Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2013 Mayoral Candidates Rake in $$$; CityTime: Anatomy of A Crime; 9 Year Old Orthodox Boy Dead

 No Strings Attached...  Yea Right

Mayoral Election Still Two Years Off, but Fund-Raising Is Already Well Under Way(NYT) * Quinn Leads Mayoral Hopefuls in Money Race(WSJ) * Christine Quinn's $4M war chest leads mayoral wanna-bes(NYDN) * Mighty Quinn blow$ away mayoral foes(NYP) * City Council Speaker Christine Quinn Leads In Fundraising Race(NY1) * How Much Did John Liu Raise? [Updated](NYO)

Senate Dems Rakes it In Also Senate Dems Break Fundraising Record, Still In Debt(YNN) * Fund-Raising: State Senate Democrats still in debt.* Anthony D. Weiner (Mayor) reports $0 in contributions, $14,050 in contribution refunds for 6 month period ending 7/11/11. * The Website for Sen. Liz Krueger’s “No Bad Apples” PAC is live.* President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign rakes in $86 million in second quarter, trounces GOP(NYDN) * Bloomberg And Marriage Advocates Give Generously To Grisanti






CityTime: Anatomy of A Crime

$3.8M palm scan payroll clocking system not finished, and it's already obsolete, critics say

By the end of the year, city workers clocking on the new CityTime payroll system will be given a choice: use the hand scanners - which cost $2,400 apiece, 1600 at a cost of $3.8 million - or simply log work hours on their computers.  That deal was forced on the city because of the massive corruption in the CityTime project by Comptroller Liu who insisted that all city employees be aloud to bypass the time clocks and sign in by computer. City officials quietly grumbled that Liu, who was elected with broad support from labor unions, was doing a favor for his political backers. A source in Liu's office shot back that the controller had saved the city money. (NYDN)


It is Not Credible That No City Employees Were Involved In the CityTime Corruption

At a council hearing in 2009 Brooklyn's Letitia James demanded to know why Bondy then city payroll director had agreed to pay more than $400,000 a year each to a former business partner, to a former co-worker at another city agency, Mark Mazer, and to a third consultant, Scott Berger. "These people have proven themselves in the past and currently to be highly capable and competent at their jobs," Bondy said. Their "competency" amounted to overseeing what federal prosecutors have called one of the biggest frauds in the city's history. 


On May 27 Bloomberg Said "CityTime Did A Pretty Good Job" 

Good Job Brownie

Mayor Bloomberg waved off the initial arrests, labeling CityTime a problem that "fell through the cracks." But then more arrests followed. As CityTime quickly morphed into a major stain on his legacy, Bloomberg was forced to change his tune. This month, he publicly asked the chief executive of SAIC to "reimburse the city for all sums paid to it, approximately $600 million, as well as the cost of investigating and remediating the matter."

DOI: Cover Up (True News)

CM Halloran Legal Problems From Snow Claim Not Over
HALLORAN RIVAL CALLS FOR BLIZZARD PROBE: Today we report that a potential rival to Queens Republican Councilman Dan Halloran wants him investigated for possible ethical and criminal violations for claiming Sanitation Department workers staged a deliberate slowdown during last winter's blizzard (CHN)
 Only is NY Can An Indicted Consultant Work to Take Over A County Political party
John Haggerty may be under indictment - but he's still apparently allowed to serve as the notary public for Assembly candidates. On Monday, Queens Assembly candidate Marco Desena submitted a certificate affirming he had been nominated as the Republican candidate in the special election to replace Nettie Mayersohn. It bore Haggerty's signature, which, beyond Haggerty's legal troubles, is not all that surprising since Desena is running with the backing of Haggerty, the longtime Queens insurgent who is trying to unseat the borough's Republican chair Phil Ragusa. Desena is running against Michael Simanowitz, Mayersohn's chief of staff.  HaggertyGate (True News)

This Russian Immigrant Can Make the 9th Congressional District Race Close

The Mayor of Russian New York
Gregory Davidzon, owner of the Russian radio station WSNR in Brooklyn, N.Y has become the guy to talk to in the Russian Community.  Although you will not see his name or radio station and city councilman David Greenfield's contributors list his radio stations constant ads and interviews with Russian team Greenfield was responsible for pulling out over 2000 Russian voters for the councilman.  Davidzon even relocated his radio station on election day to broadcast outside the polling site where a majority of the Russians voted.  He was also a key play in the election of the first Russian Assemblyman Alex Brook-Krasney and helped deliver the vote to the mayor in 2009.  In 2010 one of the reasons Turner got 42% of the vote against an incumbent congressman was Davidizon.  Davidizon also is looking at the Kruger seat for himself. * Weprin: I’ve ‘Been Strongly Criticizing Obama’ on Israel(NYO)

Cuomo administration sources tell the Times-Union that the governor will sign the ethics overhaul bill into law within a few days, starting a 120-day clock to the creation of the new Joint Commission on Public Ethics
 Less Woman in Albany
 The number of women in the state legislature is only about 20%, and is expected to dip further
Only one-fifth of the State Legislature is female, and with a number of departing female Assembly members likely to be replaced by men, that number is expected to grow smaller, the Buffalo News reports:


Sen. Leibell starts prison term for tax evasion(NYP)


 After revealing his less-than-strenuous community service activities, the Daily News reveals that disgraced former City Council President Andrew Stein is still receiving his $61,060-a-year pension, despite having been convicted of tax fraud earlier this year

With New Fire Department Technology, a ‘Mayday’ Could Bring Faster Help(NYT)


MTA: Less Workers Higher Payroll

MTA payroll up, workers down(NYP) * The MTA cut 900 workers last year, but their payroll still went up $71 million.

