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NYC 2012 Olympics: What Could Have Been

NY Need to Know Which Pols Killed Olympic Jobs

No wonder why most NYC papers are downplay today mini Olympic event today in Times Square. The Denver Post printed With London Games 100 days off, USOC uses NYC as mini-Olympics stage  As they 9.6% city's unemployed fight to survive. Can you imagine New York Olympics with 40,000 jobs.  Can you imagine as a third of all NY's construction workers out of work building billions of dollars of housing and other Olympic facilities which would be owned by New Yorkers after the games.  Can you imagine young minority adults getting work experience in white collar administrator jobs during the games.  On this 100 Day count down to the London Olympics True News will expose the pols who killed the NY 2012 Ganes. * More Than 1.7M New Yorkers Are in Poverty: Report(WNYC)

Meng Consultant Nussbaum Fake Journalist and Corrupt Ticket Splitting Political Consultant

FOR MENG CONSULTANT, A HISTORY OF VOTE-SPLITTING (C&S) In 2009, Nussbaum, who runs the Queens firm Multi-Media, was the main political consultant for council candidate Kevin Kim. Also in the six-way Democratic primary was Tom Cooke, a wheel-chair bound war veteran who headed up a prominent group for people with spinal injuries. Upon hearing that Cooke was having trouble collecting enough signatures to make the ballot, Nussbaum reached out to Cooke’s campaign and lent Cooke several skilled signature gatherers to help gather petitions, said Robert Giuffre, who managed Cooke’s 2010 Council race. Nussbaum wanted Cooke on the primary ballot order to siphon off white votes from two top tier white challengers to Kim, Paul Vallone and Jerry Iannece;  Kim was the only Korean-American in the race. * Grace Meng Independent Party Petitions are Very Week. Queens Corrupt Boss Crowley Tries to Spin his Image Crowley Blasts New Pataki Super PAC (NYO)

More on the Race for the 6th Congressionial District (True News) *

A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians(True News)


3 Days in A Row NYP Pushes Kelly for Mayor

NYC Dems get their ass beat(Goodwin, NYP) Even before Police Commissioner Ray Kelly makes a final decision about whether to take the plunge and run for mayor, the fact that there is a campaign to draft him reflects a sea change in New York City politics. Despite Democrats holding nearly a 7-1 edge in registration over Republicans, most voters have emancipated themselves from party control. Michael Goodwin writes in the Post that the hunt in New York City for a viable Republican mayoral candidate shows the decline and leftward veer of the Democratic Party. Mayor Bloomberg says he’s “never had a conversation” with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly about him potentially running for mayor in 2013.* Ray Kelly for mayor? Staten Island pols eager to hear his(SI Advance) * Al D’Amato’s advice to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly about a possible mayoral run in 2013: “Don’t do it.”

I wonder if all these guys who claim to see the crime deluge comin' if Dems win mayorality aware Ray Kelly was Dinkin's Cop Commish?


Election 2012

Commuter-Tax Notion Dismissed by Christie(WSJ) *  Stringer Defends His Call For A Renewed Commuter Tax(NY1) * Bigmouth Baldwin eyes run (NYDN) * Three of the NYC mayoral candidates spoke at an educational panel. Opponent Michael Grimm is having his petitions challenged for the Independence Party line. * Gatemouth looks at the implications of various fringe congressional candidates. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has undertaken an “expedited review” of New York’s legislative redistricting plan and anticipates he will rule by April 27, 2012 on it meets the standards of the Voting Rights Act.  

