Thursday, March 29, 2012

Congressman Weiner A Strong Symbol That Keep Southern Brooklyn Democratic Party Together

BREAKING: A jury convicts fmr Yonkers Councilwoman Sandy Annabi and fmr Yonkers GOP chairman Zehy Jereis of all counts in corruption trial. 

Annabi, Jereis convicted on all counts(Lo Hud) * Annabi, Jereis convicted on all charges, could face 12+ years in ...(The Journal News) * 2 NY pols convicted of corruptionWall Street Journal * 2 Yonkers politicians convicted of corruptionNew Jersey Herald * Yonkers Politicians Guilty of Corruption Over Forest City Ratner Project (NY Mag) * Two Guilty in Yonkers Corruption Case(NYT)* Ex-Yonkers City Councilwoman convicted of bribery(NYDN) 


Corrupt Trial That the NYC Media Blacked Out Resulted in Guilty Verdicts 

Sandy Annabi Found Guilty of Being Bribed $175,000 By A Ratner Consultant/Lobbyist to Buid His Project.  Zehy Jereis Ratner Lobbyist Found Guilty of Bribing Councilwoman Annabi.  Mangone also hired by Ratner, the third defendant indicted with Jereis and Annabi in early 2010, has already pleaded guilty to tax fraud and conspiracy charges, and is cooperating in an effort to reduce his prison sentence. And Mangone's testimony also implicated past acts, unrelated to this trial, by his political mentor Yonkers powerbroker Nick Spano, a former state Senator turned lobbyist, who recently pleaded guilty to tax charges.* How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects(True News)


Pay to Play

The developer was not charged with wrongdoing, but it clearly behaved dubiously--details omitted from the Times coverage. Its representatives strung along Zehy Jereis, nervous about giving him the lobbying job he requested, since that would be a quid pro quo, but afraid that not giving him a job would scotch efforts to flip Annabi's vote.

2nd Ratner Lobbyist/Consultant Found Guilty to Build 2 different projects

The trial, which began in mid-February, has shed some light on the nebulous web of politicians and politicians-turned-lobbyists that were working to approve a $650 million Forest City real-estate project.Yonkers Corruption Trial Puts Forest City Ratner in the Spotlight(NY Magazine)


Convict Kruger Bribed and the Developer Knew Nothing? 
The NYT whose HQ was built and financed by Ratner wrote about his bribery problem on January 9th 2012 after Forest City Lobbyist Richard Lipsky pead to bribing Inmate Kruger.  Where did the $250,00 that Lipsky bribed Kruger come from?  or the $100,000 the FBI found in the lobbyist home when they raided it.  Mr. Ratner has walked between the legal raindrops. Federal prosecutors have not implicated him or his company, Forest City Ratner, in either of these corruption cases. He must have no idea how he got the hundreds of millions from Kruger, Filder and the other pols for his company.  He also must be clueless about the bribery cases against him.  Another example how the media filters corrupt story to protect the powerful and only report on the incitements and convictions.

Where did the Bribe Money Come From?

Ratner Lobbyist Zehy Jereis was paid 60,000 as a consultant after the project was approved. The Councilwoman was paid $175,000.

Ratner Lobbyist Richard Lipsky was paid $3000 a month, Kruger was bribed $3000 a month

Southern Brooklyn Hemorrhaging Democrats

Weiner computer button not only ended his congressional career it started a voting tsunami of voters out of the democratic party in southern Brooklyn.  Congressman Turner won a shocking victory of David Weperin in a district where democratic have a 3 to 1 advantage in registration.  Now GOP David Storobin shock the political world by his showing in the race to replace the corrupt Carl Kruger against Lew Fidler and the Once all powerful Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club.  Yes the only FDR democratic voters have been replace by more conservative Russian- Americans and Orthodox Jews.  But that change is not new. The population change has been going on for years.  What is new is Weiner the symbolic leader of that community is no longer around.  

