Friday, May 11, 2012

When It Comes to Sexual Abuse Brooklyn Justice is Unequal

Advocates worry veteran Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, who has been re-elected six times with support from ultra-Orthodox rabbis, isn’t vigorously prosecuting allegations of child abuse in the community
Charles Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney, follows different rules when dealing with abuse cases involving the ultra Orthodox Jewish community, like keeping the names of convicts secret. For Ultra-Orthodox in Abuse Cases, Prosecutor Has Different Rules(NYT) * Pressure mounts on Brooklyn DA over Orthodox sex abuse cases (The Guardian) Victims' families urge Charles Hynes to release identities of Orthodox sex abusers and allay community fears. Brooklyn district attorney Charles Hynes is under mounting pressure to respond to criticisms over his handling of child sex abuse in the ultra-Orthodox community. Victims advocates and bloggers lined up on Thursday to demand that Hynes reverse his policy of special treatment for abusers in the largest Orthodox population outside Israel. Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse(NYT) * Mr. Zimmer’s lawyer was Asher White, who is married to Henna White, Mr. Hynes’s longtime liaison to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Ms. White, an adherent of the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic movement, makes $138,000 a year, more than most of Mr. Hynes’s prosecutors.” * In its ongoing series on sexual abuse in ultra-Orthodox communities, The Times takes a look at how Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes has mostly deferred to rabbinical authorities on the matter. * For Haredi Abuse Cases, Prosecutor Has Different Rules (

Koch Disagrees With Hynes
Koch, who is Jewish, said Hynes should prosecute the rabbis who interfered with victims reporting accusations of abuse. "We're all equal under the law and they have to subscribe to the law without getting preferential treatment," Koch said. "It's just dead wrong. And there's no explanation to make it right in any way." *'Joe Hynes has to live in the real world and he has to live in the world that they're(Capital)

Hynes seems most adept at finding a way of living in whatever world keeps him in office

Jurors indicated they are finally coming to a decision in the embezzlement trial of former lawmaker Pedro Espada Jr., who told reporters that “evil spiritual powers” were at play in their deliberations

In Reversal, Espada Jurors Indicate a Verdict Is Near(NYT) * Espada Case Jurors Noting Progress(WSJ) * Jury In Espada Trial Works Towards A Verdict(NY1) * Possible breakthrough in Pedro Espada trial(WABC) * Jurors indicated they might be close to a verdict after nine days of deliberations, while Espada said he believed “evil spiritual powers” were working against him. He employed a rosary to ward them off.* Queens Sen.  Jose Peralta endorsed the congressional bid against Rep. Charlie Rangel by his fellow Latino Democrat, Sen. Adriano Espaillat, citing his “work for progressive causes” in the Legislature.* Update Espada Trial Jurors End Week With No Verdict (NY1) * Pedro Espada Jr. Corruption Trial: Red All Over(NYDN) * Espada: FBI Using Black Magic Voodoo Tactics To Influence (WABC)

Election 2012  NY1 Online: Mayoral Candidate Thompson Talks 2013 * endorsed by colleague from ,Jose Peralta of Queens. * 'Broad' tipped to be NY mayor could help us from abroad (Irish Times) : "there is little doubt that brings an air of celebrity to any event or issue" * Scott Stringer, Melissa Mark-Viverito demand response to crime spike in East Harlem  (NYDN)  Rally to protest 32% increase in one El Barrio police precinct * Rory Lancman For Congress? (5 Towns Jewish Times) Complete Hit on Lancman. * After the state’s highest court unanimously ruled that viewing child porn on the Internet under current state law “is not enough to constitute their procurement or possession,” Sen. Marty Golden moved to close that loophole.* Bill Thompson: "It's not full-time yet … I'm not saying end stop-and-frisk. I'm saying use it correctly … Polls right now, as I've said, a year and a half out, are irrelevant." [NY1] * Democratic assemblywoman Grace Meng introduced legislation requiring that business signs in a foreign language also include English, but doesn't know when the bill might get a vote. Republican councilman Dan Halloran cosponsored a bill requiring signs be at least 60 percent in English. [Melissa Chan] * Eric Dilan: "If you're happy with the way Washington is going, then you have a chance to keep the current officeholder … I would have made sure Main Street got a bailout as well." [NY1] *Rangel Says 'It's Obama Who's After Me'(Brooklyn Ron) * Crowley Rebukes House Dems On NYPD Surveillance Vote(NYO) * Evergreen Chou Is in This Race Too(NYO) * Charlie Rangel Picks Up Ruben Diaz Jr.'s Support(NYDN)* zing! RT : Is this really an endorsement to crow about? RT announced she was endorsed by Mark Green.* Charlie Rangel is proud to be on a Super PAC’s hit list.

