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True News Sunday Update: How the Political Machines Stay Alive: Rules Not Votes - What the Fidler Race Exposed

Smoke and Mirrors Party Machine Exposed . . . 

A Conviction, Erection and an Election

The NYT says the city's political machines has long lost the ability to produce votes and use an election law that was put in place by Tammany Hall to remain in power.  State Senate Race Spotlights a Feeble Democratic Party (Powell, NYT) The NYT uses the Fidler vs Storobin shocking results confirms what True News has been saying for years, that the once powerful Brooklyn machine lead by the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club (TJ) is like El Cid. Inside its impressive looking armor, there is barely a pulse to accomplish its primary mission of producing votes.   The TJ club's candidate Fidler beat Storobin by less than a 1000 votes in their home district (59AD) with a shocking small turnout in AD 2198.  In the 41AD were Fidler hs been a district leader for over a decade he also could not beat Storobin by more than 700 votes.  2394 to 1693.  The poor election results is the final straw for a club which has seen it State Senator locked up for bribery, Kruger. Its Congressman being exposed lying about sexting on the increase and was forced to resigning, Weiner.

NY's Tammany Hall Election Law Keep the Party Machines Alive

The NYT reports the Special Election Law allows party leaders to hand pick candidates.  30% of the elected officials in Albany were chosen by party bosses. The old gray lady said party bosses also keep their power by controlling the courts.  Pick the judges who run in noncompetitive races, and who in turn will hand out lucrative surrogate and guardian contracts to politically connected lawyers, who help them knock challengers off the ballot.. The party bosses also use their power in the courts and the Board of Elections which they also control with Tammany Hall rules to knock off opponents or force them to use there limited campaign resources in court challenges designed to knock them off the ballot. The parties offer access to caches of campaign cash, which in turn gets paid to the same political consultants who help party picked candidate raise $$$ by collecting contributions from their lobbyist candidates. College student Justin Wax Jacobs was knocked off the ballot on a technicality last year so a Queens' machine backed candidate could run without democratic opposition. (True News)

The NYT Report the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club and the Machine Have Lost Touch With Their Community
The old leader of the TJ club Meade Esposito would not allow Assembly Speaker Stanly Fink to have a constituent office outside the clubhouse.  He also limited the staff the speaker could have. He wanted all the local business of government to be conducted inside his club.  Today the elected officials use there own offices with large staff, member items and government funding mailing to the voters as a political machine that helps them get reelected.  Even Tammany Hall's Christmas free Turkey giveaway has been taken over by elected officials

TJ Runs Their Machine Like Lopez on Member Item Government $$$
Lew Fidler and Kruger have keep the club alive the same way Vito Lopez has kept his political machine going with government funds. As the neighbor changed the club used government money to reach out ot a build loyalty with the new minority residents. The Thomas Jefferson Club remains predominantly white, although it is based in the predominantly West Indian neighborhood of Canarsie.  Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him.

Last Tues. Quinn, de Blasio and Thompson On An Empty Quest to Bklyn For TJ Club Votes

On Sept 14, 2011 True News wrote Thomas Jefferson Club Impotent.  PS How many jerky mayoral candidate will still run to the Thomas Jefferson Club even after their candidate Weprin got blown out of the water last year?  Perhaps Kruger before he goes to jail can give them some baby talk on how they were going to win.  Or Filder can tell them the club is still a powerhouse and does not need to be helped with millions in government member item funds the same way Vito Lopez run his government funded machine. Fidler does not seem to have much of a future even slips by Storobin in a recount. He lost the heart of the new super Jewish district, Hikinds 48AD by more than 2 to 1, 1008 to 458.  * Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him (True News) 

Queens Does Have A County Leader Living in the Borough, But He is the Leader of Brooklyn
The NYT say the barons of the Queens Democratic machine remain more distantly connected to their borough. The Queens boss, Representative Joseph Crowley, lives in northern Virginia, and the members of his Queens Democratic executive committee retreat each night to homes in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The Daily News reports that Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez spends more of his time at his girlfriend house in Queens

Skelas Demolished the Empty TJ Club and Could Topple Brooklyn Position As the Largest Democratic County in the Nation
Buy creating a super Jewish district centered in Boro Park GOP Senate Majority Dean Skelas seem to have hit a home run for his party.  Skelas has expose the most powerful machine club in Brooklyn as a paper Tiger unable to deliver.  Skelas out maneuvered Councilman Greenfield who was opposed the super Jewish district.  Skelas now has the support of Jewish community leaders that for decades Speaker Silver controlled. The senate majority leader has also with the Storobin shocker established a strong support in the Russian community who he recently screwed out of a senate district, by splitting into three different senate districts. The Russian beach head is not the only luck Skelas is having in Brooklyn.  The federal court elimination of the Weiner/Turner district will end the tradition of Brooklyn Jewish congressional seat. By splitting Brooklyn Jewish community the court has eliminated a strong Jewish congressman who could at least fight to keep growing conservatism among the Jewish and Russian American Jewish inside the Democratic Tent. 

