Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deadline Brooklyn

Deadline Brooklyn
Bloggers Must Now Fill The Void to Protect Democracy

To some, News Corp. King Rupert Murdoch is buying up the City’s local newspapers to improve his advertising advantage over his competitors. To others, he wants to keep a failed business alive because of his love of newspapers. It really does not matter, the core mission of newspapers, to offer alternative voices and inform, cannot succeed with all the newspapers either going out of business or consolidating under a single owner. There are only 9 competitive newspaper markets left in the entire nation. Both the Daily News and New York Times are in serious financial trouble.

GLOOM & DOOM FOR DAILY NEWS - Others on the Wall Street Blogger list of 'papers in trouble' include: the Philadelphia Daily News, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Miami Herald, Detroit News, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun-Times, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Cleveland Plain Dealer *** Daily News Discounts Prediction of Demise *** New York Times raises another $225M in office sale - Yahoo! Finance *** NY Times Takes Loan Out Against...NY Times Building - Gothamist *** NY DAILY NEWS SLAMS TIME.COM REPORT: WE'RE NOT CLOSING THE PAPER, WE'RE GOING FULL COLOR! *** Newspapers plan more cuts to cope with downturn... Developing...

This is the greatest crisis in journalism since the English king locked up John Peter Zenger in 1735 for informing New Yorkers of what was really going on.

Reaction to the sale from the Blogs:

Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn
"Brooklyn blogs just got very important.”

Brooklyn Optimist
"It's likely to put a stanglehold on independent reporting and on the ability for people to find out what's going on in their community and influence it . . . And it’s not just the residents of Brooklyn that are reeling from the sudden bombshell. There’s likely to be a dramatic shake-up in both the Courier-Life and Brooklyn Paper newsrooms as News Corp. eliminates overlap between the two papers . . . Dear readers, have the Brooklyn blogs ever been more important? We're the only source of true, independent news left in the borough."

"The paper's editor Gersh Kuntzman said he hadn't met or spoken with News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch yet, but assured the Observer: "They don’t want the product to change. And they love the product. And the product is fantastic." Kuntzman, a former NY Post writer, had dismissed concerns that the Brooklyn Paper was in financial trouble last year: "Brooklyn needs us too much right now, what with local papers being snapped up by billionaire moguls who have no interest in local news except maximizing classified ad sales," a statement that he now amends to: "Brooklyn still needs The Brooklyn Paper, which is why one of the only people in the world who still believes in newspapers — Rupert Murdoch — is putting his money and genius behind us." Recently, a NY Times article looked at how Murdoch's fondness for printing was hurting News Corp.'s bottom line."

“Whatever the advantages the move may give the Post, it's tough to imagine it will get the tabloid anywhere closer to profitability. Instead, the decision to weigh down New Corp's balance sheet with yet another dying newspaper is best viewed through Murdoch's burning, irrational hatred of the New York Times and the Daily News, and if owning more Brooklyn papers will marginally help him pressure them by claiming a larger share of increasingly scarce local ad revenue, then own more Brooklyn papers he shall.”

"Print-loving media mogul Rupert Murdoch proves to be one of the only ones left buying newspapers: he's now scooped up the Brooklyn Paper. Today's acquisition adds to Murdoch's stranglehold on community newspapers in the outer boroughs, having already bought two chains in 2006 (which includes 12 Brooklyn papers). That deal helped extend the New York Post's footprint in Brooklyn and Queens, which is more traditionally Daily News turf."

Atlantic Yards Report
“Well, um, why wouldn't the News Corporation seek, as they say in the biz, efficiencies and synergies in Brooklyn news coverage and ad sales, given that both papers publish editions for neighborhoods like Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, and Fort Greene? (There are areas with less overlap . . . The Courier-Life chain recently moved from Sheepshead Bay to rent space in Forest City Ratner's MetroTech. Will the Brooklyn Paper, now headquartered in DUMBO, be consolidated into the same space? If so, it might make it tougher to report critically on Brooklyn's most powerful developer.”

Brooklyn 11211
"Greenpoint Courier, R.I.P.: Unfortunately, the closing of the paper also means that local reporter Aaron Short has been laid off. Aaron did a great job of covering local stories. And despite all the talk of blogs being the new local news, there is still a place for good reporting on a local level. (I don't pretend to be a reporter, and most local bloggers probably shouldn't either, though there is certainly a feeding cycle to blog stories/newspaper stories - we are all sources for each other.)"

