Monday, April 23, 2012

To Save the Brooklyn Democratic Party Assemblyman Cymbrowitz Must Go

Russian Candidate Akselrod Can Slow the Red Tide in Southern Brooklyn
The Congressman Turner victor was the wake-up call.  The Fidler results is the panic button. Southern Brooklyn is turning GOP red.  The Democrats only chance to try slow this tide is to pick new candidates that mirror the district. That has already been done in the news Boro Park State Senate District where DSCC Chairman Mike Gianaris helped lobby former Councilman Simcha Felder to run for the seat. 

Gianaris should not be celebrating because Felder who said he will vote for Skelos will not be a loyal democratic vote.  Now the reddest district in Southern Brooklyn the 45 Assembly District stands next to elect a republican.  In the piece of the Kruger district that is in the 45AD Storobin beat Fidler 3638 to 2753.  Even with Assemblyman Cymbrowitz and the rest of local Democratic establishment supporting Fidler he still lost the 45AD by 900 votes.

Gregory Davidzon: 
The Game Changer
The nail in the coffin to Cymbrowitz is the fact that the leader of the emerging Russian voting machine radio owner community leader Gregory Davidzon supported Fidler because he was mad at the Skelos for cutting up the Russian community into 3 districts.  Even with Davidzon support Filder only received 38%.  Without Davidzon Filder would have gotten the same 10% of the Russian vote that Weprin received against Davidzon backed Turner.  Storobin 62% is clear indication that the Russian community is like every other community and wants to elect one of its own.  In 2010 a non-Russian GOP candidate Joseph Hayon who ran in the 45AD spending only $615 captured 43% of the vote against Cymbrowitz.  A year later when Hayon running in the same 45 AD against a Russian for district leader he got only 25% of the vote. * Gregory Davidzon, a Kingmaker of Brooklyn's Little Russia(NYT)

Akeselrod is the Democrats Only Chance
Politically active Orthodox Jewish Russian Community leader Ben Akselrod will enjoy the backing of influential Russian-language media mogul and power broker Gregory Davidzon.  Akselrod and Davidzon are the only two people that can stop the 45Ad from going GOP red in the 2012 general election where all indications are there will be a massive anti-Obama vote by both the Russian and Orthodox Jews. Less that 3000 votes came out in the 2009 Democratic Party runoff. There are 13,000 registered Russian in the 45AD of which 6500 are Democrat.  Only Davidzon and Russian candidate can hope to pull in some any of those votes, esp the non democratic ones.  

Largest Vote Pulling Machine in Brooklyn is Homeless
Almost half the 2000 Russian votes (the winning margin) that Davidson pulled out for Democratic Councilman Greenfield received in his winning in 2010 special election came from non-democratic registered Russians. If there is to be any hop of the democrats holding on the 45AD someone in the party must convince Cymbrowitz like they did in 2006 Adel Cohen that the time has come to leave.  There is little doubt with pols in the area that Akselrod would be Cymbrowitz easily in a primary.  The only question is can Akselrod and Davidzon and other Jewish Democratic Orthodox leaders convince the voters in the 45AD once that vote against Obama to come back and vote for a democratic assemblyman.  Right Now Davidzon the man who can deliver the most votes in Brooklyn is homeless without a party. Mayor of Russian NYC Makes His Move (True News)  The democrats have the chance to start to rebuild a relationship with a man who won the race for Congressman Turner, Councilman Greenfield and help deliver important votes to Fidler and John Liu. They should not blow it this time again. True News: A Russian Tragedy.

A Mayoral Coalition Forms for Kelly
GOP greases wheels for mayor run by Police Commissioner Kelly(Dicker, NYP) Top state and city Republicans, backed by some of Manhattan’s wealthiest financiers, began last week preparing the legal paperwork, strategy documents and a fund-raising network that will enable Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to run for mayor.