The elimination of the traditional Brooklyn Democratic congressional seat that Weiner held and dividing the Brooklyn Jewish voters into three congressional district and the dividing of the Brooklyn Russian-American immigrants into four state senate district is pouring gasoline on the exit from the democratic party.  Don't be surprised that long time democratic Assemblymembers Cymbrowitz, Colton and Abbate get knock off in this democratic tsunami in November when voters in those districts vote to stop President Obama from winning a second term.  Corrupt Democratic boss Vito Lopez uses Tammany Hall Rules to stay in power he has no control of the vote.  The Turner and Storobin results prove that.   There is nobody to stop it to stop southern Brooklyn march to the GOP and Skelos and the republican leaders know it.

Fidler vs. Storobin Update  - Fidler 3 + or Tied?

Russian Community Protesting Outside Fidler's Office

Fidler Leads by 3 at End of Second Day (NYO) * Daily News With the vote tally in at 10,899 EACH (yes, a tie) for Dems' Fidler and GOP's Storobin, counting will continue tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Storobin Leads by 10 As Ballots Are Contested on Both Sides(NYO)
David Storobin’s lead over NYC Councilman Lew Fidler in the 27th SD special election has shrunk to just 37 votes – 83 votes less than the election night tally showing a 120-vote lead – after a day of ballot counting down in NYC.* Fidler campaign manager: Storobin directing challenges at Jewish votes, using "Florida-style" tactics * Fidler's campaign says Storobin supporters were removed by police from protesting Fidler's office * SD-27: Yeah, The Suspense Is Still Killing Me(NYDN) * has the last word on Storobin/Fidler: "like Florida 2000 if [it] involved two little knowns in race of no real consequence" * !! Hikind:"I like Lew Fidler, I voted for David Storobin." calls on BoE to release his vote

Does Fidler Think By Challenging Storobin's Russian Voters He is Going To Win Russian Votes Against Marty Golden Who is Expected to Run Against in November?

There are about 800 ballots left to count, according to a NYC Board of Elections source. Storobin’s campaign accused Fidler of engaging in “ethnic exclusion” by “objecting to almost all of the absentee ballots from the Russian election districts and with Russian last names.” * Fidler Campaign Manager Accuses Storobin of Running Illegal Mail-in Effort ( *  Candidates' Teams Closely Follow Absentee Ballot Count In Special State Senate Race(NY1) * Claim of Fraud as Votes Are Counted in Brooklyn Special Election(NYT) By the end of the day, when about a third of the roughly 1,500 absentee ballots and affidavits were counted, Mr. Storobin’s lead was down to 37. The counting will continue on Thursday, and most likely on Friday, when lawyers for both campaigns are expected to appear in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn so that a judge can review the ballots in dispute, including 151 from Wednesday. *
Democratic source: Team Storobin is contesting every single Democratic ballot now. *Florida In Brooklyn: Storobin Campaign Workers Block Fidler Workers From Entering Office Yeshiva World) * DEVELOPING: Hikind May Have Cast The Deciding Vote For Lew Fidler (Yeshiva World)

Liu’s campaign adviser Chung Seto is helping him run both his governmental & campaign offices, possible violation campaign finance law
Liu's "Co-Comptroller.”
Liu’s aide pulling strings(NYP)Comptroller John Liu has turned to his top political adviser, Chung Seto, for more than just campaign advice — he has actually let her run much of his office, even though she is not a city employee. Emails obtained by the NY Post show Democratic operative Chung Seto, NYC Comptroller John Liu’s top political advisor, is deeply involved in what happens in his government office. One source said: “She is basically co-comptroller.” * John Liu has a new campaign treasurer. 

