Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Times They Are A Changing

The Times They Are A Changing
Times sells Airplane
Madoff Off to Jail
Weiner Out of Race

Goodbye Airplane TIMES' FLYING APART: PUBLISHER TO SELL JET *** As Cities Go From Two Papers to One, Talk of Zero *** NYTimes chief landed $4.4M pay package *** Seattle Post-Intelligencer Slipping, Best Life Already Gone *** Times Hires New Conservative Columnist *** A City Without Newspapers? *** A former journalist recounts his switch to working for VP Joseph Biden.

Goodbye Bernie $5M VICTIM: I'LL BEAR WITNESS TO SCUM'S DEMISE *** SILENCE OF THE SCAMS: MADOFF KO'D 'TELL ALL' DEAL *** Madoff Victims Push For Stricter Regulations *** Attention Shifts to Madoff's Family *** Financial Fraud Is Focus of Attack by Prosecutors *** Investigation Into Madoff Fraud Turns to a Small Circle of Accountants *** U.S. Rep seeks tax refunds for Madoff victims *** Madoff Used U.K. Office in Cash Ploy *** You and Bernie Madoff - Chicago Tribune

Wall Street Mess AW, THE POOR MILLIONAIRES *** Treasury official: US shouldn't micromanage banks *** Paulson Bets Hit Brit Banks *** Times Traveler: Banks After the Panic of 1907 *** Cities’ Plans to Swap Cash for Stimulus Are Stopped *** U.A.W. Deal With Ford Cuts Hourly Rate to $55 *** 4 States With Unemployment Above 10% *** Freddie Mac Posts $23.9 Billion Loss; More Aid Wanted *** Freddie Mac Seeks $30B More In Aid After Losing $50B Last Year *** Performance bonds mulled *** Investors Call for Rescue Plan Changes *** Billionaires’ List Shrinks 30% ***Financial Fraud in the Crosshairs *** The Next Big Bailout Decision: Insurers *** Heat Turns Up on Merrill Bonuses' Timing *** Surviving the Great Collapse - Robert Kuttner, Boston Globe *** Wall Street's Tsunami of Excuses - William Cohan, New York Times *** Bernanke's Speech to the Council on Foreign Relations - Ben Bernanke *** Interview with Secretary Timothy Geithner - Charlie Rose Show *** The Case For A Glass-Steagall 'Lite' - John Gapper, Financial Times *** Foreclosures up 30 percent in February

“I don’t think that the media is unfair. But I understand that you have the same constraints and that you’re competitive with each other and I think that in the competition sometimes, accuracy suffers for it.” Gov. Paterson

Albany GOV 'STRIPS' DOWN PLAN FOR TAXES *** Paterson Reaches Deal With Legislative Leaders to Drop Soda Tax and Other Fees *** Paterson Admits Regret In Senate Selection *** Cuomo Finally Scores in Merrill Lynch Bonusgate *** Cuomo requests Merrill bonus order be overturn... *** MTA Bailout Plan Stalled At State Senate Stop *** Still No Agreement on M.T.A. Deficit *** Democratic leaders plan to take state budget talks private *** Paterson's former secretary Bill Cunningham invokes TR and slams "irresponsible reporting" *** The DN calls Sen. Carl Kruger's MTA bailout plan "lunacy" and says he "has no business chairing the Senate Finance Committee" *** Democratic state leaders are looking to bypass the conference committee process *** The Commission on Public Integrity hearing against former Spitzer aide Darren Dopp went on without him *** Gov. David Paterson won’t support a proposed “poll” tax on strip clubs *** State legislators propose bills to give government employees more time off *** The White House tells Adolfo Carrion to pay up *** The SEC asks for more money *** The U.S. Treasury seeks billions to help ailing nations *** Foreclosure filings rise 6 percent over January.

