Thursday, May 31, 2012

Limited Reporting of the Queens GOP Fight Limits BOE Change

Breaking David Storobin wins 27th Senate District election after recount. Lew Fidler concedes, BOE to certify Tuesday. At last David Storobin Wins Epic State Senate Race(NYO) After two months & 20K votes cast, Brooklyn's Florida has been decided. Storobin wins by 16 votes:

Pig Fidler Continues to Waste Government Resources
The NYC Board of Elections is hoping to certify the results of the race for former Sen. Carl Kruger’s seat by next Tueday. Just eight contested ballots remain, but NYC Councilman Lew Fidler is refusing to concede to David Storobin. * Pork Pig Fidler's Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him | Room Eight * David Storobin will likely emerge victorious on Tuesday.

Daily News Reporter's Blinders Hurts There Mission
The DN has written many eye opening editorial about the Board of Elections corruption and or incompetence.  Yet they have missed a great opportunity today in reporting on an ongoing civil war in the Queens GOP by leaving out the fact that once faction uses the BOE as a jobs program for it members and according to an FBI investigation a cash cow for their members consultant business. FBI launches probe into Queens GOP, consultants (NYP)Steven Graves who was given his job at the board by the Phil Ragusa faction of the Queens GOP had his office raided by the FBI and was forced to resign from the BOE early this year because he was trying to bribe a contractor.  

The Queens GOP is Run More Like A Criminal Organization Than A Political Party
He was replaced by Ragusa with Robert Hornak who was quoted by DN report Lisa Colangelo supporting Juan Reyes for state senate against Eric Ulrich who is supported by the Haggerty, Ognibene and Dan Halloran faction of the party. We still do not know the name of the lobbyist who Graves was trying to get a million and a half from the contractor for.  Was it a member of GPS which does a lot of work for the Rafgusa faction and for the Queens Democratic Machine by splitting the Jewish vote in the 6th congressional district. Is this intended to hurt Dan Halloran part of the anti Ragusa faction, who is running for congress in the same district? Haggerty has been convicted of ripping off Bloomberg so either side is not without it criminal faction.  Haggerty Guilty of Grand Larceny and Money Laundering - NYTimes.  There is also the story reported the other day in True News and other news blogs of a Minority Senior Woman Former BOE Manager, Set Up,  Forced Out, By White Controlled Queens GOP, also involving Robert Hornak.  This story of corrupting at the board has only been covered on by the blogs.  The old media acts an enable of corruption in New York's political parties and the BOE by not showing how the parties use the board to stay in power.

The Daily News Not Connecting the Dots:

Queens GOP endorsement sets the stage for rare Republican primary (NYDN) Forest Hills lawyer Juan Reyes and Councilman Eric Ulrich set to face off

How Much of BOE Request for More $$$ Because of Corruption and Incompetence? 
Board Of Election Short $48M For This Year's Activities(NY1)

Mike Bloomberg reads 8 newspapers a day in dead-tree form. 

City Hall As promised, Bloomberg vetoed another living wage bill passed by the NYC Council.

Daily News Picks Up the Crowley Debate Cheating Story Which has Been All Over the Blogs for Days
Texting while debating could be hazardous to political health (NYDN) Elizabeth Crowley’s cell phone use during recent debate sparks questions

Damaged Liu Smashing Bloomberg for 911 Mess
While the city does all it can to not get to the bottom how the CityTime corruption was not stop Liu details all that is wrong with another billion computer upgrade project 911
Comptroller Says Contractor on 911 System Billed Millions in Inappropriate Charges(NYT)  A major contractor inappropriately billed at least $2.5 million, and possibly up to $50 million, for tasks as varied as opening an office door and killing water bugs in a bathroom, according to an audit. * Liu Sees Possible 911 Fraud(WSJ) * Liu Blames Poor Oversight In Audit Of City's 911 Upgrade(NY1) * John Liu: 911 System Contractor Soaked Taxpayers(NYDN) * Liu Says HP Overbilled NYC $163 Million on 911 System Overhaul(Bloomberg) * 911-fix contractor owes city $163M: Liu(NYP) * Hewlett-Packard, a major contractor on NYC’s troubled 911 emergency-dispatch system, inappropriately billed at least $2.5 million, and possibly up to $50 million, for tasks as varied as opening an office door and killing water bugs in a bathroom, according to an audit released by NYC Comptroller John Liu.

