Monday, December 22, 2008

Change Has Not Come to New York . . . Why?

Good Government Groups:

Strong in the Media . . .Weak in Results

While change has come to the executive branch in Washington, New York’s City and State governments are in free fall. We not only have permanent dysfunction in Albany (run by special interest lobbyists), now we have the City’s elected officials ignoring the vote and the will of the public, when they recently voted themselves an extra term in office. While not responsible for the failure of government the Good Government groups have been ineffectual in fixing its abuses. Sometime they have been too close with those in power. Before the U. S. Supreme Court overruled the lower courts to restore the Tammany style judicial convents, the Good Government groups were trying to work out a comprise by keeping the conventions and allowing candidates to go the petition root to run for Supreme Court. Since the highest court ruled to restore the party machine-controlled conventions, there has not been a peep out of the groups who say they fight for judicial reform.

The Accidental Ballot Access Reforms
The only reform in ballot access in the last 20 years occurred because the Bush campaign tried to keep John McCain off the New York Primary Ballot in 2000. A Federal Judge ruled after the McCain campaign took the Republican Party to court, to eliminate the need for ADs, EDs and totals on nominating petitions cover sheets. Judge Edward Korman who also ruled that candidates can correct their petitions cover sheets for defects after they are submitted to the Board of Elections, did more then any Good Government group to make a very restrictive ballot access system a little bit easier for challengers.

The City Council slush fund gets no press despite spending tens of thousands of dollars in city funds to hire lawyers to protect their members against criminal charges. Coverage does not seem to be a problem with the leaders of the city’s Good Government groups who always seem to be quoted in the press. One group even gives out report cards every year, rating each subway line for its cleanliness. Maybe if we'd had a responsible government that would have stopped Wall Street ponzi schemes, we would not be facing subway fare increases, cutbacks and other unpleasantness.

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