Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teleprompter News and Story Real Story About Ackerman and the Queens Tribune is About 25% Out

Pols, Unions, The 1% and Media Owners Work Full Time to Manage and Spin the News.  It a shame that today's copycat reporters who write whatever the pols are flacks want are not real journalist


1. Managing the News: How the NYP and Mayor Work Together To Push Back the UFT

Today: Teacher and Students

Yesterday: Fire Teacher
Mike in push to hasten firings of perv educators(NYP) * Seeking Easier Way to Fire Teachers in Sex Cases(NYT) * Bill to Speed Teacher Firings(WSJ) * Mayor, Schools Chancellor Propose State Reforms To Teacher Discipline(NY1) *Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sounds only lukewarm about a bill pushed by Bloomberg that would give the city the final say on whether teachers accused of sexual misconduct should be fired – even if hearings determined that they should keep their jobs.* Bloomberg wants to make sexual misconduct a true firing offense for teachers(NYDN Ed) But his proposed change to state disciplinary law is still woefully weak.*Before Bloomberg's press conference was over, the U.F.T. criticized the proposal. [Lindsey Christ] Teacher who made out with her student: “She always wore nice skirts, and she had appealing tattoos all over her body.”* Accused of Abuse, but Not Charged, Teacher's Aide Remains in Limbo(NYT)

March 20: UFT Sex Scandal 

2. Managing the News: JCope Ethics Chair Says Charges Against Her Housekeeper Are A Political Hit 

Albany & ethics, again(NYP)  The investigator in question, Dhyalma Vazquez, just happens to chair the Yonkers Independence Party.  And DiFiore, who insists she’s “done nothing wrong in any respect,” charged yesterday that Vazquez “has a well-known political agenda that she has been carrying on against me for at least a decade.” DiFiore who is going after has to wonder why this old charge is being revived.  Wonder if it a political hit against her for going after the senate #2 Thomas W. Libous for getting his son a pay to play job. Ethics Panel Opens Inquiry Into No. 2 Leader in State Senate * Westchester Probe Could Affect Cuomo(WSJ) Westchester authorities are investigating whether a live-in nanny employed by the county district attorney, Janet DiFiore, was improperly approved to receive Medicaid, welfare payments and food stamps, according to records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.* “I’ve done nothing wrong in any respect,” DiFiore said in a statement. “The person quoted in this illegally leaked email has a well-known political agenda that she has been carrying on against me for at least a decade and this appears to be more of the same.” * Cuomo, according to a source, is not expected to immediately comment on the DiFiore mess for fear of looking like he’s taking sides in a political battle.* The NY Post says Cuomo shouldn’t merely fine tune JCOPE, but “change the entire orchestra.”* “I’ve done nothing wrong in any respect,” DiFiore said in a statement. (Journal News) * Cuomo defends his pick of Janet DiFiore as head of J-COPE. [Nick Reisman]

3. Managing the News: Mayor Again Sets Up Quinn To Play the Role of Saviour of Fire and Other City Services
A Little-Used Fire Company, Rescued Annually(NYT) *From 2011 Teacher Layoffs Averted, Fire Companies Saved in City Budget Deal (DNAINFO) * Budget cuts slash childcare programs deeply(NYDN)* The Bloomberg administration’s cuts to childcare programs will mean that 2,000 unionized workers lose their jobs.  * Bloomberg to sign muni-meter time transfer bill2(WABC)

