken Sen. Dodd will be able to claim credit for regulations the public wants. But he'll be an easy scapegoat if voters sour on the handling of the crisis.

The City NEW ED. BOSS: KEEP MIKE HEAD OF CLASS *** JOB-CUT JOLT AT HOSPITAL - Brookdale Hospital *** Over 200 Surprise Layoffs at Brookdale Hospital Co-Op Buyers say, "Let me out!" *** From The Real Deal *** Legal quandary over rent de-regulation deepens *** Midtown office building given back to lenders *** New committee formed to protect RKO Keith's From The Real Deal *** New Station at South Ferry Opens, but a Main Breaks Upstream *** New $530M South Ferry station open *** In a Part of Queens With Crowded Schools, Opposition to a New One *** Organizers hope St. Pat's parade floods city with green *** One last hurrah for Egan *** PM Despite Recession, 8 Big Projects Lumber On

Road to City Hall Bloomberg Rival Challenges Term Limits Law *** New Subway Station Opens Downtown *** Charities Give to State Campaigns, Despite Law *** Dept. of Justice May Be Last Hope to Stop Term Limits Law *** City pols push feds to nix term limits change *** PM Weiner Returned $60,000 in Campaign Contributions *** U.S. Won't Intervene in Term Limits Case

ny NEW PLAN TO BAIL OUT MTA *** GOV TO LEGISLATORS: I'M NOT BUYING VOTES - For Tolls *** Senate Majority To Abandon MTA Bridge Toll Plan *** Senate Said to Be Mulling Stopgap Rescue of M.T.A. *** Senate Dems to roll out toll-free MTA bailout lite *** YEAR OF LIVING BLITHELY - NYP Ed - David Paterson's incumbency, one year old today, demonstrates that nature will indeed tolerate a vacuum *** STATE HAS NEW PLAN FOR FAILING SCHOOLS *** State Ed top lawyer leaving for private sector *** Dopp drops CPI suit, or maybe not *** PM Bloomberg Not A Fan Of Smith's Short-Term MTA Plan

Wall Street Mess MADOFF'S MUG SHOT: PHOTO BARED AS FEDS TARGET WIFE'S $100M *** Madoff's top expense since December: Security *** Stash could be in Gibraltar Lawyers will be turning over every rock in Gibraltar looking for megaswindler Bernie Madoff's secret stash of cash *** Prosecutors Try to Recover Assets of Madoff’s Wife *** Prosecutors move after Madoff possessions *** GM to cut prices to lure back buyers... *** Citi Chief’s Compensation Was $38.2 Million for 2008 *** On the Road: Seats Are Cheap Now, but Discounts Won’t Last *** Advertising: Campaigns for Challenging Times Put Children and Mothers First *** Six Flags Says Investor Is Hindering a Revamping *** Banks raising credit card rates, even if you're on time *** Boob-job business sagging *** Poll: Unemployment biggest economic issue facing country *** Exclusive: U.S. Injecting Billions Into Foreign Central Banks *** Stimulus Plans Face Local Road Blocks *** Drug Firms Bet Big On High-Risk Deals *** Door Opens for Offshore Energy Rules *** Jobs Loss is Charities' Gain *** PM UPDATE: Senator: AIG execs should repent, not kill selves... *** Armed guards posted outside offices...NY atty gen says 73 AIG execs got $1M bonuses... *** Sen. Dodd Tries to Undo Bonus Protections He Put In... *** White House Defends Treasury Secretary's Handling...

President Obama BAM TO SET 'PRESIDENT' ON 'TONIGHT' *** White House: Obama to appear on Leno's show *** It's 'Tonight' with - Barack Obama! *** Obama to meet Irish leaders, emphasize peace *** Washington still writing stimulus rules *** Flaws abound in FOIA if Obama wants to fix them *** White House jokes that Cheney is Limbaugh stand-in *** Why Is Dick Cheney Still Talking? *** American Legion commander 'deeply disappointed, concerned' after meeting with Obama...Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment... *** 8 Dems oppose quick debate on global warming bill... *** Obama Acts to Aid Small Businesses *** Obama to headline expensive fund-raiser *** Obama Seeks to Avoid Bankruptcies ***
Obama Team Fires Back at Cheney
*** Administration Takes on Bonuses *** Obama to Meet Sinn Fein Leaders *** GOP eyes Bush v. Gore to save Coleman seat *** Obama to stump for Democrats *** After the AIG firestorm.

Congress US, MEXICO IN BORDER WAR: 'TARIFFS' REVENGE AGAINST CONGRESS *** Malpractice changes are a part of health debate *** Senate moves forward on wilderness bill *** Obama Undercuts Whistle-Blowers, Senator Says *** Employee Free Choice Poll Gives Labor Backers Big Boost *** Minnesota Senate Standoff May Aid GOP *** Opinion: Congress Is the Real Risk - WSJ Ed *** Pa. Democrat in Funding Scandal *** GOP eyes Bush v. Gore to save Coleman seat.

Stifling an Opportunity Chicago’s politics and notorious “pay-to-play” tradition have stood in the way of a proposed airport, which has the potential to unleash thousands of jobs in the city’s South Side.

National Alaska dodges banking collapse... *** California's state work force grew despite budget woes and cut promises... *** State Colleges Also Face Cuts in Ambitions *** Few Ripples From Supreme Court Ruling on Guns *** Strong Leadership for the F.D.A. - NYT Ed *** Stimulus Money Puts Clean Coal Projects on a Faster Track *** Politics - Clarence Thomas Makes Rare Speech: Americans Today Are Self-Indulgent *** Detroit's Pain Spreads to Wealthy Suburbs *** Remittances From U.S. to Fall.

International Pakistan Avoids Pitfall, but Path Ahead Is Unclear *** In Downturn, China Exploits Path to Growth *** Pakistan’s Quick Fix *** Drones Are Weapons of Choice in Fighting Qaeda *** Mexico: Tariffs Placed on U.S. Goods *** Likud chief eyes hard-liner *** Clinton urges Ireland to take in Gitmo detainees *** World: Russian-American Relations "Deeply Troubled" *** Book Sales Rise In Europe Amid Recession *** Mexico Strikes Back in Trade Spat *** Lieberman to Be Top Israeli Diplomat *** North Korea Opens Border Crossing ***Pakistan's Sharif Gains Political Power ***Opinion: Afghanistan and the Left *** Germany Pressures Tax Havens *** It's a Great Time to Start a Bank *** Pakistani President Blinks Amid Faceoff *** More Ahmadinejad Ahead.

Media Melt Down Bye-Bye, P-I As of tomorrow, one of Seattle's two major newspapers will cease to exist *** SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER STOPS PRINTING AND SHIFTS TO WEB ... *** Seattle Post-Intelligencer prints final edition, moves to web-only *** SAVE THE NEWSPAPERS! *** Hearst's Seattle paper going Web only *** Media: Nancy Pelosi Goes To Bat For Newspapers ***