Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reporters Cover Inside Baseball Not Issues Inportant Issue of Campaigns

The Lazy Reporters Way to Cover A Congressional Campaign Rely on Flacks For Your Copy

Courier Life report Arron Short who is one of the best young political reporters still has a lot to learn about covering campaigns.  What Short did was a he said, she said spin that did not say anything.  Crap coming out of the spinners of Congress Towns and one of his challengers Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries.  Jeffries spokesperson Lupe Todd said, “The Congressman has done a lot of good for the district but we believe that it is time to move this district into a positive and new direction.”  The Towns' spokesperson Al Wiltshire said, that Jeffries’s charges amount to “negative campaigning.”

Short: Beware of the Bad Habits Of New York Reporting
“Now all of a sudden Hakeem is running and Ed is a bad guy?” said Wiltshire. “That’s Jeffries decision to run the way he’s running. Our intention is to run a clean campaign.”  Yes there was a discussion of about how much money each candidate had, but that is irrelevant in the days of supper packs and union campaign teams.  All reporter Short has to do was get away from his deadline and research the lobbyist who are working for the congressional candidates.  George Artz for Jeffries and Hank Sheinkopf for Towns to see the wide reach of both men.  Mr Short how does the information in your article help inform the public about the difference in how the two men would govern.  Mr. Short your better than the gang of clueless reporters out there.

NY's Politicals Consultant Monopoly

Parkside Consultants Lobbyist Can't Lose When They Lose Pathetically

A Few months ago according to news reports the Parkside Group was doing such a bad job on the Weprin Campaign for congress that the national democratic campaign committee tied to removed them. Weprin lost in a 3 to 1 democratic district.  That not the biggest recent failure for Parkside.  The consultants group after getting paid $2.2 million helped lose the senate for the democrats.  

 Queens Machine Protests Parkside
You would think loss after loss would lose them some work.  Not a chance. Queens machine hacks Assemblyman Rory Lancman and Senator Michael Gianaris hired them again.  Lancman for his congressional campaign against Turner nd Gianaris who is head of DSCC, for working for the senate democrats attempt to regain control of the senate in 2012. Getting a shot at redemption * Queens Crap: To whom should the finger of blame point?

Parkside Has Built  A Monopoly Through Their Partnership With the Corrupt Queens Democratic Organization

Mclaughlin Helped Create Parkside, Many of the Groups That Brian Was Convicted for Ripping Off Hired Parkside As A Consultant

Parkside worked for Mclaughlin and the Petrocelli lighting company who Brian was convicted of fixing the city's biding process.  Mclaughlin was also convicted for ripping off his own union that Parkside worked for.  Parkside runs almost ever campaign for the Queens Democratic Organization. * Consultants Parkside Come To Crowley’s Defense After Weprin Defeat. Both Parkside and Crowley have gamed the Election system to make $$$ In Queens, Political Center Is in Surrogate's Court -

Crowley hangs onto power mostly through their operative Parkside and mike Nussbaum Multi Media which is both a political consultant and VP or a lot of Queens Newspapers. Relationships between consultants are not required to be recorded.  So there is no way to tell how big Parkside Monopoly of politics, lobbying and local journalism is in Queens.  A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians.  Most to the state election Parkside runs in Queens are fixed special elections that does not require heavy lifting to win.  In the council races in 2009 Parkside faced matching funds and multi-candidates field.  In those races Parkside lost 5 of the 6 Queens races they ran. 

Organize Crime Politics and Lobbying: Make Money From Government or Connections to Government

Parkside was very deeply involved in the city council slush fund scandal.  Stavisky group was paid a total of $1.7 million by more than 40 clients in 2005, nonprofit receiving member items from the city council. In 2005 in a NYT article Dick Dadey executive director of Citizens Union expressed concern about what he called "a growing problem" of council members being lobbied by firms that serve as political consultants to many of them.   

