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NYT Write About Gottlieb Drop Out, But Leaves Out Key People Involved in the Ticket Fixing conspiracy in the 6th

NYT Still Trying to Manage the News Not Report on the Conspiracy to Kill Democracy

After the fact and dozens of new media blog stories the NYT writes about attempts by the Queens machine to use their long time party hack Jeffrey Gottlieb to split the Jewish vote in 6th Congressional District.  The NYT writer Sarah Maslin Nir used an anonymous person involved in Gottlieb campaign to say he drop out because of a NYP story last weekend that he burned down his own house.  The NYT reporter Nir only used the the target of the Gottlieb ticket splitting candidacy Rory I. Lancman as the accuser and ignored key evidence already published in several blogs about a key person in the Meng's campaign involvement in ticket splitting. The NYT never mentioned Corrupt Boss Crowley once in the article.  It should have read it own reporters story on how weak the machines in competitive races.In Queens, Political Center Is in Surrogate's Court - Perhaps the machine losing the Weprin race has increase the need to find ways to win like splitting the vote.  Candidate Is Said to Quit House Race in Queens * NY Corrupt Party Boss Crowley(True News) * One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Congressman(True News)

Meng's Nussbaum: Corrupt Journalist and Political Operative is Unknown by the NYT

The NYT left out that a key Queens political operative helping to run the Meng Mike Nussbaum approached another Queens Jewish person Matthew Silverstein who was looking to run for office and suggested he run in the 6th before Gottlieb entered the race.  The NYT reporter Nir also ignored a story posted in City and State about FOR MENG CONSULTANT NUSSBAUM, A HISTORY OF VOTE-SPLITTING. How is the world can the NYT leave out the fact that Nussbaum is part owner of several Queens newspaper and he is running campaigns.  Is the NYT trying to tell us that their is not ethics in journalism and the newspapers can run candidates and operate like political machines like they did in the old Tammany Hall days?  Or has the paper become the clueless Times. * A Secret Pact Broken, A Candidate Shunned From The Ballot (Queens Politics)

NYT Reporter Clueless About Queens Machine Games or A Crying Need for 101 Intro Course About The Gangs Who Run NYC Politics

The NYT reporter did not understand what Lancman was talking about when he said the machine was just playing musical chairs by replacing Gottlieb with someone else.  “Same game, different face.”What is the game reporter Nir? She did not answer his charge. The Game Lancman was talking about is quite simple.  The Queens machines uses a network of political operatives both democrat and republican to fix elections.  In this case the Democratic Queens machine used GOP operative Jay Golub who ran the petition drive to get Gottlieb on the ballot and is most likely the anonymous person Ms. Nir was writing about describing why Gottlieb dropped out.   Which means that a person deeply involved in the ticket fixing conspiracy was using the NYT reporter to spin Bull Shit and to cover up what was really going on. *   More on the Race for the 6th Congressionial District(True News)

Queens Political Corruption Grows Inside the NYC Board Of Elections

Stephen Graves Resigned Quietly from the Board of Elections Wednesday After Being Suspended Last Week For Bribery

Two Years Ago Stephen Graves Computer and Files Were Seized In Joint FBI DOI Raid On the Queens Board of Elections.  After his office was raided Graves disappeared for two weeks.  When he came back he was reassigned from the Queens BOE to its Warehouse, because many at the board believed he was wearing a wire to catch others for the feds in return for a lighter sentence.  Before that Graves was operating out of Manhattan until a group of Jewish employees filed an EEOC complaint against him.

DOI Going After the Secret Lobbyist Can Start the Clean Up of Corruption at the BOE 

The city’s Board of Elections was notified two years ago that Graves wascaught on tape soliciting a $25,000 “finder’s fee” from a company competing for a $65 million voting machine contract in 2009.  “He was recommending the use of a particular lobbyist,” said one source. “In exchange for that he wanted a finder’s fee.” The lobbyist, who was not identified, was supposed to receive $250,000 a year for five years, the source said. All DOI has to do is expose who was the lobbyist who Graves want to receive the $1.250,000.  The chances are that lobbyist is a BOE lobbyist insider or Queens GOP operator who knows where many of the commissioner who run the board bodies are buried.  Note the sting tapes on Graves were made by the BOE vender not DOI.

