Thursday, May 3, 2012

True News Update 24/7

bBreaking Espada Trial Judge Tells Jurors To Resume Deliberations(NY1) * Judge urges Espada jury to work together after panel reveals holdout refuses to deliberate
Judge Block "Nobody said this was going to be easy"

  Depending on what he hears, Judge Block has two likely options in the Espada Trial: He He can allow the juror to remain on the panel, reminding the holdout and everyone else that they have a sworn duty to deliberate the evidence and charges against the Espadas. * Or, if Block finds that the juror is adamantly refusing to consider evidence, he could boot the juror and have the remaining 11 jurors continue deliberating.  At Espada Trial, Jurors’ Notes Hint at Clash in Deliberations(NYT)* Pedro trial juror hanging things up(NYP) * Juror Refuses To Deliberate, Espada Trial Temporarily Comes(WCBS)

Espada Blames Cuomo For $$$ Problems at His Health Clinic
Espada earlier yesterday blamed Gov. Cuomo for Soundview’s current dire financial state. “He’s got no moral compass, Mr. Cuomo does!” Espada sputtered, accusing Cuomo and the state Health Department of ordering health-maintenance organizations not to reimburse Soundview for Medicaid-covered treatment of poor Bronx residents, even as a state court mandates they do so. NY1 Exclusive: Employees Claim Espada's Health Clinic Does Not Provide Routine ServicesEspada's Clinic Is Scaling Back(WSJ* Ex-State Sen. Pedro Espada's sick Medicaid rant (NYDN) * Soundview empty as Espada embezzlement trial continues(WABC) * Note Indicates Clashes Among Jurors in Espada Corruption Trial(WNYC)

Bloomberg Makes A City Scandal A Hero of the Budget At Tries by Adding Teachers to Build An Education Legacy

City Budge Will Use CityTime Scandal Settlement $$$ to Balance  Social Service Advocates oppose the mayor and want to use the CityTime settlement money to prevent cuts caused by a fall in Wall Street Tax Revenue. Nobody seem to be worried that not city employee has been indicted for the largest corruption scandal in the city's history.  Bloomberg’s executive budget will include an increase in the number of city school teachers for the first time since 2008
CityTime cash to fill budget gap(NYDN) *Mayor says CityTime cash should plug budget(CrainsNY) * City to Add Teachers Next Year(WSJ) * Mayor to unveil NYC budget proposal(WSJ) * Day Care Programs Among Expected Cuts In Mayor's New Budget(NY1) * $1 million in NYC budget for fix at Staten Island's Willowbrook(SI Advance)* Mayor Bloomberg’s budget would increase the number of teachers in the city * Council members briefed on mayor's budget say the budget hurts children and youth. They pledge to fight. * Business Approves Of Bloomberg’s Budget; Would-Be Mayors Not So Much(NYO) * Mayor Cites Strong Private Sector In Executive Budget Address(NY1) * Are Bloomberg’s cuts to children’s services contributing to “a national crisis?”  * Budget watchdogs are worried by Mayor Bloomberg’s reliance on $3.8 billion worth of one-shots in his 2013 budget.  * The mayor calls for spending more on education and hiring new teachers, but also slashes aid to after-school programs.* Bloomberg Budget Calls for More Teachers This Fall, Not Less(NYT)

Alec Baldwin on Christine Quinn: This is a woman who stormed out of an event yesterday after lecturing a group of students who were jeering Bloomberg on the merits of democracy. Yet she single handedly worked with Bloomberg to overturn the term limits for her own personal gain. Everyone in this town knows what Bloomberg said. He said, “If you do this for me I’m going to give you my rolodex. I’m going to raise a shit bag of money for you.”


40 Years Later Kelly is No Biaggi

City GOP Seeking Mayoral Candidates(WSJ) New York City Republican leaders are aggressively courting two men as potential mayoral candidates for 2013: Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis. *  G.O.P. Leaders in City Seek Candidate for Mayor(NYT)

During the 1973 mayoral campaign it was leaked that Biaggi had invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege to avoid testifying before a grand jury some years prior. In light of this scandal, Biaggi withdrew from the Democratic primary. The Conservative Party also accepted his withdrawal, and nominated State Senator John Marchi.


