Monday, May 7, 2012

Defining Decency Down Starts With Pols Hiring Outlaw Campaign Consultants

How the Pols and Press “Defining Deviancy Down” (Daniel Patrick Moynihan)
Today Albany Times Union Quotes  Sheinkopf
"Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic political consultant, said Gov. Andrew Cuomo's lofty political standing — and whispers that he could be a presidential candidate in 2016 — are an unspoken reason for the trip."* Maloney and Nadler Join Calls for Village Voice to Shut Down Sex Ads

More On Nussbaum and Sheinkopf  
And Why Not Parkside Behind All of Them

Today the Post Joins and Yesterday True News in Attacking Bloomberg’s comments on endorsing politician junkets and legislative pork, wondering if he’s forgotten about recent scandals involving member items

 Yesterday True News Wags the NYP
On the Day Monserrate Plea Guilty For Ripping Off Member Items $$$ Bloomberg Calls For More Pork
Mike wants more pork!(NYP) An apostle of good government, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday called for more pork and overseas junkets to break the logjams in Washington.

Today's NYP Editorial Bloomberg Says Member Items Pork Good For Control . . .  No Wonder Why There Were No Charges Against Quinn from the Slush Fund Scandal
Mike’s bizarre turn(NYP Ed) Even as corruption by several pols continues to make news, Mike was urging weaker ethics laws and a beefed-up pork system. No doubt, he missed word that ex-state Sen. Carl Kruger recently drew a seven-year sentence for corruption tied to his official duties. Mayor Michael Bloomberg's support for discretionary spending and junket-bonding in Congress is placed in the context of scandals involving Pedro Espada, Carl Kruger, Hiram Monserrate and Councilman Larry Seabrook. "Has Bloomberg missed those scandals — or does he want to encourage more of them?" [New York Post

How True News Wags the Media Again and Again


How Speaker Quinn Keeps Order and Uses Government $$$ to Run for Mayor

Council Politics Taint Discretionary Funding(Gotham Gazette)




Kelly MoJo
Kelly has Dem scared(NYP) Ray Kelly is no longer just New York’s popular police commissioner. He is also the straw stirring the drink in next year’s mayoral race. Godwin repeats the demand Thompson made in the NYT that Kelly can't run for mayor and be police commissioner at the same time. 




In 2009 When Hikind Backed Thompson He Only Got 21% of the Vote in the Assemblyman District

Thompson bids to be kosher king (NYP) “Thompson’s definitely a favorite in the Jewish community, no question about it,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn Democrat who supported Thompson when he narrowly lost to Mayor Bloomberg in 2009. NYO says Bill Thompson is making inroads into what is supposed to be Scott Stringer’s base of support–Orthodox Jews.



Election 2012  Twitter plays outsize role in 2012 campaign(WSJ) *Sorry, Charlie! Dems like rival (NYP) Former aides to the Clintons and Barack Obama are supporting Clyde Williams in his race against Rep. Charlie Rangel, in what the Post calls a “stunning rebuke” to the veteran congressman. * Source: Gay Groups Not Showing Senate Dems The Love(NYDN) * Linares Going ‘All The Way’ In Senate Run(YNN) * Just five current House members have contributed to Rep. Charlie Rangel’s re-election campaign, totaling a paltry $3,000, even though he has given $3.8 million to more than 500 of his colleagues’ campaigns over the past 14 years.*After Rangel dares the establishment, Clyde Williams flaunts Clinton and Obama(Capital) 
Fernando Ferrer endorsing vs for . * Turner Accuses Obama of Playing The Race Card, Says ‘Call Off Your Dogs, Mr. President’(NYO) * Cuomo Raises For Assembly Dems(YNN) * The mayoral candidates weigh in on the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station. * Joe Addabbo and Shirley Huntley aren’t getting campaign cash for supporting same-sex marriage. * Stephen Levin weighs in on Jeffries-Barron and Dilan-Velázquez.* Ferrer backs Espaillat's bid to unseat Rangel (NYP) * . doesn't know whether he will endorse , bc 'it's just too early' * Freddy Ferrer Backs Adriano Espaillat’s Congressional Bid [Video](NYO) * Turner And Maragos In Spat Over HUD(YNN) * Ferrer backs Espaillat in show of broader Latino support(City and State) * Video: Akselrod Announces Campaign To Unseat Cymbrowitz(Sheepshead Bites) * Garodnick Raises For Comptroller Bid(NYO) * The White House “will get back to you” about whether or not President Obama is endorsing Congressman Charlie Rangel. * Yossi Gestetner and Orthodox Pundit look at Bill Thompson’s support among Orthodox Jews.* Republican Lisa Grey picked up Conservative support in her campaign against Diane Savino.

