Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Will Dysfunctional Albany Destroy the MTA?

Epic Bomb . . . Subway Crash
Will Dysfunctional Albany Destroy the MTA?

Daily News Editorial: Get serious, Malcolm A scribbler on a napkin could have crafted a more coherent plan for preserving mass transportation in New York than the slapdash dodge offered yesterday by state Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith.

"I don't think a piecemeal approach will accomplish the goals," Sen. Krueger

BLOOD ON TRACKS: GOV RIPS FELLOW DEM ON MTA RESCUE *** TRANSIT CHIEF ON WAY OUT *** MALCOLM IN THE MUDDLE *** A PHONY MTA FIX: A PHONY MTA FIX *** State Senate takes tolls off the table From NY1 *** Paterson Rejects Democrats’ M.T.A. Plan *** Senate Democrats Propose Bridging MTA Budget Gap Through Fare Hike, Payroll Tax

Questioning each others’ math, but no plan has emerged.

Paterson rejects MTA compromise *** Paterson rejects Senate plan on MTA rescue *** Derailed: Pols slam Senate Democrats' scaled-down MTA bailout plan *** We MassTransit Advocates Have Not Yet Made Our Case *** In 1981, the Senate secured a vote to fund the MTA via an aye vote from an unconscious senator in the hospital.

No NY Times Editoral on MTA

Albany NY1 Exclusive: Many State Senate Staffers Receive Hefty Salary Bumps *** Dem raises get rise out of GOP *** 5-way leaders meeting scheduled, then canceled *** Smith comfortable with dissenting voices in his conference *** Malcolm's massive mistake: The Senate Majority Leader cut out the GOP - and is paying the price *** Thanks, Obama! Stimulus means no iTunes or soda tax, says Paterson *** Shelly Rules II *** If Not Paterson, Who? [Politicker] *** The Senate Majority is closing down the Senate Research Service *** A bill that would allow child sex abuse cases to be reopened is under consideration - against the wishes of religious groups who fear bankruptcy *** Advocates push for a NY welfare grant hike *** Assembly Republicans are angry about being left out of budget talks *** In a DN OpEd, Ken Adams, Steve Spinola and Bill Rudin make the case against the millionaire's tax *** In a strongly worded editorial, the Buffalo News asks why legislators have abandoned "even the pretense" of an open budget process

The City CITY SCHOOLS GAIN *** More city schools removed from federal watch list *** $$ GRAB BY RESCUE FERRY New York Waterway's rescue of Flight 1549's passengers could help rescue the foundering ferry firm. Maritime lawyers say the company has a good chance of making US Airways pay for the... *** 'NO SHOW' JOB DONE ON HS A custodial supervisor turned underworld tactics such as "no show" jobs and kickbacks into lucrative tools of the cleaning trade at an Upper West Side high school, investigators charged... *** BRIDGE PARK START *** Sources: US to sign UN gay rights declaration *** WHITE ELEPHANT FACES ITS DEMISE - 1045 Avenue of the Americas *** Stimulus money for Queens sewers? *** Records Show a High Cost for Faulty Elevators *** Parking Judge to Be Reassigned After Conflict-of-Interest Allegation *** Report Shows Steep Gains by Students From Abroad *** Lebanon: Suspect in Plot to Bomb Hudson Tunnels Is Free on Bail *** Downtown Gets a New Ferry Terminal *** Layoffs, service cuts looming at NYC's libraries *** Why is NYC's unemployment rate lower than rest of U.S.? *** Bronx Beat: Dad and son Diaz are off U.S. Attorney's hook*** Since the Future Is Now the Past, It’s OK in Backward-Looking New York *** Finance Commissioner Martha Stark was warned in 2007 by the DOI about Judge Allan Patricof's potential conflict of interest, but took no action

Road to City Hall FEDS OK MIKE'S THREEPEAT BID *** Feds ok mayor's term limits change *** TRANSIT CHIEF ON WAY OUT *** Weiner loves developer dinero *** Weiner Returned $60,000 in Contributions That He Got Before a Rule Took Effect *** Charities give as well as receive when it comes to pols *** Extension of Term Limits Clears a Key Legal Hurdle *** Justice Department OKs Changes To Term Limits Law *** N.Y. race first big test for GOP *** Open Letter to WFP Executive Director Dan Cantor *** Eliminate Borough Presidents (Sunday Daily News, again) *** Campaign fundraisers are still hopping despite the recession *** Randy Mastro, the attorney who represented the term limits law opponents, said: "Our fight continues" *** One of Council Speaker Christine Quinn's opponents, Yetta Kurland, received another endorsement *** Comptroller Candidates Spend More Than They Raise *** Mike Bloomberg and Social Media Strategies.