The 2005 Parkside Slush Fund Coup d'état of NYC's Government

Parkside Group, carved out a dual role in New York politics: as lobbyist for nonprofit groups seeking city money and as a political consultant to a dozen council members, including the speaker and the Finance Committee chairman, who have a major hand in approving budget requests from those same groups. Miller who became so close to Parkside after it helped him win his speaker post asked one of Parkside partners to help him hire a chief of staff. Did Parkside Get Funds from Millers Slush Fund?  In 2004, Miller launched his ill-fated drive to become mayor right from Parkside's offices. Lobbyists' Role in Council Slush Fund Scandal Probed (City Sun 2008) There was an ethics bill floated to stop Parkside and other consultants who lobby, but was never passed by the council.  A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney

The Press Enables Parkside's Corruption

The media protect Parkside who regularly tips off reporters to breaking political stories.  That why then never reported that Evan Stavisky is most probably serving illegally as a district leader in Queens.  Parkside's Evan Stavisky wife is the Democratic leader from Rockland County. 

Today's News

It is Clear That Bloomberg Public Relations Machine is Now Working For Quinn

Selling Quinn For Mayor

Lately Quinn has become focus and more on target for spinning proposals daily just like the mayor.  What is next free crosstown buses like those the bloomberg proposed in his last campaign.

Council Speaker Endorses Parade for Iraq Veterans on Talk Show(NYT)Push for Mandatory Kindergarten Planned(WSJ) * Quinn To Discuss Child Care In State Of The City Speech(NY1)* The race to replace Quinn in the NYC Council is shaping up to be a four-way contest in which all the contenders are gay.* Quinn's education policies "should appeal to parents, a key constituency". [Winnie Hu] * Quinn will also propose a new city program that would offer low-cost loans to cover up to 50 percent of the cost of childcare for families earning between $40,452 and $111,750 annually. * NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn delivered a State of the City speech that was markedly more ambitious than her past addresses.* Quinn Calls For Mandatory Kindergarten In State Of The City Speech(NY1) * Quinn Offers Proposals for Working- and Middle-Class New Yorkers(NY1)


Protest Against Quinn For Letting A Hospital Close

While Quinn is talking about mandatory kindergarten and childcare assistance in City Hall, a group of protesters will be across the street, rallying against a luxury condo development planned on the site of former St. Vincent's Hospital. The Coalition for a New Village Hospital are advocating for a new hospital in place of St. Vincent's, but the protest can also be seen as a potential opening shot in the race to replace Quinn in the 3rd Council district. One of its leaders, Yetta Kurland, a civil rights lawyer and LGBT activist, is rumored to be planning a run for the seat, after losing in a primary against Quinn in 2009.(City and State) * Andrew Cuomo’s plan to take over counties’ Medicaid expenses will lead to even more reduced spending on the health program for the poor.

Silver Pay Off A Support With A Job

‘Silver’ lining (NYP) Shel hands deposed pol ed. post Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver helped former Staten Island Assemblywoman Janelle Hyer-Spencer land a high-paying job at the State Education Department after she lost her re-election in 2010 * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver got former Staten Island Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer an $84,000-a-year legislative liaison job at the state Education Department last fall after she lost her 2010 re-election bid.


Schneiderman’s consent hinged on keeping alive his lawsuit against the banks over their misuse of the electronic mortgage database MERS
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has signaled a willingness to sign on to a $26 billion mortgage settlement between government authorities and the nation’s five largest banks late Wednesday night, after holding out for a more narrow immunity for the banks $26 Billion Deal Is Said to Be Set for Homeowners(NYT) * Push to Avert Foreclosures Hits Court Logjam(NYT) * Banks Near $26 Billion Pact on Foreclosures(WSJ) 
Sources told the New York Post that Schneiderman’s consent hinged on keeping alive his lawsuit against the banks over their misuse of the electronic mortgage database MERS * Finally, a deal! NY AG joins $25B foreclosure settlement(NYP) * According to the NY Post, the banks had vowed not to sign on until Schneiderman withdrew his suit filed last Friday against Wells Fargo, BofA and JPMorgan over their abuse of electronic mortgage database MERS. Sources said Schneiderman’s consent hinged on keeping the suit alive. * Banks are expected to be shielded from some types of litigation by the settlement, although it is unclear what concessions were made to lasso Schneiderman, The Post reports, who had been looking for a way to continue to investigate the major banks. * New York Joins Multi-Billion Dollar Mortgage Lending Settlement(NY1) *Homeowners Get Bulk of the Benefits From Mortgage Plan(NY1)

