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An FBI is Investigation Indicates the BOE is the Biggest Fixer Of Politiics in the City

Breaking: Fidler Lost to Storobin
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GOP Storobin Replaces Kruger

New State Senator Wins Upset Victory Over Once Powerful Pol Back by A Once Powerful Thomas Jefferson Club

Minority Senior Woman Former BOE Manager, Set Up,  Forced Out, By White Controlled Queens GOP 
Feds probe Qns. GOP ‘consultants (NYP) The FBI is investigating the Queens Republican Party, its consultants and at least three people it recommended to the city Board of Elections, according to sources recently quizzed by federal agents.  The probe appears to be focused on how board employees may have used their official positions to further their careers as political consultants, as well as their party’s ambitions in local primary elections.  Board employees are recommended by both political parties in each of the five boroughs and are hired by board commissioners.  The names of at least three employees recommended by the Queens GOP — including Stephen Graves, whom the board suspended in April after being caught on tape soliciting cash from a company seeking a contract — came up in questions posed by the FBI, the sources said.  One source said Queens GOP Chairman Philip Ragusa and Executive Vice Chairman Vincent Tabone pushed a board official out of her job for not taking a rival, Myrna Littlewort, off the ballot during a state committee leadership race.  The official, Katherine James, the board’s former deputy chief clerk, said, “They wanted Myrna off the ballot, and there was no way I could do that fair and square.”  The federal probe stems from reports in The Post detailing politicians’ complaints that Queens GOP consultants tried milking them for cash, according to two sources interviewed by the feds.

BOE Consultants, Inc

The Queens GOP Conspiracy to Ice Katherine James Exposes A Network of Consultants Under FBI Investigations Who Use the BOE to Run Their Businesses and Control Politics

A small Board of Elections mailing was a brilliant and simple plan setup and disgrace former Deputy Chief Clerk Katherine James by the Queens GOP leadership and some of their board's employees. The cabal went to the press and accused James who they already push out, of soliciting campaign contributions for her own ‘retirement party, criminally using BOE resources.  
In reality their entrapment plan is all about jobs at the BOE and what the FBI is investigating, the use of party workers at the board to further their and their associates consultant careers.  James was appointed to her job in the Serf Maltese era of the party and is loyal to the Tom Ognibene and Haggerty faction, which has been battling the current leadership of the Queens GOP for years.  James did not want to go and is talking about a lawsuit.

FBI is Looking At BOE Employees Running Consultant Businesses
Robert Hornak the Queens GOP Executive Director gained a lot from the removal of James by the Queens Party GOP Chairman Philip Ragusa and his VP Vincent Tabone who works for mayoral possibility John Catsimatidis.  Hornak who had been functioning as a temp board worker ($11.85 Hour) got GOP loyalist Marie Lynch budget line at $90,000 a year but not her job title.  Lynch who has been the BOE's Director of Machines got James' job and a $30,000 raise.  Hornak knew about the mailing for James retirement party fund raiser.  He told the blog City and State who it was mailed to.  Queens Politics reported that James did not even know about the party, that it was a surprise to her.  Those who set James up never though the blogs would report and investigate the James retirement scam. They were used to bullying without press attention.  Thanks to blog sunlight, it is now very clear that James who left the board in February would never send out an invitation in April with the BOE address on the return envelope.  
BOE Gaming NY's Political System

The Queens GOP Does Not Only Use the BOE for Jobs, It A Business Opportunity That the Less Than 1% Control of All Politics in New York

The NYP Reported Sunday the FBI is probing the BOE on how board employees used their official positions to further their careers and their friends Careers as political consultants. One of the employees that the feds are probing is Qns. GOP ‘consultants Stephen Grave whose offices at the board were raided by the FBI over two years ago.  
Grave's State Committee campaign in the 25AD was paid for by the Ragusa led Queens GOP and run by Jay Golub's GSP consultants. Stephen Graves was recently forced out from the board after it became public that he was caught a couple of years ago on tape by the FBI soliciting a “finder’s fee” from a voting machine contractor in exchange for recommending a particular lobbyist who could deliver the new voting machines to that contracter. Grave was the HAVA director for the BOE and was part of the approval process for the new machines.  To date the consultant Grave's was pushing for an unknown lobbyist consultant to be paid a million and a half dollar bribe, but it is interesting to know that as director of machines for the BOE Lynch was responsible for testing the machines submitted by the different venders.  Hornak who is a consultant like the fired Graves was recently appointed as the BOE director of purchasing has a history of working for GSP.   In Victory Bobb Special Election race for city council in which GSP was paid $14,000, Bobb was knocked off the ballot because Hornak failed to file his acceptance form for ballot access with the board.  Hornak runs Lexington Public Affairs a campaign consultant out of his apartment.  Lexington in addition to working for GSP has reported to have earned over 40,000 on the State's BOE website. 
Another Queens GOP appointee and GSP, BOE connect is BOE board staff analysis John Bougiamas.  Bougiamas has already been punish by the board for using their phones and computers to run his consultant company 360 consultants. Bougiamas has designed the GSP website and has designed site for some of their candidates.  Today Bougiamas runs 360 on a computer he take to work and his private cell phone.