The City Midtown crane collapse exposes gap in city rules *** Brooklyn home sales continue skid *** 50 KIDS GET BOOST TO TOP SCHOOLS *** NY TEACHERS WHO SHARE IN $UCCESS *** BUST IS BOOM TIME FOR BLOOMY: RICHEST MAN IN NYC AGAIN WITH $4.5 BILLION GAIN *** Queens consumers cutting back on spending From Crain's *** Botanical Garden faces more cuts From NY1 *** Stadium Is Citi Field, but the Subway Stop Has Other Ideas *** West Side Story revival doing boffo box of... *** The Stealth Election in NYC: Community & Citywide Education Council Elections *** The MTA has scheduled an emergency board meeting for Friday as support in Albany for new bridge tolls is failing to materialize

On the Road to City Hall WEINER BID NOW IN LIMBO *** Weiner Considers Dropping Out Of Mayoral Race *** Weiner Steps Back, for Now, From Mayoral Race *** DiBrenza scandal has him rethinking council race *** The DN's editoriaists pen a fairytale about Adolfo Carrion, his "helpful" architect and Obama and cast themselves as "trolls" *** Freddy Ferrer endorsed Councilman David Weprin for comptroller

Bring Home the Bacon?
All you have to do today is protest what the voters elected you to do *** City Lawmakers Join Fight To Preserve Affordable Housing

President Obama DINKINS HEALTH COMMISH TO FDA *** Report: Former City Health Commissioner To Head FDA *** OBAMA: I HATE ALL THIS PORK - & I APPROVE IT! *** Analysis: Obama stands with his allies, of course *** Obama, Biden to talk stimulus with states *** Obama's FEMA pick offers calm after the storm *** Obama backs pet projects and signs spending bill *** Obama Signs Spending Bill but Criticizes Earmarks *** Obama tiptoes into battle on earmarks *** Economists Give Obama Failing Grade *** Geithner’s Plan to Save the World *** Obama Sets Up Women’s Panel *** It's an Emergency: Get Your Act Together, Obama - A. Kaletsky, The Times *** Obama Takes a Dive on Earmarks - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal *** Obama's Opening to Iran - Boston Globe *** Obama's Remarks on Earmark Reform - Barack Obama *** A Complete and Competitive American Education - Barack Obama *** Why Are We Blaming Obama for Socialism? - Robert Scheer, The Nation *** The White House chooses a drug czar focused on treatment, rather than prosecution *** Obama taps a senior diplomat to serve as envoy to Guantanamo Bay *** An intelligence pick blames his withdrawal on “libelous distortions” from the “Israel lobby”

Congress Geithner set to defend Obama budget before Senate *** Deputy attorney general pick headed for approval *** Congress holds more hearings on border violence *** Senator says Obama needs more votes for his budget *** Bipartisan Call for Food Safety Fixes *** Centrist Dems dodge labor bill *** ACORN, MoveOn target House Dems *** Questions about Gillibrand linger *** Ex-prez lavishes praise at posh Gilli-bash *** Congressional approval ratings rise *** Infighting stalls energy *** GOP still dominates drug lobby *** Did Merrill Mislead Congress? *** Waters Helped Bank Whose Stock She Once Owned: California Democrat Has Championed Minority-Owned OneUnited on Capitol Hill and Criticized Its Government Regulators *** Democrats Tangle on Climate Change *** urope Is Right on Stimulus
Chris Dodd's Irish 'Cottage' *** Despite Crisis, It's Still Politics as Usual - David Ignatius, Washington Post *** Smells Like a Pig - Las Vegas Review-Journal *** Congresssional Dems Fear Recovery Will Take Too Long - CQ Politics *** Blue Dogs Get More Bark, Bite - The Hill *** Republicans Go Retro for 2010 Races - Politico

National Vegas Craps Out: Tourism Plunges $131M *** More Mayors Take Over Schools *** Chicago Doctors Protest Bed Cuts ***A New Progressive America - Ruy Teixeira, Center for American Progress *** Obama, Dems Wrong to Kill Vouchers - Roland Martin, CNN

Politics Hillary Loyalists Stay Sharp for 2016 *** Steele: Abortion an 'individual choice'

International Crackdown on Protests Continues in Pakistan *** A Dirty Pun Tweaks China’s Online Censors *** Elections in El Salvador Invoke Rivalries of Civil War Years *** China’s Big Recycling Market Is Sagging *** Mexico: Drug Lord on Wealth List ***
Pakistan on the Brink
*** Nigeria Growth Falters on Oil Slide *** Aid Workers Kidnapped in Darfur *** Afghanistan Is a Losing Battle - Milton Bearden, National Interest

Media Mess Chuck Scarborough Embarrassed by Interview *** Columbia J-School's Existential Crisis *** Creeping Onto the Front Covers of Magazines, Paid Ads