Thursday, February 19, 2009

True News Seeking FED TARP and Bailout Help

News Blog Seeking
FED TARP and Bailout Help

With a deep sense of grief the owners, writers and production staff of the Citi News Daily Blog, due to the economic crisis currently affecting the media industry, have agreed to allow our blog to be named after a corporate sponsor. True News is in the process of calling Congressman Grayson to contact Citigroup CEO Harry Hanbury about a deal to change the name "True News" to "Citi True News" Daily Blog. We have also contacted Congressman Barney Frank to obtain Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's permission to use Citi Group TARP funds to sponsor True News. Geithner has already given Frank and Citi the ok to keep the $40 million name sponsorship with the Mets for their new taxpayer subsidized stadium, Citi Field.

We want Citi's CEO to know that True News has been doing the job, in the spirit of Thomas Paine, of informing the pubic about what is really going on. If True News had been around years ago it might have warned the SEC and congress of the dangers of subprime mortgages to your bank Mr. Hanbury – think of it: Thanks to us, your bank could have avoided being nationalized. Your Bank and other Wall Street greed whores destroyed the independent American banking system begun in New York and which ultimately made our city into the greatest in the world.

We want Mr. Geithner to be fully aware of the real public service that True News provides in spoon-feeding stories to the other news media outlets. On Tuesday True News wrote about Ballot Control by Political Party County Leaders in NYC: NY's Falling Voter Participation. Secretary Geithner, lo and behold today both the New York Times and the New York Post had stories about ballot access and the mayor’s race: MAYOR EYES DEM LINE (NYP), In Reversal, Mayor Now Woos Political Parties (Times). We feel that True News did a better job of informing the public of what it needs to know about the mayor's race and ballot access. Only our blog wrote about the dangers to our democracy of political parties with declining memberships being controlled by an inner circle which uses it for personal gain, disconnected and unconcerned about the needs of the voters of their own parties.
If this NY Times column seems like a familiar read Congressman Frank, it's because readers linked to almost the same exact commentary from "True News from" a week before the Times columnist's article appeared. For too long Congressman Frank, bloggers have been treated like second class citizens. This is what they write about us: "What’s cheap is some self-absorbed nitwit sitting in front of a computer in his bathrobe, stealing the facts that some hard-working, low-paid newspaper drone just spent hours collecting." - Ellis Henican, writing about bloggers. Just curious Congressman... What is it called when the opposite happens? Tapping a source? Journalists and bloggers can have a symbiotic relationship. Tell the mainstream media that it is time to quit yer bitchin' and get with the times. Maybe if journalists were to question those in power instead of kissing their asses, there wouldn't be a demand for information from other sources. It was done once upon a time, ya know!

One more thing Congressman Frank, we think it is more in the spirit of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights to use federal funds to bail out True News, whose mission is to keep alive the dream of a free and independent press, than private developer Ratner who wants to use tax-payer money to build a stadium for a basketball team at Atlantic Yards, or the MTA who wants half a billion to build a single train station whose costs have skyrocketed.

To True News' loyal readership we humbly await Citi Group's reply for corporate sponsorship of a name change to CITI NEWS DAILY BLOG helping us to avoid Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the dangers of yet another media company going out of business.

Very Truly Yours,
True News

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