Monday, February 6, 2012

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WSJ Discover the Russian Machine But Ignore Their Vote Being Diluted in Redistricting 

Pulling in the Russian Vote(WSJ) The WSJ Reporters Chernova and Grossman missed the fact that the redistricting commission did all they can to reduce the power of the Russian vote. When Chernov attended the Dvidzon endorsement of Fidler she did not want to talk about redistricting.   Russian Radio power broker Gregory Davidzon has emerged as a gateway between politicians yet he did not get the respect given to every other ethic and racial group by the redistricting commission.  You would think Ms. Chervova would wonder why?  The Russian Get Screw Again Cut in 4 (True News)


A Russian Tragedy GOP Cuts the Man Who Delivered Votes Out of A State Senate District





Senate GOP's Redistricting Blackmail

Give Us Our Lines Or Its Dysfunctional Albany Time Again 

Skelos Plays His Card Against Gov

Battle lines for gov, GOP (Dicker, NYP) Senate Republicans are threatening to hold up key elements of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s agenda this year, such as pension reform and legalized casino gambling, if he follows through on his threat to veto gerrymandered district maps  * A Republican consultant doesn't think Cuomo will make a stand on redistricting: “It’ll be two days of outrage and then it’s on to the budget."


Redistricting Same Old Crap, Pols Win Always

Everyone but the winners in New York State’s unfair system of drawing election districts agrees New Yorkers deserve better. This was the year they were supposed to get it. But nothing has changed * The art of redistricting war: A guide to reading between the lines (NY World) * Keith Wright tells Charlie Rangel not to worry about redistricting.

Marty Golden New District 


Two-Thirds Oppose Albany Pay Hikes 

Sixty-one percent of New Yorkers support Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to build a super-sized convention center in Queens, while two-thirds oppose pay hikes for state legislators, a new Siena College poll  *  Albany pols turn backs on Daily News readers who say 'Don't Pay the Bums'

NYP Says Same Old Shit and the Daily News Does Not Follow Up It Own Editorial

Fidler on the loose (NYP) The Post compares Senate candidate Lew Fidler to the man he’s trying to replace, convicted ex-Sen. Carl Kruger, for his brazen parking violations.  

No Daily News Follow Up

It funny when the NYP tries to write an editorial saying that Fidler is the same as Kruger and does not pick up a 2009 Daily News editorial that the Storobin campaign plans to  highlight a 2009 Daily News hitting Fidler for taking $84,122 in taxpayer matching funds money for an uncompetitive Council election in 2009. The Daily News called on Fidler to return it, and Fidler said at the time: If it turns out that I don’t need it, I’ll return it. But, as Storobin’s memo notes, it appears Fidler did not.


 A Rookie Insider

Chock-full war chest buoys Staten Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis(SI Advance) Ms. Malliotakis, who is running her first re-election campaign this year, has raised $114,962 since January 2011. Only Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, at $172,982, raised more in that time period, according to records provided to the Advance.


Under a unique arrangement, the entire staff of the state IG’s office quietly gained the ability to look at tax returns of state employees and, potentially, any other filers whose confidential data is considered “relevant” to an investigation. * The IG and Tax Department called the TU story about their power-sharing memo of understanding “misleading and inaccurate.”* Sen. John DeFrancisco called the Cuomo administration’s move to make it easier for the IG to obtain tax records of lawmakers and state employees without a subpoena “dangerous.”

Poor Popular Cuomo

Cuomo: My Sky-High Poll Numbers Have Nowhere to Go But Down(NYO) * NY’s Very Strong Governor System (Reinvent Albany) * Some lawmakers are not thrilled with Governor Cuomo's tax policy. (BN)

Cuomo Should Have His Own Planes Like Bloomberg
Donors spent $145G to fly Gov. Andrew Cuomo on private jets to fund-raising events (NYDN) The flights are legal, although some of the donors had business before the state. A half-dozen campaign donors spent $145,583 to jet Cuomo to fundraising events in Puerto Rico, California, Buffalo, Syracuse, New York City and the Hudson Valley.


Make Education Not School Wars

Order in the auditorium(NYP)  About a half-hour into the meeting, a gaggle of students jumped out of their seats and started screaming about “failed education policies,” refusing to let Walcott or anyone else be heard. After five minutes of trying to quiet the rowdy students, Walcott left — and the meeting was adjourned. * Despite Focus on Data, Standards for Diploma May Still Lack Rigor(NYT) * Fearful that too many students will fail, state officials have opted to dumb down the state regents exam.

 Beloved Bronx vocational HS in danger of closing(NYDN) John Hyland attended Samuel Gompers Career and Technical Education High School in Mott Haven back in the 1960s, and credits the vocational school with his 33-year career with Verizon.

Closing Arguments: Despite Grad Rate, Curtain May Fall On Performing Arts School(NY1)





The 1% Private Equity Firms Contribute to Crowley

 Private Equity PAC Showed A Lot of Love To Congressman Joe Crowley(NYO)In 2010, Mr. Crowley, who is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, came under scrutiny for his contributions from the financial industry. That fall, the House Ethics Committee conducted a probe of Mr. Crowley after he collected $23,500 in donations from financial industry executives at series of fundraisers held in late 2009, just before he voted on legislation to impose tougher restrictions on Wall Street. The Ethics Committee dropped their investigation of Mr. Crowley in Januar


Possible Contender for the “Asian” Senate Seat Emerges (UPDATED)




NYC's Bad Economic Signs - Empty Office Building,

1 .   With the half empty WTC about to go on the market and the rail yards unable to find financing how will the building planned after the Javits' Center is torn down be financed or occupied? 

2.  Banks' Offices Shrink(WSJ) Wall Street firms have begun to quietly jettison office space in a sign that repercussions from the recent contraction in the financial-services industry will be felt in the city for several years.


