Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Winds of Civil War Between the Jews of Southern Brooklyn

Will The GOP Domino Theory Continue in Southern Brooklyn
With the elimination of Congressman Weiner, Senator Kruger, District Leader Bernie Cather radically changing Southern Brooklyn has no Democrat Leader. The area has already lost a congressional seat and is now in danger of an all out civil war.
The Victory of Congressman Turner, the lose of the traditional Brooklyn Jewish Democratic Seat, the strong showing of GOP David Storobin against long term Councilman Fidler and his Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club has left Southern Brooklyn politics in shock. The announcement by Simcha Felder that if win the new Jewish Senate Seat he not sure he would join with the democrats has shaken the once strong New Deal FDR Democratic Stronghold to it core.  Adding to the volatility is the rejection of strong Russian vote that caused Turner victory by both parties. It is not widely understood by the pols or the press that the area of the old Weiner congressional district that Turner picked up his victory margin was Russian not Orthodox.   The GOP who have a better relationship with Orthodox leaders cut the Russian community into 4 different senate district which is forcing GOP Storobin the big winner of the Kruger special to run against Felder.  This has raised the real possibility that because of lack of leadership two groups Jews will be battling each other.  Both the Russians and Orthodox have similar politics and vote the same.  The problem is the redistricting has not made room for the Russians to reflect their growing vote.  The Democrat refused to cut a new district for Russians, trying the best they can to save incumbents who belong to the community that has moved on to a better world.

The Storobin Race Proved That Russians Want to Elected Russian Candidates
Even with the Russian political machine that helped elected Congressman Turner led by radio owner Gregory Davidzon working for his opponent, Storobin still received 62% of the Russian vote in his race against Fidler just because he is Russian. Up till this point all the the GOP gains in Southern Brooklyn have been done without the help of a top or a big ticket pull.  

The Russian Are Coming to the 45AD
But How They Get There Is Unclear
This year the anti-Obama sediment found in the Orthodox and Russian voting blocks in Southern Brooklyn will change everything. In the 45AD there are over 15,000 registered Russian voters. There are more than 12,000 Orthodox voters. Both groups make up half of all registered voters in the district and both groups vote in larger numbers than any other group.  In 2008 the last presidential year only 28,000 voters cast their vote in that district. Of the 3000 FDR Democrats that voted for Cymbrowitz in his last primary in 2000, less that 400 remain on the active voter rolls.  Last month Russian voters in the 45AD who were not even 5% of the registered voters in 2000 gave Russian Storobin in a low voting special election his largest margin of victory (900 votes) against Fidler of any Assembly District in the Kruger district.  In 2010 a non-Russian GOP candidate Joseph Hayon who ran in the 45AD spending only $615 captured 43% of the vote against Assemblyman Cymbrowitz.  A year later when Hayon running in the same 45 AD against a Russian for district leader he got only 25% of the vote. The GOP leaders are way ahead of the Democrats on how to take advantage of the changes in Southern Brooklyn. It is clear that the GOP will have a Russian candidate as their nominee in the 45AD even if Storobin decides to challenge Felder in the Boro Park District. 
Adele Cohen Left For the Good of the Jews
The problem is that Democratic Incumbent Cymbrowitz is not willing to walk away like Adele Cohen  did in 2006 when party leaders led by Congressman Nadler told her it was time to go.  They did not want to split the Russian and Orthodox Jewish communities.  There are no knowledgeable Democratic leaders from the area anymore.  Those who remain do not understand how the November vote gives Cymbrowitz no chance to win.  In 2008 Cymbrowitz running on the GOP line almost beat himself on the Democrat line, GOP 10,300 - Democrat 11,000.  Cymbrowitz is raising money in the Sephardi Community in which he delivers member items and other government funds.  
What the leaders of the Sephardi community and many other Cymbrowitz supporters in the district do not understand is that if the district elects a Republican in November the money from Albany will dry up.  There is no way a Democratic Majority in the Assembly will help a freshman GOP Assemblyman.  Storobin understand this and that is why he intends to run for State Senate were he will have power.

Only Akeselrod Can Keep $$$ Flowing and Stop the Russian Orthodox Brooklyn War
Politically active Orthodox Jewish Russian Community leader Ben Akselrod will enjoy the backing of influential Russian-language media mogul and power broker Gregory Davidzon.  Akselrod and Davidzon are the only two people that can stop the 45Ad from going GOP red in the 2012.  Their chance of winning in November and keep the government $$$ flowing and uniting the Russian and Orthodox vote to have more clout in citywide elections can be greatly improved if those now supporting Cymbrowitz unite behind Akeselrod. A Russian GOP lead by an elected assemblyman in the 45AD and Orthodox rooted in the Democratic Party will split the Jewish vote and its ability to do good for its community.

