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NYT Claim that The Russian Are Voting for the GOP is Not A Communist Plot But A Fantasy

NYT Invents History

A Plot Against the Russian By Selfish Incumbents
NYT Starts A New Read Scare Again
NYT Does Not Understand the Brooklyn Russians Voters Are Moving to the GOP Because They Were Screw by the Democrats, Not Because of their communist background.  The NYT leaves out the fact that for 10 years the Russians were registering Democratic and electing Democrats. In return for their loyalty they got redistricted into oblivion. The NYT forgets about the loyalty the Russians have show to the Democrat party and says the Russian immigrants are far more likely to vote Republican than most New Yorkers, and have already helped tip the balance for the GOP in several recent races. Republicans running for office this year can expect considerable support from the city’s Russian enclaves.  It is interesting how NYT writer Joseph Berger left out all the important point NYt writer Michael Powell made in his article about the Russian in March. Kingmaker of Little Russia - The New York Times.  Powell in the article reported from a Russian leader that "“They are existentially angry,” he said of the Brighton Russians. “They found that the Republicans and Democrats don’t have friends; they have interests."  Nowhere in Powell's article did it say the Russian have an affinity for the GOP because of Communism.

The NYT Ignored A History Russian Deliving the Votes to the Dems, Elect Dems and Never Got A Chance From the Dems to Elect Represents From Their Community to Office
Gregory Davidzon, owner of the Russian radio station WSNR in Brooklyn, N.Y has become the guy to talk to in the Russian Community. His radio stations constant ads and interviews with Russian team Greenfield was responsible for pulling out over 2000 Russian voters for the Greenfield, his margin of victory.  He was also a key play in the election of the first Russian Assemblyman Alex Brook-Krasney and helped deliver the vote to the mayor in 2009. Congressman Turner credits him for his upset victory and also delivered the Russian vote to John Liu against David Yassky. * Key Russian Leader Endorses Turner After Positive Poll Results (True News)* This Russian Immigrant Can Make the 9th Congressional District Race Close (True News)
Kruger, Fidler, Cymbrowitz, Recchia and Lopez Never Welcomed the Russians into the Party as Equal Partners
Many of those democrats the Russians help elected through the years worked worked against during redistricting.  It started 10 years ago when Council Dominic Recchia looking to get reelected in Brighton Beach cut a third of the Russians out of his district.  He won in 2001 because of a 5 way spit of the Jewish  and Russian vote.  This year the Russian hoped to pick up a state senate district only to find their community divided up into 4 different state senate district and 4 Assembly district. The 4 assembly seats could have been redistricted to elect 3 Russian there is currently one.  The GOP understands the meaning the population changes in Southern Brooklyn and they why they are running Russian candidates all over like David Strobin who shocked the political world by taking it to long time incumbent Fidler (With yesterday judges ruling it looks like Strobin will win).   What the NYT does not understand is the Democrats led by Kruger, Fidler, Cymbrowitz, Recchia and Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez by not accepting them into the fold have given the GOP the opportunity to pick up seats by running Russians. * A Russian Tragedy (True News)* Albany Builds A New Berlin Wall Around Brighton Beach Russian Jews (True News) * To Save the Brooklyn Democratic Party Assemblyman Cymbrowitz Must Go (True News) * The Six Stooges That Make Up the Redistricting Committee (True News) * WSJ Discover the Russian Machine But Ignore Their Vote Being Diluted in Redistricting (True News) * Congressman Weiner A Strong Symbol That Keep Southern Brooklyn Democratic Party Together (True News) * Turner Victory Starts Civil War Within New York's Democratic Party (True News) * How the Political Machines Stay Alive: Rules Not Votes - What the Fidler Race Exposed (NYT)