Election 2012  Potential Mayoral Rivals Promote Bill For Late-Term Abortion Rights(NY1) * NY1 Online: City Councilwoman Crowley Makes Her Case for Congress * Avella pushing for English on store signs(Queens Crap) * Catsimatidis "in bullpen" for NYC mayoral run, says Allon not ready for job, suggests he run for Manhattan BP instead.(NYT) * Eva Moskowitz is mulling a run for mayor as a Democrat.* The Perez Notes dug into Gustavo Rivera’s reported primary challenger.* Manny Tavarez, who is challenging Sen. Gustavo Rivera in a Democratic primary, says he’s “100 percent” behind Rep. Charlie Rangel. Rivera is backing Rangel rival Sen. Adriano Espaillat.*
 New York City didn’t get any education pork despite having two GOP senators, and a Democratic challenger to Sen. Marty Golden went on the attack. (C&S) * Council appnts on redistricting commission = JamilaBragg, LindaLin, JohnRobert, RoxannePersaud, RobHart, KamilahHanks, Ognibene & MarcWurzel * NYC Council Taps Commissioners For 2013 Redistricting(C&S) * Flushing Rep just hired an Asian speaker…for the first time in twelve years(Queens Politics) * Council candidate Corey Johnson is already lobbing attacks at his opponent, Bray Hoylman.* Charles Barron is taking a kindler, gentler approach towards his congressional run. * Eva mulls run for mayor (NYP) * Congresswoman Won’t Give Up Election Without Fight, Broken Leg and All(NYT) * Charlie Rangel is using a walker.* Redistricting moves to the NYC Council.

BREAKING: Court of Appeals upholds addition of 63rd seat to the NY Senate 
Court notes lack of specificity in Constitution; Legislature "must be accorded a measure of discretion in these matters."* Court Of Appeals: 63rd Senate Seat Constitutional(YNN) * The New York state Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of a 63rd Senate seat(Legislative Gazette) * Skelos on 63rd seat: "It was the Senate Dems who wrongly dragged us into court & wasted taxpayer $$$ pursuing this matter" * NY court of Appeals: "not our task to address the wisdom of the methods employed by the Legislature"
* NY's highest court upheld a Republican-driven redistricting plan that adds a new, 63rd State Senate seat. (Newsday)



Lew Fidler and David Storobin Race for Nothing Continues at the BOE

Lew Fidler Surges to 87 Vote Lead as Fraud Lawsuit Looms in Court(NYO) The Judge has yet to rule on over 100 absentee ballots collect by the Storobin Team. Fraud lawsuit still holds up 119 votes. Hand recount likely. Eventually.



WFP Scandal Investigation

Hakeem Jeffries and Nydia Velázquez aren’t worried about the renewed WFP investigation, while Rory Lancman declined to comment.





Local Newspaper Says Quinn Knew Campaign Connection with Sex Ads

Meng knew firm’s ties to adult ads (Queens Chronicle)  Meng on Thursday criticized Congressional Republicans for playing politics as she too called for passage of the VAWA extension, which provides funding for services to women who are victims of crimes ranging from domestic abuse to sex trafficking. But Meng’s campaign also has hired political consulting and printing firm Multi-Media, which has some of the same management as the Queens Tribune, the paper that runs the advertisements Jawin attacked as promoting adult services. * Queens Chronicle inspects Queens Tribune for conflicts (capital) * Grace Meng got endorsement of "Akhon Samoy , a Bengali language newspaper published weekly in Queens."

On May 3 the Meng Reported in Queens Chronicle

“Multi-Media has not been paid by my campaign for consulting,” Meng said. “They do our printing. I’ve spoken to Michael about the ads, and I will be glad to talk to him again.”

On March 25 Meng's Campaign Reported in City and State

Multi-Media, Strategist and Consultant; Michael Nussbaum, executive vice president and associate publisher of the Queens Tribune, is the principle at Multi-Meida. The Tribune was founded by Congressman Ackerman back in 1970.