Secretary points finger at Pedro Espada Jr. for falsifying expenses

Espada Aide Is Inconsistent as She Testifies in Fraud Trial(NYT) The day’s testimony underscored the fact that much of the prosecution’s case rests on witnesses close to former State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. * Espada secretary gives him up(NYDN) Norma Ortiz says boss showered wife with gifts, but taxpayer-funded nonprofit paid bill


City's Jobless Rate Continues to Rise Faster Than Job Creation Rate(NYT) 9.6%

Election 2012   
Councilman Weighing Run for Comptroller(NYT)
Mayoral Candidate de Blasio Jewish Supporters Going to Love This De Blasio Defends NYPD's Muslim Surveillance(WSJ) * De Blasio targets car makers that profit in Iran(NYDN)

protestors oppose Rep Crowley free trade votes at 50th B-day fundraiser in NYC tonite. Official guest list includes Pelosi, Schumer *  NY1 Online: Redistricting Analysis With NY1's Bobby Cuza * Would-be Bloomberg successor Tom Allon on living in Gracie Mansion, a tradition Bloomberg says should end: “Living above the store’ seems to work well for the President of the United States and also worked well for Mayors Koch and Giuliani.” * Garodnick Cites ‘Experience’ For Comptroller’s Office, Ignores Experience of John Liu(NYO) * The state legislative districts were submitted to the Department of Justice for preclearance. * Jeffries raised money off of stop-and-frisk.* Lancman stands alone among congressional candidates in refusing to run for reelection in the Legislature.* Ed Koch won’t punish lawmakers who broke their redistricting pledge.* Dan Halloran isn’t kosher with it though.* Every race will be contested in Staten Island

Today's Best Campaign Flack Spin of A Reporter  Christine Quinn On Love And City Hall (NYO)

Quinn Help for a Developer of 2

Quinn Exempts Part of Hudson Yards From Living-Wage Bill(NYT)

Has peace broken out between City Councilman Dan Halloran and the Queens Tribune? During his 2009 Council campaign, the paper—founded by Rep. Gary Ackerman, who employed Halloran’s opponent Kevin Kim—spotlighted Halloran’s pagan religion in a front-page story headlined “Democratic Victor v. Pagan Lord.” Tribune editor Michael Shenkler, who said at the time there was no conflict, seems to have patched things up now that Ackerman is retiring and Halloran is running to fill the seat. Yesterday he posted on Facebook a picture of himself shaking hands with Halloran, calling him “my old friend … Dan’s got style and gumption.” (C&S)


Quinn Campaign Update: See I am Not the Mayors Puppet

Quinn's Campaign focus groups must be thing her consultants that she needs to show the voters that she is not Bloomberg's puppet.  The speaker is trying to makeover the public impression that she carried the mayor's water for extending term limits and hundreds of council bills and Bloomberg's policies that she supported over the years.

The Living Wage Bill will be somewhat limited, as Ms. Quinn acknowledged, since the majority of buildings in which the city leases space pay prevailing wages.  Besides overriding stickers the council voted 47-2 to override a veto and establish a legal grace period for vehicles parked at expired meters. 

The Council also approved a measure on that would require higher wages for some private-sector blue-collar workers, taking a step long advocated by labor unions but opposed by Bloomberg and the business community. Council Bans Stickers of Shame, Overriding Mayor's Veto(NYT) * City Council Approves Wage Bill and Condemns Florida Killing(NYT) * Council Overrides the Mayor Two Times(WSJ) * Prevailing Wage Act Approved By Council To Boost Some Service Workers' Wages(NY1) * Ban On Stickers For Parking Violators Upheld By City Council (NY1) * Prevailing wage bill prevails (NYDN)* Council members wear hoodies to support Trayvon(NYDN) * City Council Members Protest Trayvon Martin’s Killing and (NYDN)* City Council Votes For Muni-Meter Grace Period, Banishes(NYDN)* Alternate-side parking neon stickers banned(WABC) * Hoodies, Skittles at City Hall for Trayvon(NBC)


Kosher Budget No Member Items

Hold the pork! Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg look good as piggy projects don't fly in new budget (NYDN) State's $132.6 billion spending plan skips pol-sponsored pet project * State clothes tax booted(NYP) * ‘Crazy’ rush to beat pension deadline(NYP) * The Post’s Page Six says Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in Miami recently, having dinner with Sandra Lee at haute Asian/French eatery Juvia (we don’t recall seeing a Florida trip on his schedule) * Cuomo plans to kill member items (AKA pork) forever. Some lawmakers have other ideas.