Election 2012  Rangel lining up Dinkins, Koch & Bloomberg for nod(NYP) *Rangel Forcefully Defends His Record, as a Challenger Looks on(NYT) * Lefty council group plans to PAC punch(NYP) *Tisch Considers Mayor Bid  NYS Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch is exploring a 2013 run for mayor, prodded by business and civic leaders concerned about the current crop of candidates. * Bloomberg, Quinn To Endorse Rangel's Re-Election Campaign(NY1) * Cuomo and legislative leaders announced a deal on a bill that would enhance regulation of out-of-state telemarketers under the 2000 law that created the state Do No Call list – but political robocalls are still OK. * Appearing for the first time beside his main primary opponent, Sen. Adriano Espaillat, Rangel defended his record and discussed the ethics charges that led to his censure.* Charlie Rangel and Adriano Espaillat met face-to-face at the endorsement meeting for the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club; the club went for Espaillat overwhelmingly. Grace Meng wins endorsement of Rep. Gary Ackerman Retiring(NYDN) *  new Quinnipiac poll shows Kirsten Gillibrand trouncing three little-known Republicans by a 2-to-1 margin * An Adriano Espaillat supporter attacks Rangel for his legislation calling for mandatory military service. [Facebook] * Flashback: In 2007, Rangel said he was doing this so "all of us, from every income group and position in society, must share the burden of war." [] * Rangel’s Race Rumbles On(NYO) * Sen Diaz Sr. compares Sen Hassell-Thompson, who's gunning to oust Sampson as minority leader, to Brutus. "Et tu, Ruth?" Says he's surprised. * Labor Pushback On Yassky Comeback(YNN) * IDC members are being endorsed by the state Independence Party.* Nydia Velazquez Supporters Say She's No Wall Street Puppet(NYDN)* Christie Raises Cash On Cuomo’s Turf(YNN) * Ackerman endorses Meng, Green backs Lancman- TimesLedger * Who Replaces Sampson?(YNN) * Two 2013 names missing from the host list on the invite to Rep. Charlie Rangel’s birthday fundraiser: NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Manhattan BP Scott Stringer. * Jezebel included Assemblywoman Grace Meng on a list of four “kickass young women” who could change the face of Congress. * enate Minority Leader John Sampson does his best Bob Dole.* Mittman calls Meng, Crowley and Lancman "three peas in a pod" * Adriano Espaillat's spokesman said the candidate is spending almost every day in the Bronx. [Alex Kratz] * Undercurrents of Now-Finished Towns-Jeffries Battle In District Leader Race(City and State)  * Linares Makes a Power Play (Perez Notes) * Wow... A Queens GOP Primary?(NYDN) * And in turn, the IDC might back a primary challenger against a sitting Democrat.
John Sampson said he’s focused on legislating, not who the next leader of his conference will be. * Ed Towns’ Chief of Staff is running for district leader. * Nydia Velázquez argued she’s not a Wall Street crony. *Hakeem Jeffries is advertising his childhood. * A new website lets you read Tweets deleted by politicians.

The Queens Tribune Democratic Club Has Nothing to Do With My (Ackerman) Endorsement
NY1 Reporter Grace Rauh: Ackerman endorsement is prompting questions. Meng campaign hired a consulting firm that is part of the Queens Tribune company  A company that is partially owned by Ackerman.  The congress says there is no connection between the business relations and his endorsement
Congressman Ackerman:  I own a minority interest in the business, it has nothing to do with my endorsement of anybody. ever,  ever.  Outgoing Rep. Ackerman Backs Meng For Congress(NY1) 




True News Wags Ackerman, Tribune and Meng Campaign
Last Year True News Focused Press Attention On How Ackerman's Queens Tribune Operates More Like the Queens Democratic Machine Than A Newspaper. . .  This Year True News Broke the Meng's Campaign Connection to the Tribune . . .  Today City and State Give Some Detail On Who Owns the Tribune (Much More to Come)
If Front Man Ackerman Only Owens 10% of the Tribune Who Are the Other Investors?  
Gary Ackerman, Who Endorsed Grace Meng, Has Financial Relationship With Meng’s Campaign (City and State) “Did it affect my endorsement? No,” Ackerman said, acknowledging that he was aware of Meng’s business relationship with the consulting firm he co-owns before making his endorsement decision. “[Multi-Media] doesn’t run my life and I don’t run their business.” “I’m in politics,” Ackerman later added, “and I can make any endorsement I want.” In his most recent publicly available financial disclosure, Ackerman reported that in 2010, he held an investment in Tribco, LLC worth between $250,000 and $500,000 – Ackerman’s largest single holding. Among Tribco’s assets that it owns and operates are the Queens Tribune, a weekly newspaper initially founded by Ackerman in 1970, and Multi-Media, the consulting firm run out of the Tribune’s office that Meng’s campaign has retained. The value of those assets play into the overall worth of Ackerman’s share in Tribco. 