Why Not Make Kruger Pay for the $1 Million Special Election Costs
‘Kruger’ election cost: $1M (NYP) For vanishing seat Taxpayers will shell out about $1 million to elect a replacement for disgraced Brooklyn pol Carl Kruger — who pleaded guilty to taking more than $1 million in bribes — although the eventual winner will spend no more than eight months in office.


Abe Beame The Last Mayor to Be Elected From the Outer Boroughs
Bid to End the Manhattan Mayoralty(WSJ) For nearly 40 years, City Hall has seen a steady rotation of mayors of different backgrounds, philosophies and approaches. But they all had at least one thing in common: Manhattan. There hasn’t been a NYC mayor elected from outside Manhattan since Brooklyn-based Abraham Beame, who became mayor in 1974 and was sworn in at his vacation home in Queens * Can Bill de Blasio or John Liu end Manhattan’s grip on Gracie Mansion?




Election 2012   Amid Racial Shift in Harlem, Political Pulpit Is in Play(NYT) * Bronx Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera is being challenged by a Taxi and Limousine commissioner seeking to become the first Albanian-American elected in the Bronx(DN) Mark Gjonaj launches campaign to unseat two-term Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera in 80th District * In Brooklyn, peace between rival Democrats is rejected (C&S) Recently, Brooklyn district leader Lincoln Restler proposed a non-aggression pact with Councilman Steve Levin that would help both young politicians win re-election, according to an account of the conversation Levin provided to City & State.* Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV predicts Sen. Adriano Espaillat won’t fare any better against Rep. Charlie Rangel than he did, saying: “I got my spanking two years ago; Espaillat will get his spanking now.”* The fact that former NYC Councilman Simcha Felder is running for Senate without quitting his job in NYC Comptroller John Liu’s office prompts the Post to again call for Liu to step down. Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is reportedly prepared to “clear the way” for Felder’s election in the new super Jewish district. That would possibly prompt a battle between Felder and David Storobin, whose victory has not yet been secured in the 27th SD.* With Ed Towns out of the race, union endorsements are rolling in for Hakeem Jeffries.  * The Times takes a look at the changing racial dynamics of Charlie Rangel’s congressional seat.  * The top 2013 mayoral contenders slammed Walmart after a New York Times investigation revealed widespread bribery on the part of the company’s top executives to officials in Mexico. * Could Simcha Felder end up running with both Republican and Democratic support? * The NY-6 race features a slew of ballot challenges. * Bill Thompson is running for mayor, whether you're paying attention or not (Capital) *Grace Meng Rolls Out South Asian Support(NYO) * NY-6 And Wal-Mart Politics(YNN) * The June 26 Primary Lineups Are More Or Less Set(YNN) *  
1199 Picks Favorites In 5 House Races(YNN) Inbox: For Congress, 1199 endorses Rangel (NY-13), Velazquez (NY-7), Jeffries (NY-8), Clarke (NY-9), Lancman (NY-6), SP Maloney (NY-18)* Common Cause Files Amicus On 63rd District Lawsuit(YNN) * Grace Meng Won't Return Donation From Family Friend Who Tarnished Her Dad's Assembly Career(NYDN) * The Bronx Democratic County Committee will support Luis Sepulveda for the 87th Assembly District. (Labor Commissioner Peter Rivera’s old seat).* Assemblyman Dov Hikind and NYC Councilman David Greenfield will have a joint press conference about the “super Jewish” district and Simcha Felder’s candidacy (presumably an endorsement event). Rabbinic leaders aill also attend.* Charlie Rangel: ‘I’m Charged Up, I’m Ready To Go’ (NYO)

Another Appointed Position for David Paterson
Former Gov. Paterson headed to MTA board(NYDN) * Dues and don’ts linger from TWU strike NYDN) * Some dues and don’ts that continue to haunt TWU six years after transit strike (NYDN) After illegal walkout, Transport Workers Union Local 100 lost right to take dues from paychecks for 2 years, and thousands of members fell out of 'good standing * Former Gov. Paterson headed to MTA board(NYDN) * Cuomo has selected former Gov. David Paterson to replace Paul McCartney’s wife, Nancy Shevell, on the MTA Board.* Soon-to-be-former Gov. David Paterson called the commuter tax “a perfectly valid concept whose life ended in 1999, and the current thinking does not accommodate it.”

