Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spin is the Cancer of Jounalism

Spin is the
Cancer of

Flacks & Press
Help Pols
Escape Blame

Spin in the Press Vs. The People
When the City Council Spins Bed Bugs to the Press Getting the Bed Bugs Out - NYT Editorial

What the Council Means
If we don't spin crap, the press might do a story asking what the council has done over the years to diversify New York's economy so that it was not so dependent on Wall Street for its tax base. Is the council responsible for the 65,000 New Yorkers who lost their jobs last year or the 300,00 expected to lose theirs this year? According to the press it's all about Bed Bugs *** Bed Bug Expert Discusses The Critters - Gothamist: New York City ... *** mcbrooklyn: Bed Bugs Hearing Coming Up at NYC Council *** Bedbugs on the March NBC New York *** New York - Brewer Stomps Bedbugs - Runnin' Scared - Village Voice *** Plan to Fight Bedbugs Includes Mattress Rules - City Room Blog ... *** GOING TO THE MATTRESSES - New York Post *** The Bed Bug Resource » Bed Bugs - NY Magazine *** City backs battle against bedbugs - DN

When Liu Says
COUNCIL MEMBER LIU “JUST SHUT THE ENGINE OFF” - Liu gets several papers and blogs to print a story about a bill he passed reducing legal idle time in front of schools from three minutes to one minute.

What Liu Means
I would never win election as Public Advocate if reporters wrote that as chair of the council's transportation committee for the last 8 years, I did nothing to prevent M.T.A. Service Cuts and Fare Increases - NYTimes.com - even with three million in my campaign kitty *** Increase in Weekend Subway Wait Times "Permanent".

When the MTA Says
$490 MILLION RAIL WELCOME two of the MTA's most costly projects are in line for millions in federal funds. The Second Avenue subway is slated to receive $280 million, and $210 million is reserved for connecting the Long Island Rail Road to Grand Central Terminal.

What The MTA Means
We have to take the public mind off the fact that subway fares are going up and services cut.

Paterson Paterson Loses Political Consultant Global Strategy Group. Aside from being there during Paterson's meltdown in the polls - Among the losing campaigns Global Strategy Group has had: Fernando Ferrer 1997, 2001 & 2005; Elizabeth Crowley (1st primary 2008); Lloyd Henry; Sheldon Leffler; Jerome O'Donovan *** Et Tu, Global? *** Paterson Is In Serious Trouble - The Albany Project *** Poll: Paterson's popularity continues to slide *** Newly Rehabilitated O'Byrne Tells Paterson to Clean House *** PolitickerNY: Paterson Blames Low Poll Numbers on Ads, Senate Circus ***Paterson gives his staff…not exactly a gold star *** Paterson in freefall *** Fading Paterson Gets Poll-verized *** 'RAISING' THE HEAT ON DAVE *** New Yorkers want Paterson gone *** PM Paterson Reorganizes Staff, From Top Down

Albany State plans revamping of Belmont from Newsday *** Bill That Threatens City’s Term-Limit Change Picks Up Support in Albany *** Editorial: The time for courage - DN Ed *** That $500,000 non-working ferry purchased by the state has been sold to a vegetable farmer for $23,600 *** Advocates seek a hearing on the Public Service Commission nominees *** An Assembly bill would role back power deregulation.

Blog Comment of the Day
Assembly Term Limits Bill Takes A Step Forward - The Daily Politics
Mr. Pants: February 25, 200911:43 AM
This is a wonderful opportunity for the state legislature to demonstrate that they can step up to the plate and accomplish something when the voters are justifiably appalled. Will they actually get the bill through committee and have a vote in a timely fashion? Of course, not. The NYS legislature never accomplishes anything with alacrity, except driving the cars around town after enjoying a few cocktails and molesting the occasional intern. There’s a better chance that monkeys are going to fly out of my tuchas, than the legislature will get this bill passed.

The City MTA Renews Plea For State Aid *** Straphangers Can Expect a Big F-G Headache *** MTA rescue on fast track in Albany *** Gonzalez: Bloomberg, Klein determined to keep parents seen, not heard *** Rotten roots to park layoffs? *** Fordham Reaches a Compromise on Its Expansion Plans *** Study: New York Is Second-Most Congested City *** City To Open Second Water Taxi Beach *** The Central Park Conservancy’s recent layoffs seemed to be concentrated among those had supported — or at least been sympathetic — to unionizing efforts. [Daily News].

