Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Mayor Says He Did Not Read the 911 Report. Daily News Who Offers Bloomberg A Cheat Sheet

911 Report For Dummies (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg’s just phoning it in on damning 911 report (NYDN Ed) Says he didn’t read it, so we give him a sample. Since Bloomberg didn’t read a report criticizing the city’s revamped 911 call system, the Daily News posts excerpts on the lack of training, duplicative questions and errors in figures used to defend the system. This is the same paper that told us we need Bloomberg for a third term because of his excellent managements skills. Citizen Bloomberg - Village Voice

1.  “NYPD call takers did not receive adequate training for (Unified Call Taking) responsibilities and are not proficient at handling FDNY-related activity.” 2. “Statistical information provided to City Hall management to demonstrate the success of the (Unified Call Taking) project contained errors.” 3. “NYPD and FDNY call takers consume valuable time asking duplicative questions and taking identical actions for the same 911 caller.” * 911 call system in need of CPR  (NYDN)

The Senate Rebellion Embarrassed the Establishment Guys and The Got You
Fools Gold

Espada Jury

Even With A Hugh Democrat Enrollment NYC Has Not Had A Democratic Mayor Since 1993
Poll: NYPD's Kelly Trails Democrats in Mayoral Match-Ups(WSJ) NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly trails three top Democrats expected to run for mayor in a hypothetical match-ups testing the political strength of the city's top cop. Ray Kelly would lose to Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio and Scott Stringer in head-to-head matchups in the 2013 mayoral race, a Quinnipiac University poll finds, due to a huge Democratic enrollment advantage * Quinnipiac: Christine Quinn beats Ray Kelly 48-33; Bill Thompson / Bill de Blasio beat Ray Kelly 46-34. [David Seifman] * The Dem Primary: Don't Know-34; Quinn-26; Thompson-13; de Blasio-10; Liu-7; Stringer-4; Allon-2. [Quinnpiac]

Quinn's Persistent Gadflies(WSJ) Council Speaker Christine Quinn is the only likely mayoral candidate with a dedicated band of opponents, who protest her ties to the mayor and her use of discretionary funds


Election 2012  Thompson Quits Authority to Focus on Bid for Mayor(NYT) William C. Thompson Jr., who was appointed to the Battery Park City Authority in 2010, is stepping down as its chairman. "I know that eventually, I will be campaigning full time,"-- * Public Advocate Launches Campaign Against NYPD's "Stop And Frisk" Policy(NY1) * NY1 Online: Public Advocate Pushes For Stop-And-Frisk Reforms * B'klyn Congressional candidate calls opponent 'anti-Zionist' (NYP) Congressional candidate Erik Dilan is slamming long-time Rep. Nydia Velazquez as being anti-Zionist as the Democratic primary in Brooklyn heats up. * Howard Wolfson said that Bill de Blasio “may be nostalgic for the days when the ACLU set crime policy in this city.” * Bloomberg engaged in a war of words with two would-be successors – NYC Comptroller John Liu and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio – over the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policies.* Senate Dems Leave Incumbents To Fight It Out Alone * Comrie Denies He Is Challenging Landmarks Law to Fill Campaign Coffers(YNN) * City Comptroller John Liu's job-approval rating is 41-32. [Quinnipiac]* "The mayor also noted that de Blasio served in the Dinkins administration — when murders reached a record high of 2,245 in 1990." [David Seifman] * Bill de Blasio Pushes Back on Mayor's Push Back on His Push Back Against Stop-And-Frisk  * With Manhattan BP Race Looming, UFT Honors Robert Jackson(NYO) * Hakeem Jeffries vs. Charles Barron: Not Your Ordinary Congressional Race(Room 8) * Councilman James Sanders Jr. ‘all in’ for state Senate District 10 (NYDN)  Sanders will face incumbent Shirley Huntley in primary, sources say * will this impact ? RT : Black population in Hamilton Hts falls to 33% in 2010 from 42% in 2000. * Long-shot NYC mayoral candidate Tom Allon is looking for a Latino running mate, and has met with a number of electeds, including former Bronx BP Adolfo Carrion and Sen. Jose Peralta – both of whom have their eyes on other offices. * A federal judge will hear a new motion to intervene on the legislative redistricting maps. * Ray Kelly wasn’t mentioned much during Bill de Blasio’s conference call with reporters today. * Bob Turner introduced a resolution against * Mittman, Sheng Decry ‘Political Maneuvers’(Queens Tribune) * Union Contract Battle May Be On Horizon For Next Mayor(NY1) *NY1 Online: Mayoral Candidate Thompson Talks 2013

