Thursday, March 5, 2009

New York Needs A Sun Burn

New York Needs A Sun Burn

Why call for piece meal sunshine, City Councilman Bill de Blasio? Why is your legislation limited to calling for an online data base to keep track of stimulus dollars in New York? Have we not had enough corruption by elected officials to call for transparency in the entire budget and contracting process? Just this week Majority leader Smith has to threaten to withhold his support for tolls on the East River Bridges to get the MTA to turn over budget information to the senate. How much money as Assembly Brosky says, is wasted by the unregulated state authorities? Do you think convicted former Assemblyman McLaughlin would've been able to rip off government money if the public had been able to follow its money in his crime spree? How about a crime wave closer to home councilman? Do you think any councilmember would have the guts to hide secret slush funds in the city budget if their actions were clear to all online? Do you think your fellow councilmembers would put their families on non profit payrolls if they knew that it was easy for anyone and everyone to look online and discover their corrupt acts?

Last year former Assemblyman McLaughlin who most believe is in witness protection, pleaded guilty in federal court to fixing street light contracts. Street lighting contracts have been fixed in this city since the days of Tammany Hall. Do you think putting the bidding process online might give that mob second thoughts? Do you think former Senator Velella could have delivered public works contracts for bribes if the state’s contracting process had been open and online? Two hospitals were closed this week in Queens at the same time one of its lawmakers stands accused of ripping off hospital funds.

300,000 more New Yorkers will be out of work this year. When will anyone step up in New York and say elected officials and their fat cat friends have to stop the rip-offs of our city and state budgets. Let's follow the example of the Obama administration which has promised transparency, in New York. It's time for candidates running for office to step on toes and stop doing safe press hits. The people are hurting and they need their money now.

Reporters Should Use Google
To the trough! Lulu is the nickname for the stipend City Council members get for heading committees and subcommittees or holding leadership positions. It comes from payment en lieu of expenses. This week's "LuLu" reports have managed to omit the fact that the council had promised to reform this practice once it had enacted pay raises for itself. Pay raises: Enacted. LuLus: Ongoing.

From True News January 26, 2009
Christine Quinn's Con Game City Council speaker and her cohorts took your money and ran - Council took the pay raise recommended by a special mayoral commission but ignored the part of the report that urged lawmakers to enact reforms aimed at reducing self-dealing and favoritism. Key among the proposed reforms was a call to abolish so-called lulus - extra cash stipends doled out by the speaker to well-behaving sheep - and to rule out raises in the middle of a term.

The City MIKE: ALBANY STEALING OUR STIMULUS $$ *** MTA DISSES AWAY $6M: HIRES AND IGNORES $$ CONSULTANT *** GRADE PLAN FOR TEACHERS *** A HEALTHY APPLE: NYERS SEEING DOCS MORE AND KICKING BAD HABITS *** City Says New Yorkers Are Healthier *** Mayor Says Medicaid Funding Falls Short *** MTA Reconsiders Weekend Service Cuts *** Survey Claims Major Drop In City's Homeless Population *** While Brooklyn Fusses, Newark Pushes for the Nets *** Killer cuts to ambulance services coming From the Daily News *** Companies and jobs leaving NY From the NY Times *** Hamill: Finally, justice for two victims of Mafia cops *** HOMELESS COUNT DOWN *** Drop in Homeless Count Draws Skepticism *** Map: Flight Patterns Over the U.S. *** Spurned as a Successor, a Prosecutor Is Moving On *** Coney Island 'Foxy' 'gentleman's club' opens two floors below Brooklyn Community Board 13 *** Luxury developers battle tenants and small-biz owners in Chinatown *** Kelly tells TD Bank to put public safety first after heists *** Mayoral control of city schools up for renewal *** Would you add Island politicians as Facebook friends? ***Economic woes claim Staten Island bridal shop *** PM Tenants Wary of Clustering of Homeless *** Pro-Bloomberg D'Amato At City Hall *** State Sees Highest Unemployment Rate Since 2004 *** NY court deals landlords huge setback - Tishman Speyer must keep units rent regulated as long as they get tax breaks, derailing building owners' plans to deregulate units to pay off their mortgages *** ALSO: Atlantic Yards wins key victory *** City has lost 85,000 jobs since August.

The Road to City Hall Source: Stringer Mulling Primary Against Gillibrand *** Challengers to Gillibrand Emerging *** A Challenger for Councilwoman James *** NYC Comptroller's Race *** Morgy won't support top aide's bid to replace him: he's an 'inside man' *** Kappstatter: An Espada eying Rubencito's Albany seat? *** Brooklyn GOPers like Mike for nod *** 'Overvote' discovered in recount of Staten Island Council ballots *** Jacob Gershman pans Comptroller Bill Thompson's tenure as Board of Education president, saying his secret to survival was "careful cultivated irrelevance" *** Days after calling for looser regulations for the billboard industry, Councilman Bill de Blasio accepted $8,000 in campaign contributions from billboard companies *** 16,500 Names And 'Bronx Unity' For Diaz Jr. *** Acting Bronx President Lives in Brooklyn *** Saul, the Potential Swing Vote for Bloomberg, Says Protocols Must Be Followed *** Brooklyn G.O.P. Votes to Let Bloomberg In

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National AFL-CIO Union Execs Hold Winter Meeting at Luxury Miami Resort... *** HOMEOWNERS ARE DROWNING: 20% OF HOMES WORTH LESS THAN THEIR MORTGAGES *** Fears of a Clown Joy felt among Democrats as Rush Limbaugh emerges as the face of the Republican Party *** Supreme Court rejects limits on drug lawsuits ***
Courts Say Drug Companies Can Be Sued
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MADOFF GAVE THOU$ANDS TO POLS Schumer tops the donor list of Madoff and his family, at $29,300. Schumer's office said it had donated $8,000 of the stash to police and fire endowments. Others who got donations from Madoff or his family were Democratic NJ Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who got $11,600; Hillary Rodham Clinton, who got nearly $9,000 for her Senate and presidential campaigns; disgraced former Republican Rep. Vito Fossella and Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who both collected $3,000; and Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, who received $2,000.

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