DOI Can Also Clean Up the BOE By Stopping the Cover Up of Who Tried to Fix A Ballot in A 2010 Special Election
  The second case involves the former head of the BOE Gonzalez who left the board right after a scandal of ballot fixing was disclosed in a Queens special election.  DOI said over a year ago that it was investigating what happen.  That investigation could be revived to force Gonzalez to rat on his former board members.  It is interesting to not that Gonzalez lawyer Stanley Schlein is also the registered lobbyist for the same company that Graves tried to shake down, Dominion Voting Systems.  Head of Board of Elections Fired One Week Before Election (WNYC) 

The BOE is the Enabler for Ticket Splitting and Interconnecting Network of Corruption in Queens Politics
Robert Hornak is the news manager of purchasing for the BOE.  Besides being a big player it the GOP and a lobbyist or a company working for a lobbyist. Hornak ownes Lexington Public Affairs that operating out of his apartment.  Lexington is hired by GSP Consultants to do campaign work. GSP owners Jay Golub was a consultant to Jeff Gottlieb congressional run to split the vote in the 6th.  Hornak worked with Jay Golub and with accused BOE briber Steven Graves on the Victor Babb City Council Campaign.  Golub GSP Consulting was $4,500 by the Ragusa' faction of the Queens GOP who at that time was fighting the Haggerty faction. Steven Graves was running in the 25AD for State Committee as part of the Ragusa faction in 2009.  Also working for GSP is Dennis Gallager who the NYP calls the Perv pol lands Qns. lobbyist gig  

Ticket Fixer Jay Golub
Gallagher, who stepped down in 2008 after pleading guilty to sexual-abuse charges stemming from accusations that he raped a woman in his Middle Village office, is listed on a city government database as an “additional lobbyist” with GSP Consulting. Republican Gallagher, a Republican, confirmed that he does consulting work with Golub and that he’s done consulting for Councilman Peter Koo (R-Queens) but said he hasn’t done any work for Republicans in Queens “on a paid basis.” Michael Nussbaum Meng' campaign consultants also worked in the 2009 peter Koo campaign. golub also worked in the campaign for Issac Sasson.  in Both the Koo campaign and the Sasson campaign Nussbaum's Multi Media company did the printing. 

As Political Bosses Fixed Elections and A Lobbyist Connected to A Major BOE Pay to Play Investigation Remains Anonymousthe Main Stream Media See and Reports Ficton

 Today's News
The Danger of NY's Economy
The NYT says the unemployment rate’s growth has confounded economists and elected officials.  Simple answer new jobs and businesses are moving to low tax and low salary states.  That why the NJ governor has cut state taxes by 10% Rise in City’s Jobless Rate Continues to Outpace Hiring(NYT) 9.6%  A timely Albany budget is not all that is needed to fixed New York's economy.  * Fears Rise That Economic Recovery May Falter in Spring(NYT)*  NYP Says Silver is Slamming NY’s poor   The Post knocks Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for attempting to raise the minimum wage, faults Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Gov. Andrew Cuomo for being open to the idea, and insists the measure would hurt the poor the most. calls on Cuomo to “avert disaster” by blocking the Legislature from passing it. * NYC Unemployment Rising Despite Hiring(NY Mag)

Rot in Jail Pig

Nine-Year Sentence Requested for Carl Kruger(NYT)

Headed to Jail Another Pig

Prosecutors Claim Espada Cashed Out Unused Sick, Vacation Time At Bronx Health Clinic(NY1)

 Look Out Taxi Drivers Are Mad Again

Angering Taxi Drivers, Panel Adopts Plan on Hailing Livery Cabs(NYT) * Taxis Given Green Light(WSJ) *TLC-Approved Plan Allowing Livery Cab Street Hails Faces Two Court Challenges* Livery car drivers can soon pick up street hails: TLC v(NYDN)TLC Chairman David Yassky’s street hail plan drives into a dead end (NYDN ED)  Taxi and Limousine Commission must obey federal wheelchair-access law. The News writes that because of kinks in the new law allowing outer borough livery cab hails – and ongoing litigation over handicap accessibility – New York City will not be able to implement the reform anytime soon

Return of the steamroller. Spitzer called CU's Dadey to complain org "sold out" on reform
Spitzer ‘steamrolls’ Citizens Union head(NYP) Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer chided Citizens Union’s Dick Dadey for supporting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s redistricting compromise, with Spitzer employing his trademark “steamroller” approach

Staten Island Power Player

Staten Island Week: Former BP Molinari Still Lords Over Island Politics(NY1)