This is What the Brooklyn GOP is Passing Out

The Homeless Election Still in Court
Subpoenaed Storobin Staffer Says She Did “Nothing Wrong” (C&S) The staffer, Alla Pometko, told City & State before taking the stand that she would disprove charges by the Lew Fidler campaign that she intentionally gathered 119 absentee ballots for able-bodied Russian voters in an effort to help David Storobin win a state Senate seat 




Smoke and Mirrors Filder Fooled Quinn That He Could Produce Votes for Her

Dominic Recchia, Erik Dilan and Lew Fidler were the City Council’s biggest purveyors of pork. Quinn Funds Fidler Machine   . . .   The NYT Report the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club and the Machine Have Lost Touch With Their Community
The old leader of the TJ club Meade Esposito would not allow Assembly Speaker Stanly Fink to have a constituent office outside the clubhouse.  He also limited the staff the speaker could have. He wanted all the local business of government to be conducted inside his club.  Today the elected officials use there own offices with large staff, member items and government funding mailing to the voters as a political machine that helps them get reelected.  Even Tammany Hall's Christmas free Turkey giveaway has been taken over by elected officials

TJ Runs Their Machine Like Lopez on Member Item Government $$$
Lew Fidler and Kruger have keep the club alive the same way Vito Lopez has kept his political machine going with government funds. As the neighbor changed the club used government money to reach out ot a build loyalty with the new minority residents. The Thomas Jefferson Club remains predominantly white, although it is based in the predominantly West Indian neighborhood of Canarsie.  Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him.

Quinn's Seabrook Flip Flop: No Pork for You
Still Funding the Lopez and Crowley Machines and Dozens of Corrupt Councimembers
Seabrook is put on a no-pork diet(NYP) Quinn is yanking Seabrook’s discretionary funds in the upcoming budget as the beleaguered Bronx politician gears up for a second federal trial on charges of extortion, money-laundering and fraud

Breaking : Could there be a mistrial in Pedro espada case?? Jury note points to a problem juror. Judge reconvenes 10 Thursday * Pedro Espada said that Andrew Cuomo has been given “carte blanche” *   Juror Refuses To Deliberate, Espada Trial Temporarily Comes To A Halt (WCBS) *  Jurors' Deliberations Stalled In Espada's Fraud Trial (NY1) * Pedro Espada's trial grinds to halt; 1 juror refusing to (NYP) * Soundview empty as Espada embezzlement trial continues(WABC)

Quinn Uses Government Funds to Build Her Mayoral Election Machine
Besides Funding Lopez, Crowley's political machines Quinn gives extra funds to councilmembers who are supporting her mayoral ambitions 
Council’s pots of gold go to power pols(NYP) Dominic Recchia (D-Brooklyn), chairman of the powerful Finance Committee, was the biggest winner in the Citizens Union study, collecting $66.7 million to spend on capital projects and nonprofits of his choosing. Erik Dilan (D-Brooklyn), an ally of Brooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez, came in second with $37 million. Dead last in 51st place were Dan Halloran (R-Queens) and his predecessor Tony Avella, now a state senator. Over the four-year period, they pulled in just $9.5 million for their constituents. Avella, an outspoken critic of Council Speaker Christine Quinn, said the results should come as no surprise to anyone. 

What Was the Daily News Thinking?
Quinn, who overturned voter approved term limits, lectures on Democracy, then bolts rally in NY
Christine Quinn gives back of her hand to political boor (NYDN Ed) City Council speaker walks out after insult to Mayor Bloomberg. The Daily News sides with Council Speaker Christine Quinn for walking out of a press conference after a participant insulted the mayor, and faults Public Advocate Bill de Blasio for defending the name-calling

State Senate GOP Pork Rolls Politically $10M
Senate Republicans muscle aid to targeted districts as Democrats chalk up nothing(TU)State Senate Republicans designated nearly $10 million in “bullet aid,” or unobligated education funds, to their own districts, infuriating Democrats in the process. * Without notice, the Republican-controlled Senate approved $9.95 million in aid to school districts, sending the cash only to areas its members represent. The Democrats howled in protest. “This is a vile act of one-sided unfairness,” said Sen. Adriano Espaillat.

