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Turner Victory Starts Civil War Within New York's Democratic Party

The Coalition of the Outs

New Yorkers looking to escape the corrupt machines have elected republicans like Giuliani for mayor in 1993 but never supported the GOP in there local election until last night.  The reason why not GOP has never won because of voter loyalty that began with FDR to the Democratic Party and the power of incumbents and the party machine to suffocate challengers with the election law and their control of the BoE.  A “sharp rebuke” to Obama, according to the WaPo.

Will the Incumbent Protection Party Pull A Kadiffie By Not Giving Up Control?  YES
A Coalition of Russian-Jewish Immigrants, Orthodox Jews and Reagan Democrats could make their separation from the party a permanent divorce if the party refuses to adopt and stone walls the the message send last night. Victory for Turner Shakes City Democrats(WSJ). The head of national democratic party Debbie Wasserman Schultz has already blamed the Weprin loss on Orthordox Jews who were unhappy with the president and has no national significance.  seems pretty clear Dean Skelos will now try and get 2 Republican state senators elected out of Brooklyn

First Times District Elects A GOP Since 1922, Before the New Deal

This is after the DNC pump 600,000 the last few days into the failed effort.  DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz rejected that spin in an interview with the Gray Lady, saying: “In this district, there is a large number of people who went to the polls tonight who didn’t support the president to begin with and don’t support Democrats – and it’s nothing more than that.” The Republican candidate won a House special election in Nevada, too. This was less of a surprise, but perhaps more of a bellwether for the Dems heading into 2012.*  Twin defeats spark Democratic fears (Politico) YEAH! RT : top NY GOPer: "The blue collar Italian/Irish voters, while not so visible were as, if not more important in the win."

Weiner's old seat goes Republican for first time in 90 years
Echoing her sentiment was DCCC Chairman/Long Island Rep. Steve Israel, who dumped $600,000 into Weprin’s losing effort in the week leading up to the election. He said: “The results in NY-09 are not reflective of what will happen in November 2012 when Democratic challengers run against Republican incumbents who voted to end Medicare and cut Social Security while protecting tax loopholes for big corporations and the ultra wealthy.”  *** Mayor Bloomberg agreed, saying: “It’s not the end of the Obama administration and the Republican resurgence. These tend to be local races. * Is it 2010 all over again for the Democrats?* The New York special election: Will Democrats panic?(The Fix) * Why Obama Is Losing the Jewish Vote  He doesn't have a 'messaging' problem. He has a record of bad policies and anti-Israel rhetoric. (WSJ) * NY-9 and the Democratic Coalition - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics

Azi Paybarah (Twitter)  "this is an important national message" said DNC's Robert Zimmerman re: . he's on WOR710 right now

Schumer: NY-9 Not A Bellwether

Capitol Confidential (Twitter) Schumer: "Anybody who triues to extrapolate between what happens in this district and ... the rest of the country is making a big mistake."* Schumer notes that Obama lost the Brooklyn section of by 15% in 2008. Says it was very different when he repped it. Sen. Schumer takes the phone: "I've never heard the Ninth CD described as a bellwether," notes it's increasingly conservative. *Schumer insists is "unusual" and "unique" unlike any other district in the US. *  Ripples From the GOP’s Upset N.Y.-9 Win Reach Albany, and Beyond (NY Magazine) *  Schumer: Aw, Guys, Don't Blame Obama For NY-9 (NYDN)

Mark Knoller (Twitter)  On the GOP win in NY's 9th CD, Carney says special elections are often unique and dont necessarily reflect future election results.

The NYT is Disconnect From the Average New Yorker Outside Manhattan
The NYT Reported the Turnout Would Be 10% It Was 20%

The people running the NYT come from enlist preppy backgrounds that block them from understanding the damage the failing economy has done to the average New Yorkers and fear of the president policies. Every the NYT endorsed in Brooklyn in yesterday elections lost.  

In addition to Weprin, Boss Vito Lopez Beat their candidate in the 54AD and their chooice for Civil Court judge also lost to a Lopez backed candidate.  The NYT does editorial after editorial to reform Albany but has done nothing aimed at dictators like Lopez and Crowley who have produced dummy puppet candidate like Weprin and a sea of corruption. * Nevertheless, the NY Post, which endorsed Turner, went with: “NY Voters’ Message to Bam: Take That!” (The subhead refers to a “slap” to the president).* The DN has Turner on the wood, too, but makes him share it.*  Election Reflects New Dynamic in Brooklyn and Queens (NYT) * NY Times editorial page editor Gail Collins caught lying by Politifact


Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez Beats Towns and the Reformers

 Vito’s man breezes into Assembly(NYP) Lopez’s candidate, Rafael Espinal, was declared the easy winner late last night over two serious rivals, Darryl’s sister, Deidre Towns, who ran as an independant, and Jesus Gonzalez, who was backed by the Working Families Party. * Democratic Party Pick Wins Brooklyn Race(NYT) *

54th Post MortemGotham Gazette Bushwick Senior Machine Strength - All Government Funded

NY Corrupt Party Bosses Crowley and Vito Lopez (True News)


Edward-Isaac Dovere (Twitter)  Rep. Ed Towns - facing primary - also has trouble from last night's NY results. Daughter came in 3rd for son's old Assembly seat.