Conservative Party is More of A Racket Than A Political Organization

Bob McCarthy explains why the Conservative Party has influence beyond its small ranks. (BN)  * Staying Alive in the World Wild Wrestling Federation(True News)





Kruger Hospital Briber Get 3 Years

3-Year Term for Hospital Administrator in Bribe Case(NYT) David P. Rosen, the chief executive of MediSys, a nonprofit sponsor of hospitals and nursing homes, funneled money to lawmakers in return for favors for his organization



 Public Advocate = Public Fight
Councilwoman Letitia James’s campaign for public advocate is getting a boost from U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, but not an official endorsement. Gillibrand will host a fundraising event for James’s citywide campaign on June 3, the councilwoman told me today. “We’re raising money,” she said. “We’re focused on that right now.” Gillibrand has taken a particular interest in helping female candidates running for office, starting a campaign called Off The Sidelines to help mobilize women who are interested in politics. Other possible candidates include: Reshma Saujani, who ran a closely watched, yet failed campaign against Rep. Carolyn Maloney in 2010, and who recently left her job working for de Blasio to begin building up her own campaign; and State Sen. Daniel Squadron, who is openly fundraising for the job. 

James recently took Saujani to task for challenging Maloney in a primary, an act she says was counterproductive to the cause of women in politics. But while Gillibrand is helping James raise money, it doesn’t appear as if she’s formally endorsing her campaign. “Senator Gillibrand will not be endorsing in the primary for the Public Advocate race. She has a number of friends actively considering the race and thinks they each would do a fantastic job as the Public Advocate,” said spokesman Glen Caplin in an email. Still, the money has to help. 

Cuomo’s Toolbox

Worth your time to read: Tom Precious has written profiles of some of the Capitol’s key behind-the-scenes players, including Joe Percoco and Jennifer Cunningham. (BN) * Going national could be a challenge for a politician [like Andrew Cuomo] who places a premium on secrecy and bristles at opposition." [Danny Hakim] *Cuomo hopes to publish a book about governing in 2014 and have a co-author identified by the end of the summer, said former top aide Steven Cohen, who "is playing a role similar to that of an agent on the project, negotiating with publishers." [Kate Taylor] * Cuomo volunteered at a park. (Journal News) * Andrew Cuomo Writing a Conveniently Timed Book(NY Mag)
No Teacher Administrator Eduction Commission
No teachers or administrators were named to Cuomo’s education commission. * Cuomo spoke to Newsday in defense of his record on education. (Newsday) * Cuomo benefits from Obama’s visit.

Whoa there! (Dicker, NYP) Gov targets NYRA over ‘bad bets’ Cuomo and the leaders of the Legislature are considering plans to rein in and reorganize the scandal-scarred New York Racing Association in the wake of a state report showing NYRA cheated bettors out of $8 million. * Cuomo is also considering plans to “rein in and reorganize” the scandal-scarred New York Racing Authority in the wake of a state report showing NYRA cheated bettors out of $8 million * The last state Tax and Finance Department parimutuel monitor was encouraged to retire just before the latest scandal of bettors swindled out of some $8.5 million. He thinks he would have caught that. 

Can an Activist Be A Pol Mr. Borrero? What About Bella?