Road to City Hall Bloomberg to get down on his knees tomorrow *** Bloomberg's Do-or-Die Meet *** To Get G.O.P. Ballot Line, Mayor May Need Party Card *** Mike Sets Early Tv Blitz *** 3 New Council Members - Julissa Ferreras won in the 21st District in Queens - including Corona, East Elmhurst, parts of Jackson Heights and Elmhurst. Eric Ulrich won in Queens' 32nd District, which covers Ozone Park and Howard Beach. And Ken Mitchell took the 49th District in Staten Island, including St. George, Port Richmond and Stapleton *** Ferreras Captures Monserrate's Council Seat In Special Election *** 3 win City Council seats in special election ***Ulrich and Ferreras Are Victors in Council Elections 1:39 AM ET *** Bloomberg Buys Out the Neighbors on E. 79th St *** PM Staten Island Special Election Still Too Close To Call *** To win the GOP line, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg may need to re-register into the party *** PolitickerNYFor G.O.P. Chairmen, Pressure From Both Sides *** PolitickerNYBloomberg Meets With G.O.P. Chairs, Leaves Fast *** PolitickerNYIs Term Limits on a Fast Track? *** GOP Balance Sheets *** Bloomberg Would Be 'Honored' To Run As A Republican, Will GOP Let Him?

"It's not just that he wants to revive the economy and save the banking system, while reforming energy, health care and education. He seeks to redefine the center of American politics forevermore." - Lowly, NYP

Obama Says USA will rebuild and emerge stronger...Obama vows to increase number of soldiers...Obama vows to seek cure for cancer 'in our time'...Obama says bank bailout may cost more than expected...Obama promises universal EDUCATION THROUGH COLLEGE...Obama promises universal health care...

He Calls for an Ambitious Agenda, With Eye on Deficit *** In Time of Crisis, Urging Bold Action and Big Ideas *** To Get G.O.P. Ballot Line, Mayor May Need Party Card - NYT Ed *** Paging Uncle Sam At no time in the last 50 years has America ever felt weaker, and at no time in the last 50 years has the world ever seen America as more important - Friedman, NYT *** 8th-Grader's Letter Inspired Obama Speech *** Obama gives us large dose of hope *** Obama vows U.S. 'will recover' *** We Will Rebuild, We Will Recover - President Barack Obama, U.S. Congress *** Obama Soars, but Can He Fix the Economy? - Walter Shapiro, New Republic ***
Clear, Left-of-Center Agenda for His Presidency - David Corn, Mother Jones *** Obama Balances Optimism & Urgency - Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post *** Embracing the Role of Problem-Solver - Peter Canellos, Boston Globe *** Conservative Words for a Liberal Agenda - J. Harris & J. Martin, Politico *** Promises, Promises - Tucker Carlson, The Daily Beast *** President Obama's Address to Congress - Barack Obama Transcript *** The Republican Response: "America Can Do Anything" - Bobby Jindal *** Jindal calls Obama's plan irresponsible... *** When Free Enterprise Needs Government *** Selling the Bank Bailout *** Commerce Pick Carries Lengthy China Résumé *** GM, Ford Meet With White House *** Conservatives Take on Obama *** WATCH: Gibbs Hosts White House Tour For "Morning Joe" *** Former President Bush is getting paid $150,000 a speech *** Jindal: GOP Lost 'Principles' *** Obama Channels Optimism *** Obama Owns Crisis.

Congress WATCH: Illinois Senator Durbin: Burris Should Resign *** RNC Chair Steele 'Open To' Punishing Stimulus-Backing GOP Senators *** Utah Governor Calls His Party's Congressional Leadership "Inconsequential"... *** Coleman Won't Rule Out Further Minn. Challenges ***Schumer urges Interior Department to grant Catskills casino *** Barney Frank to Obama: Cut Military Spending *** Senator Ron Wyden on Finding Middle Ground *** Those Illinois Congressional Delegation Meetings Just Got a Bit More Awkward *** Hey, Senator, What’s in Your Pockets? *** Congressman Nyuk, Nyuk! - Gary Ackerman From Newsday *** One Illinois Senator Tells the Other to Step Down *** I'm not gonna quit, insists Burris ***
Will D.C. Get a House Seat?

