Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Russian Tragedy

The Russians Are Not Coming

After 10 Years of Winning Elections the Russians Still Don't Get A District or Respect.  It is A New Russian Cold War Against GOP
GOP Cuts the Man Who Delivered Votes Out
Last week Russian radio owner community leader Gregory Davidzon after he was humiliate an disrespected by the GOP ran to the arms of the political thug Lew Fidler against Russian GOP candidate David Storobin.  Davidzon whose proven vote delivering ability made Turner a congressman, wanted a Russian state senate district.  Instead he was told by the senate's GOP leadership that the Russians in Brooklyn would be cut into several districts, Golden, Sampson, the Kruger district and Savino. In addition the radio station owner was told by the GOP leadership that they were backing their own Russian candidate and would not back him for the seat. 

Skelos Gives Russians and Their Leaders the Door

Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos is cutting a new district for the GOP centered in Boro Park.  The GOP sided with the Orthodox Jews over the Russians for three reasons.  The Russians were politically out maneuvered, two, the Russians have not been given credit for the victory's they have won and the GOP leadership is clueless, stupid or made some kind of double deal with Vito Lopez to save Marty Golden's seat.  Both of the elected officials from Boro Park made it clear to Skelos they did not want a state senate district centered in their community. Greenfield who owes his victory to the Russians lead by Davidzon and Hikind who works closely with Skelos and has supported a number of GOP candidates including Congressman Turner.
10 Years Ago the Russians Were Also Block From Getting Their Own District by CM Recchia
What is happening to the Russians this year is a repeat of what happen in City Council redistricting in 2003.  In 2001 CM Domenic M. Recchia won in a race that saw 5 Jewish candidate spit the vote in a Brighton Beach council district.  In order to win the seat in 2003 Recchia got the redistricting committee to cut out about a third of the Russian vote from his district.  Dr. Gutnick who wanted to run for the council assembled a team of lawyers and redistricting experts to complain to the Justice Department.  His effort failed because the Russians were not a protected class under the Voting Rights Act.  Recchia who the Russians called the Butcher of Brighton after he cut up their district in 2003 was one of the first to endorse Fidler for State Senate.  Most of Brooklyn's Russians were treated in the Soviet Union as second class citizens because Jewish.  In New York they are also not treated as equals by the political elite.  It is not only Brooklyn that the Russians are divided.  The Russian community in Queens currently located in Hevesi district is expected to be divided into six different districts. * IT'S ALL ABOUT RECCHIA! THE VOTERS HAVE NO CHOICE

Davidzon's Russian Machine Get Results
This year Davidzon believed was different.  He had just made republican Bob Turner a congressman in a district that was 3 to 1 democrat.  He delivered 2000 votes the winning margin to CM David Greenfield in 2010 in special election to replace Simcha Felder who went to work for fund raiser John Liu.  He delivered the Russian vote for Comptroller Liu and PA de Blasio.  After a track record better then any other group to deliver votes why was Davidzon and his community screwed by the GOP?

Top Top Possible Reasons for the Russian Davidzon Screw Job
1. Davidzon was not close to the Albany GOP leaders.
3. The Orthodox not the Russians were given the credit by the media for delivering the victory to Congressman Turner, even though Russian not Orthodox live in the Brooklyn part of the congressional where Turner received his victory margin.
4. Skelos believe that Davidzon would be happy with David Storobin running for kruger's seat.
5. Skelos and Marty Golden did not trust Davidzon in their party because he is uncontrollable.
6.  Golden has made a secret deal with Vito Lopez and dems in his area to throw the Kruger seat in return for them dumping their candidate against him.  They did it before.
7. Davidzon has residency and registration problems for the special election
8. Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny has become the machines puppet and has not built up his community with leaders who can demand that the Russians get their proper of numbers of districts. Unlike the Asian community nobody is threatening to take the elected officials who draw the district line to court.
9. Golden and Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton don't want anyone to challenge them for control of the Brooklyn GOP leadership.
10. The State Senate GOP don't Care what happens in Brooklyn and will concentrate on winning the 63rd district and the retiring State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer district.

Cutting Out the Russians Revives A Corrupt Dying Machine TJ Club
While Vito  Lopez and the once powerful Thomas Jefferson Club are limited to staged media events and parties to  pretend to pull out votes, Davidzon can deliver thousands of votes like  an old time Tammany Hall Leader. The TJ Club which lost their area 2 to 1 to GOP Turner. The club has been weaken by a changing neighborhood and the loss  of powerhouse leaders like Meade Esposito, Stanly Fink. the death of Bernie Catcher and now Carl Kruger.  Now thanks to Skelos instead of taking over as the next group up like thousands of new immigrants before them have, the Russians who have earned a seat at the table are now supporting corrupt machine hack Fidler who election will revive the worst in Brooklyn politics.  They now are second fiddle to Fidler.  Who will work like boss Esposito tough all TJ members to build his own Russian leaders and cut out Davidzon.