DaNYP: Go Home Albany
The Post argues that Albany lawmakers should head home when the budget passes, in order to prevent progress on legislation such as blocking teacher evaluation releases, minimum wage hikes and increases in lawmaker pay.The Albany menace(NYP)

 The sweeping plan in the budget for back-office consolidation, which will enable OGS to take charge of purchasing duties for most agencies, will save an estimated $1 billion over the next five years. Cuomo plans to establish a health care exchange through executive order, and though the Senate GOP doesn’t like that, there will be no challenge.* Some lawmakers worry a new commission that will oversee gambling in NY gives too much power to Cuomo.* The public deserves to see teacher evaluation ratings (NYDN) Gov. Cuomo must not limit access to critically important information. The Daily News worries Gov. Andrew Cuomo is hedging on his decision to make teacher evaluations public, in an attempt to treat teachers like other public sector employees, whose evaluations are confidential * Skelos: Parker Tweet About ‘Three White Men’ Dumb And Outrageous(YNN) *State Sen. Kevin Parker On His "Three White Guys In The Room" Tweet: Well, It's True, Isn't It?

I Pledge My Allegiance to the Shelly 
As requested by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, newly-minted Assemblyman Mickey Kearns pledged his Democratic fealty in writing. 

Healthy New York, the 12-year-old insurance program for individuals and small businesses, does not have enough money to cover any new enrollees.

When Hospital Close People Die

Realtor's Development Of St. Vincent's Site Approved By City Council(NY1)




Yonkers trial jury today enters fifth day of deliberations(Atlantic Yards Review)

From the Journal News:
All the parties have fallen into a "wait and see" rhythm, prosecutors in an office downstairs, lawyers for [defendants Sandy] Annabi and [Zehy] Jereis at the defense table. Jereis spent much of the day in the hallway outside U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon's 14th floor courtroom. Annabi sat reading the Bible in a conference room. She said she couldn't talk to a reporter while the case was pending, but pointed out one passage that was her focus, Psalms 7, entitled God the Vindicator, and said simply that's what she was counting on.

Also in the courtroom, observed yesterday afternoon: several journalists, a couple of supporters of the defendants, and several investigators on the project. And, yes, a Forest City Ratner rep.

More OWS Press Censorship

OWS Global Revolution headquarters shutdown by (NYPD

B’klyn school: Ditch Facebook or pay $100 fine (NYDN)* Rockaway charter school fights to stay open(NYDN) * Looking for the Heartbeat of a New Kind of Charter(NYDN) * Where Math Teachers Go to Get Energized(NYDN)

In the wake of a scathing audit that branded its previous leadership “dysfunctional”

Port Authority to Cut Bonuses(WSJ) The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey plans to eliminate millions of dollars' worth of bonuses and other benefits for its nonunion employees, a gesture of reform. 

* Cruise ships at the port of Brooklyn are still spewing noxious fumes, despite a deal reached last year with the Port Authority to have them plug into an electric grid.

The Gowanus Whole Foods has to wrap around the city’s earliest known concrete building due to landmarking laws.

Pay to Play Train $$$

MTA big hit over conflictt(NYDN) A HIGH-RANKING subway executive sought a job with train manufacturer Bombardier while the company was being considered for a $600 million contract, the Daily News has learned. 

OWS protesters pull prank telling MTA straphangers not to pay fare

For Top Judge, Tough Lessons on Family Court Bench(NYT)



In a WSJ OpEd, Mayor Bloomberg says President Obama “adopted” the economic populism of Occupy Wall Street and rejects the idea of taxing the rich, which the mayor calls a “political strategy” and not one that will generate much revenue. 