NYP Says Liu is Attacking the Mayor's Taxi Plan to Take the Public's Mind Off of His Corruption Problems

The Post – surprise! – says Comptroller John Liu is deluded if he thinks he can block Mayor Bloomberg’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” plan, and if thinks he can still run for mayor Comptroller Signals Stop on Taxi Deal(WSJ) * Comptroller Liu Could Put The Brakes On The "Taxi Of Tomorrow"(NY1) * Liu’s latest Lulu(NYP Ed)* A Liu Liu! Controller THINKS he can KO cab plan (NYDN) Contoller John Liu vows to block 'Taxi of Tomorrow' project, but doesn't have power to do so (NYDN Ed)  Law Dept. says Liu would be overstepping his bounds if he tries to quash Nissan contract *  John Liu Pledges To Reject Bloomberg's 'Cathie Black Of Taxis'(Huff Post) * Comptroller to reject taxi contract. But can he?(CrainsNY)

"Critics say Cuomo engineered the equivalent of a super PAC himself in the Committee to Save NY"

Critics Attack Influence of the Committee to Save New York(Gotham Gazette) Behind the television campaigns the Committee to Save New York has generated a great deal of criticism from good government advocacy groups and political opponents who say the committee exists to promote corporate interests by backing the Governor’s spending cuts and anti-tax initiatives. * Cuomo raised est $450K in Buffalo last nite. Thought to be highest take ever at WNY event for gubernatorial campaign.(BN) * Cuomo was protested at his $5,000-a-head fundraiser in Buffalo. He did not speak to reporters outside the hotel where the event was held. 

Is the Queens DA Breaking the Law?

Subverting the Miranda Rule(NYT Ed) Judge condemns Queens DA policy of interrogations before lawyer assigned at arraignment. * Queens is having juror problems.



Council Terrorist Hired Fired ReHired and Fired

'Terrorist’ Aide Gets His City Council Job Back (NYO) *  Quinn advised Rodriguez on re-hiring of “terrorist” aide (C&S) * Peter Vallone Says David Segal Should ‘Beg Forgiveness’ Before Getting His Job Back(NYO)* The so-called “terrorist” NYC Council staffer, David Segal, was re-hired Councilman Ydanis Rodriquez back – perhaps thanks to Quinn – and then fired again less than six hours later.* Rodriguez: “I let him know that his service was no longer needed in my office. And I had to as the rights that I have as a Council member to hire or to let anyone of my staff leave.”

Bronx state Senator Ruben Diaz refuses to apologize for comparing abortion to the Holocaust (NY Metro)

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says there’s little connection between job growth and the $500 million in tax breaks handed out by industrial development agencies operating statewide,(AP)

Meanwhile Back at the Ratner Corruption Trial Guilty Councilwoman Still Says She is Innocent
A month after her conviction on public corruption charges, former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi is still stunned by the jury’s verdict, and still maintaining her innocence.  Annabi’s new attorney plans to seek a new trial.* Nets' Brooklyn parking plan hits the skids (NYP)

4 Test Questions Throw Out Within A Month
State Officials Throw Out Another Pearson Test Question(NYT) * Teachers’ work shirk(NYP) * State Officials Throw Out Another Pearson Test Question (WNYC) * For the fourth time within a month, state education officials have tossed out a question on the standardized tests after finding that errors by Pearson, the test maker, made the problem virtually impossible for students to solve.



The Glens Falls Post-Star thinks NYRA should be “dismantled and never resurrected.” * NYRA is a seriously troubled organization in desperate need of change, according to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.   *Schneiderman Sues Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation(NY1)


Streetsblog: “(W)hile we’d accuse Cuomo of Moses-style transportation planning, we wouldn’t have expected the governor to proudly own the label.”* Name-Dropping Al Smith And Robert Moses(YNN)

Beats $50 ticket for resting leg on subway seat(NYDN)







Occupy the Warrant Squad

Police Warrant Squads Were Used to Monitor Wall Street Protesters, Suspects Say(NYT) A supposed strategy to execute outstanding arrest warrants, no matter how minor, as a way to police the Occupy Wall Street movement raises questions about the department’s surveillance efforts.* Apparently 7,000+ subway tickets for obstructing seats were given out last year.



Councilmembers Want More Community Power Over Zoning Exemptions

Council members seek stronger community review of zoning exemptions (New York World) The future site of a Brooklyn Whole Foods is one of more than 100 city properties that received special zoning exemptions in the past year.



Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the state’s Catholic bishops will join the push to raise the minimum wage. (NYT) * Cuomo said a hike “would be in order” this year. (DN)

New Barriers Planned on Road Where 7 Died(NYT) * New Barriers Erected Near Scene Of Fatal Bronx Parkway Crash(NY1) *Now they fix it!(NYP) * Bronx River Parkway crash stirs painful memories(NYDN)* Crews Begin Installing New Concrete Barriers Along Bronx(WCBS)* Changes to Bronx River Parkway after deadly crash(WABC) * The Daily News claimed credit for new safety measures after a fatal Bronx highway accident.