Rodriguez's latest flip-flop
YDANIS RODRIGUEZ WAS CONSIDERING RUN FOR STATE SENATE – UNTIL HE WASN’T: As Adriano Espaillat’s primary run against Rep. Charlie Rangel heats up, insiders have been whispering about the possibility of Northern Manhattan Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez jumping into the race for Senate. And yesterday afternoon, the councilman confirmed to City & State that he indeed considering announcing a run – until he called back to rescind that statement(City and State)

Test Writing for Dummies
Test Errors Draw New Criticism(WSJ) * NY1 Exclusive: Memo Shows Company Aware Of State Test Errors(NY1) * New names selected for schools expected to close, reopen (NYDN) * How to Keep American Colleges on Top(WSJ)  The City University of New York pioneers an approach to making graduating easier while keeping standards up. Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch sounded perhaps her sharpest criticism yet of educational testing company Pearson for what critics call its shoddy handling of state standardized tests, but said the results would still be used by the state to evaluate teachers.

Machine Casts Phantom Votes in the Bronx, Invalidating Real Ones: Report
When New York City’s voting machines overheat, they cast phantom ballots. (WNYC)

NYT Want More Room At the Bronx Terminal Market for Local Farmers
Making Room for the Locals(NYT Ed) Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg should make sure that a deal with the owners of a produce market in the Bronx includes a central place for local farmers.

NYP Keeps Trying to Stop an Integrated NYFD

A test for King Garaufis(NYP Ed)A record number of African Americans took the FDNY’s firefighter exam, but the judge who “all but named himself fire commissioner” should ensure selections are based on scores and skill, not skin color

Cuomo wants a new agency designed to protect the rights of the disabled up and running by the end of the legislative session

Bent on reform, Cuomo Administration is moving to fire almost 200 state workers for abusing or neglecting disabled people in their care  (NYDN)  Push comes as Cuomo campaigns to reform state's approach to caring for the diabled

Brooklyn Happy Days Are Here Again





 Wheelchair taxi tussle(NYDN)


Technology Industry Seen Growing Fastest in New York(NYT) * Tech Boom Sets Pace(WSJ) New York has the nation's fastest-growing tech sector and has surpassed Boston as the No. 2 hub, behind Silicon Valley, for Internet and mobile technologies, according to a report released Wednesday by the Center for an Urban Future. * A Post op-ed columnist says that boosting the earned income tax credit will do more to raise poverty than boosting the minimum wage.



Liu Unveils Plan to Accelerate Capital Projects(NY1)

$147M for Moynihan Station(NYP)




Tower Will Soar to 1,776 Feet, but Every Foot May Not Count(NYT) *Pointed Spat Over World Trade Spire(WSJ) * When is a mast a pole, and what does it mean for 1 World Trade Center’s official height. *Tower Will Soar to 1,776 Feet, but Every Foot May Not Count(NYT)


SUNY: Layoffs won't close Downstate hospitals(CrainsNY)

West Village firm challenges ice sports proposal with bid for artisan market at Kingsbridge Armory in Bronx (NYDN) Young Woo & Associates vies to remake long-vacant armor


Dressing Up Fulton Mall With Style(WSJ)


Legit bed & breakfasts: Don't penalize us(NYDN)

Jim Alesi, one of the four Republican State Senators who voted to legalize same-sex marriage, has decided not to seek re-election in the face of a serious primary challenge
Senator Who Backed Gay Unions Won’t Run(NYT) James S. Alesi, one of four Republicans state senators who voted for same-sex marriage last year, said he would not seek re-election because he did not want a “grueling” primary battle. * State Sen. Jim Alesi, a Monroe County Republican who was one of the key votes for same-sex marriage, announced that he would not be running for re-election this year, Capital Tonight reports: * “I’ve gotten a lot of support from Democrats and the gay community, but unfortunately they can’t vote in a Republican primary,” Alesi told the DN.* Log Cabin Republicans On ‘Disappointing’ Alesi Decision(YNN) * lesi: "I’ve gotten a lot of support from Democrats and the gay community, but unfortunately they can’t vote in a Republican primary." [Ken Lovett]

