Sunday, March 11, 2012

True News Sunday Updated: Albany Builds A New Berlin Wall Around Brighton Beach Russian Jews

Kingmaker of Little Russia (NYT) Radio Owners Gregory Davidzon

The NYT and Congressman Turner said that Davidzon support and his radio station were responsible for the GOP capturing the 3 to 1 democratic Weiner district.



True News Said Davidzon Would Be the Decisive Force Before the First Petitions Went Out for the Congressional Special Election Last Year

On July 13, 2011 True News Wrote: The Mayor of Russian New York Gregory Davidzon, owner of the Russian radio station WSNR in Brooklyn, N.Y has become the guy to talk to in the Russian Community.  Although you will not see his name or radio station and city councilman David Greenfield's contributors list his radio stations constant ads and interviews with Russian team Greenfield was responsible for pulling out over 2000 Russian voters for the councilman.  Davidzon even relocated his radio station on election day to broadcast outside the polling site where a majority of the Russians voted.  He was also a key play in the election of the first Russian Assemblyman Alex Brook-Krasney and helped deliver the vote to the mayor in 2009.  In 2010 one of the reasons Turner got 42% of the vote against an incumbent congressman was Davidizon.


Brooklyn Boss Vito Has A Weak Hold On the Boroughs Votes

Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez supported losing congressional candidate David Weprin to Turner.  Turner received his winning margin from the Russian EDs in Brooklyn. Vito Lopez was the first Brooklyn Boss to lose a Surrogate Court election in 100 years. Davidzon supported Liu for comptroller Lopez supported lossing candidate Yassky. Lopez candidate for AG Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice was badly beatten in Brooklyn and the lost to Schneiderman. Vito's Bad Days Go Unreported | Room Eight * Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine (True News)

NYT Says Aging Political Bosses See Davidzon And His Control of the Russian Vote as A Threat
Crowley Lives in Virginia
"Mr. Davidzon owes his success to a precise understanding of his political landscape. He lives in an age of political dinosaurs, not the least the Brooklyn and Queens Democratic Party machines. County leaders have become distant figures. They are behind-the-curtain players, handpicking candidates, drawing district lines, appointing judges and ensuring that court assignments go to connected lawyers." 

Crowley Money Machine Fueled By 100 Year Old Unchanged Tammany Hall Rules and Laws (True News)
Boss Joe Crowley and his mini-Me Evan Stavisky the president of the Parkside Group have even more to lose than the Brooklyn machine if Turner wins.  They have been racking in millions from the pols and Queens courts. Crowley uses the special election law to control who gets elected in Queens. State lawmakers leave in retirement in the middle or their term or go to jail also in the middle of their term. In City Council races which because of campaign financing and a non partisan election law which was written after the Koch Citisource scandal tend to be more competitive.  In 2009 Crowley and his partner Parkside lost 5 or 6 county backed council primaries. * More on Corrupt Party Boss Crowley (True News)

On July 14th 2011 True News Wrote: Were Have All the Journalist Gone After Newfield

Not since the death or old school investigative report Jack Newfield in 2004 has any reporter in New York covered how the corrupt Queens Democratic Machine use the courts as there personal bank.  Today over a decade later nothing has changed.  The new Queens Surrogate Kelly was like Nahman elected without a primary.  Today's Queens Democratic machines still use the Surrogate Court as their personal bank.  *A Court, Not Votes, Sustains a Political Machine in Queens(NYT)

NYT Reports on Campaign Manager Stavisky's Parkside Contribution to Weprin's Epic Loss to Turner
"Much of that money, more thany $170,000, went to consulting firms closely aligned with the Queens Democratic machine. Evan Stavisky, partner in a political consulting firm called the Parkside Group, ran the campaign. A few weeks before the election, Mr. Stavisky boasted of the “the most robust field program that’s ever been conducted in Queens County.” How Weprin Lost (True News)