Gerson Borrero: This isn’t the first time Ydanis Rodriguez has been clumsy and inappropriate. Even in a body known for its share of loons, Rodriguez stands out as an ineffectual crackpot, more interested in standing on a soapbox than getting anything done.//“He’s never made the transition from activist to elected official,” a council insider told me recently. (NYP)

 Financially, many cities in Upstate America are facing dire straits. (GNS)


Graying of State Work Force

State jobs down 18.4%(TU) Wave of retirements, hiring freeze present challenges, opportunities for change. The Cuomo administration views the graying and imminent retirement of many in the state workforce as a “great opportunity, because it orces state government to use taxpayer resources more efficiently,” said Director of State Operations Howard Glaser. * The state bureaucratic core of major state agencies has shrunk by 18.4 percent since 2009, leading to a “brain drain” in state goverment. (TU)


Cuomo to Finish the Job Geraldo Rivera Started

Cuomo Seeks to Improve Care of Disabled(NYT) Cuomo will propose steps to strengthen New York State’s historically weak response to abuse of disabled people who live in publicly financed homes.  Cuomo will propose to create a new agency, equipped with the authority to convene grand juries and issue subpoenas, to strengthen the response to abuse of disabled people in state care.  Negotiations on penalties for NYS workers who abuse the disabled "have dragged on for the past year" * Willowbrook State School - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Remember When TV News Reporters Like Geraldo Rivera Led Investigation Instead of Being Mindless Readers or Light News and Newspaper Headlines  

Seniors, Advocates Ask MTA For Temporary Replacements For Lost Reduced Fare MetroCards(NY1) * Scott Stringer was joined by Rep. Jerry Nadler, Councilwoman Gale Brewer and Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, criticizing the M.T.A. for making it difficult to renew discount Metrocards for the disabled and seniors. [Jen Chung]

* Fare level of anxiety: Getting senior MetroCards is a (NYDN)

Looks Like Trump is Looking for A NY Casino Deal

Legalizing casinos in New York won't hurt gambling in Atlantic City, Donald Trump says (NYDN) Real estate mogul won't try and thwart Gov. Cuomo's casino push this time around

Divorces Drag On Even After Reform(WSJ) In 2010, New York became the last state in the country to pass a no-fault divorce law and eliminate the need for one partner to be held responsible for the end of the marriage. New York’s no-fault divorce law, passed in 2010, is being applied inconsistently across different counties, with some still undergoing lengthy trials despite reform efforts. New York became the last state in the nation to eliminate no-fault divorce laws, but it hasn’t yet had the effect of shorting lengthy trials. 




On the Vaunted City Subway Map, Mistakes and Phantom Blocks(NYT)


New York Public Library must look to the future (NYDN Ed) Expansion on 42nd St. is a good idea


Scaling Down Retail Space(WSJ) Before online shopping became popular and when big-box retailing was all the rage, Manhattan retail owners would spend big bucks to buy out smaller tenants and assemble large spaces for companies like Borders, Circuit City and Barnes & Noble.

Discount Bus Line Faces Opposition on Sidewalk Pick-Up Sites Near Terminal(NYT)



Barbra Streisand to perform at B'klyn Barclays Center(NYP)


A Pension for Porn

Fired manager's lawsuit claims NYPD Pension Fund workers used city computers to watch sick porn videos (NYDN)  Exclusive: Anthony Bonelli says one worker caught masturbating on job was admonished but not fired


City officials trying to referee Bay Ridge bar owner’s beef with food vendors (NYDN) "They are sitting on the corners like pirates," says Tony Gentil


Lawmakers, Brewers Craft Solution on Taxes(WSJ) * Chuck Schumer's stout defense of brewers (NYDN) * Chuck Schumer is pushing a bill that would lower taxes on local craft brewers. 




Citibank Chosen as Sponsor of 'Citibike' Bike-Sharing Program(DNAINFO)






Bagel Owner fined $1,650 by the city for incidental infractions like fallen sesames

Hole lotta woe(NYP) Inspectors $lap bagel shop for seeds

* Strip joints' kitchens clean as a whistle(NYDN)

Chelsea Hotel residents demand hotel fixe(NYDN)

The Making of A president 2012
A new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll finds a dead heat in the presidential race six months before the election.

