Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wall Street Falls

Wall Street's Loss
Is NYC's Loss

Last year the financial services sector employed 6 and a half-million people in New York, the equivalent of one in 14 New York jobs. But they are evaporating, with the city projected to lose 80,000 high-paying financial jobs by the end of next year, along with billions of dollars in tax revenue. It is the main reason that the city and state confronted with huge budget deficits, are contemplating tax hikes. DN Ed: Save banks, Save New York *** How NYC Became the World's Banking Capital *** Candidates Accept Funds From Laid Off Workers *** Wall Street No Fault Greed -Dysfunctional Political System, Press and Powerless Public Allow Wrong Doers to Escape ***

Pols Failed to Keep NYC's Economy Diverse, and to Keep Manufacturing Jobs Here
NYC Comptroller's Office Press Office - Press Releases *** New York lost 3% of its manufacturing jobs in past year *** How Many Manufacturing Jobs Has New York Lost Over the Last Three ... *** Manufacturing Jobs Lost - New York Times *** New York Manufacturing Jobs Down 1.8% According to State ... *** Manufacturing job losses in China far surpass those in the United ... *** SODREL: U.S. MUST SAVE MANUFACTURING JOBS Article from ... *** Protecting New York Manufacturing Jobs *** Protecting New York’s Threatened Manufacturing Space *** 2006 Manufacturers' Directory Reports 35,000 New York Industrial ... *** Manufacturing Jobs Are Exiting Mexico - New York Times *** America's lost manufacturing jobs.

Rose Color Press
How the press helps pols get reelected
Ni Hao. My Name Is Gillibrand, but Lu Will Do (Times) Where is the analysis of the problems of the new Senator changing positions on major issues? *** At $24.6 Billion, State’s Stimulus Aid Exceeds Expectations (Times) *** Paterson: Stimulus plan will bring New York $24.6B (DN) The Big Apple Hides Many Secret Beehives - Yassky campaign commercial (NY1)

The City Cops issued 7.1 percent fewer summonses for minor offenses in 2008 than in 2007 -
COP PLAN: GO ON 'OFFENSE': PETTY-CRIME GET-TOUGH SUMMIT *** DEBUT OF NYPD 'GREEN': HYBRID TEST FLEET ROLLING OUT ON THE BEAT *** City workers still cashing in on overtime From the Daily News *** The Barred Door Drew Lebed yearns to be a firefighter, to pull people from burning buildings, to “eat the blackest smoke.” Had city budget cuts not intervened, he might have made it *** $2B deadbeats are crushing the city! *** Slew of politicians are on hook for $3M *** Not all scofflaws are guilty as charged *** Protesters claim cops entrap gays *** Why officials keep records to New York City's mystery buildings hidden *** Recession trims Fashion Week expectations *** Bloomberg taps new housing commissioner *** City Tax Code Changes Sought By Realty Board *** Alfonse: For Atlantic Yards.

Albany GRIEF OF STAFF FOR REELING PATERSON: GOV FIGHTING FOR HIS POLITICAL LIFE *** State Freezes Plan to Have Tenants Pay Electric Bills *** Paterson says administration needs spring cleaning *** Michelle Paterson stands by David Paterson's performance as governor *** First Lady Michelle Page Paterson: Lay Off My Man *** State Suspends Plan Charging R.I. Tenants for Juice *** Official accused of telling Spitzer details of smear probe *** Cayugas await ruling on cigarette tax dispute.

Judging the Judges Case May Alter Judge Elections Across Country.

Washington Obama to sign $787 billion stimulus bill Tuesday *** Treasury Boss Taking Fire in Europe Over Stimulus *** Biden has loose lips, but a great résumé *** Hil's not acting like she's lost her clout *** Blagojevich's brother hit me up, says Burris *** Obama’s New Deal is Same Old Blunder - Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times *** Imperfect Stimulus is Still Best Answer - Mark Zandi, Philadelphia Inquirer *** They Sure Showed That Obama - Frank Rich, New York Times Terror War Now Obama's - Daniel Prieto, Baltimore Sun *** Analyzing Obama's Political Capital - John Harwood, New York Times *** The First Three Weeks - Washington Post *** Obama to Shift Focus to Budget Deficit - Wall Street Journal *** Could There Be a Stimulus Sequel? - Washington Post *** WHAT'S THE RUSH?: 'URGENT' $TIMULUS ON HOLD FOR BAM'S WEEKEND OFF *** Bogus HuffPost: Candidate interviews candidate? *** Gillibrand: Gun flip-flop?

Congress Congress strengthens executive pay limits *** Burris Now Says He Was Asked for Donations *** Blagojevich's brother hit me up, says Burris *** NYT: EMBATTLED HOUSE REPUBLICANS FIND A VOICE TO ECHO GINGRICH... *** GOP Dead Set Against 59th Democratic Senator *** Senator Gregg Comes to His Census - New Hampshire Union Leader *** Judd Gregg Is a Major League Wimp - John Batchelor, The Daily Beast *** Pragmatic vs. Partisan - St. Petersburg Times *** Stimulus Would Give Calif. High-Speed Rail *** GOP Lawmakers Tout Projects in Stimulus They Opposed - McClatchy *** Prosecutors in Stevens Trial Held in Contempt - New York Times *** Congress Just Made a Terrible Mistake - Rep. Paul Ryan, New York Times *** Republicans Shell Out to Fight Franken *** Sen. Graham Open to 'Nationalizing the Banks'.

Wall Street Mess Senior executives at some of Wall Street's biggest firms were convinced Bernard Madoff was a fraud as early as 2005 - yet none alerted authorities *** Wall Streeters Kept Mum on Madoff Doubts: Report *** MADOFF WALL OF SILENCE: KEPT MUM ON FEARS *** New treasury chief fares better on world stage *** The recovery plan: A national jolt to economy *** How the economic stimulus plan could affect you *** Helping Workers in Hard Times NYT Ed *** 25 to blame for the financial crisis *** J.P. Morgan and Citi halt home foreclosures *** Federal obligations exceed world GDP... *** Regulators close banks in Florida, Nebraska, Illinois, Oregon... *** STRIP SAGS AS CONVENTIONS CANCEL... Las Vegas *** Nationalize the Banks! We're all Swedes Now - Richardson & Roubini, WP *** Geithner Lays an Egg - Lawrence Lindsey, Weekly Standard *** Defending Tim Geithner - James Cramer, New York Magazine *** 1,073 Pages - Wall Street Journal *** Capitulating to Bank Nationalization - Anatole Kaletsky, Times of London *** Imperfect stimulus plan is still the best answer - Philadelphia Inquirer

International Clinton heads to Asia with global agenda *** Rise in Jobless Poses Threat to Stability Worldwide *** Israel-Hamas talks stall *** Europe's economic slump deeper than expected... *** The War in Iraq Isn't Over *** Watch Out for al-Qaeda LA Times *** Hillary's Strategic Focal Point: Asia *** Canada Mustn't Swoon over Obama - David Frum *** National Post Sarkozy's Next Big Battle - Leo Michel, Newsweek

Media Mess Magazine ad pages plunge in March *** Wild Web Has Some Rethinking Free Speech - Drake Bennett, Boston Globe *** Nothing Fair About Fairness Doctrine - Nolan Finley, Detroit News *** Tina Brown Says Advertising is Coming to the Daily Beast By Spring, Darling; 'We're Getting A Lot of Overtures' *** Fmr. NY Lt. Gov. To Olbermann: "Do You Have the Backbone (and the Facts) to Debate Me?"