Election 2012  Cymbrowitz’s 2010 Challenger to Run Against Weinstein This Time Around (NYO) * dam Clayton Powell IV on the challengers to Charlie Rangel: “They’re gonna learn. I got my whipping two years ago. Now all of them are gonna get their whipping now.”* Adriano Espaillat however said that “People say consistently that they want change, that it’s time to turn the page.” * David Storobin has a 14 vote lead over Lew Fidler; the race is expected to be certified next month. * Bloomy, Koch support Rangel's reelection(NYDN) * Congressman Bob Turner Endorses Ulrich for State Senate  * Rep. Charlie Rangel: “You may not like me after 40 years, but the question has to be: Who’s going to better protect you. The real question is: If not me, who?” *
The Daily Beast and USA Today covered the race for Charlie Rangel’s seat. * Hakeem Jeffries is out with a biographical mailer. * Charlie Rangel Says ‘Right-Wing Tea Partiers From Texas’ Are Trying To Take Him Out(NYO) * James Sanders Officially Announces Huntley Challenge(C&S) * . said the proposed up-to-20 percent taxi fare hike "seems very high to me"* 2013 Mayoral Candidates Skeptical Of Bloomberg Soda Ban(NYO) * NYLCV interviewed candidates in three key NYC congressional districts: NY-6, NY-8 and NY-13. * Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries pulled out of a primary debate after the neighborhood group hosting the event changed its mind and decided to allow the Green and Republican party candidates to participate. * Meet the ‘Real District Leader’ of Flushing(Queens Politics)

Sampson : I Am In Charge
State Senate Minority Leader John Sampson insists he's in charge of his conference(NYDN) Brooklyn Democrat says he won't get sidetracked by speculation about his leadership * Senate leadership in question(YNN)

Quinn's Flack Book

Christine Quinn's memoir will be 'personal,' even if her political consultant had a hand in(Capital)

Influence 2012: Our guide to who’s getting heard in Albany this session (NY World)

NY's Congressmembers Help A Bank
City politicians push bill to help politically-connected bank avoid $300 million payout (NYDN) ‘No one is getting bought off,’ one Democratic staffer insists

Middle-Skilled Jobs Shrink in NYC Recovery(WSJ) Behind overall employment in New York City progress lurks a troubling pattern: middle-skilled positions are vanishing as the region experiences "job polarization."

Bloomberg fights obesity: ban sodas and sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces restaurants, movie theaters and food cars
Bloomberg plans to prohibit the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants and other locations across the five boroughs, reviving criticism that the mayor is turning the city into a "nanny state."  Mayor Bloomberg wants to impose 16-ounce limit on sugar drinks(NYP) 
New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks(NYT) * City Plans to Restrict Big-Size Soda Sales(WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg Seeks Ban On Large Sugary Drinks In City Eateries(NY1) * Here He Goes Again: Bloomberg Set To Ban All Sugary Drinks(WCBS)* The mayor does not plan to seek Council approval for the ban, which will be proposed next month.* It would go into effect next March if the city’s Board of Health signs off – a move considered a foregone conclusion because Bloomberg appoints all its members. There will be public hearings. * Diet sodas, fruit juices, dairy-based beverages like milkshakes and alcohol would be exempt from the ban, and it would not affect sales in supermarkets or bodegas. * City looks to ban large, sugary drinks in obesity fight(WABC)* Mayor Seeks to Ban Large Sugary Drinks(NBC) * says she has some concerns about 's soda proposal, says it seems more on the "punitive" side of things * NYC Mayor Bloomberg On Soda Ban: ‘We’re Simply Forcing You To Understand’ What’s Better For You * Wonk Room says that Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to ban large sugary drinks may actually work.* Hakeem Jeffries dropped out of a congressional debate.* Dana Rubenstein has the backstory on how Christine Quinn’s memoir came to be. *A watchdog group called for Ed Towns’ campaign car to be investigated.

How Does Bloomberg Get Around the Interstate Commerce Act to Ban Soda?




NYC spends a lot to get rid of its garbage. The Citizens Budget Commission has some ideas on how to change that.