  Today's True News . . .

 FBI Still Checking Liu Contributors as His Donations Drop by Half and Lawyers Up

Liu, Facing Investigation, Reports Drop in Donations(NYT) Liu’s campaign donations have dropped almost half a million dollars, an index of how much a fundraising scandal has hurt his mayoral campaign * Liu's Funding Dries Up(WSJ) * Liu Fund-Raiser Hires New Legal Team(WSJ)* Liu spent at least $190,000 worth of campaign funds to handle his legal troubles. * John Liu is spending two-thirds of his campaign contributions on defending himself from a federal investigation into his campaign finance practices. * Liu’s fundraising slowdown is his rivals gain in 2013 Mayoral race (WNYC)

Liu Released Bundlers from the new contributions and they  include Peter Koo  a  republican concilmember for $7,200* Grace Meng who has had her fair share wars with Liu gave $4000 . Chung Seto who was paid by other Liu financials committees was involved in Liu's fund raising activities bundled $63,000.Bundler Charged In Liu Fundraising Probe (Updatedx2)

Vito's Treasurer's Golden Parachute from A Government Funded Non Profit 

 Still Getting Paid Six Figures

Windfall for axed ‘Vito’ boss(NYP) The departing director of the politically connected Ridgewood Bushwick social-services empire founded by Brooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez will be collecting up to $135,000 in unused sick time and vacation pay, The Post has learned. The city ordered Christiana Fisher booted after the Department of Investigation found she had collected questionable “retroactive” pay that boosted her compensation to $782,000 in fiscal year 2009. Her 2008 salary was $336,000.  Christiana Fisher is Lopez’s campaign treasurer as well as the executive director of the nonprofit he founded.*Comptroller Liu Releases Long-Delayed List Of His "Bundlers"(NY1) * AP source: ABC interviewed Gingrich ex-wife, likely to air segment 2 nights before SC primary (ABC)


Cuomo Puts Education Funding On The Line In Teacher Evaluations Debate

Ending Unions’ Occupation of Albany (NYP, Dicker) The Post’s Fred Dicker applauds Cuomo’s education reform attempts, which would severely limit the education unions’ dominance in Albany *The NYT cheers Cuomo’s hardball tactic, calling it “smart” and his overall budget proposal “sound.” * Cuomo's Budget Pushes Teacher Evaluations(WSJ) * Godspeed, Governor(NYP ED) * In Cuomo’s Budget, Nip-and-Tuck Cuts and Big Policy Aims(NYT) * Gov. Cuomo’s Sound Budget(NYT Ed) The Times endorses Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “smart” budget, but wonders whether the state Legislature will go along with it 
Cuomo Pushes Teacher Evaluations(WSJ) Cuomo told school districts to adopt new evaluation systems for teachers or risk losing a portion of their state funding, employing his expansive budgetary powers to set education policy. * Gov. Cuomo applies muscle in new budget (Newsday) Newsday calls Cuomo’s education reforms “the centerpiece of another sensible budget,” and suggests support for the Aqueduct Convention Center and other economic development plans will hinge on a transparent planning process * Face it, teacher quality matters(NYDN) * You fix ed system, or I will: Gov (NYDN)* Thanks to a smaller budget deficit than last year ($2 billion after the tax code reform deal, compared to $10 billion), Cuomo’s cuts were mostly nips and tucks, allowing him to focus on sweeping policy reforms.* “Following a successful first year in Albany, the governor went all-in with his cred, arguing for a budget blueprint that tackles some of the state’s thorniest issues,” the DN’s Ken Lovett writes. * Not surprisingly, the public employee unions weren’t big on Cuomo’s Tier 6 proposal. Republican lawmakers were generally supportive of Cuomo’s budget, but voiced concern about how he plans to pay for all the big-ticket infrastructure and economic development items in it.* “The budget process starts now and it ends at the end of March,” said Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who called Cuomo’s budget proposal a “good document.”* Cuomo raised another $6.2 million over the past six months – about $1 million a month – and now has $14.4 million on hand. His biggest donation was $100,000 from the Manhattan law firm Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman.* The leader of the state's largest public sector union called Cuomo's pension reforms "an assault on the middle class."

UFT Attacks Bloomberg Not the Politically Popular Cuomo

Mike: UFT doesn’t give a s#!t about losing aid (NYP) In an editorial board meeting with the New York Post, Mayor Michael Bloomberg claims the UFT doesn’t care about losing potential education funds if a teacher evaluation system isn’t implemented.