3. Federal Transportation Funds In Danger 
Fed transport bill would kill MTA funds, raise fares, says Congressman Nadler(NYDN) The MTA and a group of Democratic leaders warned that a federal transportation bill would strip the agency of an important revenue stream and lead to skyrocketing fares * Federal Transportation Bill Could Cut MTA Funding (WNYC) * Cuts in federal funding could mean rise in MTA fares(News 12)

Remember When We Elected Congressman to Get the Job Done Not Attack the Other Party
Reps. Crowley, Rangel, Nadler and MTA Chairman Denounce Republican Cuts to Public Transit. In 1998  D'Amato Defends $41 Billion Transit Measure - New York Times * NYC Lawmakers, MTA, Slam GOP Over Transit Cuts (NYO)


9/11 cops’ cancer woe(NYP) * NYPD Cancer Cases Up Post 9/11(Fox 5)

New York City Defends Health Ads That Frighten the Viewer(NYT)




Paying the ‘pipers’(NYP) Plumbers among city’s top OT earners


As Brooklyn Jail Reopens, Fears Crop Up(WSJ)






For Congregations Gathering in City Schools, Time to Move(NYT) Unless state legislation is passed before next Sunday, dozens of religious congregations across New York will be barred from holding services in public schools * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is worried the Senate’s bill to allow religious organizations to continue holding services in NYC public school buildings could result in having the Klu Klux Klan in schools.* Silver Rejects Bill Allowing Church Services in Schools - UPDATED(NYDN)

 New York Fashion Week Takes Shape(WSJ)






Election 2012

The Flub Watch Never Stops for Obama’s Team(NYT) * Paul’s Flinty Worldview Was Forged Early(NYT) * Things Are Not O.K.(Krugman, NYT) The unemployment report was genuinely good, but there’s a downside: the calls to stop focusing on job creation *The Indy Victory Lap No One Expected(WSJ) * Romney Builds Momentum(WSJ) * Gingrich Counting on 'Reagan States'(WSJ) * Romney Has Edge in Colorado Race(WSJ) * Obama Holds Edge Over Romney - Dan Balz & Jon Cohen, Washington Post * Team Obama Shows Dangerous Penchant for Hubris - Al Hunt, Bloomberg * Obama's Made-up Jobless Numbers - Joseph Curl, Washington Times * Obamacare vs. the Catholics - Jonathan Last, Weekly Standard

Could Evangelicals Block Romney? - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * Santorum's Last Stand? - Katrina Trinko, National Review * Paul's Flinty Worldview Formed Early - David Halbfinger, New York Times * BC News/Wash Post: Obama 51, Romney 45 | Obama 54, Gingrich 43 * Republicans Trail Obama in New York, Poll Shows(NYT) * Obama Probably Going to Win New York Again (NY Mag) 32 Points ahead* It’s a close race in Minnesota and maybe Missouri. * Romney Leads Big as GOP Base Splinters - Scott Clement, Washington Post * Can Obama Win Back Independent Voters? - Aamer Madhani, USA Today * Obama/Romney Looking a Lot Like Obama/McCain - Ron Brownstein, NJ * Romney's Liberal Message on Poverty - Marc Thiessen, Washington Post * Why Is Callista Gingrich So Quiet? - Alana Goodman, Commentary * Saul Alinsky, Who? - Bill Moyers & Michael Winship, Huffington Post * A Kinder and Gentler Gingrich?(NYT) * Clint Eastwood and Chrysler upset the ‘Hope America Fails’ Republicans (The Hill) * Catholic League Poised To Go To War With Obama Over Mandatory Birth Control Payments (WCBS) * Donal Trump takes credit for the margin of Mitt Romney's win in Nevada (Slate) * Major Obama Donors Tied to Fugitive Who Fled to Mexico (NYT)

Mayor Bloomberg rips Congress over gun control(NYDN) * Bloomberg’s Gun-Control Ad Is the Wrong Move for Obama (The Daily Beast)

Giants upset Patriots again for franchise's fourth title(NYP)Giants Beat Patriots in Final Rally(NYT) * Manningham's Tyree Moment(WSJ) * Social media all a-Twitter with 16M hits(NYP)

The Parade

Canyon of Heroes ‘parade to remember’ tomorrow(NYP) * NYC to fete Giants with ticker-tape parade(WSJ) * NYC to salute Super Bowl champs Tuesday(NYDN) * Mayor Bloomberg estimated tomorrow’s ticker-tape parade in honor of the Giants will have an economic impact of between $19 million and $38 million, depending on the number of spectators.

Hilarious and entertaining animated remake of yesterday's game. ENJOY!


Studio 54 To Reopen Without Sex And Drugs (Village Voice )





Kelly a ‘Ray-cist’? What a smear (NYDN)
Attacks on the police commissioner for anti-Muslim bias are wrong




Eric Schneiderman is making prescription drug abuse one of his top priorities this year.






Grand Jury Indicts Suspect In Shooting Of NYPD Officer(NY1)

Four Brooklyn Teens Charged With Home Invasion, Rape(NY1)


 Law and Order

Gunplay in  Qns. claims 2 as police hunt killers (NYDN)* Parents grieve over son killed by police(NYDN)* Fraud Case Challenges Secrecy of Man’s Past as Criminal(NYT) * Man shot dead in Queens(WABC) * 4 Teens Arrested in Sex Assault(NBC)* NYPD: 5 People Murdered In 25 Hours During Violent New York City Weekend(Huff Post)  * An NYPD officer will plead guilty to gun running. * NYPD Officer to Plead Guilty to Gun Running(NBC) * Sources: Queens Man In Custody Following Wife's Death(NY1)