In 2009 When Nussbaum Was Working Against Dan Halloran A A Pagan Lord Right Before the Election

In the interview yesterday, Ackerman estimated he holds only 10 percent ownership in Tribco, adding that he was a “small part of a group of larger investors.” But a Tribco filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission from 2002, when the company was formed, lists Ackerman as one of several “beneficial” owners, along with Michael Schenkler, the publisher and CEO of the Tribune. Four other individuals, including political consultant Michael Nussbaum, who runs Multi-Media’s day-to-day operations, are listed as simply “executive officer[s]” or “director.” Prior to announcing his retirement from Congress in March, Ackerman was not just an owner of Multi-Media, he was also at times a client. According to the website, Ackerman spent $10,000 with Multi-Media in his 2008 race and more than $19,000 in the current election cycle.

Meng Ackerman's A Middle Class Champion Lives On A Yacht in DC
In a statement, Meng expressed strong displeasure that her campaign’s decision to hire a campaign consulting company co-owned by Ackerman — and his subsequent endorsement of Meng’s campaign — were being raised as issues by City & State. “Congressman Gary Ackerman is a champion for the middle-class,” Meng said. “The congressman has been a pillar of this community for decades and has been above reproach his entire life. The notion that the he would do something as untoward as these ludicrous accusations suggest is insulting and offensive.”

NYT, New Yorker and Elle Magazine Push Quinn As the Champion of the Poor and Middle Class

 Quinn Writing Her Autobiography

Quinn, Presumptive Candidate, Will Publish Memoir Before Election for Mayor (NYT) * Flashback: In March Quinn was profiled in Elle magazine and profiled again in the New Yorker in April. [Lisa DePaulo / Rebecca Mead]

As True News Excusably  Reported Last Night Storobin Won

Team Storobin: So, Yeah, The Recount’s Over and We Won This Thing(NYO) The Storobin campaign’s unofficial count has their candidate up 14 with 8 disputed ballots after the recount basically finished last night. They said even the numbers belonging to the Democratic contender, Lew Fidler, had Mr. Storobin up 11 votes, so even if every contested ballot favored Mr. Fidler (which is not happening), there is no path left that does not lead to a Storobin victory.

de Blasio Turns His Back On Brooklyn Which Elected Him and Kiss the Ass of the Taxi Businesses Which Funds Him

Public Advocate Joins Lawsuit Against Livery Overhaul(NY1) * Bill de Blasio is backing a lawsuit against the sale of taxi medallions to livery drivers, saying that the sale was an end-run around the City Council.* In filing a brief in support of a suit against the Bloomberg taxi plan, Bill de Blasio is arguing that the City Council should have had to send a home-rule message to Albany first. [Pete Donohue] * Outside $$ in 2012 election projected at $1 billion! To stop flow of $ to politics we must create real consequences for those footing bill


Escape NYC Over Taxed

More than 3.4 million New Yorkers – with combined annual earnings of $119 billion – left for other states from 2000 through 2009, according to the Tax Foundation. The most popular destination: Florida, where taxes are considerably lower.  * The Tax Foundation asserts that higher taxes are prompting New Yorkers to flee to Florida but offers no evidence that actually backs up the argument * Still Heading for Exits From California - Orange County Register


After A Consultants Report of the City's 911 Problems Was Forced by the Court To Be Made Public the Council Discovers Problems With 911

The City Council questioned officials from the city’s department of information technology about cost overruns for the 911 system overhaul.* . turned his 911 audit findings to Manhattan DA.John Liu: 911 System Contractor Soaked Taxpayers(NYDN)  * PEF released the third in a series of reports on how much money it believes the state “wastes” on outside consultants – in this case, to do IT work.* John Liu said the CityTime bidding process may have involved fraud. [Juan Gonzalez]


New York's "I ♥ NY" tourism slogan now has a Cuomonian twist. Watch the state's new TV ads: .


Stuyvesant ranked as one nation's top 10 math and science(NYDN)


More Education News
New York State received a waiver from parts of the No Child Left Behind Law that will increase flexibility in how it deals with lowest performing schools * Sunset Park public school under investigation: Teachers give kids answers on state exams hoping to get perks (NYDN) Charge: Smaller classes and fewer English language learners for teachers if kids scored high* Police Report on School Arrests(NYT) * Stuyvestant High School cracks top 10 on best schools l(WABC)