A hearing on the lines will take place this afternoon in federal court in Brooklyn despite the Senate Republicans’ request for an adjournment due to a personal conflict for their attorney, Michael Carvin. * All five of the Democrats vying to replace Bloomberg agree on one thing: They want mayoral control of NYC schools to continue. * Mayoral Hopefuls Begin to Define Their Education Polici(NYT)* Actor Alec Baldwin said he’s consider running to be New York’s senator or governor in 2014. * Alec Baldwin hints at a 2017 run for New York mayor(AM NY) * Green Party Candidates File for Many New York Congressional Races(NYO) * Julie Menin And That New Voting Bloc... Women(NYDN) * Diaz Sr. To NY House Members: Retire Or Be Retired(YNN) * Dov Hikind, The Book(NYO)* Three-Judge Panel Questions New York Senate and Assembly Redistricting Plan A three-judge panel in Brooklyn decided today they would not dismiss complaints challenging the constitutionality of the recently enacted New York state legislative redistricting plan.  * Candidates Preparing to run for Linares Seat El Diario La Prensa(Perez Notes) * Rangel Campaign Criticizes Oscar de la Renta(NYO) * Gale Brewer on THE PEREZ NOTES  * Andrew Rasiej said that 2013 candidates need to step it up on tech. * Which way will Al Sharpton go in the Jeffries/Barron race? * Manhattan Madam Kristen Davis is considering running in 2013.


Will Cuomo Reform A Corporate Takeover of NY Politics?

Hedge Funds Rise as N.Y. Political Force(WSJ)  Common Cause will release a report today highlighting how hedge funds have emerged as a force in New York state politics, funneling tens of millions of dollars to political parties, pet causes and candidates from both major parties, the Wall Street Journal. * National push targets Cuomo, NY campaign reform(WSJ) Hedge fund campaign contributions increased 73.5 percent when Cuomo was elected governor – rising from $4.1 million in 2006 (when Spitzer won the governor’s race) to $7.1 million. In response to news that advocates would be flooding his inbox with letters urging him to support campaign finance reform, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told the Associated Press that he was working on a legislative package for passage this session.  In response to news that advocates would be flooding his inbox with letters urging him to support campaign finance reform, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told the Associated Press that he was working on a legislative package for passage this session. A national coalition of advocacy groups is pushing Governor Andrew Cuomo on campaign finance reform. * Conservative Party: Keep Taxpayer Dollars Out Of Campaigns * Silver May Push Public Financing For Comptroller’s Race(YNN) * Hedge Fund Donor List Raises Question: Is Cuomo "Governor 1%"? (WNYC) * campaign mgr: Oscar de la Renta is 'poster child 4 the 1 %

Senate Democrats Broke, Oh My How Will Parkside Make It Million$

Senate Democrats broke but upbeat about reclaiming chamber (NYDN) Have just $115,000 on hand in coffer, latest campaign filings show.  Senate Democrats are nearly broke and $1.47 million in debt just seven months before the crucial battle to retake the chamber. Senate Democrats broke but upbeat about reclaiming chamber.

Toby Stavisky Uses Anti-Semite to Try to Win Re-Election in A District to Elect An Asian

ONE Flushing Nightmare: Parkside Wages Cold War in Queens(Queens Politics)  John Choe is the Founder of ONE Flushing.  We all remember Choe’s exploits. Choe is a supporter of the brutal communist regime in North Korea and used various organizations to proliferate communist propaganda, but lately he’s been in in Flushing propping up Toby Stavisky as part of a sweet heart deal. Choe is utilizing his ONE Flushing organization as a stage for the Parkside Group to help Toby Stavisky gain media attention.

NYP Misses Liu's Fired Aid John Choe Anti-Israel Past

Toby Stavisky Campaigns With An Anti-Semitic Bum

Last year NYP editorial on October 5, 2011 said that Liu let John Choe go after the NYP exposed his involvement with a pro-Korea group.  What the NYP missed that the group founded by by Choe  Nodutdol was involved in pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel organizing.  Asian Week reported on April 20, 2002 that Nodutdol attended and Anti- Israel rally in Washington, D.C.  Nodutdol's website in the past "Condemned the economic strangulation campaign Israel has undertaken against the Palestinian People."
The Nodutdol website had a petition to President Bush that said the following: "The U.S. government must end its support of Israel's occupation of Palestine.  I condemn. . . the murderous military and economic campaign Israel has undertaken against the Palestinian people."  When asked to oust his aide who is pro-North Korean Newsday reported on June 13, 2003 that Liu said "What Choe does on his own time is not mine or anyone's business. It does not interfere with his duties in the City Council."  Lui helped Nodutdol obtain member items funds from the Department of Youth and Community Development."