True News Wags the NYT On the Russian Community Move to the GOP
True News Wrote on April 23, 2012
Only a Russian Candidate Can Slow the Red Tide in Southern (True News) Brooklyn The Congressman Turner victor was the wake-up call.  The Fidler results is the panic button. Southern Brooklyn is turning GOP red.  The Democrats only chance to try slow this tide is to pick new candidates that mirror the district. That has already been done in the news Boro Park State Senate District where DSCC Chairman Mike Gianaris helped lobby former Councilman Simcha Felder to run for the seat.   The Winds of Civil War Between the Jews of Southern Brooklyn (True News)

Today's New York Times Reports
Among New York’s Russians, an Affinity for the G.O.P.(NYT) New Yorkers vote overwhelmingly for Democratic politicians, but immigrants from the former Soviet Union are a notable exception, perhaps because of the legacy of Communism. The NYT implies with a picture of a Russian fur shop that they have they have an affinity to the GOP.  The problem is in Russian even the poor were fur to keep out the cold.  Only in American is connected to the rich.  Wrong culture gray lady.  The NYT should be asking why Albany created an extra Asian congressional, state senate and assembly district in spite of the fact that the Asian registration rate is not as strong as the Russians who got shut out of new districts.

The Workers Revolt  
If the NY Times is Looking for A Workers Revolution They Do Not Have to Travel to Brooklyn

Restless veterans expect changes at Time(NYP) * New York Times Journalists Demand End To Contract Negotiations (VIDEO) * TIMES V. TIMES(Huff Post)

NY's Hookers to the Rich and Connected Need A French Bastelle Type Revolution

If You Have Sex With the Working Man in the Back of A Hotdog Truck Your Back At Work.  If you Have Sex With the Special Interest You Remain in Jail to Shut You Up

Hot Dog Hooker ‘relishes’ her return(NYP) * So-Called L.I. ‘Hot Dog Hooker’ Delivers 6-Minute ‘I’m Sexy’(WCBS)

Madam’ collects attorneys(NYP) * Accused Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina wants new lawyer - again (NYDN) Gristina charged with one count of promoting prostitution for allegedly running brothel from upper East Side pa * Accused madam yelled at by judge after attempting to switch defense team again(NYP)


Councilman Peter Koo stirs outrage with proposal to honor Asian 'comfort women' used by Japanese soldiers in World War II (NYDN)  The 'comfort women' issue has long been controversial * Flushing City Councilman Peter Koo’s effort to honor sex slaves used by Japanese soldiers during World War II is sparking outrage in Japan. * Candidate supports Koo’s recognition of history(Queens Politics)

Campaign 2012   . on Bloomberg endorsement: "Do I want it? Yes...any reason 4me 2c why he wouldnt do it? Absolutely not"  Rangel Returns To Washington, Confident Of His Re-Election (NY1) * Public Advocate to Call for Audit of Stop-and-Frisk Tactic(NYT) Public Advocate Bill de Blasio will call on the mayor today to reduce the controversial practice of stop-and-frisk, requesting the city perform an internal audit to determine its effectiveness* ‘Super PAC’ Is Backing a Rangel Challenger(NYT) * Manhattan Apartment Rents Soar, Again (WSJ) * George Marlin is a lonely voice on the right calling for NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly NOT to run for NYC mayor in 2013. “Do you really want to deal with all the bickering, backbiting and buck-passing?” * Sen. Diane Savino has a Republican challenger, who just landed the Brooklyn Conservatives’ endorsement. * Charlie Rangel says he wants Mayor Bloomberg’s endorsement, but doesn’t want the mayor to feel awkward. * Despite Storobin Stumble, ‘School Choice Party’ Plows Ahead(NYO) * Tom Allon on THE PEREZ NOTES  * Liu Urges City To Push Projects In The Pipeline, Promises Plan Would Create 15,000 Positions(NYO) * Sen. Adriano Espaillat says Mitt Romney twisted himself into a “xenophobic pretzel” during the GOP primary.* John Liu Calls for Stop-and-Frisk’s Abolishment as Mayor’s Office and Bill de Blasio Spar(NYO) * Mayor's office defends NYPD stop-and-frisk policy (WABC) * Thompson Quits Authority to Focus on Bid for Mayor(NYT)

Quinn's Persistent Gadflies(WSJ)

119 disputed ballots will be counted and could, potentially, wipe away Democrat Lew Fidler's 87-vote lead over Republican David Storobin. [Adam Dickter] * BREAKING: Judge Rejects Fraud Claim In SD-27(NYDN) * The SD-27 recount will resume Monday.