  . to name "scandal-scorched ex-gov" 

 Liu Uses Government $$$ to Stay In Office

Quitting time(NYP Ed) Liu has been giving out free money to staffers in a transparent attempt to buy their loyalty. First, he slathered raises on 126 staffers, costing the city another $338,000 a year in the middle of a fiscal crisis. And last month he tried to bribe his top deputies with serious pay hikes. Felder got the biggest bump — $15,000 — but even that apparently wasn’t enough to keep him committed to his comptroller’s office job.




Meeks Parties With the 1%

‘Poor’ Meeks parties rich(NYP)Lavish ‘Super’ bash on supporters’ dime






 DOI: Those Wonderful People Who Have Not Found One City Employee Involved In the CityTime Scandal - Largest in City History

Probe eyes ‘fraud’ in botched 911 fix(NYP) New York’s Department of Investigation is conducting a probe of the Bloomberg administration’s troubled 911 overhaul program for evidence of corruption and fraud. 



  NYT Wants Etch A Sketch Romney

NYT argues Romney is the least reprehensible of the candidates on the Republican primary ballot in New York this year

The New York Primary(NYT Ed) Mitt Romney is the Republican voters’ only real choice, and the best of a very bad bunch of candidates.  We don’t think it is too late for Mr. Romney to build a platform that addresses the real needs of Americans, and his party should let him, for the country’s sake. The Republicans’ politics of personal destruction and public deprivation have done a great deal of damage and only promise more. Mr. Romney ought to aim higher. The NYT endorses (half-heartedly) Romney in advance of tomorrow’s primary, writing: “(I)n a year that started with the most right-wing fringe lineup we have seen, Republicans could have done a lot worse than Mitt Romney.” * Guy Molinari, Romney’s state campaign director, said the Romney forces are taking nothing for granted in advance of tomorrow’s primary and want to win “every congressional district” in what’s expected to be a low turnout election.



At City Hall And Beyond, Council Majority Leader Gets Results In Two Jobs(NY1)






Why Not Pay A Real Homeless Person to Play A Homeless Person on TV

 Not Many Homeless Men Read the Online Stage for Acting Jobs

New York City looking for actors to play homeless people in public service announcement (NYDN) 'Real people types' wanted * Advocates bashed the city for searching for actors to play the homeless–rather than casting the homeless themselves–in upcoming PSA’s.

Cuomo Keeps Grip on Funds In Settlement(WSJ) In the waning days of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's tenure as attorney general, his office shifted tens of millions of dollars in settlement funds from a high-profile insurance probe to an account controlled by the state Department of Health. In Cuomo’s last days as attorney general, he transferred $56 million in settlement funds out of potential control by his successor Eric Schneiderman into a fund controlled by the executive branch. Top Cuomo aide Drew Zambelli ripped the TU in a letter to the editor for reporting on a Q poll that included “biased” and “leading” questions about the Cuomo administration’s transparency – or lack thereof. * Andrew Cuomo Is Vague On Walmart, Ray Kelly, DREAM Act, Min Wage; Certain On David Paterson, Gay Marriage(NYO) * Cuomo doesn't line up with city Democrats, or labor, on Walmart(Capital) * Cuomo on a potential minimum wage hike: “I support the minimum wage, the concept of a minimum wage. I have supported minimum wage increases in the past. On the specific question of how much of an increase, at what time, in what economy, what factors, what dynamics, how much of an increase are you talking about–those issues we are still working through.” * The governor declined to join the anti-Walmart fray.