More Parkside Corruption 
Barry Grodenchik was Shulman's former long-time right-hand man, and her LDC's hired Parkside lobbyist during the time of the LDC's unregistered lobbying which resulted in a $59,090.00 penalty against the LDC, and the investigation by the Office of the Attorney General due to the apparent violations of § 1411 of the NYS Not-For-Profit Corporation Law and the LDC's certificate of incorporation. Grodenchik and Parkside were lobbying specialists with presumed knowledge of the applicable laws; and yet, Shulman's LDC did not comply with law. What role, if any, did Grodenchik and Parkside have in determining the lobbying activities of the LDC, contrary to law? That question is just the tip of the iceberg. Subsequent to the New York Times' publication of a major article concerning the LDC's lobbying, Grodenchik was deleted from Parkside web site. Thereafter Grodenchik resurfaced -- appointed by Helen Marshall as Queens Deputy Borough President, working inside Borough Hall where the final decision will be made to approve or disapprove a developer of the WilletsPoint project, in favor of which Shulman's LDC lobbied.

Espada Collects Quarter Million in Vacation Pay From His Health Facility Bank
Espada’s $256K from ‘vacation’ hours(NYP) Former State Sen. Pedro Espada collected a staggering $256,000 for “unused vacation time” – the equivalent of 54 paid weeks of full-time work – at his Bronx taxpayer-funded non-profit, an aide testified at Espada’s corruption trial * Concerned Bronx pols and advocates visit borough childcare (NYDN)

Post CityTime Scandal DOI Still Not Interested In Protecting Whistleblowers

Department of Investigation rebuffs Council bill to protect private-sector whistleblowers (NY World)

Let livery drivers carry guns: trade group(NYDN) * Former Gov. David Paterson helped roll out a new taxi that lets the visually impaired know their fare and use a credit card. * New York Senator Proposes Equipping Transit Workers With Tasers (WCBS)







Albert Shanker Put UFT in Charge of NYC Schools 40 Years Ago

Who’ll run NY’s schools?(NYP Ed) * Failing’ minority students(NYDN) Black and Latino students are nearly four times more likely than their white and Asian peers to be enrolled in the city’s lowest-performing high schools.* New Study Identifies 'Opportunity Gap' for Students(NYT)

Albert Shanker Labor Boss

54 New Schools Will Open This Fall, Bloomberg Says(NYT) * NYC opening 54 new small schools(WABC) Of the 23 schools Bloomberg is closing in NYC, 9 were created by him in the last 10 years.

At a Brooklyn School, the Cool Crowd Pushes the King Around(NYT) * Parents demand expansion to eighth grade for Queens gifted magnet school (NY World)

Legendary New Year's Eve host dies of heart attack: report(NYP) * New York Remembers Dick Clark, 1929 - 2012(NYDN) * ‘Bandstand’ Host and New Year’s Eve Icon(NYT) *Dick Clark discusses the genesis of New Year's Rockin' Eve * Ryan Seacrest, Joan Rivers, Neal Patrick Harris react to 's death (Wash Post)

City (over)Hall costs keep skyrocketing(NYP) More major structural problems have been discovered in the 200-year-old building that will drive up the cost of repairs and upgrades from $123.8 million to just under $150 million. Major structural problems have been discovered during the renovation of City Hall, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg reluctantly authorized an additional $25 million

Park Slope Today

Park Slope Historic District Now City's Biggest(NYT)