Campaign 2012

Catsimatidis on #2013 NYC mayor's race: "If Ray (Kelly) chooses not to run, I will." * A cool idea!  Eco-friendly fridges free (NYDN) * Rep. Bob Turner and Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos are struggling to put together war chests in their three-way primary battle for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. Turner burned through much of the $97,000 he raised last quarter, while Maragos’ campaign is still completely self-funded, CapitalNY* Mayoral candidates line up to kiss Crowley's ass(Queens Crap) * Storobin told he'll run in even if he narrowly loses to Fidler  * Wendy Long, attacks Dodd-Frank in a WSJ OpEd today.* NYC hit the pause button on a breakfast in schools program, worried that some kids eat twice, increasing the chances of obesity. But Council Speaker Christine Quinn is defending the program.* David Greenfield Is Backing Simcha Felder(NYO) * Ben Akselrod May Challenge Steve Cymbrowitz in The Democratic Primary(NYO) * James Sanders Takes Formal Step Towards State Senate Run(NYO) * Primary Challenger For Rivera?(YNN) * Espaillat Racking Up Endorsements(YNN) * Correction Officers endorse Espaillat over Rangel for House seat(NYP) *Judges Move Cautiously Forward in New York Redistricting BattleC&S) *Eric Ulrich Unlikely to Run For Senate, Sparking Possible Primary To Take On Addabbo(C&S) *Obama Holds a Fund-Raising Edge Over Romney(NYT) * DSCC Chairman Mike Gianaris reportedly “succeeded, through intermediaries” in convincing former NYC Councilman Simchae Felder to run in the new super Jewish district as a Democrat.* Assemblyman Dov Hikind is expected to endorse Felder, his onetime chief of staff.* There are objections galore to petitions filed in NY-6. * A three-judge panel in Brooklyn is moving forward cautiously on its review of the legislative redistricting plan, spreading hearings out over two weeks in anticipation of decisions in two other jurisdictions.* Here’s a good roundup of congressional fundraising. *  The Jewish Congressional Seat Is Another False Idol(Queens Tribune) * Scott Stringer handed out refrigerators.* More mayoral hopefuls weighed in on Kelly’s potential candidacy.* A candidate announced for Peter Vallone’s seat.* Mike Gianaris was initially worried Simcha Felder would side with the Republicans.

Sampson Has Many Many Road Blocks To Regaining the Senate Major Position
Two Orthodox Jewish sources with direct knowledge of ex-Councilman Simcha Felder’s thinking say he will caucus with the Senate Democrats if he wins election this fall in Brooklyn's so-called “Super-Jewish” district. That represents a major turnaround for the Senate Democrats, who looked to have an uphill battle in the heavily Orthodox district, when Councilman Lew Fidler performed poorly among the socially conservative community in his March 20 special election in an overlapping district. Felder has already said he's running on the Democrats' ballot line. It's also a loss for Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who courted favor with major social service groups like Agudath Israel to try and win the Super-Jewish seat. But the good news for Democrats comes with a caveat. If Felder somehow ended up being the deciding vote in swinging Senate leadership, he has told people he will likely vote for  Skelos over Democratic Minority Leader John Sampson. Still, that may not be a problem anytime soon, even though the chamber is divided 32-30, since the four-member Independent Democratic Conference does not look likely to rejoin the Democratic fold. And it’s also not that surprising, given that Felder is a moderate Democrat.(City and State)

Contribute to My Senate Campaign and If I Lose I Pay You Off With Some Pension Dollars
Liu aide ‘runs’ – and $tays(NYP) A loophole in the city’s charter denying appointed officials the ability to fundraise for local elections while in office is allowing Simcha Felder, a deputy to Comptroller John Liu, to run for state Senate and keep his job. Inexplicably, the City Charter says that appointed officials can’t raise funds for a city election and collect a city paycheck at the same time — but it says nothing about fund-raising for state or federal offices. * Acting Supreme Court Justice Noach Dear, who is also mulling the race, would have to resign to run.


NYP Uses NY's Falling Voting Rates To Try to Make A Case Against Public Financing 

Dirty political money(NYP)Rotten idea from wealthy NYers "public financing of ...campaigns correlates w/ less rather than more voter participation (as in NYC)" New York's Decreasing Voter Turnout (True News)

How Much Does It Costs to Put Corrupt Cops On Trial, In Jail and to Hold Special Elections?

The cost of pushing a public campaign finance system in New York is now pegged at $1.5 million. 

On Bloomberg’s push torequire residential landlords to disclose the smoking rules in their buildings before anyone signs a lease or buys a co-op or condo apartment, the DN says: “Why the heck not?”

City will slap on parking boots(NYDN)

Will Assemblyman Turn His Back on NYPD Eder Loor Who Was Stabbed in the Head

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, who helped weaken a bill allowing the forced medication of dangerously disturbed individuals, is waffling about strengthening the law in the wake of the stabbing of an NYPD officerr(DN)




Governor Cuomo released his 2012-2013 budget along with an endorsement from former President Bill Clinton. “ Governor Cuomo is making New York’s government work again, and making New York the comeback state.”