NYP Editorial: A GOP Grows in Brooklyn

NYP Says Espaillat vs Rangel Could Hurt Thompson Mayoral Campaign in 2013
Rangel tangle(NYP) Latino wild card in two races
If the congressional showdown turns bloody, Hispanics might not be eager to support Thompson. “You’d have a fractious city,” said the insider. “Latinos would be turned off.” Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer also has something to worry about. If Espaillat challenged Rangel and lost, the senator’s effectiveness as one of Stringer’s key supporters would be blunted.

Charles Rangel: On the Mend, Focused on Being 'My Own Dynamic Self'(WSJ) * NY Redistricting Lines Still Open to Change(Independent View) * Dan Halloran Announcing Congressional Run Monday (Politico) * Avella vs. Padavan rematch?(Queens Crap) * The Queens GOP endorsed Dan Halloran.

The Grace Meng Dream Team A Motley Crew

Grace Meng Unveils Her Campaign Team (C&S) *  Multi-Media
Meng using only her first name in campaign signs

Comptroller Liu Contributors Anomaly

Donations to Liu seems to veer notably from that of the city’s only other Chinese-American pols

Where Liu stands out(NYP Ed) Liu swears there’s nothing fishy about his 2009 campaign, which the feds are carving to pieces over a string of alleged financial crimes.  “Do we operate differently than other campaigns? Absolutely not,” Liu insisted.  City Councilwoman Margaret Chin (D-Chinatown) got plenty of donations from bakers, cooks and seamstresses — but they rarely surpassed $30 per person. Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing) self-financed most of his 2009 campaign, but the rest of his donations came from doctors, bankers, managers, engineers . . . with just a single $25 check from one waiter.

Liu Uses City $$$ To Keep His Ship From Sinking
Liu ‘raises’ eyebrows with pal pay hikes(NYP) Embattled city Comptroller John Liu gave a top deputy a $15,000 pay hike while boosting the salaries of two other chief aides he rewarded with promotions in a bid to keep key staff from jumping ship, The Post has learned. Liu increased the salary of Deputy Comptroller Simcha Felder to $194,087 from $179,444. A staff exodus amid a federal probe of Liu’s campaign fund-raising has led to elevation and salary boosts for other Liu loyalists, as well as new hires. First Deputy Ricardo Morales saw his salary hiked to $194,087 from $186,340.

He Come the Liu Bundler Jokes

TV Anchor Will Hone Liu's Image(WSJ)


More Parkside Queens' Machine Dirty Politics?  Is A Race Being Fixed for County Choice Meng?
The Staviskys are known to hold discipline over their cohorts – throwing out people who don’t follow their orders, like an organized criminal syndicate. So why would Toby’s Chief of Staff manage City Councilmember Liz Crowley’s campaign for Congress? Toby endorsed Grace Meng, so why would she send her #1 guy to run Crowley’s operation? We’d really like to know the truth behind this. Rumors abound. (Queens Politics) * The Parkside Monopoly (True News) * Assemblyman Rory Lanceman’s camp has been burning the midnight oil. They have laid the groundwork for a formidable congressional campaign and chances are they won’t be using (or able to use) the Parkside lobbying firm. (Queens Politics)

Cuomo: The boss (TU)  Nothing gets done in this state without his say. It's the Cuomo school of management. * What is it Cuomo is hiding?(TU)

After Getting the District They Wanted Pols Want Their Pork Back
Pols licking ‘pork’ chops2(NYP)  Assembly Democrats are eyeing an existing source of cash to pay for new “member items,” The Post has learned. It’s a $103 million account that’s supposed to pay for prior-year projects — but that could be tapped for new items if some older projects are scrapped. Gov. Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-LI) are on record as opposing new pork projects. More on Albany Pork

"I Support A Return to Member Items.  The Baseball Team Needs New Uniforms"  Brian Mclaughlin

Feds Piling On the Espadas

Espadas beg, borough, ‘steal’(NYP)Careful what you wish for!Ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. and his son were re-indicted yesterday on 10 counts that had been dismissed earlier this month.