Boss Crowley Continues to Suck Up Money From Widows and Orphans Surrogate Court After Weprin Loss

Since the Death of Jack Newfield No Reporter Has Looked At the Queens Machines Control Over the Money Making Surrogate Court
In 1998 Newfield reported that Frank Bolz III, chairman of the Queens Democratic Party's law committee, is the single biggest recipient of assignments from Nahman - collecting $178,050 for 47 paid guardianship appointments since 1992.  Bolz is the law partner of Queens Assemblyman Joseph Crowley's father and brother. Gerard Sweeney, Manton's former law partner and campaign treasurer, is the current counsel to the public administrator - appointed by Nahman. Sweeney's law partner, Michael Reich, is executive secretary of the Queens Democ-ratic organization and has received 27 real-estate receiverships from nine differ-ent Queens judges. Were Have All the Journalist Gone After Newfield(True News) * It Turner Pull an Upset in the 9th There is A Second Message(True News)

Thomas Jefferson Club Impotent
PS How many jerky mayoral candidate will still run to the Thomas Jefferson Club even after their candidate Weprin got blown out of the water in their area?  Perhaps Kruger can give them some baby talk on how they were going to win.  Or Filder can tell them the club is still a powerhouse and does not need to be helped with millions in government funds the same way Vito Lopez is. * Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him (True News) * Reading the tea leaves for the next Brooklyn election (Brooklyn Political Blog) * Why is the Press So in Love with Lew Fidler? (Press Loves Fidler)


The last Brooklyn Surrogate was removed and there is a growing corruption Surrogate Court corruption case in the Bronx Corruption case against Bronx Surrogate Lee Holzman by judicial conduct panel is persuasive(NYDN Ed)

Surrogate's Court And Why It Should Go (True News)



Truner: There will soon be a “bonfire” in D.C. 

 Bob Turner will be sworn in Washington Thurs at 10AM

GOP Turner wins Weiner seat in upset(NYP) * G.O.P. Gains House Seat Vacated by Weiner(NYT) * GOP Wins in Race to Replace Weiner(WSJ) * G.O.P. Scores Upset, Claims Win as Omen for Obama(NYT) * A Congressman-Elect Wakes Up to His New Role(NYT) * 5:00 PM   Rep.-elect Bob Turner blasts Obama, says there is 'no leadership' from White House * A comparison of Congressman-elect Bob Turner’s key policy positions versus those of his predecessor, ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner.*  Bob Turner Is Hailed at GOP Dinner in New York (Fox 5)

Colin Campbell (Twitter) 's victory speech, via . #NY09


Winners And Losers, Take I (YNN) * Another winners and losers list, this time with a Jewish focus (YNN)

Dems to Lose Upstate Seat "if Turner ceases 2 have a job in 15 months a Dem upstate will likely have 2 fall on their sword." via


Revenge of the Jews . . . Ed Koch At 87 Helps Send A Message to Obama - How'm I Doin'?

Message Sent

Ed Koch Stands Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Theory On Its Head . . .  Energizer Rabbit

Koch Framed the Issue and Victory 

Yoo hoo, Mr. President (NYP Ed) * An emboldened Ed Koch isn’t likely to lose true-blue NY for Obama, but he could make trouble among Jewish voters in the key swing state of Florida.* Koch said Turner promised him – “in writing” – he would protect entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.*  Koch’s New/Old Crusade: Redistricting Reform(YNN)


The Russian are Coming Have Arrived 

 Weprin won Queens by 51% to 48% with 70% of the vote in.  In the Brooklyn part of the district which is heavily Russian Turner smashed Weprin  675 to 33%.  As rue News report beginning on July 13 the Russian vote was enough to give Turner his victor.