"This texting bill will save lives -- period," Cuomo

New State Law Lets Police Stop Drivers for Texting(NYT) * Textin' & drivin' to cost ya more as Gov. Cuomo signs bill (NYDN) * Thumbs down on texting(NYP) * Drivers Face Steep Penalties Under New Anti-Texting Law(NY1)




Federal Cuts Will Hurt Both NYC and NYS Budgets

Bloomberg: Debt-Ceiling Impasse Would Hurt NYC Economy (WSJ)


Fed Teaching Hospital Cuts Will Hurt the Sick and Poor . . .

In Effort to Cut U.S. Deficit, New York Teaching Hospitals May Lose Aid(NYT) * Cuomo’s plan to save the state millions by cutting back on unnecessary C-sections for Medicaid patients has been nixed for now. * Health Cut Hits Hurdle(WSJ) * The Post’s Charles Gasparino is blaming both parties for the debt debacle.* Financially ailing hospital on Staten Island seeks $6M budget cure by laying off nurses(SI Advance)



Unionized Performers Stand Against City Opera's Relocation(NY1)




Bilked more than $7 million from a federal food-stamp program administered by the city

Fraud Scheme Draws 2 Pleas(WSJ)




Missing 9-year-old B'klyn boy found dead: sources (NYP) * Body parts of missing 8-year-old Brooklyn boy found in man's refrigerator, including his severed feet: * Dismembered Remains Of 9-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky Recovered In Brooklyn (WCBS) 

Suspect Levi Aron

Kelly on Brooklyn Boy's Killing: * Missing Boy’s Dismembered Remains Are Found(NYT)


Missing Boy Spurs Search(WSJ) * Police, volunteers search for missing Brooklyn boy(WSJ) * Police believe disappearance of Leiby Kletzky is linked to man he was seen following on street (NYDN) * Video hints missing boy got into car(NYDN)





 Law and Order

DNA Evidence Connects Bronx Man To 2002, 2005 Sex Assaults((NY1) * Alleged Subway Sex Abuser Busted After 9 Years(NBC) * Secure your seat: subway sexual assualts  * Doubts in IMF sex case produce public criticism (WSJ) * Doo-doo' crack prompted cops to beat me up, teen claims (NYDN) * Hooker-happy former union president admits $300G scam(NYDN) * Cops shoot 'killer' Stabbed girlfriend 'like piece of pork'(NYP) * Eww! Messy subway-perv rap(NYP) * Perv teach caged Taped sex with 15-year-old boy (NYP) * Police: Man Kills Ex-Girlfriend Despite Restraining Ord …(WCBS) * Increasing Criticism Of IMF Sex Case(Fox 5)* Man flees after UES sex assault(NYP) * Feds, NYPD bust 37 in NY-based Albanian drug ring(NYP)



Jon Stewart: With Debt Fight Stagnant, ‘Dad’ Obama Scolds Congress To ‘Eat Our Peas’


The Wall Street Journal says that Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's request for details into Bank of America's $8.5 billion mortgage settlement suggest he may eventually challenge the pact in court New York Inquires About BofA Pact(WSJ) * Bernanke Says Fed Would Consider New Stimulus(NYT)



 Sky falls on Murdoch Empire

In Retreat, Murdoch Drops TV Takeover(NYT)

Every newspaper protects some, savages others. Some newspapers--like some of Rupert's--are more blatant about it. 

 Senator Jay Rockefeller

Phone hacking: pressure in United States to investigate News Corporation

Breaking Sky News Report: News Corporation withdraws its bid for BSkyB following hacking scandal. * Rep. Pete King wants FBI to investigate whether Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation hacked into the voicemail accounts of Sept. 11 victims, calling the allegations of the scandal “disgraceful.” * Disgraced former Posties dish the dirt on Murdoch’s NY tabloid. * Former Owners Of The Wall Street Journal Say They Wouldn’t Have Sold Paper To Murdoch ‘If We Had Known’


Carl Bernstein Compares Murdoch Hackings To Watergate, News Corp To ‘Mafia Outfit’

 In Journalism, the End Doesn't Justify the Means (NBC) 


Thousands of Lobbyists on Congressional Staffs

From Hired Guns to Hired Hands: A Center for Responsive Politics 'Revolving Door' Investigation (OpensSecrets.Org)