Espada Jury Still Out Almost Hung

Juror Sickness Stalls Prolonged Deliberations In Espada Case(NY1) * 3:30PM Jury is deadlocked in Espada trial. Judge reads Allen charge and orders jury to continue deliberations. This is NOT a hung jury. Deliberations are still going on.* Panel unable to reach verdict in ex-state senator's embezzlement trial(NYP) * Federal Judge Frederic Block issued an “Allen Charge” – a set of instructions telling the Pedro Espada trial jury to give deliberations “one last chance” to reach a unanimous verdict.* After a Rebellion That Shook Albany, Three Falls From Grace(NYT)


Looks Like the 4th Amigo Will Be Going Also, But Not to Jail, the Nut House

Diaz Sr. Compares Legislation Restricting Happy Meal Toys to The ‘American Holocaust’(NYO) * Ruben Diaz: "I support North Carolina" [UPDATED](C&S)




Possible 3 Amigo Reunion: Are Monserrate and Epada Kosher?
Former State Sen. Carl Kruger, his friend and co-defendant Michael Turano, former Parkway Hospital Executive Robert Aquino and former MediSys CEO David Rosen have all asked Manhattan federal Court Judge Jed Rakoff that they be allowed to serve their time at Otisville, a medium-security federal prison in Orange County, New York that was ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the top 12 places to go to jail in a 2006 survey. Otisville is famous for its facilities for Jewish inmates, including its Jewish chaplain and its inmate-led Seder services during Passover. (City and State) Carl Kruger and Company Want to Serve Their Time In Otisville(C&S)


Diverse In NYC? (MAP) (Huff Post)


WTF: CMs Ask for Delay On More Jobs for the Bronx

Two Bronx City Council members ask delay on FreshDirectNYDN) * Bronx has the highest unemployment rate(NYP) * Bronx Unemployment Rate Hits Highest in Decades : Norwood News * Federal aid cuts worsen New York City budget woes (New York World)* Comptroller: Speed up building to boost jobs(CrainsNY)

Commission targets city reports for elimination(New York World)



NY1 Exclusive: 20 More Mistakes Found In State Math Exams(NY1)* Ay caramba! Foreign language school exams hit (NYDN) * Chancellor Tisch hits Pearson for test flubs(CrainsNY)

More Education News  City Freezes Hiring at 24 Struggling Schools Until Hearing (NYT)


Must Be the CityTime 2 Billion$$$ Syndrome
Bloomberg Does Not Want to Know How His Administration Failed So Badly At High Tech Bloomberg: I Didn't Read 911 Report(WOR) * Mayor: I didn’t read 911 report(NYP)* Scott Stringer: "If a document that outlines how well the city is saving lives isn't important reading material, I’m not sure what is." [David Seifman] * His admission is especially startling given that Bloomberg himself commissioned the study …" [Juan Gonzalez]


Manhattan Apartment Rents Soar, Again(WSJ)

Bomber in Plot on U.S. Airliner Is Said to Be a Double Agent

We'd have missed new undie bomber(NYP)




2 & 5 leave you strap-hanging(NYP) An analysis of the agency’s subway-delay alerts to riders shows that the 2 and 5 lines have had the most “significant” incidents that lead to longer waits.* Study: Defective Signals Cause Majority Of Subway Delays (NY1)



An Even Longer Wait for the LIRR at Grand Central

2019 Is Target for Rail Plan(WSJ)he MTA’s East Side Access plan, connecting the Long Island Rail Road to Grand Central Terminal, has been delayed again and won’t be complete until 2019– six years past its original completion target.* MTA Pushes Back Completion Of East Side Access Project Until 2019 (NY1)


New York’s Tech Industry Tops U.S. in Growth, Study Finds(NYT)






 NYPD Ticket Blitz

Oddo: Advance editorial is 'dead on' about NYPD traffic ticket strategy (SI Advance)




Wayne Barrett Is Off The Cuomo Beat – For Now(C&S) 

Any governor who can own *both* Wayne Barrett and Fred Dicker... The Kid's got talent. What else can I say?