 Special Election: Machine, Russians and the Orthodox Voters (True News)



The Disgrace Candidate Refuses to Give Up

Weprin just officially conceded 10:22AM

While Weprin spent less than five minutes at his campaign party last night, refused to concede and left without taking questions, his mustache-free brother, Councilman Mark Weprin, stayed and patiently talked with reporters for 45 minutes - including to say he had no regrets about not running for the seat himself. One possible explanation for Mark's conciliatory behavior: He has designs on running for Council speaker and needed to build bridges even during his brother's defeat.  Disaster looms for O in 2012(NYP) * FiveThirtyEight: For Democrats, It's 2010 All Over Again(NYT) * Bob Turner dispatches David Weprin, dealing embarrassing blow to President Obama, Democrats (NYDN) * Don't blame Obama: Weprin fumbles his chance(NYDN) * Turner is relative political neophyte and wasn’t gaffe-free during this race, but Weprin’s mistakes were more significant – and, in the end, more costly.  WFP lost that state race & certainly did not endear themselves to Wash Dems with lack of help in NY9. *

 Big Loss for Democratic Will the Media Notice . . . NO, They Are to Busy Taking Tips in the Form of Stories & $$$

Another Loss for the Parkside Group

In addition to the Democratic Campaign Committee taking over the election the last week and sinking over $600,000 in the dummy Weprin campaign, the local consultant group Parkside was mostly responsible for the poorly run campaign.  In addition to making over $2 million last year from the State Senate Democrats for losing control of the senate.  Parkside who is joined at the hip with corrupt Boss Crowley has move power to make money from government that any dictator anywhere in the world. *  A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney(True News)

P.S.  Hank Sheinkopf another over paid political consultant lost big last night.  His candidate Congress Towns daughter came in last in the 54AD.  The loss did not stop the media from using Soundbite Sheinkopf.  He was on Fox 5 this morning spinning how the Dems loss the 9th.  How can a serious report not ask him why he took the 5th in the IGs AEG Investigation.


The People of the 9th CD Has Spoke Will Albany Pols Try to Silence Them By Redistricting Their District Out of Existence? . . . Where the Respect?


Greenfield: Just Says Your Sorry About Gay Vote David

Same-sex marriage played a role in handing Republican Bob Turner his victory over Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin, but it hinges on a subtle distinction, sources said. They said Weprin, an Orthodox Jew, drew the wrath of his fellow Orthodox not because he voted for same-sex marriage in Albany, but because he said his vote was compatible with his religious beliefs. "There were rabbis who came out and said, 'You may not vote for David Weprin,' " said Assemblyman Dov Hikind, an anti-same-sex marriage Orthodox Democrat. Other sources said Orthodox Councilman David Greenfield pushed Weprin to apologize for his religious justification and to court the Orthodox vote, but Weprin's campaign refused and lost the chance for Greenfield's endorsement. Still, Turner spokesman Bill O'Reilly said same-sex marriage was never part of the campaign's strategy. "I really don't think that had anything to do with it," O'Reilly said. "We did what we could to play that down." * Turner’s campaign spokesman, Bill O’Reilly, who played no small role in helping steer his candidate to victory, insisted Weprin’s gay-marriage vote had nothing to do with Turner’s win.


If You Think Only Dictators Silence Free Speech Think Albany Redistricting 

Every clueless reporter is repeating the same line how everyone expects the 9th CD to be redistricted out of existence.  What those reporters who just what other reporters and bloggers are says have not done is ask a leader in Albany if they believe in smashing the strong message and voice of the voters who sent yesterdays message.

 Most NY Reporters Laughingstock Secretaries Not Journalists! by Suzannah B. Troy


GOP Target Gillibrand? 

Chris Smith thinks Gillibrand could draw a “real Republican opponent” in 2012 if the Democrats continue their downhill slide.


Goodby Marty?

Fuhgeddaboutit! B’klyn Beep Marty retiring from politics(NYP)

discounts reports of his political demise: "I don't think the window has closed and I have not made a final decision." 


The Democrats swept all four NYC special Assembly elections in the 23rd, 27th, 54th (a big blow to the WFP, and a big win for Brooklyn Democratic boss/Assemblyman Vito Lopez) and 73rd, as well as the 116th and 144th upstate. 

Ninth Congressional District: Bob Turner 54%, David Weprin 46%

23rd Assembly District: Phil Goldfeder 54%, Jane Deacy 46%

27th Assembly District: Michael Simanowitz 76%, Marco DeSena 24%

54th Assembly District: Rafael Espinal 44%, Jesus Gonzalez 32%, Deidra Towns 23%

73rd Assembly District: Dan Quart 66%, Paul Niehaus 34%

116th Assembly District: Anthony Brindisi 57%, Gregory Johnson 43%

144th Assembly District: Sean Ryan 71%, Sean Kipp 21%

28th City Council District: Ruben Wills 67%, Allan Jennings 17%, Michael Duvalle 11%, Clifton Stanley Diaz 6%