The Making of the President 2012

Speaking on CBS This Morning, Rudy Giuliani said Republicans should “stay the hell out of this issue.” The former mayor supports domestic partnerships, and thinks Obama’s decision was “political.”* Romney’s former staffer who says he resigned under pressure because he’s gay, believes Obama is on the “right side of history.”* Tom DeFrank writes that Obama’s support of gay marriage galvanizes two bases: His own, and Mitt Romney’s.* Obama’s evolution, the video edition.*   How Obama and Cuomo avoided the dreaded “bunny suit” photos during their NanoTech tour.* PHOTOS: How Media Covered Obama's Major Announcement(Huff Post) 
Political and media pressure forced the president's hand on gay marriage(Daily Beast) * Obama's American Exceptionalism - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * The Story Behind Obama's Economic Failure - Peter Suderman, Reason * Obama's Evolution Is Complete - Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast * Biden Forces Obama's Hand on Gay Marriage - Doyle McManus, LA Times * Long, Hard Slog Ahead in Presidential Race - Michael Barone, DC Examiner * Lugar's Loss Shows Republicans Are the Problem - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg * Dems Have Real Chance to Hold Senate Majority - Paul Kane, Wash Post *  Why the Right Really Hates Obama - Theo Anderson, In These Times * 2012 Polls: FL: Obama 46, Romney 45 | OH: Obama 45, Romney 44 * On Gay Marriage, Obama Is on the Right Side of History - Boston Globe * Obama’s Gay-Marriage-Support Fund-raising Boom(NY Mag) * Will Lugar’s Demise Spur a Constitutional Crisis?(NY Mag) * ABC News: HS Friend Accuses Romney Of 'Lying' Over Bullying Incident * Obama's campaign receives massive surge of contributions after gay marriage announcement(Wash Post) * Jason Horowitz says it took two weeks for him to report his story on Mitt Romney’s prep school bullying of a fellow student who was gay. He also insists the story wasn’t planted by the opposition.  * The DNC is highlighting the “vicious” quote in Horowitz’s story. * Joe Biden said sorry to the POTUS over the marriage flap. * Obama is ramping up his advertising in Florida. * Iowa 2016 polls are out! Hillary, followed by Biden, then Cuomo. * The White House insisted that Biden’s comments on Sunday were not choreographed. * While Obama Trumpets Gay Marriage, Foes Seek New Topic(NYT) * Biden Said to Apologize to Obama for Forcing Hand(NYT) * Bullying Story Spurs a Romney Apology(NYT) * Lugar's Loss a Threat to D.C. Establishment - John Kass, Chicago Tribune * Gay Marriage: Why Obama Couldn't Wait - Richard Socarides, New Yorker * How Obama Played the Press on Marriage - Richard Benedetto, FOX News * Deja Vu: WaPo Hits Romney, Ignores Obama - Erick Erickson, Red State * Romney Should Win in a Landslide - Dick Morris, The Hill

Jon Stewart Praises Obama’s Completed ‘Evolution,’ Slams North Carolina’s Gay Marriage Ban

He wants to punch Bloomberg(NYDN) A violent New Jersey Bloods gangster with a long rap sheet has been arrested for threatening Mayor Bloomberg during a City Hall press conference. Weird news of the day: a member of the Bloods in Newark showed up at City Hall for a Mayor Bloomberg press conference and refused to leave, saying he wanted to fight the mayor.

Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse(NYT) Ultra-Orthodox Jews are not to report sexual child abuse to the police unless cleared by a rabbi, and those who do are often shunned and targeted for turning in fellow Jews * For Ultra-Orthodox in Abuse Cases, Prosecutor Has Different Rules(NYT)

Law and Order

Rise in transit worker assaults prompts summit seeking solutions (NY World)

Mob jail ‘break’(NYP) * Two Are Cleared in ’97 Killing of an Officer but Convicted of Plotting Mob Murders(NYT)

Ex-Officer Sentenced for Robbing Drug Dealers(NYT) * Sex fiend cops to rape (NYDN) * Madam wants threesome of legal beagles(NYDN)* Teenage girl fights off attacker(NYDN) * Two charged in fake PA certificates scam(NYDN) * 25 yrs. in prison for crooked cop (NYDN) * So-Called L.I. ‘Hot Dog Hooker’ Cathy Scalia Shut Down On(NYDN) * Street gangs in the Bronx are now filled with younger and younger members.   *Former NY cop gets more than 3 years for bribery (Fox 5) * Queens DA: Shooting In Hotel Lobby Appears To Be A Murder-Suicide (NY1) * Son pleads not guilty in mom slay(NYP) * Knife-wielding man shot by cops(NYDN) * Closing Arguments Heard In Brooklyn Grandmother's Manslaughter Trial(NY1) * Proposed Bill Would Help Landlords Speed Up Criminals' Evictions(NY1)

Appeals Court to Consider Reducing 'Millionaire Madam's' Bail(DNAINFO

Wanted for questioning in shooting 4/2 in which 10-yr-old was struck, 413 Broadway#90Pct 800577TIPS