Last Time Streisand Sang In Brooklyn Was At Erasmus Hall High School


The “iconic” Mr. Met was congratulated in an official resolution by the Senate for being named best mascot by the Celebrity Dave Brown Index.





Histories of Treasure

A Peek Into The Times's Archive(NYT) * A Library for the Future(NYT Ed)The plans to renovate the flagship building of the New York Public Library are forward-thinking. But the essence of this cultural landmark should be preserved.The Times approves of the New York Public Library’s modernization plan, but says the integrity of the main branch must be preserved


Community groups are pushing the state to replace old generators at a Queens power plant with cleaner ones. 

Red-hot rivals set for July 4 (NYDN)

Illegal Ads on SoHo Building Prompt a Record Fine(NYT)


Court Occupies the Twitter
Tweet fight in OWS case(NYP)Twitter is asking a judge to quash a subpoena in which the Manhattan district attorney ordered it to produce months of old tweets involving an OWS protesters* Twitter resists giving prosecutors Occupy Wall Street activist's message history  (NYDN) Micro-blogging service asks judge to quash subpoena to produce Malcolm Harris' tweets * Twitter is resisting an attempt by prosecutors to gain access to the message history of a writer and activist who was arrested during Occupy Wall Street protests last fall, the AP reports.

Board Rejects Sheik Seeking Two of Heiress’s Homes(NYT)



 The Making of A President 2012 &; 2016?
: Obama: "I think same-sex couples should be able to get married." via

Obama Endorses Same-Sex Marriage(NYT) With Nation Split, Obama Calls It a Personal Conviction(NYT)* Reaction from Gay Rights Groups(NYT) *President says same-sex marriage should be legal(NYP) *President Obama & Marriage Equality: Pols React(NYDN)m *Leaked: White House Talking Points On Gay Marriage Flip(Buzz Feed)* Here’s a timeline of President Obama’s evolution on gay marriage.* First Lady Michelle Obama played a role in changing her husband’s mind.* Obama heads to LA Thursday for a mega-fund-raiser hosted by George Clooney that will be attended by national marriage equality supporters – including director Rob Reiner, a board member of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which organized the federal lawsuit against California’s Proposition 8. * Mitt Romney reiterated his opposition to gay marriage AND civil unions after initially ducking questions during a campaign stop. * Same-Sex Marriage Not Supported in Most Swing States(NYT) * Hikind: Obama’s Marriage Announcement ‘Gives Politics Such A Bad Name’ (NYO) * Democratic National Convention Committee: Move the National Convention OUT of North Carolina!(Petition) * RT Scoop: Obama Campaign raised $1 million in first 90 minutes after marriage news broke

