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NYT Political Coverage of the 6th by Ignoring The Thugs Behind the Campaigns Enables More Campaign

Breaking  NYPD announces the arrest of Pedro Hernandez for the murder of Etan Patz, who disappeared May 25, 1979
Suspect Says He Strangled Etan Patz, 6-Year-Old Who Vanished in SoHo(NYT)  * VIDEO - Ray Kelly discusses the arrest of Pedro Hernandez and a look back at the 33-year history of the Etan Patz caseConfessed Etan Patz killer blended in(NYDN) * Timeline of Etan Patz Case from 1979 to 2012(NBC)

How do you analyze the Jewish vote in the 6th CD without talking about attempts to split that vote? 

The people behind that spit will begin to explain why the there is an epidemic of corruption of elected officials, much of them coming from Queens.  Brian Mclaughlin, Tony Seminerio and Hiram Monserrate where all strong supporters of Israel.  When NYT reporter Sarah Maslin Nir writes that all the candidates are going for the Jewish vote it tells us nothing about who these candidates are and who is behind them.  For the second time Nir leaves out the attempts to spit the Jewish vote that have been well documented on the blogs. Jeffrey Gottlieb Quitting House Race in Queens -  Any attempt to describe those behind the those spitting efforts will uncover a Gotti like mob that is running much of politics in Queens. It is incredible that the same GOP operative Jay Golub is behind both candidates (one drop out when he was outed as an arsonist) accused of trying to split the Jewish vote and that does not get the attention of the NYT.

Thanks to the NYT We Know More Who is Behind the Egyptian Candidates Then We Do About the Candidates Running in Queens
The NYT understands that the people behind the candidates in Egypt have more effect on that government than the candidate who wins the presidency.  Why do they not believe the same principal for Queens?  Why is the NYT not reporting why a local newspaper owners are in the middle of attempts to spit the Jewish vote to deliver the election to the Queens machine backed candidate? Could It be that they mission to elect Quinn as the next mayor infected their coverage of other campaigns? In Race for Congressional Seat, Israel Gets a Lot of Attention(NYT) All of the candidates in the NY-06 congressional race in Queens are courting the Jewish vote hard, prompting one campaign to privately refer to the race as “Israelapalooza 

NYT Story About the 6th CD Tell Us Nothing
If it were a black district would Nir tell us the candidates are going after the black vote. Note to Ms Nir candidates pander to voting blocks in their district, in most non citywide issues it about tribal ties not issues. What the NYT does not tell us is why there is so much political crime coming out of Queens.  It is no secret that Congressman Meeks, Senator Smith and Huntley are under investigation by the feds.  If the NYT wanted to get to the reasons for Queens elected officials thinking they can get away with anything they can investigate the lawlessness and lack of journalist ethics in the campaign.

Meng's Nussbaum: Corrupt Journalist and Political Operative is Unknown by the NYT
The NYT wrote about Michael Nussbaum in 1987 when he was convicted in a cable TV bribery scandal involving the Queens Machine (overturned in a higher court).  No 23 years of helping to keep the Queens machine in power the NYT left out that a key Queens political operative helping to run the Meng campaign. The same Mike Nussbaum approached another Queens Jewish person Matthew Silverstein who was looking to run for office and suggested he run in the 6th before Gottlieb entered the race.  The NYT reporter Nir also ignored a story posted in City and State about FOR MENG CONSULTANT NUSSBAUM, A HISTORY OF VOTE-SPLITTING. How is the world can the NYT leave out the fact that Nussbaum is part owner of several Queens newspaper and he is running campaigns.  Is the NYT trying to tell us that their is not ethics in journalism and the newspapers can run candidates and operate like political machines like they did in the old Tammany Hall days?  Or has the paper become the clueless Times. * A Secret Pact Broken, A Candidate Shunned From The Ballot (Queens Politics)

Local Queens Newspaper Are Running Not Reporting on the Congressional Campaign in the 6th . .  . Queens Courier Schnapps and Queens Tribune Nussbaum on the Same Side

Vicky's on top of Dr. Mittman(Queens Crap)I drove by the offices of the Queens Courier on Friday. Look what's on the front of their building's facade. That's Vicky Schnapps' window with the arrow pointing to it.  Schnapps is the owner of Queens Courier got into consulting business by work for John Messer in 2010.  John Messer is running again this year for state senate and Jay Golub is his consultant. There is buzz that Schnapps is also involved again.  Golub is the operator who got Jeff Gottlieb the splitter arsonist on the ballot. He move over to Mittman's campaign after Gottlieb drop out.  Rohy Landmen says Mittman is also running to split the Jewish vote. Nussbaum who is working in Meng's campaign tried and was tried down to get someone to run to spilt the Jewish vote before Golub got involved. Nussbaum and Golub have worked together in campaigns in the past.  True News: A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and PoliticiansMore on Nssbaum.

