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Campaign 2013 A City Divided

Why is Sexual Trafficking A Local Media Fight Only Azi?

local media fight: Queens Chronicle hits Queens Tribune for publishing adult ads.

A Local Media Fight Uncovers A Failure in Journalism
The Queens Chronicle in an excellent and comprehensive story is not only attacking the Tribune it is asking the media why this story and all it connections are not being investigated and debated by the news media, politicians and women's civil right groups all over town.

The Old Media Does Not Attack One of Their Own Especially When Their Are Politically Connected
Congressman Nadler and Maloney both demand that the Village Voice shut down their sexual ads but have said nothing about the Queens Tribune.  The media has also reported on the protests against the Village Voices sex ads.  Financers and Sex Trafficking -   Why has the Queens Tribune newspaper escaped from the same demands and protests to remove their sex ads?  Could it be the political and business ties the newspaper has to the Queens Democratic Machine.True News: A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians  It has been reported on the blogs but not the old media that Michael Nussbaum the VP and an owner of the Tribune is working in machine backed Grace Meng's campaign for congress.  Nussbaum a long time political consultant is in the muck of the corruption in Queens that has witnessed several of their elected go to jail in recent times.

Quinn's Sex Ads Protest Hypocrisy
Council Speaker Queen who is looking for the Queens Democrats Backing in her 2013 race for mayor is only blasting the Village Voice Sex ads.  "Village Voice Media needs to do all it can, immediately, to stop facilitating the crime of sex trafficking, which is why we’re calling on them to stop accepting adult advertisements on their website," said Council Speaker Christine Quinn in a statement.  It clear that Quinn is not attacking the Queens Tribune because of politics.  It seems to be the reason why the political connect women's groups have also not the the ads be stop and congressional candidate Meng fire her aid Nussbaum. In her NY1 Inside City Hall interview Meng was never asked about the sex ads. NY1 Online: Meng Makes Her Case For Congress. You would think a journalist would be interested with a newspaper owners involvement with sex ads working to elect a congresswoman

Campaign 2012 
The Harlem/Bronx Growing Black Latino Divide
Rangel and his Campaign Manager Bill Lynch who have built their political and lobbying careers inside the city's racial divide now find themselves in a Latino/Black divide      Latino Support for Rangel’s Opponent(NYT) * Adolfo Carrion Backs State Senator Espaillat's Congressional Bid(NY1) * Bill Clinton will not be endorsing Charlie Rangel for re-election. *Council minimizes Hispanic Role El Diario La Prensa(Perez Notes) The decision by the City Council to include only one Hispanic on the redistricting commission has raised eyebrows among Latino leaders.  

My prayers go out to CM Halloran during this very difficult time.  Health and family come first. Speedy and successful recovery. *   Best wishes for a speedy recovery to my friend Council Member
 Halloran To Take Temporary Step Away From City Council Seat  *  Ray Kelly’s letter to Christine Quinn allows the speaker “an opportunity to claim higher ground in the debate over a police practice that has become an early flash point in the race,” writes The New York Times.* Williams Thanks Clinton For Staying Out Of Rangel Race(NYO) * Gillibrand For Clarke(YNN) * Despite Challenges, Mittman Makes Ballot (Queens Tribune)  *Claire Shulman Robos for Meng(NYO) * The US Justice Department gave preclearance to the Assembly’s redistricting plan. * Asked about his support from an anti-incumbent Super PAC, Sen. Adriano Espaillat said: ”I’m not going to say no.” * Congressional hopeful/NYC Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley needed some prompting from Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch when asked for her position on stop-and-frisk. * Liz Crowley Positions Herself as Queens' Blue-Collar Congressional Candidate(WNYC)El Barrio Comes Out For Rangel, Who Knocks Espaillat Over SuperPAC Support(NYO)  City Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito, State Senator Jose Serrano and Assembly member Robert Rodriguez (who, it should be noted, already endorsed the Congressman.) * Dan Halloran to Undergo Surgery to Remove Tumor(NRO) * Lincoln Restler VS Chris Olechowski, September 2012(Hasidic Politics) * “Who is Dr. Robert Mittman?”  * Tom Allon defended stop-and-frisks. * Christine Quinn will be attending an anti-stop-and-frisk march next month. 