Today We Love Cuomo
 's approval rating at 71%, maintains streak of highest rating in all 7 states where the Q poll surveys. * Poll: Cuomo soars to once-a-decade record * According to this morning’s Q poll, Cuomo’s approval rating is at 71-16 -  highest score for an Empire State governor since Gov. George Pataki hit 81 percent following the 9/11 attacks. * This also continues Cuomo’s year-long trend with the highest approval rating of any governor in the seven states surveyed by the Q poll.And a majority of New Yorkers, 56-40, say teacher performance evaluation should be made public. (Union households are divided, 49-49, but all other groups are in support). In addition, voters overwhelmingly support raising the minimum wage, 79-18, including 76-11 among Republicans.* Advocates are trying to shame the governor and Senate Republicans into raising the state’s hourly minimum wage. The TU wants Cuomo to “get involved anew” in the minimum wage talks (if any are indeed taking place) and push for a compromise.* A new report says that a minimum wage hike would help 880,000 workers.  * New Yorkers want minimum wage increase, give Cuomo highest(NYP) *"if i was andrew cuomo, i would think of giving us a donation" Q pollster Mickey Carroll jokes, on 's show.*De Blasio and Stringer jockey on stop-and-frisk, with the political stakes(Capital) * You have to work a very long time at the standard NYS minimum wage in order to afford a two-bedroom apartment at fair market rent.

Diaz Misses His Amigos

Diaz Sr. Compares Hassell-Thompson to Judas (NYO)

 Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno heads back to court in February.


Informal Ceremony To Mark 10th Anniversary Of End Of WTC Recovery Efforts(NY1) * Today Marks 10th Anniversary Of End Of World Trade Center (WABC) * 2002 Report Reviews End Of WTC Recovery Efforts (NY1)


The 9/11 Memorial Museum Held Hostage(WSJ) The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey demands more money from a charitable foundation before it will finish construction.



Community Presents Plan To Preserve Life Quality Around Barclays Center(NY1)







 The Making of A President 2012
Nomination His, Romney Steps Up Attack on Obama(NYT) * Romney Calls for Action on Syria, but His Party Is Divided(NYT) * Planned Parenthood released its first ad of the 2012 presidential campaign, deeming Mitt Romney “wrong for women.”* Republican super PACs and other outside groups shaped by a loose network of prominent conservatives – including Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – plan to spend roughly $1 billion on November’s elections for the White House and control of Congress.* Republicans are worried that Trump will keep campaigning on behalf of Romney.  * Trump Clashes With Greta Van Susteren, Blames Her For Bringing Up Birther Issue [VIDEO] * Majority of Michiganders Don’t Agree That the Trees Are the Right Height(NY Mag) * President Obama's Negative Feedback Loop - Glenn Thrush, Politico * 
Romney Is an Unknown Quantity - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg * Obama's Message Is Straight Out of Greece & Calif. - Holman Jenkins, WSJ * Mitt Romney vs. Republican Governors - Michael Crowley, Time * Vetting Obama's Chicago Insiders - John Fund, National Review * Mitt Clinches Nomination, Sharpens Attack on Obama - Erin McPike, RCP * Obama Denies His Fiscal Record - Rich Lowry, New York Post * This is Not Bill Clinton's Democratic Party - Artur Davis * How to Pick a Veep: 8 Historical Criteria - Carl M. Cannon, RealClearPolitics * Romney Learns Wrong Lessons From Parents - Ruth Marcus, Wash Post * Bush Tax Cuts Didn't Get Us in This Mess - Steve Huntley, Chicago S-T * Full Texas Primary Results: President | U.S. Senate | U.S. House * Obama said "Polish death camps"  to refer to Nazi death camps in Poland. [Associated Press] * Mitt Romney: ‘I’m Happy In Life As Long As I’ve Got My Soul Mate With Me’ [Video](NYO) * Obama's 'death camp' comment angers Poland(NYP) * Poll: Romney gains 21 points in favorability among women(The Hill) * Some G.O.P. Foreign Policy Giants Are Tepid on Romney(NYT) * President Obama and Mitt Romney: The Phone Transcript(NY Mag) * Frank Rich on the National Circus: Mitt’s Bleach-Bottle Bimbo (Rich, NY Mag) * Attacks on Bain Are Not Anti-Capitalist - Mark Mellman, The Hill * The Massachusetts Assault Is Coming - Steve Kornacki, Salon * Mitt Rebounds Among Women; Obama Slips - Gary Langer, ABC News * Artur Davis' Sour Grapes - Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly * Why Artur Davis Is Leaving the Democrats - Seth Mandel, Commentary * Obama Slaps Poland in the Face - David Frum, The Daily Beast * Wisconsin Recall - June 5: Marquette University: Walker 52, Barrett 45 * Condolezza Rice to endorse Romney(CNN)