Why is Sexual Trafficking Involving A Campaign Consultant and the 6th CD Race A Local Media Fight Only?  . . .  Where Are the Women's Groups?

A Local Media Fight Uncovers A Failure in Journalism
The Queens Chronicle in an excellent and comprehensive story is not only attacking the Tribune it is asking the media why this story and all it connections to the 6th Congressional campaign are not being investigated and debated by the news media, politicians and women's civil right groups all over town.

NYT Reporter Clueless About Queens Machine Games or A Crying Need for 101 Intro Course About The Gangs Who Run NYC Politics
 More on the Political Thugs Behind the Spit in the 6th(True News)

What We Have Here is A Failure to Communicate

This is All Capital Tonight Wrote
This is All Politicker Wrote
Sarah Maslin Nir writes that Lancman/Meng/Crowley/Halloran face-off has turned into “Israelapalooza”
 This is All Capital Wrote
Issues? "Strategists tied to the various candidates have suggested that the Queens race may boil down to ethnic ties: with such politically similar candidates, voters may use the shorthand of choosing a candidate who looks most like them or has the same background." [Sarah Maslin Nir

Brooklyn DA Hynes Tries to Dump His Sexual Abuse Problem on Albany
Prosecutor Seeks to Force Rabbis to Report on Abuse(NYT) The Brooklyn district attorney, Charles J. Hynes, said Wednesday that he would push for state legislation to add rabbis and other religious leaders to the list of professionals required to report allegations of sexual abuse to law enforcement authorities. The move comes as Mr. Hynes, the city’s longest-serving district attorney, has come under intense scrutiny for his handling of sexual abuse cases in the politically powerful ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.Under fire, Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes plans to push for state legislation to add rabbis and other religious leaders to the list of professionals required to report allegations of sexual abuse to law enforcement authorities. * Brooklyn D.A. Wants to Make Rabbis Report Sexual Abuse (NY Mag)

The Politics of Investigations
Lawmakers debate JCOPE(YNN) * State lawmakers agree that tweaks are needed to the new ethics commission – JCOPE – but most are walking back from calls for an investigation into a potential leak by the board members.


Mayor Caught and Grounded
Caught Violating Weekend Copter Ban, Bloomberg Will Alter Flight Plans(NYT)After being caught on video violating a curfew on flying his private helicopter, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has agreed not to fly anymore during the weekend * Mayor to stop using heliport on weekends(WABC) * "The mayor’s office would not say where Mr. Bloomberg had been traveling last weekend, or why his helicopter apparently took off from or landed at the 34th Street helipad eight times in two days." [Michael Grynbaum] * Bloomberg isn’t the only one with a helicopter problem.

Jay Jacobs now praising Cuomo's aide-de-camp Joe Percoco: "There's no one more loyal than him."

NYP Asks What is Ethnic Diversity At CUNY?
Meeting CUNY’s mandate(NYP Ed) When is ethnic diversity not real ethnic diversity? Apparently, when it involves Asian-Americans. That seems to be the conclusion of a new Community Service Society study, which notes with some concern that the percentage of black and Hispanic enrollment at CUNY’s five senior colleges has declined. The percentage of Asian students, on the other hand, has skyrocketed.  All this has come since Chancellor Matthew Goldstein dramatically toughened entrance and academic standards while making them race-neutral — with the result that CUNY admission is again prized. * Data shows drop in blacks at city colleges(NYDN) * The Post slams a Community Service Society study, which found that the percentage of black and Hispanic students at CUNY has declined, noting that the percentage of Asian-American students is on the rise ** More Education News Arabic mandatory at city public school(NYP) * School Goes International With Boarding(WSJ)* Big move for special-ed kids set to get OK Big move for(NYDN)

A Tunnel to Nowhere Costing Billions
The News isn’t convinced by the MTA’s latest announcement that the long-delayed East Side Access project will be finished in 2019, at a cost of no more than $8.3 billion