Mayor Election 2013 A City Divide 

A Tail of Two Cities: Crime Fighting vs. Stop-and-Frisk
City 1. Police commissioner Ray Kelly unveiled a new policy designed to dramatically curb the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” encounters, but critics said the measures lacked impact
Kelly Reacts After Stop-and-Frisk Ruling(NYT) * Kelly Shifts on Stop and Frisk(NYT) The NYPD outlined Thursday a series of changes in the department's stop-and-frisk policies, marking what critics say is a retreat for the mayor and police commissioner who have staunchly defended crime-stopping tactics. * Kelly: NYPD Will Retrain Officers In Stop-And-Frisk Policy(NY1) * NYPD to reform stop-and-frisk(NYDN) * Ray: Stop & think(NYP) * NYC On Pace For Record Low Murder Rate (NY1)

City 2. Daily News Says 2013 Dem candidates 4 NYC mayor "have no sense of the horrendous damage their policy prescriptions would wreak". . .   NYP Says "if they do manage to weaken [], the blood of new crime victims will be on their hands."

A Tail of Two Cities:Bloomberg Education Policy vs. Opposing Mayor's Reforms

Team1 UFT.  New Coalition to Challenge Bloomberg’s Education Policies(NYT) The group is planning an ambitious effort to support mayoral candidates who pledge to reverse some of the mayor’s more contentious policies. New coalition of unions, community leaders wants voice in mayoral race (NYDN) New Yorkers for Great Public Schools asking candidates to oppose Bloomberg reforms. A new coalition has been formed as a counterweight to Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirstNY, and is designed to support mayoral candidates who oppose Mayor Bloomberg’s education policies.

Team2 Bloomberg.  City Plans to Offer Buyouts to Idled Teachers (NYT) Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said the DOE would offer buyouts to “mediocre” teachers who are drawing full salaries but aren’t employed at any school* Teacher Pool Targeted(WSJ) * Walcott Announces Buyout Program For City Teachers Without Permanent Positions(NY1) * Chancellor Dennis Walcott talks tough on poor-performing(NYDN)
* The Bloomberg administration is abandoning efforts to lay-off teachers who aren’t working but have been shielded thanks to union laws, and are now trying to buy them out. 


Queens Boss Punishment to His Cousin of No Petitions Help Is Ridiculous CYA Move

Sources: Crowley Family Feud To Result In Retribution(City and State)


Last Sunday True News Asked Why Democratic Party Has Not Asked Speaker Quinn Who Endorsed Their Congressional Candidate to Punish Elizabeth Crowley for Running Against Their Candidate

Where Was No Attempt Made to Stop Elizabeth Crowley From Running for Congress? (Sunday True News)
As the Meng campaign works to remove Juan Sheng from the ballot and Rory Lancman works to remove Robert Mittman, why is Councilwoman Crowley getting no pressure to stop her from running.  It is very curious that Speaker Quinn who has endorsed Meng did not threaten to cut Crowley's member items when she opposed her cousin Joe and decided to run against the Queens organization.   Quinn slashed Vallone annual discretionary funding -- a move widely seen as punishment for his vehement opposition to renaming the Queensboro Bridge in honor of the former mayor.  