Old Faces for a Newbie

Former mayoral candidate Mark Green is planning to endorse Manhattan Borough president candidate Julie Menin, the Community Board 1 chairwoman who says she'll run for BP if Scott Stringer leaves the seat vacant in 2013. Green, who met Menin when he was president of Air America, also plans to host a fundraiser for her with lawyers Richard Emery and Gerald Lefcourt. "It was an easy decision to help Julie," Green said, citing her managerial experience and personal values as assets in her campaign. 
"She asked and I'm happy to help in any way, except by starting a Menin super PAC. She’ll have to get someone wealthier and more politically corrupt to do that. You could look through her record and all, but to me of all the things she’s done, I was most impressed by how welcoming she was to the Islamic center and occupy wall street, when both were really hot hot topics," he said.  "I'm proud to have the support of a great progressive leader like Mark Green, and proud of the momentum of our borough-wide campaign," Menin said.

The Queens Tribune Political Machine in Full Campaign Mode
Mike Schenkler who along with Meng Campaign Printer or Consultant Mike Nussbaum both own the chain of newspapers that publish sex ads.  This week Schenkler in his weekly article Not for Publication defend the right to place sex ads as a free speech right.  He defense sound more like a politician talking out of both sides of his mouth. 

From Queens Crap
"Last time I checked, the Queens Tribune was a privately owned newspaper and therefore could print or censor whatever it chose to. In other words, no one is forcing them to print whore ads for money. I doubt that Schenk would print an ad that said, "Hitman for hire" or "Heroin for sale." And if the whore ads are "protected speech," then how would Meng be able to legislate against them? His entire editorial makes no sense whatsoever and was a laughable attempt to try to downplay the fact that Meng hired someone to run her campaign that makes money off the exploitation of women - most notably, Asian women."

'We pledge to never forget them': City honors fallen 9/11 responders, two slain cops at ceremony(NYP)

How Come the Media Does Not Ask the Mayoral Candidates How They Will Negotiate With the Unions?

Union Contract Battle May Be On Horizon For Next Mayor(NY1)



US News & World Report lists four new schools in NYC among the country’s top ten high schools, a lesson to the UFT’s Michael Mulgrew that it’s better to close and reopen schools
Top-ranked small schools are a lesson for teachers union boss Michael Mulgrew(NYDN Ed) Opening new ones, not trying to redeem persistent failures, is the way go to * Analysis: More "Disturbing" News About School Testing(NBC)

Ad Campaign Looks To Cut Students' Absentee Rates(NY1)



What Ever Happen to Boys Town Where Your Took the Child Out Of His Environment to Rehabilitate Them?

Prospect Heights residents fight program for suspended students(NYDN)


A new Q poll finds NYC voters like the new bike-sharing program, but dislike Bloomberg’s call for an apartment building smoking ban. 

Brunch Vs. Church

As Greenpoint Gentrifies, Sunday Rituals Clash: Outdoor Cafes vs. Churchgoers(NYT) * Churchgoers and brunch goers are clashing in Greenpoint Brooklyn, and officials are using an obscure city ordinance that prohibits outdoor cafe tables before noon to crack down on diners.