Wills Wins Council Race(WSJ) * SoHo Election Results (SoHo Journal)


Bloomberg: Money Transfer Did Not Violate Campaign Laws(WSJ)






Thousands of New Yorkers could swamp the city's shelter system after a state judge ruled the city can stop funding the Advantage subsidy program that lets formerly homeless people rent apartments, the Wall Street Journal reports:

Bill Sponsor Golden Reached By the All Powerful Taxi Lobbist

Taxi ‘hail’ storm  Mike’s all-borough plan near crash(NYP)

 Newsday calls on Cuomo to sign Bloomberg's livery cab bill, saying millions of New Yorkers will benefit if they can hail black cars on the street: * In a blow to Bloomberg, Sen. Marty Golden wants to modify a livery cab bill to please the yellow cab industry.

Breaking NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal

New York Daily News (Twitter) BREAKING: NYPD cop probed in ticket-fixing scandal tried to commit suicide ahead of being called to the stand
* Cop probed in NYPD tix-fix scandal tries to commit suicide: sources (NYP) * Charges Likely Within Weeks for Officers in Tickets Case(NYT)

Almost half the 41,000 people signed up for the next FDNY exam are from racial and ethnic minorities, almost double the proportion from the last test four years ago, the Daily News says:






When Pork Pigs Council Members Fly

They will get their political supports to decide where the money goes . . . A Joke That helps them build their reelections machine 4 Council Members, Each With $1 Million, Will Let Public Decide How It’s Spent(NYT) Four NYC Council members – Eric Ulrich, Brad Lander, Jumaane Williams and Melissa Mark-Viverito – will take part in a participatory budget experiment, letting constituents decide how to spend $4 million in member item cash. 


New York Chooses Company to Run Bike-Share Program(NYT)


City Wins on Subsidies  Judge Rules That New York Can Discontinue Program for Formerly Homeless (WSJ) 


Search giant to remove reference from new flight tracker service(NYP)


Nearly 15 percent of all initial hospital stays in New York resulted in a readmission, costing the state billions of dollars, according to a new study

DiNapoli Reports Sluggish Growth For CRF(YNN) The NYS Common Retirement Fund recorded a sluggish 1.8 percent growth in the first quarter of 2011, Comptroller DiNapoli

Sexy brush with the law OK: Ray (NYP) * 14 Gun Seizures, 16 Arrests and a Bit of Dirty Dancing (NYT)  * Kelly Puts Officers' Dancing in Context(WSJ) * Dancing Cops Draw NYPD Investigation(WSJ) * Video of cops dancing with scantily clad women at West Indian parade led to tempest in a teapot(NYDN)


‘Perv’ teacher busted(NYP) * EXCLUSIVE: New Yorkers giving schools higher grades than 9 years ago (NYDN)

'King of All Pimps' Itzler floats ‘Billy Ray Cyrus’ OD story in court(NYP) * For ‘King Pimp,’ a Name-Dropping Defense Only a Panic Attack Can Slow Down (NYT)

Police solve 18-year-old case of 5-year-old girl's murder - but killer died in 2001Police solve 18-year-old case of 5-year-old girl's murder - but killer died in 2001(NYDN)

 Law and Order

 Hoops-slay break(NYP) * Airport Security Officers Charged in Drug Case(NYT) * Football fan who turned stun gun on crowd: I was defending myself(NYDN) * Mom busted after egging 12-year-olds to fight each other(NYDN) * Ex-teacher busted for molesting young boy for more than two years(NYDN) * 6-foot-tall Rider slugs female bus driver: NYPD(NYDN) * Man Is Arrested in Harlem Murder(WSJ) * Former WABC-TV Weatherperson Heidi Jones Pleads Guilty To Faking Rape Story * Influential Rabbi Charged in Rent-Subsidy Scheme(NYT) * Sources: Young Child Shot On Staten Island(NY1) * Housing Project Feud Cited in Killing of Basketball Star(NYT) * Girl, 2, Shot in Head by Stray Bullet on Staten Island (NYT) * Officer in Ticket-Fixing Inquiry Is Hurt in Possible Suicide Attempt(NYT) *  Girl, 2, Shot in Head on Staten Island (WNBC)


C.I.A. Examining Legality of Work With Police Dept.(NYT)


Terrorism  Overstaying visa holders targeted by feds in terror sweep(NYDN)

Carl Lewis Is Put Back on Ballot(NYT) * Carl Lewis Wins Appellate Ruling(WSJ)






U.S. Scrambles to Avert Palestinian Vote at U.N.(NYT)





Stephen Colbert: Future GOP Nominee Should Choose The Grim Reaper As Running Mate



WATCH: Jon Stewart Tackles The Tea Party Debate