Liberal Donors’ Plan Worries Top Democrats(NYT) * A Warm Exchange Between Obama and Cuomo(NYT) * Obama in Cuomo's Glow  * Gay Marriage Stance Distracting From Obama's Jobs Message(NY1) * Obama in Cuomo's Glow(WSJ) President Obama’s trip to Albany yesterday not only provided an ideal setting for an economic campaign speech, but also an opportunity for the president to tap into some of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s popularity * Obama Lays Out Election Year "To Do" List During Albany Visit(NY1) * Bam’s high praise for state’s hi-tech economy (NYDN) * After defeat, Dick Lugar unloads on 'unrelenting' partisanship:(Politico) * Why Dick Lugar lost(Wash Post) *Priebus: ‘Chicken’ Obama Is ‘No Cuomo’(YNN) * A Mitt Romney spokesperson slammed the 5 point congressional to-do list Obama unveiled in Albany, saying: “No amount of ‘to-do’ lists can hide the fact that the President’s policies have failed to make life better for the millions of Americans who are struggling in the Obama economy.” * Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell thinks Obama should “man up” and reveal his personal position on gay marriage.* NJ Gov. Chris Christie, who says he could be persuaded to be Romney’s running mate, won’t commit to seeking re-election to his current job.* Michael Bloomberg said gay marriage will be a factor in his endorsement decision. [Colin Campbell] *Dov Hikind's comments to the Post about Bill Thompson's strength in the Orthodox Jewish community cause a stir. [Jewish Press] * Hikind clarifies: "I was quoted as saying Bill Thompson is a favorite in the Jewish community. That’s true. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the favorite." [] * Ed Koch: "I believe the president is in a lot of trouble and at this point, he's behind … I believe that unless he does something bold he will not win." [NY1] * A federal prison inmate got 41% of the vote against Barack Obama in the West Virginia primary last night. * Mark Halperin: Obama Will Endorse Gay Marriage, Will ‘Help Him Win Reelection’ * Mitt Romney is looking at a deep pool of VP candidates.
Andy can’t wait for his sweet ’1 6 


Jon Stewart Rails On Republican Hypocrisy Over Bin Laden And Auto Bailouts


Obama staffer testifies Edwards' wife angrily confronted key donor about mistress(NYP)

North Carolina Voters Ban Same-Sex Marriage(NYT) Deja vu: North Carolina had an amendment outlawing interracial marriage in its Constitution until 1971.

Daily News America

Colin Myler's 'Daily News' is working on a new national site, 'Daily News(Capital)


‘Death gate’ video: Kid-crush pals frantic as car approached(NYP)



 Sex-cop vic gets justice(NYP) Life in jail OK by her







Nearly 40 percent of city's 911 calls are accidental, report finds. Advocates blast "butt dials"

 Kick in pants: Accidental cell calls plague 911(NYDN)

 Law and Order

Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse(NYT)

Mob boss guilty of racketeering but acquitted in officer's murder(NYP) * Reputed Mobster Convicted of Murder Conspiracies, but Not Murder(NYT)

Mafia ‘hit man’ finds God(NYP) *Cops hit & miss in hostage melee(NYP) * 18 years to life for nun slay(NYP) *‘Super’ sleazes get hit for $2M(NYP) *$2 Million Penalty for Sexually Harassing West Side Tenants (NYT) * After Guilty Plea, Pimp Fires His Lawyer at Sentencing(NYT) * Parole Violator Arrested After Chase Through Tunnel(NYT) * Punch a ticket to the hospital(NYDN) * Court: Viewing kid porn online does not a crime(NYDN) * Nab 12 in Rx bust (NYDN) * Drop theft charge vs. boxing cabby (NYDN) * Gotti’ lot to say at murder trial (NYDN) * Slay rap in wreck that claims nun(NYDN) * Former Yankee Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of 8-Year-Old On Long (WCBS) * Amateur Boxer Now Free After Queens DA Re-Examines Robbery (WCBS) * Wrongly accused man cleared with surveillance video(NBC) * Queens Burglar Steals Laptop, Dental Equipment: Police(NBC) * Kelly puts brakes on police searches of taxi passengers(NYDN) *Sex fiend pleads guilty to raping woman after crawling through her window(NYP) * Teacher Helps Man Shot Outside Queens Special Ed School(DNAINFO) * NYCLU issued a new stop-and-frisk report on the NYPD. *Ex-Officer Sentenced for Robbing Drug Dealers(NYT)

Jury convicts Brooklyn woman of fatally starving, beating daughter(NYP): Carlotta Brett-Pierce of Brooklyn found guilty of murder in death of 4-year-old daughter Marchella.* Mother Guilty of Murder in Death of 4-Year-Old(NYT)

2 Are Cleared of Officer’s Killing but Convicted of Plotting Mob Murders(NYT)

Taking murder rap like a man(NYP)

Jurors Find Defendant Guilty In Manhattan Parking Spot Assault Trial(NY1)