Paterson the Education Reformer

Spirit of reform renewed (TU) Cuomo’s teacher evaluation reforms and new pension tier would likely not have been proposed in the budget without former Gov. David Paterson’s pioneering use of budget “extenders” to threaten government shutdown

Cuomo ultimatum to teachers unions "may be the boldest move" by any gov in nation to accelerate school reform. Revamping system would save billions(NYT) * Andrew’s other game-changers(NYP)Cuomo Pushes 401(k) Option for Employees(WSJ) Cuomo’s proposal to move some public employees into a 401(k)-style program may be a hard sell in Albany, but if passed, New York would become one of a dozen states that uses the model.


Morgan Stanley’s plan to cap cash bonuses at $125,000 is bad news for New York in terms of tax collections – particularly if other Wall Street firms follow suit.


Cuomo Steal Christie Wood Tax Cut 

Christie Calls for 10% Slash in Income Taxes(WSJ) Christie: If Giants win, parade should be in NJ(NYP)* Christie said that Jersey can’t be like New York, which is instituting tax increases–a point Andrew Cuomo would be sure to disagree with.* Christie income tax cut wud give family earning $50,000 $80 while $1 million families get $7,266 *Christie Takes Mild Swipe at Cuomo on Tax Plan(NYT)

Cuomo Gets No Tax Hike Wood New Millionaire's Tax Law Azi Paybarah (Twitter). gets a 'no tax hike' headline, despite that millionaire's tax thing

Hospital CEOs Looking To Circumvent Cuomo’s Nonprofit Pay Cap (C&S) * Hospitals might try to circumvent the $200,000 CEO pay cap for nonprofits that do business with the state. Cuomo’s proposal includes a waiver for institutions that can provide “good cause” for high pay.

Old Gambling Boss Mobster Meyer Lansky, New Gambling Boss Cuomo 

Cuomo wants to merge lottery and racing into agency he controls(TU) Cuomo’s plans include the creation of a new state gaming commission whose members he can appoint himself





Financial Reports Filed

De Blasio Leads In Latest Campaign Finance Period(NY1) * There are now 1,884 Jan. 15 financial reports on file with the state Board of Elections. Another 700 or so will up uploaded by the end of the week.* AG Eric Schneiderman’s fundraising has far outpaced state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s. 



Students Devise New Voting Districts In Fordham Competition(NY1)

 Skelos notes that Senate Dems totally took a whiff on passing redistricting legislation when they controlled (sort of) chamber in '09-'10.* Prominent clergy members are urging Cuomo to keep his redistricting veto pledge. * The 63rd Senate seat will likely be – assuming it’s going to exist – somewhere between the mid-Hudson Valley and Albany regions.* Maurice Hinchey will retire, making redistricting a whole lot easier. *Ruben Diaz doesn’t think the Democrats will re-take the majority.

Capital Tonight (Twitter) Skelos gleefully brings up the ill-advised remark made by Malcolm Smith that Dems would redistrict GOP "into oblivion."

Liz Krueger Has A Problem With Overspending

No Bad Apples” Spends $5K More Than It Raises (C&S)

Capitol Confidential(Twitter) Sen. Liz Krueger admits that Dems overspent wildly during majority, but says GOP has taken it "out of our hides."

 More Trouble for Boyland

More Trouble For William Boyland Jr.(NYO)  Boyland Jr. is currently facing a second round of federal bribery charges, but The Politicker has learned he’s also in hot water with the state Board of Elections because he hasn’t filed required financial disclosures for any of his three active campaign committees in more than a year

Ex-Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. slapped with new corruption charges(NYP)


Gabe Says Stop Murdoch's Klein

Analysis: Keeping School Bidding Honest (Gabe Pressman, NBC) Klein, who now runs a company that tracks student test scores, has won a nearly $10 million, no-bid contract from the city.




Parents Protest New Success Charter In Brooklyn(NY1)

City Council Approves New Parking Enforcement Rules(NY1)





Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators Take Part In Capitol Hill Protest(NY1)

Occupy Wall Street in ‘winter hibernation’ as donations dwindle(NYDN) * Occupy Albany didn’t do permanent damage to the long-standing relationship between Mayor Jerry Jennings and Cuomo*  As NYPD Ousted OWS From Zuccotti Park, Brookfield Ponied Up To NYS Dems (YNN)

Money Flows to G.O.P. Backers of Gay Marriage(NYP)





Vallone's Facebook Secrets

 No question, the bag of trash stuck in a public trash receptacle near a subway station in Astoria yesterday got under Councilman Peter Vallone’s skin. But little did he know that what followed would become a Facebook sensation. Angered that the trash bag was illegally jammed in the garbage can – which bore Vallone’s own name, because he had provided funding for it – the councilman went up to his office, grabbed a camera and took some photos. Later, growing more outraged, Vallone decided to open up the trash bag and examine its contents. He found a Victoria’s Secret catalog with an address in it – which he then sent to the Department of Sanitation. Vallone posted all his exploits on Facebook and his photos had generated 181 “likes” and 81 comments as of early last evening. “A lot of people said I should have taken it back to the person’s house and dumped it on their lawn – but I didn’t go that far,” Vallone said, chuckling.