 In 1960 Park Slope Was Abandoned Riddled With Crime and Street Gangs

The predominantly Irish and Italian middle-class residents were feeling the squeeze of a countrywide economic downturn. Banks had red-lined the area, citing underground streams and a lack of off-street parking as reasons not to lend. The Federal Housing Administration was not backing mortgages in the whole borough, which meant that even middle-class couples looking to buy could not get financing. Lured by the promise of a cheap house with a yard for their children and a driveway for their car, many families migrated to Long Island. Many of the managers at Dime Bank, the Williamsburg Savings Bank and others lived out there, too. “Brooklyn was, in their mind, the land of crime, gangs and arson,” Former Assemblyman Joe Ferris * Block Redo Melds in Williamsburg(WSJ)




Study: A Quarter Of City Children Live In Poverty(NY1)









Inside Cuomo's Tax Returns

Cuomo Reported Income of Over $230,000 in 2011(NYT) * Cuomo Opens Tax Returns(WSJ) * Cuomo’s 2011 tax returns show he’s no longer paying $6,000 in New York City in residency tax, even though he still sometimes crashes at girlfriend Sandra Lee’s Manhattan apartment. His official residence is her home in Mount Kisco.* The returns also revealed Cuomo is making money through a trust that invests in real estate and petroleum as he weighs the future of extracting natural gas in New York. * Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tax returns show he paid a tax rate of just under 18 percent on over $230,000 in income  last year. * A Cuomo spokesperson said AMG National Trust Bank has “total control” over the governor’s investments. * Cuomo Tax Return Shows Texas, NJ Investments(WNYC)


2016 Time Person of the Year?

 Cuomo named to Time’s 100 most influential people (TU) * Cuomo: The best or the worst? (CrainsNY)

Cuomo-created econ devel "Chairman's Council" hasn't met for 9 months. Admin cancelled scheduled meetings 4 times. * A Deft Health Care Move(NYT) The Times says that Cuomo was wise to issue an executive order setting up a health care exchange for New York after Senate Republicans refused to do so. * The NYT praises Cuomo’s “deft” use of an executive order to create a health care exchange, but wants to see the Legislature try again next year (assuming the Supreme Court doesn’t obliterate Obamacare altogether). * Cuomo's Chairman's Committee yet to meet ( * Audits Reveal $40M In Improper Medicaid  * Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell thinks Cuomo “must find a way for New York to take advantage of its rich store of natural gas deposits while at the same time protecting the environment.” * Two audits by Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office revealed that data problems and delays in posting information to eMedNY, New York’s Medicaid claims processing system, caused $36 million in improper payments and another $6.3 million in overpayments.

NYT Spins Positive For Their HQ Partner Ratner
Payments(YNN) Times focuses on retail changes near arena site, suggests blight of "dreary" rail yards transformed & "die-hard opponents" worried about liquor license (nah) (Atlantic Yard Review) * Sip off: Barclays Center neighbors fight for smaller beer cups(Brooklyn Paper) * Atlantic Yards Mega-mistake Shipwrecks on the 100th Anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic(Noticing NY)


Anger over ‘unnecessary’ sidewalk repair(NYDN)

Bravest Mourn Loss Of Lieutenant Killed In Brooklyn Fire(NY1) * Nappi 'did everything for the firefighters, for his fam(NYDN)* Scholarship Fund Set Up For Children Of Fallen FDNY Lt(WCBS)* NYPD officer stabbed in East Harlem(WACB)


The Education No Smoking Anywhere Mayor

Mayor Taking New Step on Smoking(WSJ)* Bloomberg plans to introduce legislation that would require residential buildings to adopt written policies on where smoking is permitted or prohibited and disclose those rules to prospective tenants and owners.* Proposal would require building owners to set smoking rules(NBC)


Yankee No Parking

Garage Near Yankee Stadium Nearly Empty on Home Opener(NBC) The garage, along with about a dozen other lots and garages, was built with millions of dollars in tax-free bonds by a firm called Bronx Parking Development Company, to accompany the new stadium.