The FBI Investigation of the BOE will Not Stop with Consultants Who Only Work For the GOP 
The Peter Koo 2009 campaign for city council proved that political consultants from different parties at time work together for the same candidate.  Both GSP's Jay Golub and Newspaper VP/ political consultant Michael Nussbaub work together for GOP candidate Peter Koo.  In 2010 they both again worked together again this time for democrat Issac Sasson.  This year Golub is helping Nussbaum candidate for congress Grace Meng by spitting the Jewish vote.  First representing Jeff Gottlieb.  Then representing Robbert Mittman when Gottlieb was exposed as an arsonist.  We already Know about GSP working connections to Board employees.  It is not a far step to assume that Nussbaum and his newspaper who is attached at the hip with the Queens Democrat Party also has a stable of board employees who help him with his consultant business. The buzz is that Nussbaum candidates are regularly helped by the illegal hookup of the BOE registration data base to Queens democrats headquarters on Austin Street. It also will be interesting to see which consultant are caught by the FBI trying to fix the ballot position for Queens machine candidate Rubin Wills in 2010. If the FBI wants to criminally prosecute consultants who have benefit by their relationship with the BOE why not go after elected offices owe their elected position to fixes by the BOE. 

Election 2012  Ackerman Endorses Assemblywoman to Succeed Him(NYP) Retiring Rep Ackerman says he's backing Meng bc she's not "flashy" or "self-promoting." Thinly-veiled slap to Lancman.Ackerman says Meng has the “ability to bring people together.” Assemblyman Rory Lancman, is set to receive the endorsement of former Public Advocate Mark Green at noon – with their press conference expected to focus on campaign finance reform issues. Green, who has been somewhat out of the spotlight since a 2009 run for his old job, has been busy lately, recently endorsing Manhattan borough president candidate Julie Meninthink Ackerman & will talk abt controversial ads that run in the nwspaper he founded The NYT David Chen did not ask despite the fact that a NYT op ed called the Village Voice sex ads Where Pim * John Bolton Endorses Wendy Long For U.S. Senate(NYO) * Wendy Long Campaign Shakeup(NYO)

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If Your Going After the Senate #2 and the Westchester Mob Make Sure Your Really Clean
Uh-oh. JCOPE Chair/West Co DA DiFiore in ethics snafu, accused of pulling strings to get housekeeper public assistance. Improperly 'got her maid welfare'  Janet DiFiore, the Westchester County District Attorney, may have inappropriately helped get her housekeeper approved for federal welfare benefits that the housekeeper wasn’t even eligible for,after she was rejected three times for inconsistencies in her application.  The Investigation was done over a year ago before she became JCOPE chair.  Wonder which pol restarted the housekeeper investigation? *** Update   Westchester DA says helping former housekeeper get welfare benefits was NOT wrong. Calls leaks to the contrary a political smear.

Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s re-trial on federal corruption charges is scheduled to start on Feb. 4. * U.S. District Judge Gary Sharpe, who presided over Bruno’s first trial, imposed a gag order on the lawyers, saying: “This case is going to get tried in the courtroom, not the press. Same rules as last time.”


Early On Cuomo Told Us He Was A Battleship
Shifty Shel’s Andy pander(NYP) Fred Dicker notes Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s praising appraisal of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and says Silver is waving the flag of political obedience. (NYP) * Bloomberg: “Shelly Silver’s a principled guy.”

NYP Defends the Internet First Amendment Rights Against the Albany GOP
Strangling the Web(NYP) Memo to Albany Republicans: All things being equal, the First Amendment covers anonymous speech — and it applies to the Internet, too. Albany Republicans’ push for a law curtailing anonymous comments posted online, including criticism of state lawmakers, is an assault on free speech

NYP Says the Taxi Union Has A Lot of Power
The Post & the Times agree on, it's opposing taxi fare hikes: Hailing a monopoly(NYP Ed)Under a proposal by the New York Taxi Workers Alliance — the cabdrivers union — the price of an average three-mile, evening rush-hour trip would increase by 15 to 20 percent.The Post blasts a proposal for a “whopping” fare hike for New York City taxis, saying the taxi drivers’ union behind it shouldn’t even exist and that the over-regulated system makes for a “warped” market NYT also opposes Taxi fare hikes New York Times

New York City is launching a map of parking availability.

 The Rent is 2 Damn High
Plot Twists: The Drama of Rising Rent(WSJ) The plot is taking a dire turn for many small theaters in New York which are having trouble keeping their homes because landlords are finding it more lucrative to convert buildings into stores, apartments or other commercial uses. * New real estate boom in LIC(NYDN)

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 Paper Crooks & All That Trash
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The Making of A President 2012 
BREAKING: Romney clinches Republican presidential nomination with Texas primary win
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Hope: The Sequel (NY Mag) For Obama & Co., this time around it’s all about fear. * The Obama campaign is slamming Mitt Romney for declining to denounce Donald Trump’s birtherism.* Said Romney: “You know I don’t agree with all the people who support me and my guess is they don’t all agree with everything I believe in. But I need to get 50.1 percent or more and I”m appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people.” * Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Ending Early in Some Battleground States(NY Mag) * Asked how he would introduce himself to voters, Mitt Romney said, “ I’m just a kid that wants to make a difference for America.” *Mitt Romney doesn’t have much chance of winning his home state of Michigan this November. * Wolf Blitzer called Donald Trump “ridiculous” on national TV. * Stop Letting Mitt Romney Off Easy - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * Mitt's Keynesian Slip: Not The First Time - Alec MacGillis, New Republic * With Obama, What Is Real and What Is Not? - Victor Davis Hanson, NRO *  Democrats Cheer Romney's Trump Embrace - Zeke Miller, BuzzFeed * Mitt's Massachusetts Failure - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast * Does Obama Really Believe His Own BS? - Mickey Kaus, The Daily Caller * Videos: Romney Ad | Obama Ad | Michelle Obama | Limbaugh | King










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Law and Order