Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old Media Ignores Queens Boss Crowley Attempt to Split the Jewish Vote in the 6th, Day 2

Old Media Vs Political Bloggers

As political coverage on the Internet gains readershop we now get to see how Main Stream Media controlled the news for generations.  For the last two days the blogs lead by City and State have dug into the Queens machine ticket fixing first broken by True News over last weekend.   At the MSM has boycotted the story and spinned a Boss Crowley story.  In yesterday Observer Joe Crowley: ‘Mr. Lancman Is Misinformed’.  In today's Daily News Crowley says Visa waivers would boost Queens tourism. * Meng Adviser Urged Bay Terrace Resident to Help Spit Jewish Vote: Report (Patch) * Meng Responds To Gottlieb Controversy, Says “Everyone Has a Right to Run”(Patch)

How Did Councilman Peter Koo Pay Golub?
In yesterday City and State reported Gottlieb was “impressed” by Jay Golub efforts in 2010 to get Democratic Senate candidate Isaac Sasson onto the ballot. A Close Tie Between the Gottlieb and Meng Campaigns  True News has found out through auditor close to the Sasson campaign operation that Sasson hired Golub GSP the recommendation of Peter Koo. Golub who ran Sasson brought in Nussbaum to printing. Nussbaum was paid $145,000 by Koo.

The problem with the Koo recommendation was that there is no record of payment by the Koo campaign of Golub or his lobbyist partner Dennis Gallagher.  There is a report that Gallagher and Golub GPS did lobbying work for Koo.  From the NYP January 15, 2012  Gallagher, a Republican, confirmed that he does consulting work with Golub and that he’s done consulting for Councilman Peter Koo (R-Queens) but said he hasn’t done any work for Republicans in Queens “on a paid basis.”Perv pol lands Qns. lobbyist gig

Election 2012

In 1970 Rangel beat a dying of cancer Adam Clayton Powell, who before his removal from congress in 1967 was the most powerful Afro-American in congress


Rangel Speaks Well of His Election Chances, and of His Rival(NYT) * Rangel Back in Public Eye(WSJ) * Congressman Rangel Reaffirms Plans To Run For Re-Election(NY1) * Rangel, is back, despite bad back (NYDN) * NRA unloads $217G to N.Y. pols(NYDN) * Charlie: Lati‘no’ sweat(NYP) * Hear Me Rory: Can Lancman Vanquish Ossified Queens Machine And Get To DC? (NYO) * Jeffrey Gottlieb is on Twitter folks! Here you go: * : What kind of name is Rory? 40% of can't even pronounce it * During his first public appearance in almost two months, Rep. Charlie Rangel spoke about a “virus” that had complicated his healing from a back injury. He did not elaborate, and aides couldn’t prove information about his diagnosis.  * Rangel, again seeking to dispel the mid-term retirement rumors, said: “There’s no one that I love dearer more than (Assemblyman) Keith (Wright), he’s worked hard, but elections are elections. I wish people would not infer that I’m crooked and I plan to develop some plan where you vote for me and you’re going to get Keith in the morning. I mean, that’s not right.” * The congressman called his top primary challenger, Sen. Adriano Espaillat, a “good man” and said he believed the senator’s choice to take him on was a difficult one.* Redistricting is actually not over. It has merely moved to the courts, and there’s still a chance the lines under which lawmakers are now running will be scrapped.* Bob Turner discussed his congressional campaign on Capital Tonight. * Turner: NY Should ‘At Least Start Trying’ To Frack(YNN) * Liz Crowley Continues Labor Roll Out (NYO) * Keith Wright Says ‘There’s No Deal’ For Him To Replace Rangel(NYO) * Ruben Diaz Sir. Goes Off on Charlie Rangel’s ‘Hearing Aid’ Remark(NYO) * Citing ‘Buffett Rule, ‘Long Calls On Gillibrand To Release Taxes(NYO) *  The court fight in the Fidler/Storobin race resumes today. * Camara, Caucus Push DOJ Rejection Of Senate Districts (YNN) * Bronx Man Signs Up To Challenge Melissa Mark-Viverito(NYO) * Liz Crowley’s Other Campaign (Updated) * Dude, Lancman should rise above the frackus and go door 2 door in FHills. We know Grace is hand in hand w/ Jewish ldrs  The Angry Lancman(Queens Politics) * Nasty Twitter account takes cheap shots at Grace Meng (Queens Politics) * Karim Camara wants the Department of Justice to reject the State Senate lines. *David Storobin’s lawyers want Lew Fidler’s fraud lawsuit dismissed.* Rep. Joe Crowley made the “war on women” argument in favor of sending Assemblywoman Grace Meng to Congress, telling Forest Hills residents: “We haven’t elected a woman in Queens County since when? Geraldine Ferraro right here in your neighborhood.”* Assemblywoman Grace Meng on the Jeff Gottlieb controversy: “Everyone has a right to run.” She hasn’t decided what to do about Michael Nussbaum yet.