Daily News Joins the NYP to Fight the UFT
Manhattan student who 'bedded' teacher scores $400 in wager with buddies(NYP)  *  Preserving pervs(NYP Ed) Warning denies any untoward activity — cue the “your lying eyes” jokes — but she’s been yanked from her classroom and the Department of Education is on the case. Alas, firing a wayward teacher is never simple — regardless of the evidence. Lawmakers in Albany should pass Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bill allowing school districts to bypass arbitration and simply fire teachers who engage in sexual misconduct


More Education News

Chancellor Walcott Warns Of Layoffs For More Than 200 Public School Workers(NY1) * An Art Project Provides a Snapshot of a Closing School (WNYC)



Brooklyn DA Hynes Says Witness Intimidation by the Orthodox Jewish Community Worse Than the Mafia
Outing Orthodox pervs imperils victims: Hynes(NYP) Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes (left) blamed witness intimidation in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community — which he compared to the kind of threats carried out by the Mafia — for his unwillingness to name accused sexual predators * In Milwaukee Post, Cardinal Authorized Paying Abusers(NYT) When he was archbishop of Milwaukee, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan authorized payments to a handful of sexually abusive priests encouraging them to leave the priesthood.* Dolan faces criticism on politicking (NYDN)* Despite early claims to the contrary, Cardinal Dolan authorized payments to abusive priests while in Milwaukee in an effort to get them to lead the priesthood. * Just 51% of New York Catholics back Dolan’s push against Obama’s move to require employers to pay for contraception coverage.

DiFiore must clear the air on former nanny (NYDN Ed) Public deserves answers from state ethics chief & Westchester DA* Cameras Told To Leave Public Portion Of JCOPE Meeting(YNN) * DiFiore Says She Did Nothing Wrong, JCOPE Backs Her Up(YNN)

Towns' Last Loyal Solider Seeks A Symbolic Revenge
Al Wiltshire’s boss may be retiring this year, but the veteran chief of staff for Brooklyn Rep. Ed Towns will be on the ballot running for district leader in central Brooklyn. The surprise move has already spurred charges of “retaliation” from his opponent, Robert Cornegy, who says it likely stems from the now-aborted congressional primary between Towns and Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries. Earlier this year, the Vanguard Independent Democratic Association (VIDA), a legendary political club in Bed-Stuy founded by Councilman Al Vann,  backed Jeffries over Towns after nearly three decades of supporting the incumbent. Cornegy is the new president of VIDA – Vann’s hand-picked successor – and one of its first acts under Cornegy was to back Jeffries. Cornegy said he could not understand why else the aging Wiltshire would be running. Wiltshire counters that he’s running only because wants the opportunity to help the people of Bed-Stuy, and says several people also asked him to run. “Now that I won’t have the responsibilities of a congressional office, I feel that I can do something different on my own,” Wiltshire said. (City and State)

Informal Ceremony Marks 10th Anniversary Of End Of WTC Recovery Efforts(NY1) * 9/11 first responders, recovery workers honored(WABC)



Almost Here Comes the Judge

Rev. Al ‘court’ed as judge(NYP)

Chinatown Bus Shutdown

Feds close 26 Chinatown-centered bus companies for safety violations(NYP) * Federal Officials Shut Down 26 Bus Operators(NYT) * Feds Throw Chinatown Bus Operators Under the Bus(NY Mag)

That Unused Hour on Your Parking Receipt? You Might Think About Selling It(NYT) *  Politico: GOP charge of pro-Obama bias in the NYT and WaPo 'often rings true'

Bill to Require Helmets for Bikes(WSJ) Bloomberg is opposed to having all bicyclists wear a helmet, which would be required under legislation the New York City Council is introducing today * David Greenfield is proposing a bill that would require cyclists to wear a helmet. Mayor Bloomberg opposes that bill.



Bill O'Reilly On Pakistani Immigration: 'If You Want A Cab In New York, It's Pakistani' [VIDEO] * Taxi Fare Hikes, Cab Leases Fire Up Debate At TLC Hearing (NY1)



The MTA has agreed to let Muslim and Sikh employees wear turbans or other religious headgear while on the job as long as they are blue, ending a long legal battle  M.T.A. Agrees to Allow Its Workers to Wear Religious Headgear(NYT) * MTA Settles Bias Lawsuit(WSJ) * MTA Eases Turban Rules Under Revised Employee Dress Code(NY1) * MTA cans logo-on-turban rule (NYDN)