Jump Seen in School Entrance Exams(WSJ)

Fate of Mixed Martial Arts in New York State Again Rests With Assembly(NYT) * State Assembly May Knock Out MMA Bill(NY1)

NY1 Exclusive: Most New Yorkers Feel Pain At The Gas Pump(NY1)

Columbia's Pay to Play Contractors
Dubious contractors on Columbia U. expansion(NYDN)Firms have been implicated in bribery, bid-fraud

Union Opposition Is Stirred by Stricter Requirements for Crane Operators in the City(NYT) * Crane Operator License Regulations Tightened(WSJ) * DA's summations set in NYC crane collapse trial(WSJ)

Brooklyn Bridge Park Gets $40 Million Gift to Build Field House(NYT) * The Velodrome Comes to Brooklyn(WSJ)


 The Making of A President 2012: CookieGate

CookieGate Baker 'Couldn't Believe' Romney Insult(NY Mag) * New District Maps Toughen Democrats’ Race for House(NYT)Newt discusses GOP's 'moral obligation' to defeat Obama at state dinner(NYP)* Romney defends his success after Obama’s 'silver spoon' remark(NYP)* Newt Gingrich's Poignant Last Hurrah In New York (Buzz Feed) * Speaking at the GOP dinner in midtown Manhattan last night, Newt Gingrich explained why he’s still in the presidential race: To “articulate big themes and big issues.”* Rep. Ron Paul, who skipped the dinner to attend a rally at Cornell, said he’s staying in the race because “it would be more inconvenient not to,” adding: “People have too much invested in this campaign.” * Forget Flip-Flopper; Romney Is Extreme, Says Obama Camp(NYT) * President Obama will appear on Jimmy Fallon’s show next wee * Obama Faces Defeat on Keystone Pipeline - Byron York, DC Examiner * Romney Could Use Lesson in Humility - Michael Kinsley, Los Angeles Times * Romney Can't Fall Into the Twitter Trap - Matthew Continetti, Free Beacon *  Is Obama in Trouble With Young Voters? - Molly Ball, The Atlantic * Ohio (Rasmussen): Obama 46, Romney 42 | Sen: Brown 44, Mandel 41

Huff Post Asks If NYT Staffers Will Go On Strike?

New York Times Staffers Protest Contract Negotiations, Pensions (VIDEO)(Huff Post) * New York Daily News Photographer Alleges New York Times Paid For Sources In Secret Service Prostitution Scandal(Huff Post)

Rupert's Date With Destiny(Huff Post)
Phone Hacking Lawyer On New Allegations About Fox News(Huff Post)

Losing Experienced Reporters

Bob Kappstatter, a veteran Bronx reporter who was forced into retirement after more than 30 years at the Daily News last November, has been hired as the new editor-in-chief of the Bronx Times/Bronx Times Reporter. The papers are part of the Community Newspaper Group, which is owned by News Corp., which also owns The Post.

Three more security agents to lose jobs as hooker leaves town(NYP)

Police digging for body in 1979 Etan Patz murder case(NYP) * In Basement, Hopes to Solve ’79 Case of Missing Boy(NYT) * Amid Inquiry, SoHo Recalls Less-Fashionable Past(NYT) * New Search in Etan Patz Case(WSJ) * Era of missing children on milk cartons recalled(WSJ) * Police Search SoHo Basement For Possible New Clues In Etan Patz Case(NY1) * Cop still thinks Jose Ramos killed Etan(NYDN) * FBI, NYPD Search Building In Cold Case Disappearance Of (WCBS) * PHOTOS: Etan Patz Search Resumes(NBC) * SoHo Reacts to Search for Etan Patz(NBC)* New details emerge in Etan Patz disappearance case. VIDEO:(Today Show)

Jon Stewart Ridicules Fox News’ Sudden Embrace Of Romney, Notes ‘Romney’s Election Is Fox’s Job’

Brother gives up brother as 'hit man' in mob slay(NYP)


Young chef murdered for his iPhone two blocks from his Bx. apartment (NYP) Thug ends MoMA cook’s dream * Chef Killed; Phone Taken(WSJ) * Robber fatally shoots man in Bronx, steals iPhone(NYDN) * Aspiring young chef mugged, killed in Riverdale(WABC) * Blaster'-piece! Guard accidentally shoots self at Metropolitan Museum of Art(NYP) * Guard at the Met Wounded When Gun Goes Off(NYT)


Law and OrderSon stays mum on Brooklyn 'starve ma'(NYP) * Jury Statute Not Violated by Protester, Judge Rules(NYT) * 6-Year-Old Testifies in Sister's Murder Trial (WSJ)* 5 charged in Figoski killing won’t be tried together(NYDN)* NYPD cop clings to life after shooting self in head: co(NYDN) *Cops continue to search for clues in Etan Patz disappearance(NYP)* Search For Clues Continues In Etan Patz Cold Case(WCBS)



Qns. trio rushed ‘NYC terror’ plot ‘to shake Obama’(NYP) * Top counterterrorism adviser: Keep up the good work, NYPD * Obama’s top anti-terror adviser praises NYPD after criticismNYDN)*Top counterterrorism adviser: Keep up the good work, NY(NYP)