Parkside Consultants Lobbyist Can't Lose When Even They Lose Pathetically 

 Queens Machine Protects Parkside
You would think after Weprin's loss and the loss of the senate dems in 2010 a campaign Stavisky was paid $2.2. Millkion, Parkside would lose them some work.  Not a chance. Queens machine hacks Assemblyman Rory Lancman and Senator Michael Gianaris hired them again.  Lancman for his congressional campaign against Turner and Gianaris who is head of DSCC, for working for the senate democrats attempt to regain control of the senate in 2012Getting a shot at redemption * Queens Crap: To whom should the finger of blame point? * How Corrupt Parkside Get Away With It (True News)

The Party Bosses Have Stuck Back At the Power Of the Russian Vote By Rebuilding the Berlin Wall in NY
"The victory seemed to herald a new age of Russian political power. But instead it may seal the community’s redistricting fate. The Russian political players of south Brooklyn take pride in their unpredictability, as they toggle between parties from election to election. The career politicians who draw political lines view electoral unpredictability as kryptonite. Why create a Russian district in the State Senate when Russian voters could as easily swing Democratic as Republican?" Redistricting and neighborhoods: How Albany broke up the Soviet bloc (New York World)

Building Walls Around the Immigrant Russian Community To Save Political Hack Dictorships

From the NYT "Gary Tilzer, a journalist and political consultant, has worked with Russian-American candidates for more than a decade. He watches as the community’s leaders struggle for minor concessions like Russian-language ballots.  “This is a tragedy,” he said. “They work very hard and produce lots of votes, but the parties treat them like serfs.”"* Absolute Truth Soho Journal

Escaping Soviet Unions's Gulag Archipelago the Russian Immigrants Run Smack Right Into New York's Political Boss Tammany Hall's Rotten Boroughs System of Control

On January 18th 2012 True News Wrote" The Russians Are Not Coming

After 10 Years of Winning Elections the Russians Still Don't Get A District or Respect.

Skelos Gives Russians and Their Leaders the Door

Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos is cutting a new district for the GOP centered in Boro Park.  The GOP sided with the Orthodox Jews over the Russians for three reasons.  The Russians were politically out maneuvered, two, the Russians have not been given credit for the victory's they have won and the GOP leadership is clueless, stupid or made some kind of double deal with Vito Lopez to save Marty Golden's seat.  Both of the elected officials from Boro Park made it clear to Skelos they did not want a state senate district centered in their community. Greenfield who owes his victory to the Russians lead by Davidzon and Hikind who works closely with Skelos and has supported a number of GOP candidates including Congressman Turner.

Sunday News Update

NYP Say Coldblooded Pol Klein Gamed The System

Coldblooded pol’s ethics gap (NYP) Lizard-crazed Bronx sen. sneers at tax laws State Sen. Jeffrey Klein has for years tried to project the image of an independent, incorruptible watchdog — fiercely protecting his constituents from subprime lenders, foreclosing banks and shady Albany politics. He even led a rebellion against his own party, creating an independent conference of four dissatisfied Democrats.  Klein has gamed the system — and possibly broken the law — for years, thumbing his nose at city zoning regulations, getting tax breaks he isn’t entitled to, and failing to disclose his assets to state officials. His ethical breaches range from a dubious mortgage and scandal-scarred political donors to questionable court appointments and renting his Senate office from a firm with alleged mob ties. * Jeff Klein’s Law Office Continues Despite Department of Buildings Order (NYO)


Election 2012  Espaillat eyes Rangel's House seat (NYDN) * Cox Pushes Turner To Enter Senate Race (YNN)





NYP Says Coming Fare Hike Will Not Even Cover MTA Pension Costs

$queezing straphangers (NYP Ed) That’s right: Even though the 7.5% fare and toll hikes will raise almost $1.9 billion cumulatively over the next four years, the cost of TWU benefits — including, notably, pensions — will surge by an alarming $2.4 billion over that same time span.