No Heart 
Andy has no love for Empire State icon(NYP) * Back to I ♥ NY, With More About What's to Love(NYT) * State Has New "Love" For Summer Tourism Ad(NY1)Gov changes I Love New York logo(NYDN) * As Cuomo knows, people are willing to pay for the pleasure of defacing the 'I ♥ NY' logo. He didn't need to pay $5 million for the indignity." [Tom McGeveran]

WATCH: Iconic 'I Love New York' Logo Gets A $5 Million Facelift 

Old I love New York Commercials  I Love New York  *  I Love New York Commercial 9/11 2001I Love New York Radio Ad Song, circa 1977-1980

The Making of A President 2012
Too Much Power for a President(NYT Ed) The Obama administration should not have the power to choose targets for assassination, including Americans, without any oversight * The New York Times has given Obama the longest wet kiss in political history,” says Haley Barbour(Politico) * Obama and Romney are tied in Iowa, Colorado and Nevada. * The Obama campaign is adding a new line of attack against Romney–his record as governor in Massachusetts  *
Quinnipiac poll of New York voters
56-31, Obama leads Romney among voters
43-33, Obama leads Romney among independent voters
46-41, Obama leads Romney among white voters
36-51, Obama trails Romney among Catholic voters
Obama Has a Powerful Case Against Romney - Bob Shrum, The Week * Romney's Still Wrong on Obama's Stimulus - Michael Grunwald, Time * Obama Campaign May Be Fooling Itself - Michael Barone, DC Examiner * Economically, Obama Is No Jimmy Carter - Nate Silver, New York Times * Are Today's Dems Too Extremist? - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post * Why Cory Booker Got Bain Capital So Wrong - Joe Conason, Truthdig * Mr. Biden, Here's the Truth on Private Equity - Jack & Suzy Welch, Reuters * Are We Headed for Another Electoral Mess? - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call * Buddy Roemer, We Hardly Knew Ye - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics * NBC/Marist: Nevada: Obama +2 | Colorado: Obama +1 | Iowa: Tied @ 44 * Elizabeth Warren Should Address Native American Flap - Boston Globe * "Fox and Friends" twice aired a nearly four-minute video yesterday "that looked similar to a campaign advertisement" and later took it down from their web site. [Associated Press] * Romney’s Solyndra trip stirs up bad memories for White House(Politico)   * Obama and Romney tied in Iowa, Nevada and Colorado: poll(NYP) * Politico Ad and Politico Article Agree: Politico Is ‘Most Balanced’ Political News Source(NYO)

For Edwards, Mistrial on 5 of 6 Counts(NYT)

Jon Stewart Begs Donald Trump To Jump Back Into The Presidential Race

Inside the AP’s NYPD lies(NYP) . description of "mosque crawlers" is "pure fiction" argues a retiring officer. Mitchell Silber, the NYPD’s outgoing director of intelligence analysis, writes in the Post that the Associated Press series on Muslim surveillance is “rife with inaccuracies” and tells the tale “in the worst possible light” * The AP didn't come within a long mile of documenting a single case in which the NYPD snooped on anyone or any group in violation of any law, regulation or constitutional principle." [Daily News]

Law and Order


‘Hooker’ eyes deal (NYP) ‘Madam’ pal in secret talks

Police release video, sketch of man wearing 'Family Guy' shirt suspected in Richmond Hill rape(NYP) *Cops release sketch in hunt for Queens rapist(NYDN)




Facebook ’em: Gang busted(NYP) * Facebook Posts Help Police In Brooklyn Gang Takedown(NY1) * Brooklyn gang busted after accepting a Facebook "friend" request from a cop * Prosecutor's New Assistant on Staten Island: Therapy Dog(NYT) * Therapy Dog to help NYC crime victims(WSJ) * NYCLU: School Arrest Numbers Show Pattern Of Race Discrimination(NY1) *NYPD school safety data shows most arrests in Bronx sch (NYDN)* 5 separate shooting incidents marred Staten Island's Memorial Day weekend(SI Advance) * The Innocence Project and the state Bar Association  pushed for the expansion of videotaped interrogations and reforms to lineup procedures. * He's mad for Madonna and will face weapons rap(NYDN) * Burglary crew tortured vic (NYDN)* Bronx Robbery, Assault Suspect Sough(NBC) * has no problem with the state giving economic development funds to NYS-based gun makers, despite their opposition to a microstamping bill he supports. * Abacus Bank Charged With Mortgage Fraud(NYT)