Washington Doublespeak SPARE US YOUR FAKE FURY, DC HYPOCRITES Welcome, taxpayers, to the Kabuki Theater of AIG Outrage - where DC's histrionic enablers of taxpayer-funded corporate bailouts compete for Best Performance of Hypocritical Indignation. *** Fallout: Dems in disarray over AIG *** AIG chairman inherits retention bonus mess *** Analysis: AIG bonuses put cloud over Treasury boss *** Government Hands AIG $62b For $29B In Cds *** AIG-XIT STRATEGY: GEITHNER PUSHES BREAKUP OF $170B BLACK HOLE *** Outcry Builds in Washington for Recovery of A.I.G. Bonuses *** Outcry Builds in Washington for Recovery of A.I.G. Bonuses *** A.I.G.’s Bailout Priorities Are in Critics’ Cross Hairs *** Cuomo Describes AIG's Epic Retention FAIL *** AIG’s Head of Financial Products Is a Fan of Che Guevara *** Timing of AIG 'clawback': More 'dribble-back' economics *** Lawmakers warn give back bonuses or else *** NY Pols Outraged Over 'Staggering' AIG Bonuses *** AIG paid 73 bonuses of $1M or more, AG says *** Senators grill regulators on AIG bailout *** Bank bailout hits $2 trillion *** AIG exec faces congressional reaming *** Goodwin: AIG bailout is going from bad to worse *** Gonzalez: Looting goes far beyond bonuses *** N.Y.ers sick and tired of fat cats 'robbing people blind' *** Quick fall from grace for AIG's new chairman *** Daly: Pin AIG woes on Brooklyn boy gone wrong *** AIG Staff: We Deserve This Money *** AIG Bailout: Chicago-Based Hedge Fund Citadel Got $200M *** AIG Bonus Bombshell Raises New Questions About Goldman Sachs *** Treasury Looks to Recoup AIG Bonuses *** Hedge Funds May Get AIG Bailout Cash *** Why Do They Give Bankers Bonuses, Anyway *** Lawmakers: Pay It Back, AIGToday's Papers *** 5 questions for AIG's Edward Liddy *** Members of New York's congressional delegation have accepted campaign contributions from AIG for years, and some aren't returning the money *** The Big Bash: Politicians of Both Parties Pile on AIG - Washington Post *** Obama's Remarks on the AIG Bonuses

Wall Street Mess ADIOS TO NY BIZ $$ MEX TRADE-WAR IMPACT *** Analyst Rips Rosy Outlook On Profits *** FDIC Boosts Fees For Debt Guarantee *** FOR RENT SIGNS ARE HOPEFUL *** ANALYST RIPS ROSY OUTLOOK ON PROFITS *** AMERICAN APPAREL UP IN Q4 ON STRONG SALES *** MOODY'S CUTS RETAIL *** Buffett Is Unusually Silent on Rating Agencies *** I.R.S. Plans a Deduction for Madoff Victims *** Goldman risks Tarp rage to protect business model *** Madoff's Sons Targeted By Feds, Ruth Madoff Heads South *** Feds go after Bernard Madoff's sons *** Prosecutors Set Sights on Madoff Jewelry *** Ms. Madoff, just what are you up to? *** Feds Pursue Madoff's Jewelry, Money Gifts To Sons *** U.S. Madoff probe looks at London office *** Bernie stash could be in Gibraltar *** Goldman Bankers Are Poor Now, Too *** Trump's former casino wins legal round *** People to blame for wrecking the economy *** Construction of new homes, apartments jumped 22% *** WSJ Opinion: Financial Journalists Fail Up *** Some CEOs Profit As Companies Falter *** Regulator Weakness Cited in Report *** GM's Chief Softens View on Bankruptcy *** Economists Totally Missed The Crisis - Richard Rahn, Washington Times

No Boiled Carrots President Obama is still having trouble summoning a suitable flash of Irish temper at the gall of the corrupt money magicians who continue to make our greenbacks disappear into their bottomless well - Dowd, NYT

President Obama PROUD 'IRISHMAN' O'BAMA CELEBRATES ST. PAT'S DAY *** Obama to venture into California for short trip *** Bush says it's 'essential' to help Obama *** The Caucus: Obama Information Officer Returns *** Obama Tries to Draw Up an Inclusive Energy Plan *** AIG Bonuses Ruining Obama's Big Plans? *** Bam won't give his convicted computer whiz the boot *** White House May Seek To Bypass Filibuster Rule In Senate *** PoliticsGibbs: Obama Has "Full Confidence" In Geithner *** Obama Weighs Pakistan Strikes *** Obama's Bracket *** Russia Backing Obama's Iran Plans? *** A year after race speech, silence *** Love is never having to say you lobby some Obama's staff married to lobbyists *** Obama's approval ratings slip a little *** VIDEO: Press hammers Gibbs on AIG *** Obama learned of bonuses Thursday *** The 5 biggest myths about Obama *** Obama Failing to Keep the Core Promise of His Campaign - Jay Cost, RCP *** Obama Failing to Keep the Core Promise of His Campaign - Jay Cost, RCP *** Obama Must Discharge His Economic Commanders - Steve Forbes, Forbes

Congress What We Learned From the McCain Twitterview *** Lawmakers to Obama: Change budget *** Pelosi still hammers China *** Senate stops automatic pay raises *** Specter queries solicitor general pick *** Burris team defends son *** Will Republicans bend Steele? *** Martinez heats up immigration debate *** For Burris, An Ignominious National Début - Jeffrey Toobin, New Yorker *** Specter Doesn't Rule Out Indepenent Senate Run - The Hill

National Sources: US to sign UN gay rights declaration *** Old Problems Resurface in New Earmark Rules *** Still Broken The flaws in the voting system have been clear since the 2000 election in Florida. Congress must finally deliver on its promise of electoral reform - NYT Ed *** A Promising Miami Revitalization Project Is Stalled *** New Jersey’s Tax Credit Program Faces an Office Downturn *** Soaring Costs Jeopardize Missile Defense Systems *** Pentagon Official: US Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

International More feds headed to border to quell drug violence *** US orders diplomats to leave Madagascar *** Obama taps Steelers' Rooney as Irish ambassador *** U.S. Weighs Taliban Strike Into Pakistan *** Baghdad Bureau: A War Zone Reading List *** China Blocks Coke Bid for Juice Maker *** World Bank Lowers China Forecast *** Two Natural Gas Deals Tie Hungary Closer to Russia *** Iran's Cheap Goods Stifle Iraq Economy *** Kuwait Parliament's Fate Is Unclear *** U.S. Clears Military Deal With India *** Kremlin Signals a Harder Line *** FARC Frees Last Foreign Hostage *** Hostile China Tests Obama - Gordon Chang, Pajamas Media

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