A new Battleground Poll finds a dead heat in the presidential race six months before the election(Politico)Biden comes out in favor of gay marriage(NYP) * A Scramble as Biden Backs Same-Sex Marriage(NYT) * W visit to Albany tmrw, Obama will have been to Cap Region more than larger metro areas like Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas * Gallup Swing State Poll: Obama By 2, GOP Enthusiasm Wanes * * With tomorrow’s trip to Albany, President Obama will have visited the Capital Region more times than much larger metropolitan areas like Atlanta, Seattle or Dallas. * Hillary Clinton really wants to see a female president “in my lifetime,” but insists she won’t be the one to finally break the glass ceiling. A look at what Barack Obama said, versus what he meant to say, at his campaign kickoff this weekend. * A USA Today poll shows that most undecided voters are Republican or Republican-leaning.  * * Barkley to Romney: 'We're going to beat you like a drum' (CNN) *Education Secretary Embraces Same-Sex Marriage(NYT) * Obama To Spend $25 Million On Ads In May  * Cuomo aide: Presidential visit a “great recognition”(LoHud) * A single map explaining why the Catholic vote matters(Wash Post) * In 10-point swing, Romney pulls even with Obama in new POLL(Slate) *Caroline Kennedy, Obama Co-Chair, Joins Freedom To Marry(YNN) * Cuomo Says Obama Visit Could Help State's Economy(NYT)


Washington Post Still in Sad, Strange Decline(Wash Post)

Tom Brokaw: ‘It Is Time To Rethink’ The White House Correspondents’ Dinner * Tom Brokaw: 'It Is Time To Rethink' White House Correspondents Dinner (VIDEO)(Huff Post) * Fox News Journalists Respond To Brokaw's WHCD Words(Huff Post) * Brokaw - some journalists look for twitter fodder rather than bigger, more significant stories.


NYPD Undercover is No Game

Police Working Under Cover, and Under Strain(NYT) There is widespread dissatisfaction among undercover officers as they face the dangers of their assignments among staffing cuts and a racial disparity in their ranks.



Sentenced to 75 years to life in prison for teacher sex assault(NYP)


Mob trial has feds fearing for jurors and witnesses(NYP)* Ex-NYC officer faces sentencing in sex attack case(WSJ)  * 20 party too hard, busted (NYDN) * Cop cuffed in DWI and jailer busted(NYDN) * Armed robbers captured in Central Park(WABC) * NYPD searching for Staten Island burglary suspect(SI Advance) * NYPD: Suspect Steals Headphones, Slashes Man On Bronx Subway Platform(WINS) * Man wanted for Bronx subway slashing(News12)* Driver Faces Multiple Charges Following Deadly Brooklyn Crash(NY1) *Judge dismisses charges against wrongly accused 'Gentleman Groper'(NYP) * State court officer busted after allegedly stabbing girlfriend inside SI home(NYP) * Cops Taser, shoot UES man holding mom at knife-point(NYP) * NY1 Exclusive: Queens Family Alleges Security Officers Beat Sons Up During Arrest * Cops Taser, shoot UES man holding mom at knife-point(NYP) * A Well-Practiced Bank Robber Is Arrested Again(NYT)

Brooklyn's 'john school' teaches men dangers of hookers(NYP)



‘Condom Policing’ in New York (NYT Ed) The city should instruct police not to seize condoms from women on the street. Condoms are not only legal; they are crucial to the anti-AIDS effort. The Times is urging the Bloomberg administration to drop its opposition to a state bill that would prohibit cops from using condoms as evidence against women suspected of prostitution. The Bloomberg administration should drop its objection to an Assembly bill banning the police from using condoms as evidence of prostitution, since it deters sex workers from protecting themselves against sexually transmitted diseases. [New York Times]



9/11 relative's message to al Qaeda creep: you wouldn't get away with court antics in Brooklyn 

9/11 relative's message to al Qaeda creep(NYP)

* Why I went to face 9/11 monsters(NYDN) * US hostage Weinstein sends a message to Obama in al Qaeda video (NYP) * Militant Tied to Ship Bombing Is Said to Be Killed(NYT)

* 'They have no remorse': 9/11 victim’s family(NYDN) * Lawyers Defend Accused Terrorists’ Courtroom Behavior(WCBS)

 C.I.A. Thwarts New Qaeda Underwear Bomb Plot(NYT) * Ballsy bomber busted by CIA in new al-Qaeda underwear plot