Ackerman District Moving More To Long Island
L.I. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s district on the chopping block (NYDN) State losing two congressional seats based on Census results  Long Island Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s district will be one of the two congressional districts eliminated this year, as state legislators look to merge her district with that of neighboring Rep. Gary Ackerman * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos acknowledged New York is likely to lose one NYC House seat and another from WNY. Talks are intensifying, but no deals have been reached. Competing House maps from the Senate and Assembly are possible, but not optimal.* Dean Skelos suggested that western New York should also lose a district. * More Shouty Video From The Queens LATFOR Hearing (Update)(YNN) * McEneny On Ackerman vs. McCarthy: ‘First I’ve Heard Of It’(YNN)

NY Will is Facing Stiff Competition For New Jobs From Right To Work State With Lower Taxes and Less Regulations

McMahon:National recovery leaves NY behind (Newsday) E.J. McMahon predicts rougher economic waters ahead for New York, even as the rest of the country appears to be recovering from the collapse. New York's manufacturers dropped another 9,500 jobs in the past two years, counter to the national trend in that sector. Tourism, another New York rebounder, could be hurt by the eurozone slump. Manhattan's trendsetting tech and social media cluster is creating new jobs, but they probably won't pay like the ones Wall Street is losing. * Business as usual(NYP Ed) The Post calls on Cuomo to make the state truly business friendly by reining in exorbitant fees imposed on small businesses by state agencies

What About the Real Heros?

The group that has been pushing since 2001 for a “Choose Life” license plate called the commemorative Giants Super Bowl plate an “outrage.”

At Lest We Are Not Spending $$$ to Extend the #7 Train to the Willets Point Convention Center

$2 Billion of City Funds to Extend the #7 Train to A Torn Down Javits Center

Queens Questions Need for 2 Convention Halls(NYT) *It's a Deal: $1.4 Billion to Extend No. 7 Train to Javits Center- * Cuomo’s casino and convention center plans also scored high marks *City officials have not backed off plans to build a convention center at the redeveloped Willets Point, despite Cuomo’s announcement that another, larger convention center would be cited nearby at the Aqueduct racetrack  * Cuomo's plan to build the country's largest convention center in Queens, six miles from where Bloomberg was going to build one in Willets Point, is ambitious.


Bloomberg Defend Port Authority and Ex Director Chris Ward

Mayor Bloomberg contested the critical Port Authority report ordered by Cuomo and NJ Gov. Chris Christie, saying it’s “easy to play Monday morning quarterback.” * Yesterday’s Port Authority audit has led lawmakers in both New York and New Jersey to call for greater oversight of the agency and for a rollback of their recent toll hikes. * After Audit, Bloomberg Defends Port Authority’s Rush to Build 9/11 Museum And Memorial (NYO) * The Port Authority commissioners declined to explain the methodology of an audit that found massive overspending on the watch of former PA Executive Director Chris Ward.






Will Fresh Direct Deliver On Jobs? 

It was worth sweetening the pot to keep Fresh Direct in town (NYDN Ed) On-line grocer will bring thousands of jobs to the Bronx The News crosses its fingers that Fresh Direct will be able to deliver on his promise of new jobs in the Bronx to justify the $128 million in subsidies and tax breaks its getting from the city and state 



New Yorkers Want to Keep Parking Stickers, Poll Says(NYT)


Grimm backed gas pipeline under Queens park then accepted dollars from industry

House Approves Bill Seeking Construction Of Gas Pipeline Through Brooklyn And Queens (NY1)

Seven months after sponsoring legislation to run a natural gas pipeline under Queens, Rep. Michael Grimm accepted $3,000 in campaign contributions to its backers (NYDN) Rep. Michael Grimm’s campaign contributions draw criticism  