Romney Gains Rubio Endorsement(NYT) * Judge Won't Rule on Obama Recess Appointments(WSJ) * Gingrich says no deal after a secret talk with Romney (Wash Times) * Reuters reports that Gingrich may be staying in the race because  he and Callista “enjoy its perks: the attention, the platform, the Secret Service protection.” * Poll: President Obama leads in swing states(Wash Post) * Mitt Romney is connected to pink slime.* Obama Leads Romney,Santorum by Double Digits - Paul Steinhauser, CNN * Mitt's Russia Comments Reflect Distrust - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics

Jon Stewart Mocks Obama’s Russian Open Mic Gaffe: ‘I’ve Got To Act Like An Idiot’ Until Election

Academic Built Case for Mandate in Health Care Law(NYT) Parties Brace for Fallout in Court’s Health Law Ruling(NYT)* Health Case Ripples Outward(WSJ) The Supreme Court ended three days of argument over the health-care law, with conservative justices questioning the limits of federal power. * Five Key Take-Aways After Three Days of Hearings(WSJ) * Opinion: ObamaCare and the 2012 Election(WSJ) * Academic Built Case for Mandate in Health Care Law(NYT) * 3 Branches in Historic Clash Over Health Law - Steven Dennis, Roll Call

Old NYPD Brownsville stationhouse sits rotting; the nonprofit that bought it can’t afford to rehab it
Exclusive: A Daily News tour of the decaying, long-abandoned building gives glimpses into its NYPD past; the old 65th Precinct sign, cell bars, an interrogation room chair (NYDN)

Narcotics cop accidentally shoots woman while searching Brooklyn apartment (NYDN) Bullet went through the floor and into the apartment where the woman lives

Law and Order

Mob trial gets reel (NYP) B’klyn courtroom stunt is right out of ‘The Godfather II’ In a scene straight out of “The Godfather: Part II,” a Mafia rat on the witness stand yesterday watched his brother walk into a Brooklyn courtroom — and sit with the family of the mobster he was testifying against. * Mob rat and bro pick sides (NYDN)


Strauss-Kahn Wants Judge to Dismiss Accuser’s Lawsuit(NYT) Lawyers for Dominique Strauss-Kahn argued that his former position as head of the International Monetary Fund bestowed “absolute immunity” upon him. * Strauss-Kahn Seeks Dismissal of Suit(WSJ) * Hotel Maid Pursues Civil Suit Against Former IMF Chief Strauss-Kahn(NY1)* DSK lawyers claim diplomatic immunity in Bronx civil co(NYDN)

‘Rape cop’ hung jury(NYP) * Councilman Weighing Run for Comptroller(NYT) * No Verdict on 'Rape'(WSJ) * NY will require prison visitors to have photo IDs(WSJ) * Mistrial Declared On Remaining Charges In Pena Rape Case(NY1)

Law and Order

New York Police Dept. Is Sued Over Stops in Private Buildings(NYT) * New Lawsuit Targets NYPD's Stop and Frisk Policy(WSJ) * Lawsuit Claims NYPD "Clean Halls" Program Violates Civil Rights(NY1) * NYCLU sues over NYPD program(NYDN)

New plan in works for problem-plagued Greenwich Village McD's(NYP)

Synthetic Marijuana, 'Legal Pot,' Banned In New York State (Huff Post)

Westchester Man Charged With Ill-Fated Assault In Subway Station(NY1) * Assault rap in Brooklyn subway death (NYDN)


Fake pot gets smoked out(NYDN) * EZ-Scam: 2 Brooklyn men busted in internet-based credit (NYDN) * No felony charges in fatal subway brawl(Fox 5)* Queens woman thrown out window by robbers(WABC) * Queens motel clerks busted on prostitution charges(NYDN)* Queens DA: Mob associate masterminded fatal robbery(NYDN)Brooklyn DA Condemned For Not Prosecuting More Hasidic(WCBS) * 3 Suspects Wanted in Bronx Shooting of Teen(NBC)