Wall Street Meltdown Obama To Target Tax Havens In Budget *** Business: Northern Trust Bank Threw Lavish Parties, Sponsored Golf Tournament After Bailout *** Pelosi: "Nationalizing" Banks Is Simply "Semantics" (VIDEO) *** Foreclosed Homeowners Resist Pending Evictions In Coordinated Protest *** Bernanke Suggests Recession Will End This Year... 2010 "Will Be A Year Of Recovery" *** Bernanke says no to nationalizing banks *** Plus: Stocks jump after Bernanke remarks *** ALSO: Labor feels the heat *** NYSE considers relaxing its one-dollar rule *** Pfizer pulls huge space off market *** Writedowns cripple Vornado 4Q *** Tim Geithner Has to Work Out This Economy Thing All by Himself *** Top Freak-outs of the Financial Crisis *** Bernanke Helps Stocks Snap Back *** Madoff Investor's Suit Is Dismissed *** Ford Executives to Take Pay Cut *** What That Swedish Model Actually Looks Like *** Will Welfare Rolls Rise Following Record Low? *** LAST MADOFF VICTIMS LOSE *** Fed's Gentle Ben Talks Markets Off A Cliff *** Stress Test for Banks Exposes Rift on Wall St. *** In Silicon Valley, Recruiters Are Sending Out Their Own Résumés *** I Ponied Up for Sheryl Crow? Northern Trust of Chicago, if you’re not solvent, why are you using my tax dollars to party at a golf tournament? -Dowd *** Fed Chairman Says Recession Will Extend Through the Year ***Ford Executives Cut Own Pay 30% for 2 Years *** As A.I.G.’s Losses Grow, Its Survival Options Shrink *** Group of Rich Americans Sues UBS to Keep Names Secret in Tax Case *** NYSE considers relaxing its one-dollar rule *** Gordon Gekko, your time is past *** Thain caves on bonus names *** Bad time for oilman to give Bernie $10M *** Another bank bogeys bailout funds *** American Express: Pay up & get $300 *** AIG may be forced to scrap payback plan ***Pols tuning out music merger plans *** CITI customers angry about gov't plans... *** U.S.-Citigroup's "Very Rocky Start" *** PM HOME SALES SINK TO 12-YEAR LOW...

International Officials: US troops to exit Iraq by August 2010... *** IT'S A DATE: IRAQ TROOP PULLOUT IN AUG. 2010 *** Strikes Worsen Qaeda Threat, Pakistan Says *** Japan’s Exports Plunge as Downturn Spreads in Asia *** N. Korea Resumes Role of Provocateur.

National Homeland Security official affirms drug cartel violence has spilled over into Texas... *** Economic Crisis Complicates California’s Goals on Climate *** Arnold Considered Party Switch

Health Care Study Cites Obstacles for Poor to Renew Health Insurance *** Health Care Reform: Game On *** Plan to Post Health Dept. Grades in Restaurants Gets Mixed Response.

Media Meltdown HEARST Plans to Sell or Close SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE Newspaper... *** Hearst Threatens to End San Francisco Paper *** Sharpton: Apology from Murdoch not accepted *** Murdoch's Next Move *** Hearst May Shut Down San Francisco Chronicle *** COLUMNIST LIZ SMITH LEAVES NEWSPAPERS FOR ONLINE... *** Murdoch Apologizes in Post for Cartoon of Chimpanzee *** Media: Rupert Murdoch Apologizes For Cartoon: "The Buck Stops With Me" *** Market Climbs Up From 12-Year Low *** Hallmark Magazine Folds *** VANITY SPARE: CONDE NAST HAVING 'WORST YEAR OF ANY PUBLISHER'... *** PAPER: Photographer Annie Leibovitz pawns life's work for loan to pay her mortgage... *** Dating a Banker Anonymous a Satirical Hoax, Times Admits *** Why Chris Matthews Said ‘Oh, God’ When He Saw Bobby Jindal *** Misguided Cartoonist Has 'Right to Fail': Parker - Demands for retributive justice are more dangerous than a lousy cartoon.