Campaign 2012   Wage-bill foe puts it in reverse(NYP)  Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson flip-flopped on the controversial living-wage bill yesterday, backing off his earlier opposition and announcing he now supports the measure passed by the City Council this week.* The Senate Democrats are disappointed Cuomo isn’t pushing harder for campaign finance reform this year.*  Charles Barron Would Also Like Ed Towns’ Endorsement(NYO) * Ed Towns’ wife may miss his life in politics–she currently drives around in a new Infinity paid for by his campaign fund. * One Last Sale: Can Charlie Rangel Convince Voters to Give Him Another Term in Washington?(NYO)Meng sues to have opponent thrown off ballot (Queens Crap)* Before Fundraiser, Cuomo Decries Money In Politics(YNN) * Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer Want Mike Bloomberg To Stay Away From Mitt Romney(NYO) * No Senate Run For Rudy * Christine Quinn Graphically Describes Her Position On Abortion Rights(NYO) * NYC Republican Chairmen (At Length) List Mayoral Wishes, Demands(City and State) * Potential Mayoral Rivals Campaign For Late-Term Abortion Rights(NY1) * Ray Kelly, non-candidate, gets a deadline for becoming one (Capital)

Sen. Diane Savino defended her use of campaign funds to pay for large funeral floral arrangements. 

The FBI and Feds Were Not Impressed By Liu's Rally

Former Treasurer for Liu Pleads Not Guilty(NYT)*  Two Former Liu Campaign Staffers Plead Not Guilty To Fraud(NY1) * NYC Comptroller John Liu’s former campaign treasurer pleaded not guilty to charges she helped to funnel illegal contributions through fictitious donors and obstructed the government’s investigation into his fundraising. * She may want a separate fraud trial from Oliver Pan, who is also accused in the scheme.

Breaking: Liu will reject Bloomberg administration's Taxi of Tomorrow contract

Carl Kruger Bribery Shakedowns Continues
Hosp exec gets 4 mos.(NYP) Another Kruger Briber Goes to Jail. This time a hospital executive who paid Kruger 60,000.* Bribery term for hosp CEO (NYDN)

Pol invokes Hitler to oppose abortion bill(NYDN) * Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. invoked Hitler as a pro-choice advocate in a rant against a bill to strengthen the state’s abortion laws. The Anti-Defamation League was not amused.

City Plan to Mainstream Special Ed Students and Other Education NewsSpecial-ed kids changing class(NYP) *  Social Media Rules Limit New York Student-Teacher Contact(NYT) * Parents furious that children don’t feel safe at P.S. 6 (NYDN) * Test-prep firm in huge scandal(NYDN) *Advocates: School overusing 911 for behavior problem(NYDN)

More Lottery $$$ Less Money for Education?

Today's math lesson: How NY's lottery took in record $ but amount set aside to fund education declined(NY World)



The city reined in part of its school breakfast program over obesity fears. 




‘Low’ rent hikes on horizon(NYP) The board voted 5-4 to approve preliminary rent hikes of 1.75 to 4 percent for new one-year leases and 3.5 to 6.75 percent for two-year renewals. *  Board Is Met With Jeers as It Recommends an Increase in Rents(NYT) *  Rent Guidelines Board Approves Range For Rent Hikes(NY1)

With daughter in mind, paint store owner says no to Hooters(NYDN)

Beer hike$ on tap: Brewers face tax (NYP)

Does Not Look Like NYP Will Back Obama . . .  Here Comes the DOJ Murdoch 

Gloating on air over Osama: O boasts in hush trip to Afghanistan(NYP) * Shameless(NYP Ed)


Congressman Comptroller Yassky Does Not Agree With the Observer That The NYT Endorsements are Important
The Editorial Plea: How The New York Times Decides Who Wins and Loses Local Elections (NYO) The New York Times’ coverage of local politics has shrunk over the years, but the influence of its endorsement in elections has skyrocketed, the New York Observer say. Editorial - For New York City Comptroller - * Yassky Camp Seizes on Endorsement - * A Quiet (and Disquieting) Primary - New York TimesNYT Endorses ShawnDya Simpson for Brooklyn Surrogate * Political Consultant Jerry Skurnik adds more NYT loses: Times endorsed Green over Bloomberg in 2001, Cuomo over Koch in 1977, Badillo over Beame in 1973, Leslie Crocker Snyder over Morgenthau. I could go on.  The NYO also repeats the myth that if you challenge opponent's petitions, you can't get endorsed - what about Bloomberg knocking Ognibene off the ballot? * How to become a “Times-whisperer” – a consultant who has figured out how to sway Gray Lady editorial gatekeeper Eleanor Randolph & Co.
Hacker Murdoch's NYP Calls Daily News Editor Myler Who Used to Work for New Corp A Hacker

Probe: Daily News editor Myler found ‘complicit’ in hacking scandal(NYP) *With Report, a Tabloid Editor Is Again Part of Story(NYT)

Colin Myler, former News of the World editor, was cited by a British parliamentary panel.Colin Myler, editor of The Daily News and former editor of The News of the World, was targeted in a British parliamentary panel’s report on the phone-hacking scandal.* DN publisher Mort Zuckerman says he has “total confidence” in his new editor, Colin Myler, who is at risk of being cited for contempt of Parliament for his role in the News of the World phone hacking scandal.* Another rough day at News Corp, and other news from around the media. (NYO)
* New York Post Targets Daily News Editor-In-Chief Colin Myler In Phone Hacking Reporting(Huff Post)