Media Reports NYPD Spying on Liberal Organizations  
NYP Reports: Not Your Local Democratic Club Where the Real Criminal Activity is Conducted in NYC, But Liberal Organizations Connected to Terrorism
More AP Piffle(NYP Ed)The AP story points to a 2008 internal memo that it says shows that undercover NY cops “attended meetings of liberal political organizations” and monitored “even lawful activities.” For one thing, calling them “liberal political organizations” makes it sound like the NYPD was snooping on everyday people in mainstream groups that happen to be on the left. Think: the local Democratic club. In fact, the groups under surveillance included extremist outfits that have either supported, or sometimes worked with, global terror groups, such as the International Solidarity Movement and the International Action Center. * NYPD infiltrated liberal political groups as part of intelligence(NYDN) * Documents reveal NYPD infiltrated liberal political groups and monitored activists - The Star-Ledger

Kelly Under Attack Goes On Mr. Warmth Offense Police Commissioner Shares a Secret Recipe(NYT) *Meatballs à la the Commish (NYP)

Kelly Fires Bell Cops

NYPD cop canned, 3 others forced out for shooting at unarmed Sean Bell(NYP) * Police Will Force Out 4 Officers in Sean Bell Killing(NYT) * Cop in 50-shot killing of NYC man to be fired(WSJ) * NYPD Forcing Out Three Officers Involved In Sean Bell Shooting(NY1)* Police involved in Sean Bell shooting get canned(NYDN) * NYPD To Fire Detective In Sean Bell Shooting(WCBS) * Kelly fires cop in Sean Bell shooting(Fox 5) * NYPD Forces Out Cops in Sean Bell Shooting(WABC)* Detectives Union Blasts NYPD's Firing Of Officer In Sean Bell Case (NY1) Sean Bell's Fiance Lauds Departure Of Three Officers Involved In Shooting * Bell fiancee: Cop firing "Little justice"(NYDN)

 Young white men say stop & frisk targets(NYDN)

Could the Rangers Be Heading to Brooklyn For More Than the One Exhibition Game Scheduled?

Asbestos Investigation at Nassau Coliseum(NBC)

Tom Robbins Continues Jack Newfield's 10 Worst Landlords Investigating Reporting Tradition
The 10 Worst Landlords, started by longtime Village Voice senior editor Jack Newfield in the '60s, has been reborn by his former investigative journalists partner Tom Robbins. Robbins as the first Investigative Journalist in Residence at CUNY work with CUNY students to uncover the story of a real estate magnate who has turned  dozens of Bronx buildings in very a hell hole. 'The 10 Worst Landlords' became a regular feature gracing the pages of the Village Voice through the '70s, '80s, and '90s, and appeared in the NY Post after Newfield moved over there. "Newfield's words from the '80s still ring true. 'Not all landlords are heartless, not every tenant is victimized,' he wrote, and not every victimized tenant has a heartless landlord. But the 10 Worst Landlords purpose remains, as Newfield put it, 'to show what has been done by 10 moral offenders by analyzing code violations and court proceedings, and through interviews with tenants, organizers, and housing officials.' "   NY1 Online: Report Reveals One Of City's Worst Landlords

Who Had the Better Week—Cuomo or Christie?’(WNYC)



NYC Economic Warning

Wall Street cuts put office leasing at 3-year low(CrainsNY)





More Problems Ahead for Kingsbridge Armory

Diaz Jr. Not Happy with Potential Armory Bids(Bronx Political Chatter) After all the years of battling over the Kingsbridge Armory and the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. opposing the prior development plan, we now get word that he may be disappointed with the potential bidders. According to a posting in the wnyc blog, the BP is not excited by any of the proposals which are said to include a mega church but not a big box store. It would be sad, and more than ironic, if a good proposal is not submitted after Diaz led the effort to kill a former offer valued at over $300 million.  


OWS To Rally Against NYPD Tactics Following Friday Clash(NY1) * New rallies and arrests, for Occupy Wall Street(WABC)* OWS March Against Police Brutality - Slideshows(Village Voice) * Arrests at Occupy Wall Street Rally(NYT) * Protesters Speak Out Against NYPD Tactics At OWS Rally(NY1) * 10 busted in OWS march(NYDN) * OWS Protesters March Against Police Brutality(NY Mag) * At Least Eight Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested in Raucous March (DNAINFO)

State Sen. Golden's kin beat rap in bar brawl(NYDN)



Pataki’s pals help a crook (NYDN) Three former aides to ex-Gov. George Pataki have quietly created a legal defense fund for John Haggerty — the Queens political operative convicted of stealing nearly $1 million from the Mayor

As Bribe Grows From $600,000 to $2.5 Million Where is the Investigation to Indict Walters Higher Ups Who Were in On This?
Scope of Bribes Case Grows(WSJ) An Ex-Housing Official Took $2.5 Million in Bribes(NYT) A former senior official of the New York City agency that helps build housing for people with moderate incomes pleaded guilty to accepting about $2.5 million in bribes and other benefits. * Preservation big a $2.5M grafter(NYP) * Housing official Wendell Walters pleads guilty in bribery scheme(New York World)

City-funded activist group teaches homeless how to invade apartments(NYP)

$7M pension HQ running on empty(NYP)The city’s largest pension system has blown $2.5 million on rent for an emergency backup office that has sat empty and unusable for six years.