Meet the New Political Boss Wright in Manhattan

Manhattan Dems have gone behind closed doors to pick judges (NYDN Ed) Highly-qualified candidate excluded from surrogate race

In the 1960's Anti-War Organizers Made Manhattan the Center of the City's Reform Movement

Liu's Arrested treasurer Hou retains key post
Liu is putting his effort at staying out of jail and repairing his image and spends no time at fixing his corrupt financial reports

Team John at ‘Liu’s’ ends (NYP) City Comptroller John Liu’s campaign committee is in such disarray that the treasurer busted and charged in an illegal fund-raising scheme last week is still listed as his official bookkeeper. Records filed with the city Campaign Finance Board and the state Board of Elections* Some Liu Fundraiser Hosts Do Not Appear On Comptroller's List Of Bundlers(NY1)* If NYC Comptroller John Liu survives his fundraising scandal and runs in 2013, he’s going to have trouble getting matching funds from the CFB.

Quinn Caught on Tape Like You Never Scene Her Before
Asked Question about why she did not do more to fight the closing of St Vincent's Hospital and why protesters the closing were frozen out of a public hearing to turn the former hospital building over to a developer to build co-ops. Unusual Video of the Speaker(Troy Artist) Norman Siegel civil rights attorney speakers out about the closing of the hospital and the blocking of protesters from Quinn's council hearing. * Two Years After Closure of St. Vincent's Hospital, Protests Continue (NY1)

Is the White House Courting Mr. Bloomberg?

At Lunch, Bloomberg and Obama Discuss Future (NYT)

Gaming the Goo Goos?
Dick Dadey offers Cuomo cover on . Azi says he can't speak to motive but some of us have a hunch. why-redistricting-reformers-are-fighting-each-other-officially-on-redistricting

Court May Decided Congressional Lines 

News Lines Breaking Tonight

Albany Rushes to Come Up With Maps Before the Federal Court Takes Over Drawing the Senate and Assembly Lines Also
BREAKING: The Legislature has introduced its plan for a   constitutional amendment const. amend. If legis doesn't pass first plan, indy comm. has to put forth new plan by end of February.* Constitutional amendment proposal as bad as advertised* . Not so independent.

 Federal Court Meets Monday AM
Block by block narrative 

S6696-2011: Establishes the 150 assembly and 63 senate districts for the 2012 and subsequent elections; repealer

Albany pols face moment of truth on Cuomo’s pension reform (NYDN Ed) Lawmakers must stand up to unions, put taxpayers first

Bloomberg’s air attack on Silver(NYP Ed) Bloomberg called out powerful Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in the battle to reform bloated public-worker pensions, saying it’s state lawmakers who need to take on the unions — not City Hall. * Progress Seen in the Albany Pension Fight(WSJ) * Holding off on pension-war ads(NYDN) *Deficits Push N.Y. Cities and Counties to Desperation(NYT) * Assembly Dems Have Priorities Of Their Own(NYDN)


Bloomberg Tell Us Were and Why the Roaches Hang Out
Restaurant owners who can’t cut the mustard and want to allow mice and roaches to run rampant in their establishments “are the ones in there yelling and screaming” to change the Health Department’s grading system." Bloomberg  Mike rips restaurant ‘flunkies’(NYP) * Restaurant grades spur a food fight (NYDN)

The Times Union isn’t impressed with Joe Bruno’s legal reimbursement request. * Says the TU to ex-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno: “Asking the state for reimbursement for more than $2 million in legal fees is pretty presumptuous, even for someone who used to be powerful enough to routinely get his way in government.”

Ex-Lawmaker Espada Prepares For Federal Embezzlement Trial (WCBS)

Blow to Newspaper Publishers Who Pushed For 3rd Term

Fraud Found in Jobs Effort; Blow to Bloomberg(NYT) One of New York City’s largest nonprofit job placement agencies claimed to have helped find jobs for at least 1,400 people in less than two years when in fact it had not. * NYC investigators have discovered evidence of large-scale fraud in one of the agencies leading Mayor Bloomberg’s signature initiative to find jobs for unemployed city residents.