The State Dog's Name Is?

Another Hospital to Close

Goldwater Hospital Patients Forced to Move for Roosevelt Island Tech Campus (DNA INFO)

Public Meeting on SI Nobody Shows Up

Public Plaza Meeting to Beautify Staten Island Draws a Crowd of None (DNAInfo)





Bloomberg plans to announce a deal with the developer this month, but the proposal will require new environmental review, potentially slowing construction by as much as two years

Zoning Slows Mayor’s Plan to Remake Willets Point(NYT) *  Deal Is Near to Develop Willets Point(WSJ) The Bloomberg administration is nearing a deal with the Related Cos. and a real-estate firm controlled by owners of the New York Mets to build a retail and residential development on a gritty swath of Queens near Citi Field.* Mets near home on mall deal(NYDN) * City drops eminent domain bid at Willets Point (Queens Crap)


 Who gives a hoot about pretty girls as waitresses? It’s no reason to block Hooters from Brooklyn (Hamill, NYDN) Park Slope snobs trying to tell you where to eat after a game



Prosecutors Focus on Pimps and Clients, Instead of Prostitutes(NYT)

Albany Becomes Focus of PR Battle on Fracking(WNYC)






 The Making of the President 2012

Romney Team May Have Stirred Storm Over Gay Aide(NYT) * Poll: Romney catches up to Obama in Florida, Ohio (CNN) * Romney is confronting the message-setting power of President Obama. * Bachmann to Endorse Romney(Daily Beast) *  GOPers flock to Roger Ailes’s Fox News office(Politico) * Quinnipiac Polls: Obama Leads Pennsylvania, Ohio While Romney Ahead In Florida (TPM) * Meet the women Barack Obama dated in college. (WP) * Why might Bloomberg endorse Mitt Romney? (CapNY) * Obama's '12 Prospects Suffer Ominous GDP Report - Louis Woodhill, Forbes * Obama's Winning Foreign Policy Strategy - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * Killing Bin Laden, and Smearing Romney - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics * Is Chris Christie the VP Romney Needs? - Bruno Navarro, CNBC * Newt Is America's Real-Life Captain Kirk - James Pinkerton, FOX News * What Obama Didn't Say About Afghanistan - Wolf Blitzer, CNN * Obama's Thuggish Chicago Politics - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner * Obama's Afghan Partnership: Symbolism Over Substance - Bloomberg * Romney "wouldn't confront the religious right" over gay spokesman(TPM)* Obama’s Not-So-Hot Date With Wall Street(NYT)* The GOP rolled  out a new anti-Obama theme: “hype and blame.” *  Mitt Romney as George Constanza. * An Uneven Economic Recovery in Swing States - Michael O'Brien, MSNBC * Why Romney's Success Reads as Out-of-Touch - Ilyse Hogue, CNN

Romney condemned the Obama administration’s handling of blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, calling the episode “a dark day for freedom” and “a day of shame” for the president – but only if conflicting reports are true that American officials communicated threats to Chen’s family. The White House defended its handling of the Guangcheng crisis, but sidestepped the issue of whether the US will support his requests for asylum.


Hil over Andy for President(NYDN) Bloomberg pollster Schoen finds Hillary Clinton would cream Gov Cuomo in NY prez primary, 60-25 w/15% undecided.* The DN’s Tom DeFrank says Hillary Clinton both looked and sounded like a presidential candidate during her brief trip to Syracuse University last week, especially when she showed “a little partisan leg” toward the end of her speech.

Jon Stewart Blasts Critics For Going After Mitt Romney’s Mormonism



US Government Noose Tightens Around Murdoch(Huff Post)Murdoch facing new challenge as US senator contacts Leveson over hacking * Dial M for Murdoch (Nation)


Brooklyn Bike Patrol spreads across the borough offering(NYDN) 





Man Accused of Pushing Officer to His Death in Brooklyn Is Convicted(NYT) * Family Of Police Officer's Killer Outraged By Manslaughter Conviction(NY1) * Cop-push killer guilty(NYP) Officer broke neck in tumble off stoop * Manslaughter Conviction in Fatal Cop Push(NBC)


Law and Order

Hunt for gang of girls who stole french fries, then attacked and robbed teens at Bronx train station (NYDN) Cops obtained cellphone footage of teens' attack



Terrorism Al Qaeda's Inspire Magazine Urges Massive Forest Fire Attacks(NY Mag)