Thursday, August 11, 2011

Key Russian Leader Endorses Turner After Positive Poll Results

Mayor of Russian NYC Makes His Move . . . Will He Become the Next County Leader of Brooklyn?

Gregory Davidzon, owner of the Russian radio station WSNR in Brooklyn, N.Y has become the guy to win over if you want support in the Russian Community.  Ask John Liu, David Greenfield or even badly failed controller candidate Richard Brodsky, who won only 4 Assembly District in the state.  Three of them were in the heavy Russian district in Brooklyn because of an endorsement by Davidzon. * 6 points separate Weprin and Turner to take Weiner's seat SHOCK: With five weeks until Election Day, Dem is clinging to narrow lead over his GOP rival.(NYDN) * Weprin Goes On The Attack(NYO) * Weprin Rolls Out Endorsements From Asian Electeds

25 Years After Esposito, Genovese and Fink the Smoke and Mirrors TJ Club is Near Death
Perhaps his biggest upset win was for Councilman David Greenfield. The Russian Mayor was responsible for pulling out  over 2000 Russian voters  for the councilman. Davidzon even relocated  his radio station on  election day to broadcast outside the polling site  where a majority of  the Russians voted. He was also a key play in the  election of the  first Russian Assemblyman Alex Brook-Krasney and helped  deliver the  vote to the mayor in 2009. In 2010 one of the reasons  Turner got 42%  of the vote against an incumbent congressman was  Davidizon. While Vito  Lopez and most of today's pols are limited to staged media events to  pretend to pull out votes, Davisizon can deliver thousands of votes like  an old time Tammany Hall Leader. The citywide candidates could do more  for their election chances if they got Davidzon endorsement not spend  there time kissing the ass of the smoke and mirrors Thomas Jefferson  Club which according to the latest poll is losing it home base badly to  Turner. The club has been weaken by a changing neighborhood and the loss  of powerhouse leaders like Meade Esposito and Stanly Fink. It endorsed candidate Weprin is the latest clue to clueless mayor candidate that the club has lost is juice to deliver.

 Kruger and Fidler Use Government Funds to Keep the Thomas Jefferson Club Alive Just Like Vito Lopez  . .  Where is the Investigation?

The club is just a puppet media show according to one long time Brooklyn pol.  Besides why would anyone want to go to the home club as Carl Kruger?  Lew Fidler and Kruger have keep the club alive the same way Vito Lopez has kept his political machine going with government funds. Kruger trail or plea to a reduced sentence for ratting to the feds will show how he used government pork to fund the TG club,  Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him 

The 9th Special Elections is 2 Days After the 10 Year 911 WTC Memorial Service
First Commercial  Bob Turner’s first television ad ties David Weprin to supporting the WTC Mosque and Obama


 Future Fed Prisoner Kruger Still Thinks He is A State Senator?

'Tampering With Evidence' After Death Of 15-Year-Old Boy

Sen. Carl Kruger, who was indicted on corruption charges along with Boyland earlier this year, is being accused of injecting himself into the investigation of the death of a 15-year-old Brooklyn student who fell off the roof of a school Tuesday night, the Daily News says  Political low: State Sen. Carl Kruger accused of trespassing on crime scene Kruger reportedly stepped behind police lines at the crime scene of 15-year-old's death to make point about underage drinking. (NYDN)

Did Someone Send the Indicted Boyland A Message Not To Rat to the Feds for A Reduced Sentence?

Police Has Place Security Outside Boyland's Office

Assemblyman’s Vehicle Is Hit by Gunfire in Brooklyn, but He Is Unharmed(NYT) * Bullet lands in controversial pol William Boyland's driver's seat(NYDN) * Pol and son, 7, in B'klyn shooting terror(NYP) * “We are investigating this as Mr Boyland being the victim of a shooting,” NYPD Inspector Kim Y. Royster said. “It seems like it was a random incident, but we’re still investigating.” * Assemblyman Boyland Jr. says bullets weren't meant for him(NYP)

Pedro About Done
Former Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.’s Soundview Health Network will be booted from the state Medicaid program next month. Espada's organization getting cut off from Medicaid, "effectively shutting down the 30 year old Bronx-based health clinic."

Does Anyone But the Media Puppets Believe the City Payroll System is Not Another Money Pit?

$277M overrun a city 'soar' point The Bloomberg administration insists the New York City Automated Personnel System has not become a money pit like its fraud-ridden sibling, the CityTime payroll network.(NYP)


Wall Street Ends Another Wild Day, With Dow Up About 420 Points(NYT)

Financial Turmoil Evokes Comparison to 2008 Crisis(NYT) * Stocks Dive on Europe, Economy Fears(WSJ) * Dissents Pose New Test for Bernanke(WSJ) * Most Americans fear new economic crisis as stock market plummets(NYDN) * Bears leave marts lost in the woods(NYP) *5:30PM  NYT NEWS ALERT: France, Belgium, Italy and Spain Move to Curtail Short-Selling Temporarily





R.I.P. Hugh Carey - Well Done

The late Hugh Carey, who served two terms as NY’s 51st governor and died last weekend at the age of 92, will be laid to rest today on Shelter Island.  A Governor With government dysfunction the norm in recent years, an account of Governor Hugh L. Carey’s tenure, when politicians pulled together across party lines, is instructive. (NYT) * Hugh L. Carey, Statesman, Wit and Cook(NYT Ed) * Carey is being lionized for his pragmatism in the face of crisis. The Daily Freeman prefers to remember him “as someone who, when presented with the city’s crisis and the state’s dangerously unsustainable budgetary track, responded by doing his job as a public servant.” * Update


"New sex-education curriculum must teach kids how unwanted pregnancies perpetuate poverty."