NY Times Editorial 2009 that Endorsed Bloomberg after Term Limits was Extended to a 3rd Term: 
 "The mayor has run the $60 billion government with a keen attention to accountability and efficiency."


DN Says Council is Wrong Restaurants Grades Working Food for thought(NYDN Ed) City Council throws rotten tomatoes at restaurant grades (NYDN Ed)  Popular placards have proven to be big boon for the dining public


Principal Faking the grade 

Bronx Principal Lynn Passarella was removed from her job yesterday after a damning probe found that she passed students who didn’t even attend classes, gave credits for sham classes and marked AWOL students as present (NYP) Principal out amid cheat fest * Principal Is Removed Over Findings of Falsified Student Records (NYT) * Principal ousted for faking her way to success(NYDN) * Faking the grade(NYP) * Middle school principal fired over cheating scandal(WABC)

NY1 Exclusive: Endangered Brooklyn Charter School Network Gets Partial Reprieve



The Great Brooklyn Boss Dictator Vito Lopez Coup d'état Attempt of the Kings County Committee

Nightmare Scenario For County Committee Races Sparks Feud In Brooklyn [UPDATED] (C&S) As Liz Benjamin reported this morning, Brooklyn Democratic Leader Vito Lopez recently sent out an “urgent” memo instructing candidates for Congress, Senate and Assembly that petitioning for those races would “likely” be starting on March 20.  . .  Boss Vito has already moved to cancel the county committee races in Brooklyn for 2012..  Morgan Pehme, New Kings’s vice-president, said the potential move was a “brazen, dictatorial power grab by Vito Lopez” and a “tactic we are used to seeing employed by third-world tyrants.”  All of this comes as various reform-oriented political clubs across Brooklyn are uniting to take county committee seats in order to challenge Lopez. * New King Democrats: “Not that Brooklyn is Moscow and Vito Lopez is Vladimir Putin. But it’s funny to think about this as if Brooklyn was Moscow and Vito Lopez was Vladimir Putin.” * Walter Mosley explained his relationship with Lopez, as well as other matters.


NBC Falsely Claims Fare Hike Exclusive 

Exclusive: MTA Chairman on Fare Hike: "It's Going to Happen"
The $2.25 base fare would go up to 7.5 percent, to about $2.50.


NY Times Had the 2013 Fare Hike Story On July 27, 2011 Because It was scheduled at that time. MTA's New Financial Plan Shows Fare Increases in 2013, 2015



Media Black Out of Ratner Lobbyists Corrupt Trial Continues

Yonkers trial update: Annabi's claim she might be framed; a failure to review documents; another no-show job for Jereis (Atlantic Yards Review)

The Journal News
  • an FBI agent's testimony that ex-Yonkers Council Member Sandy Annabi suggested that her mortgage file may have contained false documents planted to frame her
  • that Annabi didn't review mortgage documents in which her income was falsely inflated, thus making it easier to get loan
  • the FBI's agents hesitation and lack of memory when asked if Annabi was asked to wear a wire and help in a larger corruption investigation
  • the history of fellow defendant Zehy Jereis, the politicowho offered Forest City Ratner access to Annabi and got a no-show job, having gotten a similar job at the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce, in that case thanks to local powerbroker Sen. Nick Spano.

 How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects and Roundup of the Trial So Far (True News)


NYPD Officer Sent To Psych Ward By Superiors After Reporting Corruption

NYPD Officer Sent To Psych Ward By Superiors After Reporting Corruption (Gawker)  Graham Rayman at the Village Voice brings us more on officer Adrian Schoolcraft, the modern day Serpico who was sent to a psych ward for reporting on corruption in the NYPD. While working out of the 81st precinct in Brooklyn, Schoolcraft became aware of a pattern of crime victims getting caught up in bureaucratic hurdles that seemed to have purposely been set up to make it hard to report serious crimes. Schoolcraft reported a number of these incidents to investigators. That's where things take a turn for the insane.