News Corp. Board Vouches for Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Fitness’(NY Mag)




Cable News Ratings April 2012: CNN Has Worst Month In Decade (PHOTOS, POLL)



 State to install concrete barriers at site of Bx. crash that killed 7 family members(NYP) * After Accident, Barriers Will Be Added to Bronx Highway(NYT)


May Dud: 50 people were arrested far short of a general strike


Few Doctors Prescribing Most Opioids(WSJ) A Bloomberg administration report shows that a relatively small group of doctors are behind most of the prescriptions for opioid painkillers such as oxycodone


New York Cuts Race Purses in Effort to Increase Horse Safety(NYT)* The state Racing and Wagering Board limited the size of the purses offered in races involving cheaper horses, acknowledging larger purses – many offered at tracks with VLTs – have contributed to horse deaths.* Says the TU: “(E)nough is known, finally, to consider stripping NYRA’s hold on New York’s racing franchise.”


An Earth-Bound View of Where Ospreys Soar(NYT) An osprey at the wildlife refuge at Jamaica Bay in Queens has been outfitted with a GPS tag, allowing wildlife managers and the public to track his daily movements.



 The making of A President 2012

A Visit Well Timed to Future Uncertainties in Afghanistan(NYT) * In Pursuit of a Reluctant Mayor Bloomberg’s Seal(NYT) *  Missed Chance(NYT Ed) President Obama’s speech from the Bagram Air Base near Kabul was frustratingly weak on details of his exit str * Obama, Karzai Sign Strategic Afghan Pact(WSJ) * Obama Pledges U.S. Security Help To Afghanistan After Combat's End(NY1)


Romney Tours FDNY Firehouse On Anniversary Of Bin Laden Death(NY1) * Mitt Romney and Mayor Bloomberg had their “first date,” but President Obama is wooing the billionaire mayor, too. No far: No endorsement for anyone.* Romney has pledged to repeal the Dodd-Frank financial regulations if he’s elected, but is otherwise silent on how he would regulate big banks to prevent another Wall Street crisis.

The former Massachusetts governor brought $136 worth of pizza to his firehouse meeting with an old rival-turned-supporter, ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. * Romney: Inappropriate to Politicize OBL Death(NBC) * Why are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney seeking Mike Bloomberg’s endorsement?  His “ name is all but synonymous with Wall Street clout and nonpartisan politics,” writes Michael Barbaro. * Michael Steele: Wall Street’s ‘Fanciful Dalliance’ With President Obama Is Over * Romney, Journalists Turn Out For Mike Wallace Memorial 

Newt’s Done Running, Not Done Shooting for the Moon(NY Mag)* Uncertainties Lurk in Afghanistan - Alissa Rubin, New York Times * Obama Earned the Right to Tout Bin Laden Raid - Richard Clarke, NYDN *Obama & Labor Unions: A Cynical Process - Tom Sowell, Investor's Biz Daily* Gingrich officially ends campaign, says it was a 'truly wild ride'(NYP) * Total outside spending (super pacs & 501c4s) in #2012 is now double what it was at same point in #2008. * Gingrich Officially Quits Presidential Race(NYT)* Nick Confessore goes long on the Obama administration’s efforts to woo Wall Street. * Mitt Romney’s budget plan would wallop New Yorkers by ending the state income tax deduction.  * Obama is expected to bring in $2 million at two DC fundraisers today. *A pro-Romney SuperPAC is on the air in 9 battleground states.  * Bachmann to endorse Romney(CNN) * What’s in it for Mayor Bloomberg if he endorses Mitt Romney?



Les Miserables

Eurozone Unemployment Hits 10.9 Percent, A Record High(Huff Post)


Jon Stewart Goes Off On GOP Hypocrisy For Criticizing Obama’s Bin Laden Ad

In the Spirit of Gideon's Trumpet

Top Judge Makes Free Legal Work Mandatory for Joining State Bar(NYT) * A New Lawyer’s Duty(NYT Ed) A requirement that new lawyers in New York work 50 hours pro bono will result in a much-needed boost in legal aid for the poor, though additional federal or state funding is needed too* ew York will become the first state in the nation to require pro-bono service as part of admission to the bar, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman announced.



 Law and Order

Officer who had knife plunged into head released from hospital(NYP) * Officer Stabbed in Head Leaves Hospital(NYT)

Brooklyn Bike Patrol spreads across the borough offering(NYDN)


Terror Defendant Convicted in New York Subway Plot (NYT) * Guilty Verdict in Subway Plot(WSJ) * Queens Man Found Guilty In Subway Bomb Plot Trial(NY1)