Some leaders will urge parents to use the opt-out clause

New York Archdiocese Criticizes Sex-Ed Mandate(NYT) * Sex Education, Long Overdue(NYT Ed) * Thank Goodness for Sex-Ed! Parents cheer mandate in nabes rocked by teen pregnancies(NYDN) * New sex-education curriculum must teach kids how unwanted pregnancies perpetuate poverty(NYDN Ed) * New York's sex ed mandate: Mixed reaction (NY Metro)


CM Dickens: Saving Money for the City Does Not Begin At Home

Of the $15 million allocated to City Council offices, just $303,733 was returned to the city treasury last month

Each councilmember receives $292,336 to operate a constituent services office 

City pol$ beat the clock Spend 'surplus' * With $12,000 still left in her district office account on June 30, the final day of the fiscal year, Councilwoman Inez Dickens (D-Manhattan) proceeded to dispense bonuses to her staff.

 Albany Junket Fund $3,000,000
Travel Expenses: State lawmakers spent $2.9 million this year. [Joseph Spector / Gannett] * Travel Expenses: Freshman Assemblyman Eric Stevenson tops the list, eight $26,468. [Tony Cassino / Bronx Chattter]

Luxe towers jack up rents, sending many packing(AM NY)

PA Directory is Shown the Door . . .  Will He Resist Before He is Forced to Leave?

 Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward is expected to make an impassioned case for his proposed toll hikes today, which reportedly were $2, not $4, until not too long ago. * Newsday editorial on three “big jobs” Cuomo needs to fill takes it as a foregone conclusion that Ward is out. *  Toll Hikes: "Cuomo administration knew of the $4 plan before the PA announced it Friday, sources said. [Glenn Blain and Pete Donohue / Daily News] * Audits: "NYPA defended many of the questionable costs as morale-boosting and necessary."

Gay man born in Australia facing deportation despite being legally married(NYDN) * NY Republican voters are split over whether the gay marriage law should be overturned.

Did Bloomberg Fund Him New Minority Program to Stop His Recent Falling Poll Numbers?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg quietly inserted $22.5 million into the city's budget to pay for his high-profile project to help black and Latino youth just before the Council voted on it, which the Wall Street Journal says essentially avoided public scrutiny of the plan and its use of taxpayer dollars: Plan Funded at 11th Hour(WSJ) * Bloomberg put $22.5 million into the city budget to pay for his initiative to help black and Latino teens just days before the NYC Council voted on it, shocking Council members and avoiding prolonged public scrutiny.



At Dalton, a Push for Change This September, a prestigious New York City school will approach a rare benchmark: Nearly half of the incoming kindergarten class will be students of color.

WTC Community Plan A Memorial Also
 Community Board 1 President Julie Menin is planning an alternate 9/11 commemoration that will be more accessible to the public than the official ceremony.

Filing Challenge to Census, City Says 50,000 Weren’t Counted in 2 Boroughs(NYT) * City Challenges Census(WSJ) * Bloomberg officially challenges New York census count(NYDN)




Gov. Cuomo should drop flirtation with casino gambling as answer to New York's revenue problem(NYDN Ed) * An attorney who once represented organizations opposed to the planned Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park, is now No. 2 at the DEC, which must approve key elements of the resort proposal.


Plurality of voters support drilling for natural gas in upstate NY: poll(NYP)






 Since Timewarner Got It Sweetheart Cable Agreement With the City Will NY1 Keep Kissing Bloomberg and Quinns Ass?

City Subscribes to Nine More Years of Cable Time Warner Cable and Cablevision have cemented an agreement to run cable wires along city streets through July 2020. (WSJ) * City's Cable Deals Will Bring Wi-Fi to 32 Parks(NYT)

$27.25 million worth of safety renovations. The work could last a year

Liberty Island Will Remain Open

Statue of Liberty to Close for a Year(NYT) * The Crown of Liberty Is Closing(WSJ) * Statue of Liberty to Close for Renovations (WSJ)



Second 'rape case' cop scolded by judge and sentenced to 60 days in jail(NYP) * 2nd Ex-Officer in Rape Case Is Sentenced for Misconduct(NYT) * Ex-Officer Gets 60 Days(WSJ) * Disgraced former cop Franklin Mata should've gotten more than 60 days in jail for betraying badge(NYDN Ed)



Psychiatric Disorder Found in Defendant(NYT) * Psychiatric Review for Child Slay Suspect(WSJ)*Leiby-slay 'insanity' plea eyed(NYP)



3 Pick Suspect in Gropings From Lineup(NYT) * 150G bail for E. Side 'grope' guy(NYP)

Law and Order

Mercy Killing Defense Claim Will Be Tested(WSJ) * Charges Filed in Three of 12 Sex Assaults(WSJ) * Vinny Gorgeous sitting pretty in Supermax(NYDN) * Family fights drug dealers, red tape(NYDN)* Mayor minder in shooting rap(NYP)

Terrorism NYPD Learns from Terror Attacks(CBS)


6 Republicans Named to Deficit Reduction Panel(NYT)

Cameron’s Broken Windows The riots across Britain are the result of an austerity program that has cut everything from libraries to the local police. (NYT) 

Bank Of American Contributes Even More Unemployed to America
Bank of America plans to lay off 3 percent of its workforce, about 1,500 people. 

Jon Stewart On WI Recall: ‘The People Have Been Soundly Defeated By Other People’