The NYPD Tapes Confirmed (Village Voice)  For more than two years, Adrian Schoolcraft secretly recorded every roll call at the 81st Precinct in Brooklyn and captured his superiors urging police officers to do two things in order to manipulate the "stats" that the department is under pressure to produce: Officers were told to arrest people who were doing little more than standing on the street, but they were also encouraged to disregard actual victims of serious crimes who wanted to file reports.




Fire Commissioner Says Discrimination Lawsuit Does Not Merit Back Pay(NY1)The emperor’s new outrage (NYP Ed) Now Judge Garaufis: Up yours, Mayor Mike * Mike to fight FDNY case(NYDN)* Bloomberg has vowed to appeal a federal judge’s decision to award up to $128 million to minority applicants discriminated against by past FDNY exams.









Quinn and Stringer Can Stop NYU Expansion Plans

N.Y.U.’s Expansion Plan Draws Community Anger(NYT) The project’s future has fallen on the shoulders of two high-profile politicians who aspire to become the city’s next mayor.
New York City again looks to Staten Island for help with its trash.

NY law schools inflate job figures: critics(NYP)


Mets' Owners Prepare For Trial About Their Madoff Connections (NY1)


Casinos End Train Service After 3 Years(NYT)



With a Solemn March, the Bowery Mourns Its Tent of Antiquity(NYT) * Billy's Antiques Holds Funeral For its Tent(DNAINFO)




 Sunday 2012 Obama Plans Big Effort to Build Support Among Women(NYT) * Santorum sweeps Kansas, Romney counters in Wyoming(NYP) * Romney camp claims victory in Saturday’s delegate count (Wash Post) * Centrist Women Tell of Disenchantment With G.O.P.(NYT) * Santorum Wins Kansas; Romney Takes Wyoming(WSJ) * Rasmussen: Romney at 48%, Obama at 43% * Delegate Tracker (Politico) * Santorum Wins Big in Kansas Caucuses - Naureen Khan, National Journal * Why Romney Is Going the Distance - Scott Helman, Boston Globe Magazine * Drama of a Brokered Convention - Craig Shirley, Washington Times * In GOP Race, Geography Has Been Destiny - Nate Silver, New York Time * College Spells Success, Except in Santorum's Mind - Robert Reich, SF Chron * Illinois (Chicago Tribune): Romney 35, Santorum 31, Gingrich 12, Paul 7 Santorum Calls Romney a Weak G.O.P. Candidate (NYT)* The White House's Broadening Latino Agenda(The Nation) * Gingrich: Romney is Weakest Frontrunner Since 1920(Slate) *The Virgin Islands Caucus: How Ron Paul Lost By Getting the Most Votes (Slate) * Oops! Santorum Bucks GOP Message On The Economy(TPM)* Mitt Romney has a slight 35% to 31% lead over Rick Santorum, but that’s within the poll’s 4-point margin of error. Newt Gingrich is at 12%, and Ron Paul has 7%. Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV poll * Southern States Vital to GOP Primary Battle - Shannon Bream, FOX News * Romney Is Grinding His Way to GOP Nomination - David Gergen, CNN * Mitt Romney's Fake Policy Plans - Peter Suderman, Reason *  Labor Leaders Plan Door-to-Door Effort for Obama (NYT)


Saturday Election 2012 Updated delegate count: Romney 288, Santorum 106, Gingrich 73, Paul 52. Magic number is 1144