After all Nassbaum who is involved in Meng campaign tried to find a Jewish candidate to split Lancman votes in that community. Where is Crowley's Punishment? Or is Quinn in on the conspiracy to soak up ethic votes that would not go for an Asian candidate. Is Quinn non response to Elizabeth Crowley part of a deal to get the Queens Democrat Machine support for her for mayor?  * 2012An open message to Elizabeth Crowley: The Citizens Will Reject The Politics of Lies and Deception (Queens Politics)

NYPD, PBA At Odds Over Ticket Issuing(NY1)


Closing Espada's Soundview Healthcare Center
‘Clinically’ dead in Bx.(NYP) The state Department of Health yesterday moved to close financially crippled Soundview Healthcare Network — whose founder, Pedro Espada Jr., was convicted Monday of looting the Bronx nonprofit’s coffers of nearly $500,000.“*The state Health Department is moving to close Soundview in the wake of former Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.’s conviction on theft charges this week.*Does State Capital Isolation Boost Corruption?(NYDN)

State ethics watchdog off to a slow start (NYDN Ed) Panel took 10 weeks to launch inquiry on Binghamton state Sen. Thomas Libous. Democrat John Orzel, who lost a challenge to Sen. Tom Libous two years ago, would like another shot at unseating the GOP lawmaker.* The DN deems JCOPE’s nascent investigation of Libous – its first known probe of a state lawmaker – “distressingly wobbly.”

Fingerprint Albany Pols More Crime Going On With Them
Cuomo Pushing City to End Food-Stamp Fingerprinting(NYT) * Food Stamps Are Not a Crime(NYT Ed) Cuomo finally proposed the regulations that would end unnecessary fingerprinting of people who apply for food aid in New York State. The New York Times argues Gov. Andrew Cuomo should go further than just ending fingerprinting for food stamp recipients and end the practice for all people receiving public assistance* State Loosens Welfare Rules(WSJ) * Governor Cuomo Ends Fingerprinting For Food Stamp Recipients(NY1) * Andrew Cuomo stepped into a major dispute between Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council by seeking to end the city’s practice of requiring finger printing for food stamps.The governor’s decision to end NYC’s fingerprinting for foodstamps policy takes effect in 45 days. “Poverty and hunger are not crimes,” said Cuomo. “So we shouldn’t treat the poor or the hungry as criminals.” The state still requires fingerprints from applicants for welfare, a practice started by Cuomo’s father, Mario Cuomo, when he was governor.


City and State Loser of the Week
Lew Fidler/David Storobin- How is it possible for both people in a Senate race to lose? Answer: Wacky Brooklyn special election between David Storobin and Lew Fidler. We learned this week that the recount between the two will go so long that neither will assume office during the legislative session. And neither the Senate Republicans nor Senate Democrats want Storobin or Fidler, respectively, to run in the new “Super Jewish” district this fall. The two sides are redefining attrition warfare, and the biggest losers are their prospective constituents, the people who will have been without representation in the Senate since Carl Kruger’s plea deal last December.  City and State Winners and Losers of the week

The Mayor Expect to Back Quinn Calls the Body She Runs idiots 

Why this judge is a stoner(NYDN)

New ethics rules may force members of the Committee to Save New York to reveal themselves * JCOPE is developing agency rules that could end up forcing the Committee to Save NY to name at least some of its donors.* The big, bad Committee to Save NY (CrainNY)
* Sen. Kevin Parker said it would be a “step up” for his Democratic conference if Cuomo is simply “not involved” instead of actively opposing issues they deem important.

Report Details Medicaid Overpayments to New York State(NYT) The federal government paid New York State $700 million more in 2009 than the state needed to care for residents with developmental disabilities who lived in its institutions, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Backdoor State Pay Increase
State workers share $138M in longevity increases (TU) Bump helps to take the sting from freeze on annual raises. State employees may not be getting contractual raises for the next few years, but during the last few weeks thousands have started getting a piece of the $138 million the state is giving out as longevity increases.