More City Contracts Gone Bad
Feds $lap LIRR Grand Central contractor(NYP) * Columbia silence Columbia University yesterday refused to say whether it will sever ties with the violations-riddled contractor it hired for a Harlem demolition after a collapse there killed one worker and badly injured two others. *OSHA Fines Contractor(WSJ)  * Contractor Offers Explanation for Building Collapse in West Harlem(NYT)Beam Blamed In Collapse(WSJ)

A Political Food Coop
Divisions and Irritation in Food Co-op’s Debate(NYT) A debate at the Park Slope Food Co-op over whether to boycott products from Israel is dividing its members, and annoying some of them. * Park Slope Food Coop's Divisive Vote on Whether to Vote on Divisive Israeli Boycott (NY Mag)

Parents Decry Cuts To Beacon After-School Programs(NY1)

Before a Carousel's 100th Birthday, a Visit From the Doctor(NYT)



 ELECTION 2012: Santorum Wins Louisiana

Santorum Gets a Boost in Winning Louisiana(NYT) Santorum repeats his "Missouri Miracle" in Louisiana. Sweeps every county. And this time, he even won delegates in the process!* Santorum easily defeats Romney in Louisiana (CBS) * "Values" voters propel Santorum to victory in Louisiana(CBS) * Santorum pounds Romney as he opens Wisconsin campaign(LA Times) * Santorum strong across board in LA GOP primary, dominates with conservatives ...(Wash Post) * Enthusiastic backers lift Santorum in Louisiana(AP) * Santorum wins Louisiana Republican primary, flexing southern muscle(Chicago Tribune) * Strong Conservatives, Religious Voters Send Santorum Soaring(ABC News) * Santorum Wins Louisiana Primary(WSJ) * Santorum's Louisiana win does little to change the game of delegate math(CNN) * Battle of addition: 155 days until GOP convention (CNN) 

On the Right, Santorum Has Women’s Vote(NYT) NYT explores 's strong core of support among conservative women -- particularly married women * Santorum has huge lead in Louisiana (CBS) * Santorum Looks for Rebound in Louisiana - Kasie Hunt, Associated Press * Romney Pivots to New Stage in Campaign - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * mWhy Romney Is Like My Goldendoodle - Dana Milbank, Washington Post * The Reagan in Romney - Larry Kudlow, National Review *Louisiana Could Reboot Santorum(Daily Beast)

Cheney Recovering After Heart Transplant(NYT)

Bill Maher: People Need To Stop Throwing ‘Conniption Fits’ Over Things They Find Offensive


MF Global 
E-mail: Jon ok’d $ move (NYP) * Email Ties Corzine to Missing Funds(WSJ) * Why no scandal tarnishes Teflon-coated Government Sachs

Law and Order

L Train Murder: Fatal Fight At Bedford Station As Man Is Killed By Train(Gothamist)

 No verdict yet in rape case against cop(NYDN) 

Florida’s Disastrous Self-Defense Law(NYT)

Barroom brawlers beat rap(NYP) * Man Hit by Train in Brooklyn After Fight Spills Onto Tracks(NYT) * DNA From 1986 Case Leads to New Sentence(WSJ) * Man Pleads Not Guilty To Murdering Staten Island Groom(NY1) * Sources: Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Bronx Woman(NY1)

 Lawyer: Groom's stabbing was self-defense(NYDN) * Fake cops & robbers(NYP) * Man crushed by L train following fight, dies(NYP) * Cocaine Hidden in Fish-Shaped Plates(NBC) * Fight ends in deadly train accident (WABC) * Man, 20, Dies After Impact With L Train (NYT)

Sunday Crime Update 

Cops hunt gunman in Bx. slaying (NYDN) * Suspect In Fatal Subway Fight Still At Large(WCBS) * Police Search For Suspect In Livery Cab Robbery(WCBS) * College student crushed to death by L train after fight (NYP) * Police search for knife point thief(Fox 5) * Grab and run thief in Harlem(Fox 5) * Police search for livery cab robber(Fox 5) * ‘Red light’ for scofflaw patrol cops(NYP) * Man dead in early-morning Bx. shooting (NYP) * Devastated Qns. mom calls for subway brawler to come forward(NYP) * Suspect In Fatal Subway Fight Still At Large(NBC) * Police release sketch of suspect in deadly train fight (WABC) * A cop who blew the whistle on crime statistics was punished.* Body found at Queens cemetery (NYP) * Half-naked man found dead in Queens cemetery(NYDN)

Guess Who’s Also Worn a Hoodie?(