NY Times Protect A Disabilities Whistleblower 

Cuomo Administration, in Shift, Agrees to Whistleblower on Disabilities Panel(NYT) *The Cuomo administration disinvited a whistleblower from a panel on developmental disabilities being held tomorrow, but reversed itself after an inquiry from the New York Times, the pape* New tool to fight abuse of the disabled(NYDN)

New York Turns to Wikis to Encourage Transparency, Engagement


AP: Supreme Court Will Not Hear Appeal Seeking End To NYC Rent Stabilization Laws

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Rent-Control Challenge(NYT) * Renters Relieved! Life Returns to Normal After Supreme Court Turns Down Harmon Case(NYO) 


The Daily Q: Which NYC neighborhood is the most dangerous for pedestrians? (NY World)



Kendra Webdale’s mother wants Assemblyman Felix Ortiz to stop waffling and support strengthening the law named in memory of her daughter.* A woman whose daughter was killed by mentally ill person is pressing lawmakers to strengthen a law that allows the courts to forcibly administer treatments to dangerously disturbed individuals, but says Assemblymember Felix Ortiz keeps blocking it.



 EJ Dionne Jr. thinks a statewide public campaign finance system in New York would be the appropriate response to the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.  


New Yorker Reveals More Details About NYC’s Botched Tech Campus Deal With Stanford (NYO)

New Brooklyn Tech Center

Sources: NYU To Rehab Former Brooklyn Transit HQ Building (NY1) Tech Center * Mayor Bloomberg Announces a Second Tech Campus: NYU’s Applied Sciences Center in Downtown Brooklyn(NYO) * N.Y.U. to Create Research Institute in Brooklyn(NYT)

The Post contends Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens are deliberately delaying action on regulating hydrofracking * Anti-fracking advocates plan to pressure Cuomo, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and other elected officials when they gather in Corning for the DRC meeting this Friday.


Craft beer brewers are lobbying Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the right to renegotiate their contracts with beer distributors. 


Keeping the Public Uninformed While Racking In the Millions

This Is What WNBC(4) Calls Informing the Public April 23, 2012
5:30AM  Wheater,  :32  Traffice,   :33  N: Effects of heavy rain in NJ,  :34  N: Etan Petz case :36  Wheather,  :37 Traffic,  :38  N: Zimmerman released on bail,  :39  N: Roger Clemons trial :40  N: Hudson family murder trial,  :41  N:  Arizona - Search for missing girl, :42  Commercials,:44  N: Arrival of Enterprise delayed due to bad wheather,  :47 Traffic,  :48  N:  Bachelor's degree not enough to get a job,  :49 N: Gas prices go down a nickel,  :49  Entertainment news,  :50  Commercials, :53   MTA- Temporary service in Brooklyn of G train will be ending soon,  :55  Wheather, :57   Car crash video on race track,  :58  Commercials.

Behind Closed Doors, Broadcasters Battle Online Disclosure of Political Ad Buys

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote April 27on whether to require TV stations to post online public information aboutpolitical ad buys. Some form of the rule seems likely to pass, but the industry and others are lobbying the FCC to alter the nature of the final rule. (Publica) * Broadcasters Are ‘Against Transparency,’ Says FCC Chairman (Publica)
Local News  Dumb Down Journalism (True News)* Meet the Media Companies Lobbying Against Transparency (Publica) * Public Interest Groups to FCC: Don’t Gamble with the Public Interest

The Daily News is wary of mixed-martial arts legalization in New York because of the sport’s violence





Mixed Feelings for Fans as Nets Prepare to Leave NJ * Few tears as Nets bounce Jersey(NYP) * Nets to play final game in N.J.(Fox5)

Map of Sites of Bike Kiosks in Midtown Is Previewed(NYT)

Water in Your Birdbath? That Will Be $300(NYT)