Black population surges in East New York as it falls across the borough and city (NYDN)  Many priced out of other Brooklyn neighborhoods

NY1 Wiseguy Is An Illegal Congressional Lobbyist
Democratic Rep. Bill Owens got a $20,000 trip to Taiwan that was arranged by the government’s lobbyists, a violation of Congressional ethics rules, ProPublica reports: A rule passed by Congress after the Jack Abramoff scandal states: “Member and staff participation in officially-connected travel that is in any way planned, organized, requested, or arranged by a lobbyist is prohibited.”

Tax returns for Committee To Save NY reveal that they raised $17.5 million in 2011. * Read the second CSNY document of the day that includes indivdual contribution figures, here.  * Pro-Cuomo group releases tax returns, showing influence of business interests -- and $12 million raised from just 20 donors. Story TK.

You Decide
All of New York City’s Democratic House members voted for a long-shot resolution pushing back against the NYPD’s monitoring of Muslims
In Congress, City’s Lawmakers Tackle NYPD Surveillance (WSJ) *   Most of New York City's House delegation backed a failed measure to rebuke the NYPD's intelligence-gathering efforts focused on Muslim groups.

Moynihan Station Construction Green-Lighted, Could Reclaim Glory Of Old Penn Station (PHOTOS)(Huff Post)

Bike Stations

City Releases Map Of Bike Share Stations(Huff Post) * The city released the locations of its bike share stations, which The Times said was “shrowded in secrecy and speculation.”

NY provides $25M to help fund summer jobs(WSJ)


Duck Is Mauled in Central Park, Apparently by a Loose Dog(NYT)


The Green Book Goes Live Online
After Decades, Directory Shifts to the Web(NYT) The Green Book, New York City’s official government directory, is going live online today after the Bloomberg administration waited since 2008 on updating the print publication * Info on the mayor's office. [The Green Book]

The Making of A President 2012

Tops Obama by seven points in largest lead to date, new poll reveals(NYP)  50% to 43%

Clinton called O an 'amateur,' wanted Hillary to challenge him: book(NYP) A new book claims Bill Clinton called Obama an “amateur” and urged his wife to quit her job as secretary of state and primary him this year. A Hillary Clinton spokesman denied that. 

On Gay Marriage, Bloomberg Presses Romney to Change Course(WSJ) * Obama discusses same-sex marriage at Clooney's star-studded LA fundraiser(NYP) * Obama Campaign Pushes the Issue of Gay Marriage(NYT) * Bullying Story Spurs Apology by Romney(NYT) * Closing Bell Rings for Exchange's Name(WSJ) *It’s nice to hear ’em roar for Hil Prez bid(NYDN) * Morning Joe: Timing Of Romney Bullying Story After Obama’s ‘Big Nothing’ Statement Is Curious * On MSNBC, Soldier Booed At GOP Debate Weighs In On Obama’s Gay Marriage Endorsement * Obama Holds Double-Digit Lead Over Romney With Global Investors(Huff Post) * Obama and Clooney Coast on Their Charm, Raise $15 Million(NY Mag) * GOP leaders have mostly been silent on Obama’ gay marriage shift, preferring to talk about the economy. * Mitt Romney doesn't need to sweat the evangelical vote (The Atlantic) * Obama vs. Romney: A Clash of Capitalisms - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg * Can Romney Breach Dems' Formidable "Blue Wall"? - Ron Brownstein, NJ * 
Clooney's House
Why Jindal May Be Romney's Ticket - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Trolling for Dirt on the President's List - Kim Strassel, Wall Street Journal * Why the Story About Romney's Bullying Matters - John Dickerson, Slate * The Post's Hit Piece on Romney Implodes - Ben Shapiro, Big Journalism * What Has Made Congress More Polarized? - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * America Also Evolving on Gay Marriage - Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune * Is Obama Too Brainy to be President? - Meghan Daum, Los Angeles Times * Obama's Evolution Mirrors the Nation's - USA Today *  Shame on the Washington Post - New York Post * Mitt Romney Will Not Be Distracted by ‘Counterculture’ Hair During His Liberty University Speech (NY Mag) * Romney has surged to a 7-point lead on President Obama in Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll just 2 days after President Obama backed same sex marriage.
Nate Silver breaks down the potential impact of Obama’s move.*  The Daily Kos is out with their 2012 House rankings. New seats for Reps. Grimm, Gibson, Reed, Hochul, and Hayworth are all listed as Lean GOP.* Not a single one of the people interviewed contacted him b4 he began working on the story" * Obama's Strategy Will Mirror Bush's in 2004 - Thomas Schaller, Salon * Can Obama Avoid Talking About His Failed Record? - Neal Boortz, Nuze * Romney: Once a Bully, Always a Bully - Paul Begala, The Daily Beast * Opportunity for Romney: Break Up the Big Banks - James Pethokoukis, AEI * Gay Marriage a Moral & Political Win for Obama - Bob Shrum, The Week * Carolina Blues for Charlotte Convention - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News * The RNC went on the air with an ad hitting Obama for forgetting about the recession; Obama countered with one on the auto bailout. * Harry Reid came out for filibuster reform, but it could backfire if Republicans take control of the Senate. * Joe Klein thinks that Mitt Romney bungled the bully story. * How Obama raised $15 million with George Clooney. A Guide.  * Obama pays house visit to Reno couple