Jon Stewart Asks Michelle Obama About President Obama’s ‘Out There’ College Days Michelle Obama talks about her husband's pot-smoking high school years with Jon Stewart 


Jon Stewart Tears Apart Fox News And Roger Ailes For ‘Socialist’ Remark

Colbert Takes On Donald Trump’s Latest Birther Antics(TPM)


Etan ‘killer’ returned to bodega (NYP)* With Records Gone, Odds of Finding Boy’s Remains Are Even Slimmer(NYT) * No Patz Report Is Found(WSJ) * Doctors assess mental state of Patz suspect(WSJ) * Patz Update: No Sanitation Records Before 1989, Hernandez's Sister Previously Reported Murder(NY1) * NY1 Online: Veteran Police Reporter Voices Concerns About Patz Case Arrest * Etan Patz’s parents show the strain as their son’s alleged(NYDN)* Doctors assess mental state of Etan Patz suspect(WABC) * Sister of Accused Patz Killer Says She Told Camden Cops(WNBC) * Etan Patz Parents, Stan And Julie Patz, Post Sign Asking For Privacy Outside Soho Home (PHOTO)(Huff Post) * Murray Weiss said there are a lot of problems with the man who confessed to killing Etan Patz. "Suddenly, he kind of turns 33 years of investigative work on its head." [Inside City Hall]* Cops: No proof sister told police of Etan confession(NYDN)
*Etan Patz’s Father Pulls Etan’s Photos (NYO) * New Police Photo of Suspect in Patz Killing 

Law and Order

Jewel-babe bust in parking fight(NYP)



‘I Apologize,’ Ex-Rutgers Student Says Before Going to Jail(NYT) *Dharun Ravi Apologizes, Seeks to Begin Jail Term (WSJ) * Ravi Tells Judge He Will Report To Jail To Begin Serving (WABC) * Judge Defends Sentence Imposed on Ex-Rutgers Student(NYT)


Sick mom stabs kid: cops(NYP) * Young Queens Girl Stabbed In Head, Mother In Custody(NY1)

Air Force veteran shot dead while visiting Bronx(NYDN) * Mayor Bloomberg On Stop-And-Frisk: We're Better Than Philadelphia And D.C.(Village Voice) * Pulitzer report ‘fiction’: NYPD anti-terror chief(NYDN) * Eleven current and former inmates in NYC’s jails have filed a lawsuit charging that correction officials have tolerated and even condoned the unprovoked beatings of inmates by guards, resulting in serious injuries to prisoners and millions of dollars in legal settlements paid by the city. * or City Teens, Stop and Frisk is Black and White(NYT)*
NYCLU: Police 12 Times More Likely To Arrest Minority Students (NY1) As many as 10,000 people may be alive today who would’ve been killed had the policies of 1992 remained in place." [John Podhoretz]

Man, 68, held in stab-slay of wife 1(NYDN) * Mob goon puts crimp in case (NYDN)
* Parking spot beating(NYDN)

Police release sketch of Queens sex assault suspect(WABC) * New York Post Doubles Down on Hipster-Bashing(NY Mag) * Facebook Posts Help Police In Brooklyn Gang Takedown(NY1) * Video: members of Brooklyn burglary crew who robbed and in one incident gang raped victim at gunpoint- * NYPD Nabs Crown Heights Gang Linked to String of Burglaries, Assaults(WNYC) * Woman Shot in Stomach in Jamaica, , No Arrests via *Police search for Richmond Hill rapis(NYDN) * Police: Facebook Helps Nab 14 Suspects In Connection With (WABC) * NYPD: Burglary gang's Facebook posts led to arrests(WABC) * Woman shot inside home in Queens(WABC) * Gang Used Fire Escapes for Break-ins: Cops(NBC) * The Rev. Al Sharpton is leading a Father’s Day (Sunday, June 17) silent march against the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy. * Truck driver punches Danny Dromm, gets Arrested   (Capital)