"Whatever the advantages the move may give the Post, it's tough to imagine it will get the tabloid anywhere closer to profitability. Instead, the decision to weigh down New Corp's balance sheet with yet another dying newspaper is best viewed through Murdoch's burning, irrational hatred of the New York Times and the Daily News, and if owning more Brooklyn papers will marginally help him pressure them by claiming a larger share of increasingly scarce local ad revenue, then own more Brooklyn papers he shall."

After Police Relent, Bloggers Get Press Credentials
“Now bloggers will have a venue to apply to get their credentials. . . I’ve been in City Hall for almost 25 years, and I’m not going to stop now.” - -
Martínez Alequin, City Hall Gadfly

King Madoff is Dead MADOFF 'FAMILY PLOT' FEDS PROBE WIFE AS SCAM HITS $65B* 'MANY OTHER KIN TO BE INDICTED': REPORT *** Madoff Could Face Up To 150 Years In Prison *** Madoff Will Plead Guilty; Faces Life for Vast Swindle *** Madoff Lawyer Absorbs Part of the Rage *** Those Who Lost Savings Find Little Comfort *** Lawyer: Madoff will plead guilty *** Guilty Plea Expected *** Prosecutors Hunt for Aiders, Abettors *** Madoff faces up to 150 years in jail for a $50 billion Ponzi scheme *** PARKGOERS: BENCH THE DIRTY CROOK Outraged New Yorkers plan to park their assets elsewhere - and not on benches donated by swindler Bernard Madoff.

Wall Street Mess IT'S A BAD CONSIGN OF THE TIMES: SELLING HIGH-END DUDS *** Citi, GM Could Face Dow Delisting *** UPTICK RULE'S RETURN: FEDS EYE SHORT SALE CURB *** TRUMP'S VEGAS CONDOS DELAYED *** Hospital Overcomes Hurdle In Expansion Plan *** Some Banks, Citing Strings, Want to Return Aid *** Bernanke Says Financial Rules Need an Overhaul *** William Morris and Endeavor Explore a Merger *** Miami Condo Colossus Is Monument to Excess *** United Technology Plans to Cut 11,600 Jobs *** Bank of America’s Surprising Value *** Blackstone’s CEO: 'Keep away' from real estate... *** Local Economies Seek Their Own Revival *** Fed Considers Its Next Actions *** AmEx CEO Got $36.3 Million *** Chinese Exports Drop Sharply *** Opinion: Housing Bubble Not Fed's Fault - former Fed Chair *** Real-life 'Cheers' bartender is laid off *** Bernanke demands more financial regulation *** There's no end in sight to pols' taxing problem - Goodwin

DN Editorial: We've got their numbers If you're among southern Brooklyn subway riders, be warned: your state senator, Carl Kruger, is engineering fare hikes and service cuts for you. If you're among southern Bronx riders, be warned: Ruben Diaz is pushing you toward the same fate.

Albany AQUEDUCT SLOTS? NOTS! *** Company Pulls Out Of Queens Race Track Deal *** Lack of Financing Scuttles Deal for Casino at Aqueduct *** STRIPPER TAX IS HARD TO 'BARE' *** Brooklyn assemblyman calls for strip club tax *** HUH? GOV'S 'FIRE & HIRE' WILD DEFENSE *** Paterson defends Cunningham’s continued stay *** ‘Fair Share’ folk worried about Senate’s budget plans *** Happy One-Year Spitzer-Meltdown Anniversary! *** Stop that toll vote! The magic MTA solution is.... *** Paterson Is Said to Seek Deal in Drug Law Revision *** M.T.A. Rescue Plan Stalls in the Senate *** Albany bickers and MTA rescue plan twists in wind *** Report advocates NY pension fund reform *** Stimulus watch: Transit projects edge closer to cash *** Controller DiNapoli hires firm to monitor his office *** PMDN Lifting some tax threats: Paterson cites federal aid *** Paterson Nixes Nuisance Tax *** NY gov to nix 'fat tax' plan... Developing... *** Leaders hoping to bypass one-house budget resolutions*** Paterson looking back: ‘I’ve learned to act, not to react.’ ***

Inspector Clouseau ETHICS PROBE DOPP-OUT Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer's communications director has refused to participate in his ethics hearing scheduled for today, claiming that the state Public Integrity Commission violated his due-process rights in an effort to protect Spitzer *** Dopp and CPI tangle via press release *** Dopp, former top Spitzer aide, won't talk to ethics panel *** Spitzer aide Darren Dopp won't talk to ethics panel *** Lobbyist Fined for Contacting City Officials *** Ex-Bloomberg lobbyist hit with Conflicts of Interest Board fine *** Conflict issues grow for Carrion: President Obama's new urban czar, Adolfo Carrión, admitted Tuesday he has not paid an architect who designed a renovation of his Bronx home two years ago *** Howard, Baum on deck at the CPI.