House GOP To Destroy NY Subway Only Raymond Burr Can Stop Them

A Terrible Transportation Bill (WSJ) House Republicans want to starve mass transit while doing even more for Big Oil. The House bill needs revised. If it passes, the Senate must stop it 

School Wars Continue

Successes of Small Schools (NYT)  A study provides sound evidence that New York City students at small, specialized high schools are more likely to graduate than students in large, traditional high schools. * Two Schools Slated for Ax Get Reprieve(WSJ) *DOE Halts Phase-Out Plans For Two Public Middle Schools(NY1)* A New Bronx Charter School Seeks Tough Cases(NYDN) * Panel to vote on closing 18 city schools (WABC)  * Voters disapprove of mayor's handling of schools(WABC) * Cuomo acknowledged the state’s school aid funding formula is unfair, but a true fix is far off in the future. *City Schools Await PEP Vote On Closures(NY1)

Teacher's Aide Case Stuns Parents(WSJ)

Election 2012

Rick raises a $torm(NYP) * A Wealthy Backer Likes the Odds on Santorum(NYT) * Ground Shifts Again for Republicans(WSJ) * Path to a Brokered GOP Convention Emerges (Real Clear Politics) * The 2012 Republican Race: 6 Weeks, 6 Lessons - Susan Page, USA Today * The Anti-Romney Vote - Thomas Sowell, Investor's Business Daily * Santorum Not Going Away Anytime Soon - Walter Shapiro, New Repubic * The Political Transformation of Barack Obama - Jim VandeHei, Politico * Media Blind to Obama's Gaffes - Russ Smith, Splice Today* Republicans Realize They're Helping Obama(NY Magazine) * Romney Struggling to Find Vision to Beat Obama - Josh Kraushaar, NJ * How Romney Can Energize Conservatives - James Pethokoukis, American * Odds Still in Romney's Favor - Peter Wehner, Commentary * Perry to CPAC: "You Don't Have to Settle" - Bridget Johnson, PJ Media

Kelly accuser’s memory of ‘rape’ but not of sex killed her case(NYP) * Let’s put the girl who cried ‘wolf!’ on trial instead(Peyser, NYP) * Greg Kelly going back on air (NYDN) * Greg Kelly to address rape case during return to 'Good Day'(NY1)

Kelly Still Loved
Despite a wave of criticism and scandal, support for NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly remains strong, a new Quinnipiac poll shows' * Majority of NYers support NYPD's terror efforts: poll(NYP)

Bronx Residents Lash Out At NYPD Over Teen's Shooting(NY1) * Kelly orders review after fatal shoot(NYDN) *Kelly Orders Narcotics Training Review In Wake Of Bronx Teen's Death(NY1)

Watch accused NYPD cop killer Lamont Pride's confession(NYP) * Suspect in Officer’s Death Offers Account of Shooting(NYT) * Admits cop slay in video (NYDN)* Exclusive: Accused Cop Killer Speaks(NBC)

Miracle’ shot cop walking(NYP)



Stray bullet hits woman, 81, in apt.(NYP)


Law and Order

City Crime Spike Blamed on Warm Winter(DNAInfo) * F.B.I. Seeks More Abuse Victims at School(NYT) * NYPD seeking thieves who target pedestrians(WSJ) * Far Rock thug faces 25 years for bystander slay (NYDN) * Jail boss faces assault rap (NYDN)* Nab Con Ed guy as fake cop raping hookers (NYDN) * ‘Dating Game’ killer to face rap in 2 slays (NYDN)* Woman, 81, hit by stray bullet(NYDN)* Man killed in B’klyn minivan shoot (NYDN)* Stray Bullet Hits Elderly Woman(Fox 5)* Bullet Pierces Living Room Window, Hits Woman(NBC)* Teen dad facing murder charges in death of 6-week-old daughter: sources(NYP)Victim Of Taped Police Beating Speaks Out As Lawyers Urge State Probe(NY1) * Woman Charged With 1987 Baby Kidnapping to Plead Guilty(NY1)