Jon Stewart Chronicles Fox News’ Progression Of Talking Points About Gay Marriage * David Letterman Presents The Top 10 Other Romney Offenses [VIDEO]




A floored Dimon (NYP) Stuns Street with $2B trading loss * A Shock From JPMorgan Is New Fodder for Reformers(NYT) * Losses Stem From Bet Gone Wrong(WSJ) * J.P. Morgan Spooks European Markets(WSJ) * $2 Billion Loss at JPMorgan Spurs S.E.C. Investigation(NYT) * SEC is no investigating JP Morgan Chase after they reported losses of $2 billion.

Mayor  Fiorello H.  La Guardia on a police boat, destroying confiscated slot machines, Oct. 10, 1934

In Black and White, a Gritty History of New York Crime(NYT)

Why stop and frisk? Here’s a better way (NYDN Ed) Communities can work with NYPD *New York could once again become "one of the crime capitals of the United States" if stop-and-frisks were reduced. [David Seifman] * Mike Bloomberg said that stop-and-frisk has stopped 5,600 murders in the last decade, and slammed critics of the policy.  * Two community leaders op-ed in favor of using Compstat to track stop-and-frisk. *Bloomberg: Stop-and-Frisk Is Supposed to Act As A Deterrent(NYO)

Junkie flipped lids(NYP) * If It’s Made of Metal, Thieves Aren’t Picky(NYT) * Suspect Is Uncovered(WSJ)

Killer eyed in 4 rapes (NYP) Bust in ’98 slay thaws more cold cases * Police: DNA Helped Link Inmate To Bronx Teen's Murder(NY1)


Cops shoot, kill Queens 'knife man' who stabbed his wife: police (NYP) * Fatal Shooting in Hotel Lobby, Then a Suicide (NYT) * Man with knife dies after being shot by police(WSJ) * NYPD: Officers Shoot Knife-Wielding Queens Man Who Stabbed Wife(NY1) * Knife-wielding man shot by cops(NYDN) * Police-involved shooting in Queens(WABC) * Man Shot, Killed by Cops in Queens: Sources(NYDN)


Cops unveil new Dapper Groper pics(NYDN) * New Incident, Photos Linked to "Well-Dressed Groper"(NBC) * Jim Dwyer takes a look at the case of Karl Vanderwoude, the alleged “subway groper” who was cleared after getting his name smeared in the press.

Just In: Guilty Verdict In Brooklyn Grandmother's Manslaughter Trial(NY1) * Closing Arguments Heard In Brooklyn Grandmother's Manslaughter Trial(NY1)


Plea for peace in East Harlem (NYDN)

Law and Order 

Meeting In Queens Hotel Lobby Ends In Apparent Murder-Suicide(NY1)





Kelly: Feds should brief us on underwear bomb plot(NYDN)