Take the 'A' to Grade Station(WSJ) * Subway Grades Could Be Coming To NYC If Councilman Vacca (WCBS) * Briefing: A plan 2 grade subway stations isn't on any MTA timetable(Capital) * M.T.A. spokesman Adam Lisberg: "We don’t see any value in giving subway stations letter grades for cleanliness." [Stephen Robert Morse, Sally Goldenberg, Jennifer Fermino




 Port Authority to stop taking toll tickets(WABC)





I like a hike, sez taxi boss(NYDN)


Residents Rally At City Hall Against Proposed Child Care Cuts(NY1) * Albany Lawmakers Fight Over Minimum Wage Raise(NY1)* Crisis lurks as hundreds face city day care cuts (NYDN)

NY1 Online: Museum Of The City Of New York Explores Social Activism

Residents of two Bronx public housing developments threaten to sue Housing Authority for overdue repairs (NYDN) Patterson and Mott Haven Houses residents rally for repairs

WSJ Says NYS Pensions Fell $2 Billion Short of Target Growth, NY1 Allows the Comptroller to Spin Success 
Pension Gains Are Shy of Goal (WSJ) New York state's public pension fund reached its highest value since the financial downturn but fell about $2 billion short of target growth, the state comptroller's office said.* NY1 Online: State Comptroller Touts Pension Returns * Pension fund on upswing(NYDN) *EJ McMahon argues that Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is “going too far” to call the most recent pension fund numbers strong.Pension Explainer: The state's pension fund grew by 5,9 percent, which is better than it's done in recent years, but it fell short of the 7.5 percent anticipated. That means the state will have to contribute money to make up the difference. [Erik Kriss]

Minimum Wage
 The NY Observer editorial board argues that raising the minimum wage would lead to worse unemployment in New York. * Luckily for them, Cuomo shot down the idea once again yesterday, saying he didn’t believe it could pass this year. * A shift is looming in who decides how much state employees pay for health insurance. * Senate Democrats are pushing a paycheck fairness bill that would strengthen the Equal Pay Act.  * New York State should not raise its minimum wage unless Washington does on the federal level, or until the state moves "out of the business-climate desert." [Buffalo News]

The Daily News applauds Cuomo’s NYRA action, in particular his decision to make it a primarily private venture after 3 years.The News says that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s takeover of the New York Racing Association was the right move, but emphasizes that it has to be temporary because “it must not be the taxpayers’ concern anymore” * “I’ll Have Another” is preparing for the June 9 Belmont Stakes en route to a possible Triple Crown win. * With affidavits from a whistleblower and a veterinarian, AG Eric Schneiderman is pushing ahead with efforts to oust the board of the  Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

OWS Sues NYC Over 3,000 Confiscated Books(Huff Post)

Unconstitutional internet bill proposed(Queens Crap)


Yankees for Sale?
Are the Yankees for sale? That's the $3B question(NYDN)

Longtime DJ Hal Jackson Dies At 96(NY1)

Cleaning up illegal signs(Queens Crap)


Pool Plan Tries to Stay Afloat(WSJ) Queens leaders are diving in trying to save a historic aquatic landmark, but not everyone in the community wants to see it anchor a new public amphitheater.

The Making of A President 2012
Rather: 2012 'worst' presidential campaign (Politico) * Mitt’s new lesson in education(NYP) * Strategy on Rival’s Career Holds Pitfalls for President(NYT) * Romney Urges Shift on Education Policy(NYT) * Mitt Romney expands on 'day one' promises(CNN) * The Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capitol are testing the President’s relationship with his friends (and fundraisers) on Wall Street as well as some of his biggest supporters including former President Bill Clinton. * Obama’s attacks on Bain are exposing fissures within the Democratic Party.  *  The Mitt Romney VP search is in the “audition phase.” * Obama has an advantage in three key swing states. *  Mitt Romney is trying to put daylight between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama that isn’t there, Joe Conason says. * Will Obama shift again on gay marriage? (Wash Post) * Colin Powell: "It depends who you ask. If you ask the financial community, the system has been stabilized and we're not going off a cliff … If you ask auto workers, they'd say yeah, we're better off than we were four years ago." [Fox News] * Women have ceased donating in large numbers to Mitt Romney’s campaign.  *Focus on Romney’s Career Holds Pitfalls for Obama(NYT)