Romney Picks Up Support in South(WSJ) * GOP Race Comes To Dark-Red Kansas(WSJ) * The hurdles that lie ahead for Mitt Romney (Wash Post) * Team Obama returns to campuses (Politico) * Yes, Obama Is Winning - For Now - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine * Just Wait Until Voters Focus on Obama's Record - John Podhoretz, NY Post * No Quit in These GOP Candidates - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
Romney Really Might Not Have the Delegates by June - Sean Trende, RCP * GOP Primary the Dumbest Race Ever - Mike Lupica, New York Daily News * labama (GOP): Alabama St.: Gingrich +1 | RCP Average: Romney +2.3 * The GOP Primary: No End in Sight - The Economist * Too Many Pols, Not Enough Jobs - Chicago Tribune


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)





The original 60 Minutes story in HBO's "Game Change"

John McCain slams 'Game Change' movie (Politico) *  CNN's Howard Kurtz Grills Jay Roach, Danny Strong Over Accuracy Of 'Game Change' (VIDEO)(Huff Post)



SNL’s ‘Sarah Palin’ Takes On HBO’s Game Change


SNL’s Rush Limbaugh Announces His New Lineup Of Advertisers, Including ‘Depends For Racists’



Bill Maher Defends Limbaugh’s Free Speech Rights, Responds To ‘False Equivalency’ From Right

‘Brothel’ just a mistress pad: ‘madam’(NYP)* 2nd ‘hooker booker’ with a heart of gold(NYP) * Axing rent-reg cathouse a tough row to ‘ho’(NYP) * Dario Gristina, the Assembly candidate whose ex-wife is accused of running a high-end Manhattan call-girl service, says he has only one concern as this scandal swirls around him: His 17-year-old son.* Madam' Due Back In Court Monday(NYP)

Alleged 'Madam' partner could turn herself in by next week(NYP) * ‘Madam’s’ private dick(NYP) * For Woman Charged as Madam, Unusual Tie to Law Enforcement(NYT) * Alleged madam’s bodyguard an ex-cop (NYDN)* Madam's' alleged partner could turn herself in by next week(NYP)



Sunday Law and Order Update

Deaths of two babies spark NYPD probes (NYP) * Hospital sex assault(NYDN) * Baby Found Dead in Brooklyn(NYDN)* Search For Bronx Bodega Shooter(Fox 5)  * Police Investigate Multiple Child Deaths(Fox 5)* Police Seek Bronx Pharmacy Robber(NBC) * Cops Hunt Man Caught on Tape Attacking Woman(NBC) *Authorities Investigate Brooklyn Toddler's Death(NY1) * Shots Fired At MTA Bus In The Bronx(WCBS) * Brooklyn Teen Charged After Death Of Girlfriend’s Toddler(WCBS) * Teen arrested in beating death of B'klyn toddler(NYP) * Teen Charged In Death Of Girlfriend's Two-Year-Old Chil(NY1)

Suspect pic released in Brooklyn deadly shooting(WABC)


 Bodega shooter caught on camera(NYDN) * Surveillance image of Bronx bodega shooting suspect(WABC) * Police Seek Bronx Bodega Shooter Seen On Surveillance Video(NY1)


Mob suicide snitch's 'aide' charged in payback whack(NYP)


The Policy That Keeps Prostitutes From Carrying Condoms (The Atlantic)New York police are using condom possession to justify arresting suspected sex workers



Cops hunting brute caught on video beating, abducting woman outside Ronkonkoma LIRR station(NYP)



"Snub-Nose" Bandit Leaves Six-Month Trail Of Crime Across Brooklyn, Queens(NY1)

 Law and Order
Plea for ‘Judas’ husband(NYP) *‘Killer’ mom’s trial fury(NYP) * Wall Street Exec Pleads Not Guilty in Taxi Assault(WSJ)* Domino's Pizza worker accused of fatally running down woman(NYDN) * Boy, 6, to testify against his mom(NYDN) * Teacher with a lot of ‘pull’(NYDN)

Police Seek Bronx Pharmacy Robber(NBC)


Rutgers roomie never slurred gays: pals(NYP) * Seven Testify to Character of Defendant in Rutgers Dorm Case(NYT) * Not-Guilty Plea Entered In Cab Stab(WSJ)