Buses With 3 Doors? What’s a Rider to Do?(NYT)



New York Harbor To Undergo $250M Renovation Project (NY1)




The Making of A President 2012

Romney’s Critique of War Policy Gets a Closer Look(NYT) * Phony Mommy Wars(Dowd, NYT) * NY1 Exclusive: Obama Likely To Win New York But Has Lukewarm Approval From State VotersCBS News/New York Times poll finds President Obama, Mitt Romney in dead heat among registered voters* The presidential race has devolved into a war over dog treatment* Who will replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state? * Obama campaign releases first Spanish TV ads  * Romney chimes in on Secret Service, GSA (CNN) * Investigators are searching Colombian brothels for leads in the Secret Service prostitution party scandal. * The Texas pastor who called Mormonism “a cult” while backing Rick Perry is now endorsing Mitt Romney* The Romney Way of Evasion (NY Mag) * Romney and Obama Are in a Tight Contest, Poll Finds(NYT) * Mitt Romney: 'Vast Left Wing Conspiracy' Against Me In The Media(Huff Post) * Mitt Romney: ‘They Want to Talk About Dogs and I Want to Talk About Jobs’(NYO) * Romney aides point out Obama ate dog meat as a child(NYP) * Thomas Friedman hopes Mayor Bloomberg will reconsider running for president as an independent, “if only to participate in the presidential debates and give our two-party system the shock it needs.” * David Axelrod and Eric Fehrnstrom, Twitter(Wash Post) * The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has $32 million in reserve in battleground states.   * Romney–Rice 2012? (NY Mag)


Secret Service agents to be fired in wake of Colombia scandal; escort says argument was over $800(NYP) * Escort Recounts Quarrel With Secret Service Agent(NYT)


Elizabeth Warren Takes Manhattan: ‘It-Candidate’ Of 2012 Soaks Up Love And Dollars From Local Dems(NY Obsever) * Republicans Slam Elizabeth Warren For Hanging With Harry Belafonte (NYO)


Colbert Applauds Fox News For Extensive GSA Coverage: They Were All Over Story Like ‘White On Fox News’

In Conversation: Barney Frank (NY Mag)
On the eve of his departure from Washington, the candid, caustic Massachusetts congressman talks with Jason Zengerle about Jon Stewart, Newt Gingrich, Tip O’Neill, Hillary Clinton, Fannie and Freddie …



City & State hires Morgan Pehme as editor-in-chief (C&S)





Law and Order 

WATCH: Robber pulls gun on cashier in supermarket stickup(NYP)

Perv’ teacher’s weird game-show defense(NYP)

Burglars target elderly man as fake workers(WABC) * Police: Brooklyn Burglary Suspects Posed As Construction Workers (NY1)* Brooklyn sicko slapped with 40-to-life sentence for double murder(NYP) * Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes sat on a rape recantation for nearly a year while two men accused of the crime sat in prison.




Senate Democrats are pushing for passage of a bill that would bar law enforcement from using the mere possession of condoms as evidence of prostitution.

Web Site Stole Job Seekers’ Data in Tax-Fraud Scheme(NYT) * Murder-Suicide in Brooklyn, the Police Say(NYT) * NYPD seeking suspects in 3 robberies(WSJ)* City aide says yes, I was DWI (NYDN)

 Brooklyn rape case mess(NYDN) *DA hides denial of rape: att’y(NYP)



NYPD Seeks Armed Robbers in Queens(DNAINFO)


La Guardia security knife scare(NYP) *DA hides denial of rape: att’y(NYP) * Sex trial gets the kinks out(NYP) * ‘Rape pix’ cop keeps pension(NYP) * Wiseguy graveyard ‘buried’(NYP) * Stab cop’s bloody hell (NYP) * Police Officer Stabbed in Head in East Harlem(NYT) * Not dead? Shovel to the head!(NYDN)* Brutal slaying of teen in Melrose Houses, second  murder (NYDN) * Blumenfeld Finds D.A.'s Questioning of Suspects Violates Conduct Code (NY Law Joural)

NYPD hunts Riverside Park rape fiend who attacked jogger(NYDN) * 2 men dead in love slaNYDN)


Subway plotter cohort testifies al Qaeda taught him easy way to create explosives(NYP)