British Inquiry Questions Murdoch Lobbyist(NYT) The witnesses are Frédéric Michel, a lobbyist for Mr. Murdoch’s New York-based News Corporation, and Adam Smith, a former special adviser to a British cabinet minister, Jeremy Hunt, who was in charge of overseeing the $12 billion bid to buy the 61 percent of broadcaster BSkyB the company does not already own. *Piers Morgan Reacts To BBC Journo’s Claim He Taught How To Hack Phones: ‘Ungrateful Little Wretch * News Corp. lobbyist: UK govt. knew of leak(CrainsNY)

Law and Order

How to End Stop-and-Frisk Abuses(NYT Ed) New York should learn from Philadelphia, which wisely settled a class-action suit and began overhauling its police practices.  The Times says that NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s “tinkering around the edges” will not solve the constitutional problems found with stop-and-frisk abuses, and that New York should look to how Philadelphia dealt with a similar situation for guidance * Kelly plans to retrain cops

*New Jersey Says NYPD's Muslim Surveillance Was Legal(Huff Post)


BREAKING NEWS: Cmmsr Ray Kelly says a person in custody has implicated himself in the 1979 disappearance & death of . * NYPD says person in custody in connection with disappearance of Etan Patz 33 years ago*  Etan Patz case: Pedro Hernandez was picked up in Camden on Wednesday, sources tell Daily News  *NYPD: Person Has Implicated Himself In Boy's 1979 Disappearance * Grisly new details after man implicates himself in boy's 1979 disappearance(NYP)
* Man Claims He Strangled Patz and Put Body in Box, Police Say(NYT) * NJ man in custody, says he stabbed and dismembered Patz in 1979(NYP)


Insult to injury (NYP) Jail-bound cop killer in denial to grieving kin * Man Gets Maximum Sentence in Police Officer’s Fatal Fall(NYT)

Big-mouth Gotti ruined mob, Gambino testifies(NYP) * Rat sticks it to Teflon Don! (NYDN)

Former Rockland County DA Michael Bongiorno says Rockefeller Drug Law reform is “plaguing NYS” and is responsible for an uptick in crime.

The state senate passed a bill that would require any adult who is convicted of driving drunk with a minor in the car to put an ignition interlock system in their vehicle.

Police Investigating Park Slope Groping Incident(NY1)* WATCH: Police say video shows Park Slope groping suspec(NYP)

Qns. woman stabbed to death, boyfriend critical after suicide attempt: officials(NYP) * Woman Found Dead In Burning Bayside Building(NY1) *Apparent murder-suicide attempt in Queens(NYDN) *Queens Fire Investigated As Cover-Up For Murder-Attempted (WCBS) * Woman Found Dead at Fire Scene(NYT) *Hero halts wife ‘attack’(NYP) *Husband Arrested After Attack on Wife(WSJ) * Conduit to Arms Sting, a Star Witness Apologizes for His Crimes(NYT) * 14 Charged With Dealing Prescription Drugs in Washington Heights(NYT) * Former Officer Sentenced in Robbery(WSJ) A former New York Police Department detective was sentenced Wednesday to nearly three years in prison by a federal judge who repeatedly expressed bewilderment about what motivated the former officer to rob cigarette counterfeiters of $1,700 while claiming to be on police business. 
* Police: Bronx Man Bought Drugs In NYC, Sold Them In Massachusetts(NY1) * Brooklyn Artist In Fake Bomb Case Released From Custody(NY1) * State Senate Approves Stricter Enforcement Of Drunk Driving Law(NY1)* Coma-causing cop claims self-defense (NYDN) * Sickening’ granny rapist gets 20 years(NYDN) * Teens arrested for weapons cache near schools(WABC) * Teens Busted for Weapons Cache: Source(NBC) * Gunfire Strikes Van Full of Choir Kids(NBC)* Teens in BB gun shooting busted (NYDN) * WATCH: Police say video shows Park Slope groping suspect(NYP) * 'Expert pimp' slapped with 21 years to life for robbing hookers(NYP)
*Pimping expert loses swagger at sentencing(NYDN) * EXCLUSIVE: Park Slope Woman Urges Other Sex Attack Victims (NYDN)Thug who assaulted cop convicted in Queens after earlier(NYP)

Police Looking For Pair Of Suspects In Queens Subway St (WCBS)

Artist released after 'I Love NY' bags cause bomb scare(NYP) * Artist sprung from jail, but still faces mental eval and(NYDN)

She’s busted in robbery of blind woman(NYDN)

Fraud cancer ‘free’(NYP) Wedding-gift scam gal sentenced & released

Good Behavior May Reduce 30-Day Term in Rutgers Spying Case(NYT)