This Is Not a Test. This Is Not a Test. Economically, this financial crisis is the big one. This is August 1914. This is the morning after Pearl Harbor. This is 9/12. Yet, in too many ways, we seem to be playing politics as usual - Friedman, NYT

The City The City has already launched two school incentive-pay programs that reward outstanding teachers - Obama's education plan *** MIKE EYEING TRANSIT $TIMULUS *** CITY CALLS FAULT ON CENTRAL PK. TENNI$ - Owes city money *** St. Vincent’s Wins Fight to Build 19-Story Tower ***STUY TOWN COURT FIGHT - tenants ask end to evictions and rent hikes *** City pushing for new supermarkets From the NY Observer *** Being cheap led to crane collapse From NY1 *** OT costs way over budget From NY1 *** Eminent domain headed to Coney Island From the NY Post *** Protecting Chinatown From the NY Times *** City can't handle sidewalks From Gothamist *** City Tries to Protect Jobs of Preschool Bus Drivers *** Broadway Holds On, for Now *** Square Feet: Appeal of Short-Term Leases Grows in Manhattan *** Manhattan, Queens consumers tighten belts furt... *** NYC revokes permits for 2 ground zero cranes *** Uptown drug gang Trinitarios ripped apart in bust *** Bloomberg may cut foreclosure assistance nonprofit's funds *** City lowers boom on crane hazard on WTC street *** Urban Futurists Root (Quietly) for East River Tolls *** New Broadway Shows Are Canaries in Economic Coal Mine, People!

The Road to City Hall Gonzalez: Reject Bloomberg's pay-to-play arrogance *** PMTN Anthony Weiner May Opt Out of NYC Mayoral Race *** Weiner puts off announcing if he's in NY mayoral race *** Weiner Puts Himself in Undecided Column

President Obama O MAKES PITCH FOR TEACHER MERIT PAY *** Obama Outlines Plan for Education Overhaul *** Bam education plan pushes hot buttons *** DN Editorial: Obama takes 'em to school *** Iranian Presidential Race Heats Up *** PORK' BILL LANDS ON O'S DESK *** Obama to sign spending bill, push for new rules *** U.S., U.K. Plan Trade Package for G-20 *** THE 'SCIENCE' DODGE O AVOIDS REAL STEM-CELL ISSUES.

Congress REVEALED: PELOSI'S 'AIR RAGE' *** UN chief to share concerns with Congress *** Congress approves massive $410B spending bill *** New Idea on Capitol Hill: To Join Senate, Get Votes *** Senate Clears Spending After Fractious Debate *** Old Clinton Hands Line Up Behind Gillibrand *** Narrowing the Voting Rights Act - NYT ED *** Fierce Lobbying Greets Bill to Help Workers Unionize *** Congress Seeks to Police Mexico Border ***
Freeman Bows Out, Schumer Takes Credit(The Hill) ***

National INSIDE WASHINGTON: Probe finds health risks missed *** Pentagon honors medics killed so far in wars *** Di$tress stat of the day: Winnings in Vegas plunge *** Stem Cell Decision Worries Some Scientists *** Advertisers Get a Trove of Clues in Smartphones *** Wal-Mart Plans to Market Digital Health Records System *** Downturn Catches Up With Seattle *** New Moms Cut Short Maternity Leave *** PM NY gov to nix 'fat tax' plan... Developing...

International Top US, China diplomats work to smooth relations *** Officials: Taliban ops chief once held at Gitmo *** Officials: Terror worries tied to Midwest Somalis *** China Reports Falling Prices and Low Demand *** U.N. Says Iran Broke Weapons Ban *** Iranian Presidential Race Heats Up *** Brazil Warns Against Protectionism.

Media Mess Rival Cable Hosts To Face Off Over Cramer Blamer *** Stewart v. Cramer v. Some Guy From Louisiana v. Stewart v. Cramer Again *** News Corp. Buys The Brooklyn Paper *** Murdoch's News Corp. Buys The Brooklyn Paper *** Google to Sell Targeted Ads ***PM SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER on the brink... *** In Memoriam, Robert Guskind(Gowanus Lounge)