Union Leader Says Liu is Being Picked On
Labor Leader Applelbaum who Says Liu is Singled Out must have never heard of former councilman Sheldon S. Leffler who was convicted of a campaign fraud scheme
Labor boss: Leave poor little Liu alone(NYP) “I think he’s been singled out in a way that’s unfair,” Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, said of the mounting criticism of Liu amid a criminal investigation of his campaign finances. “Perhaps it has something to do with the important things that the comptroller has been doing for the 99 percent of the people in this city and not the 1 percent of the city.” RWDSU President Stuart Applebaum, who recently hosted a breakfast fundraiser for John Liu attended by 38 union leaders, says the comptroller is being treated more harshly than other politicians accused of shady fundraising practices

Liu Campaign Has More Problems Following the Law 

The attorney for John Liu's indicted campaign treasurer is removed from campaign payroll

The One Lawyer Who No Longer Works for Liu (C&S)

 Missing from the high-priced legal names in City Comptroller John Liu’s most recent off-cycle campaign filing? Martin Adelman, the attorney representing Liu’s indicted former campaign treasurer Jia Hou, whose retainer fees were previously being paid by the Liu campaign. Campaign finance experts wondered whether Liu had violated campaign finance laws by paying Adelman. The laws are notably silent on the issue of using campaign funds to pay for criminal defense. Critics also wondered whether Adelman’s fees represented a conflict of interest that would prevent Hou from being able to testify against her former employer. Liu spokesman George Arzt confirmed that Adelman was no longer being paid by the campaign.(C&S) * Lawyer for Liu's Campaign Treasurer Gave Back Retainer Fee(C&S)* The lawyer is no longer doing legal work for his campaign either.

Bloomberg Double Standards On Public's Right to Know

For City Hall, 2 Standards on the Public’s Right to Know (NYT) .: w/holding 911 system report contradicts what he said when he made public  The Times’s Jim Dyer ponders the double standard of the Bloomberg administration’s effort to publicize flawed teacher data reports while refusing to release a critical 911 overhaul report *Analysis: Transparency in Government -- A Murky Goal(NBC)

NRA Takes on Bloomberg Push for Microstamping of Bullets

The National Rifle Association has doled out $217,000 to New York politicians over the last nine years in an effort to kill Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s push for microstamping of bullets, the Daily News reports Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group Spending A Clue On Microstamping’s Future (YNN). AG Schneiderman keeps campaign promise, reviews NYPD stop-and-frisk data, setting up poten showdown w/Bloomberg, Kelly. NRA gave more campaign $ in NYS over "last 9 yrs than in any other in state"* The National Rifle Association has doled out more campaign donations in New York – $217,400 – over the last nine years than in any other in state in the nation. * NRA Targets NY Microstamping -- With Cash (NYDN) * The Daily Q: What gun-control measures await action in Albany? (NY World)

Daily News Says Albany Wants to Limit Parents Free Speech Like in Beijing
Don’t even think of a gag order for parents on teacher evaluations (NYDN Ed) Gov. Cuomo and Legislature must release all data — and let parents share it. The News also calls the proposal in Albany to restrict parents from disseminating teacher evaluation reports “well-suited for the National People’s Congress of Beijing”:*Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin says Cuomo “seems to be straddling the school-accountability line he drew eight weeks ago” by suggesting he’s opening to limiting the public release of teacher evaluation data.


Schneiderman Takes on Kelly and Bloomberg on Stop and Frisk

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is looking into the NYPD's stop and frisk policy (NYDN) Eric Schneiderman's office will examine the controversial policy for fairness. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is reviewing the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk data and weighing whether to issue a formal report – setting up a potential battle with Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the News says. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman plays politics with NYPD There's no reason for review of stop-and-ask tactic except payback to supporters (NYDN Ed)  The Daily News accuses Schneiderman of being politically motivated in his decision to review the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy * Schneiderman is also creating a Conviction Review Bureau to investigate criminal cases in which conviction has been called into question. It’s the first statewide initiative by a law enforcement agency to address potential wrongful convictions.

Fears Regents exam will kill grad rates(NYP)*

NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said the city’s plan to close and reopen 26 struggling schools in order to keep federal funds was “not an act of revenge” against the UFT.




Staten Island trash-plant memo to mayor: 'Not here!' (SI Advance)




The Daily Q: Who polices the pollsters? (The NY World)









Bronx School of the Stars in Trouble 

School of ‘stars’ o n principal #3(NYDN)An iconic Bronx junior high school that produced celebrities like Penny Marshall, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren has been thrown into turmoil

N.Y.U. Agrees to Scale Back Its Expansion in the Village(NYT) * NYU Agrees To Reduce Its Greenwich Village Expansion Plan(NY1) Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has convinced New York University to scale back its expansion plans in the West Village by almost a fifth, but its unclear whether neighborhood preservationists will be placated

Subway signs ‘no help’(NYP)

Subway Work Sinks Prices On East Side(WSJ)





Cuomo and NJ Gov. Chris Christie have fired two top Port Authority officials.* Christie defended his decision to cancel a train tunnel long planned to relieve increasing congestion across the Hudson River, saying it was a matter of principle. * The New York Post defended Christie. * Chris Christie Fell Asleep During a Springsteen Concert(NY Mag)