SAT make-up test in Brooklyn postponed(WABC)

The Times-Union argues scandal-plagued New York Racing Association’s internal promotion of its under-qualified Chief Operating Officer to head the group is evidence of critically bad judgment: 

Pension Costs In NY Could Jump 40 Percent (Lo Hud)

NYC Unemployment Rate 9.5 percent, down from 9.7 percent in March, but still well above the national rate of 8.1 percent
City's Jobless Rate Dips After Steady Rise(NYT) New hiring helped reduce the unemployment rate, with improvements in the construction and tourism fields. * The Big Apple’s Rotten to Business Says New Report (WOR)

NY1 Online: Brooklyn District Attorney Hynes Responds to Recent Criticism * Ultra-orthodox Jews have sold out Citi Field on Sunday for a rally warning about the dangers of the Internet. * Brooklyn D.A. Continues Push Back on His Handling of Sex Abuse Cases (NYO)* Brooklyn DA Hynes Does Damage Control Over Orthodox Sex Scandal(Village Voice) * State Lawmakers Work To Update Child Porn Laws(NY1) * Brooklyn Prosecutor Hynes to Target Intimidation in Abuse Cases (NY1) * Brooklyn Prosecutor to Target Intimidation in Ultra-Orthodox Abuse Cases(NYT)

Queens Week: Hunters Point Gets High-Rises But Still Lacks Some Amenities(NY1)


Lawmaker calls for Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri’s ouster Queens leaders say LiMandri has done little to cur b notorious developer(NYDN) Queens leaders say LiMandri has done little to curb notorious developer





9/11 families upset over ground zero museum delays(WSJ)





A Reprieve for Performers in Washington Square Park(NYT)


Unusual Tactic in Graffiti War(WSJ) NYC forced the temporary closure of a Harlem hardware store earlier this month for selling spray paint to minors in what is believed to be the first time the city has used that power in its long-running fight against graffiti.

Magnate Steps Into 2012 Campaign Fray on Wild Pitch(NYT) * Florida Steps Up Effort Against Illegal Voters(NYT) * Racial Politics, 2012-Style(NYT Ed) Using “super PAC” rules, a billionaire perpetuates a discredited anti-Obama campaign focused on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. * Romney uses clock to remind voters of debt (NBC) * Chase CEO will face Congress (NYDN) *Half of US thinks Mitt’s swell: poll(NYP) Mitt Romney has 50 percent approval rating in latest Gallup poll  * Romney distances himself from racially fueled proposal to attack Obama (Wash Post) * Mitt Romney told Floridians that he considered moving there. * Herman Cain said that Jeremiah Wright is “fair game.“*Mitt Romney’s newest TV ad outlines what he would do on “Day One.” *Karl Rove says he would be “sleeping better than I am now” if Hillary Clinton were president.* WATCH: Romney's first general election TV ad promises tax cuts, oil pipeline(NYP) * Sarah Jessica Parker to host Obama fundraiser at her NY home(NYP)


Chef Marcus gives ex-cons a recipe for success(NYDN * FreshDirect set to deliver to all ZIP codes in the Bronx (NYDN) EXCLUSIVE: Online grocer will also announce it will accept food stamps  *  Food delivery service Fresh Direct, which is receiving $82 million from the Bloomberg Administration for its move to the Bronx from Queens, announced it will become the first online food delivery service to accept food stamps as payment

Man Arraigned In Attempted Murder Of NYPD Officer(NY1)


Using phony SS card not a bar to citizenship(NYDN) * Sinner Gioeli is feeling blessed(NYDN)* Teens charged in guard beat (NYDN)

* S.I. man arraigned on charges of raping young girls in foster (NYDN) * EXCLUSIVE: Quick-Thinking Mom Helps Catch Man Who Allegedly Groped Daughter (WCBS) Justine Manser Snapped Pics Of Suspect After Incident Involving 10-Year-Old * Cop-stab defense ‘insane’(NYP) * Home Invasion Puts Staten Island Neighborhood on Alert(NBC)* Court storm-out(NYP) * Cop runs afoul of law(NYP)Busted in fracas at Mets game* Suspects in 89-year-old's murder caught on tape(WABC)

Ray hits FBI over terror info snub (NYDN)