Newest Edition To The Intrepid Sea, Air, And Space(WCBS)

Wait ’til you see the ‘yard’(NYP) Prison-warden homes up for sale

Manhattan residents want parking ban because of sex in cars(NYP) Bar neighbors want sex-cars ban. Neighbors around West 30th between Seventh and Eighth avenues — where stylish apartments rent for as much as $9,500 a month

The Making of A President 2012
The Obama campaign is making a “core” correction in its attacks against Mitt Romney, thanks to fundraiser and quiet advisor Bill Clinton.* New Executive Power Shift Lets Obama Bypass Rivals(NYT)* Romney camp is taking nothing for granted on Staten Island(SI Advance) * The US Conference of Catholic Bishops, led by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, are calling for repeal of contraception coverage mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services. * Five states are voting tomorrow, but with Mitt Romney already the nominee, there is concern turnout will be low. * Marco Rubio is joining him on the campaign trail.   * As the economy is approving, so is Barack Obama’s approval rating in swing states.   * Rudy Giuliani Endorses Romney: Under GOP President 'We'll Grow Unlike Anything We've Actually Ever Predicted' *In 2008, NY Times ‘Basked’ In ‘Warm Glow’ Of Obama Election, Now Takes ‘Hard Look’ At President * In Weak Job Market, One In Two College Graduates Are Jobless Or Underemployed(Huff Post) *
Mitt Romney appeared with Florida Sen. (and potential VP?) Marco Rubio, but declined to take a position on his version of the DREAM Act.* Who Will Ignite Swing Voters' Passion? - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg * Obama's Campaign Theme: We Can't Wait - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine * How Romney Will Beat Obama - William Kristol, Weekly Standard * Mitt's War on Mitt - Robert Creamer, Huffington Post * The Long and Short of Romney's VP List - Steve Holland, Reuters * Mitt Romney: The Amnesia Candidate - Paul Krugman, New York Times * The President Needs to Find a Theme Soon - Edward Luce, Financial Times * Old, Rich White Men Are Buying This Election - Frank Rich, NY Magazine * The Rude Guide to Mitt - Alex Pareene, Salon * Mitt Romney's Secrets - Washington Post


Former presidential hopeful John Edwards’ trial starts today. Meanwhile, his relationship with his mistress that sparked this mess, Rielle Hunter, has reportedly cooled.* Three Percent of Americans Like John Edwards(NY Mag) * Disgraced pol Edwards' relationship with baby mama cools as trial opens(NYP)

King demands answers on prostitution scandal, like whether gov't money used(NYP) * 12th Secret Service agent placed on leave in hooker scandal, more firings expected: lawmakers(NYP)

 MSNBC Light on Corrections
TV Corrects Itself, Just Not on the Air(NYT) Newspapers run corrections all the time, but a mistake on television news, like NBC’s misleading editing of an audio clip by George Zimmerman, is often followed by silence.


Law and Order

Rain delays basement search for Etan clues; work to resume today(NYP) * Missing Child Case in SoHo, All but Closed, Was Revived by a New Agent(NYT) * Search For Clues In Etan Patz Disappearance To Resume Monday(NY1) *Investigators End Search for Missing Boy(NYT) * SoHo search ends after investigators don't find evidence of missing boy(NYP)

State Police will target NY drivers on cell phones(WSJ) * Slain mogul’s wife on trial (NYDN) * The mob boss and the nun (NYDN) * Mystery grows in clubgoer's death(NYDN)*  No crime seen in club death(NYP) * Candlelight vigil held for crime victims(WABC) * M.T.A. Driver Charged With Keeping Woman on Bus(NYT) *Queens father and son ran 'brothel on wheels' using livery drivers(NYP)

Today through Sunday, State Police are running “Operation Hang Up” by targeting driving flouting the law against using cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. 

Cardinal Dolan baptizes daughter of shot cop at St. Patrick’s(NYDN)