NY1 Online: Economist Examines New York City’s Fiscal History(NY1)







 Albany End of An Era

Assembly exit signals period of transition (TU) Ron Canestrari of Cohoes joins exodus of key leaders

Pension cuts OK: poll(NYP)



What Pork?
  Gov. Andrew Cuomo is going to veto some member items in the budget, after we heard there were NO member items in the budget? Cuomo to issue 129 line-item vetoes in budget, including 122 for new member items. *Cuomo Will Veto $640K Worth Of Pork (YNN) * Sources who have seen the list of 's line item vetoes say 2/3 of the money is in Senate Dem districts* Cuomo on acceptable and unacceptable pork(TU) * Cuomo’s New Member Items Defined (Video Added)

Peep World Closed in Midtown(DNAAINFO)





Neighborhood Raises Concerns About Alcohol at Barclay's Center(WNYC) * Community Board committees say inevitable Barclays Center liquor license should not go forward without community outreach, negotiation(Atlantic Yards Report)





NYPD Goes After Cops Standing Up to Quotas and Alleged Racism

79th Precinct cops claim retribution(NYDN)Nine cops at an embattled Brooklyn precinct say they got subpar evaluations as payback for complaining about ticket quotas and standing up to a superior’s alleged racism, the Daily News has learned




How a NYC Real Estate Developer and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn Co-opted the Movement to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages to Advance their Respective Business and Political Interests — at the Expense of the Horses


Even Without New Contracts, Many Public Employees Get Raises(NYT)


Painful good-bye for Peninsula Hospital(NYDN) * New York ranks 48th in the nation for organ donation. The DMV is trying to do something about that.

The Making of the President 2012
O bids to $oak the rich – then cashes in on them (NYP) * Santorum Quits Race, Clearing a Path for Romney(NYT) * Interactive Map: Rick Santorum’s Race(NYT) * FiveThirtyEight: Santorum’s Future(NYT) * Romney Turns Attention to Obama(NYT) * Obama-Romney showdown starts with a harsh tone(WSJ) * Former President Bush Attacks Obama's Proposed Tax Increases For The Wealthy(WSJ) * The National Organization for Marriage is set to endorse Romney today, which should help him in one of his most urgent tasks: Consolidating support among the conservatives who were backing Santorum. * President Obama is building his campaign messaging on taxes for the wealthy.* The New York Times said such a strategy is only a start. * 3 Ways Rick Santorum Hurt Mitt Romney's Chance at the Presidency * Now that things are all but over, Republican State Chairman Ed Cox (Nixon's son-in-law) endorsed Mitt Romney. * The Case Obama Needs to Make - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * Mitt Romney 2012 = John Kerry 2004? - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post *  Don't Fret Obama, You'll Do Better Than Goldwater - James Taranto, WSJ * Newt Gingrich will make a stop in the Buffalo-Rochester area on April 20.

Hollywood Reporter’s ‘New York Issue’ Lists 35 Most Powerful People in Media

Jon Stewart: ‘What The Hell Happened To CNN?’


New York Times Reporter’s Email Attacking Arthur Sulzberger Leaked(Fishbowl)


Court date is finally set for monsters(NYP) * Court date set for accused 9/11 mastermind KSM(NYDN)

Bin Laden Replaced on F.B.I.’s Most Wanted List(NYT) * Voters in New Jersey support the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims.

Police Nab Alleged Burglar Who Broke Through Skylights(NY1)

Law and Order

Bride and (fake) doom(NYP) * I didn’t kill that guy: rapper(NYP) *Broker drinks way into jail(NYP) * Video That City Destroyed Is Cited in Inmate’s Lawsuit(NYT) *New State Office to Review Questionable Convictions(NYT) *Bandit swipes iPhone from subway sleeper, cop uses iPad(NYFN)
* Bx. DA’s office hit on ‘deceit’(NYDN)
* Bride who faked cancer to collect wedding gifts jaile(NYDN) * Jessica Vega Charged After Allegedly Claiming She Had Cancer(WCBS) * Cardinal Dolan leads farewell to grandma  who died saving(NYDN) *Mob childhood ‘slay’-room(NYDN) * Bride and (fake) doom(NYP) * UES homes & businesses hit by well-dressed burglar(NYP)* Suspect wanted in Upper East Side burglary spree(WABC) * Well-Dressed" Burglar Wanted in UES Break-in(NBC) * Alleged iPhone Thief Caught After Registering Phone(NBC) * Man stabbed to death during Inwood bar brawl(NYP)

SI man involved in fatal hit-run shaves off beard, appears before judge(NYP)

Crooks rob deli worker — and film it!(NYP)

No Charges in Killing at Staten Island Engagement Party(NYT) * Grand Jury Does Not Indict S.I. Man's Accused Stabber * Murder charges dropped in Staten Island engagement party NYDN) * Redinel Dervishaj Will Not Be Indicted In S.I. Stabbing(WCBS) * No charges in Staten Island stabbing(fox 5) * Grand jury decides no charges in groom stabbing(WABC) *  No Indictment in Groom Stabbing(NBC)