Election 2012: Mitts Embarrassment of Riches

 Mitt a 15-percenter (NYP) * Gingrich's Plan to Turn Students Into City School Cleaners?(NYT) * Sarah Palin sure sounded like she was endorsing Newt Gingrich. *Rick Santorum Responds To Calls For Him To Quit, Tears Into Gingrich And Romney * Where Does Mitt Romney Get His Money?(ABC) * Romney's Embarrassment of Riches(The Daily Beast) * Willard Mitt Romney Is Bush 41 Redux - Maureen Dowd, New York Times * Gingrich Tries to Punch His Way to Upset - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * The Election Is All About Money & Class - Hadley Freeman, The Guardian 

ABC Holds Newt Ex-Wife Blockbuster  - Drudge Report
Newt's wife-- who he cheated on during Lewinsky scandal. NEWT EX-WIFE UNLOADS ON CAMERA; NETWORK DEBATES 'ETHICS' OF AIRING BEFORE SC PRIMARY * Marianne Gingrich has said she could end her ex-husband's career with a single interview. Earlier this week, she sat before ABCNEWS cameras, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. * She spoke to ABCNEWS reporter Brian Ross for two hours. Her explosive revelations are set to rock the campaign. But now a "civil war" has erupted inside of the network, an insider claims, on exactly when the confession will air!(Drudge Report)

 Poll: Electorate Sharply Split Over Obama - Cohen & Balz, Washington Post * Though on Defense, Romney Marches Toward Victory - Erin McPike, RCP * Could Mitt Have Handled His Taxes Any Worse? - Alec MacGillis, TNR * With Attacks Rising Romney May Stop Debating - Byron York, Examiner * Why Do the Republicans Nominate Blue Bloods? - Michael Lind, Salon * Mitt's 15%: Time for Romney to Make Moral Case for Lower Taxes - WSJ * Newt Plays to South Carolina's Racist GOP - New York Times * Survey: U.S. sharp divide on Obama (Politico) *Romney Shares Some Tax Data; Critics Pounce(NYT) * TRENDING: In shift, Romney campaign targets Gingrich(CNN) * Obama administration denies permit for Keystone pipeline(CNN) * NJ Gov. Chris Christie, a key Romney surrogate, called on the candidate to release his tax returns sooner rather than later.* Mitt Romney’s lead is narrowing. * Anxious Romney Looks to End Race in S.C. - Epstein & Gibson, Politico *  Why Is Romney the Least Vetted GOP Candidate? - Bryan Preston, PJM
Romney Campaign Unloads on Gingrich - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail * Mitt Romney's Tax Return Headache - Alicia Cohn, The Hill *  The Rise and Fall of Bill Daley - Paul Starobin, The New Republic *  President Obama Caves to Environmental Lobby - Ronald Bailey, Reason *  A Brave Call by Obama on Keystone Pipeline - Bill McKibben, *  Gingrich Calls for Commission on Gold - Daniel Halper, Weekly Standard * CNN says Gingrich surged in the last day of their polling, which is newsworthy. Nate Silver * Newt Braces for Ex-Wife Interview(The Daily Beast) * ABC Insider: Marianne Gingrich Interview Likely To Air Before Primary; Gingrich Daughters Respond(Huff Post) * Poll Sees Shift in Independent Vote, a Hurdle for Obama (NYT)


Jon Stewart Skewers The Candidates And The South Carolina GOP Debate Audience

WATCH: Stewart, Colbert Expose Giant Loopholes In FEC Law



Technology could help NYPD reduce stop-and-frisks 

Civil Liberties Advocates Express Privacy Concerns Over NYPD's New Gun Detection Tool(NY1)


Two hedge fund employees arrested over insider trading probe that snagged Rajaratnam(NYP)

NY1 Exclusive: NYPD Faces Federal Complaint Over Alleged Discrimination In Intelligence Division(NY1)

Captain’s not courageous(NYP)

Law and Order

Ed. boss squeezing teachers on ratings plan(NYP) * Mike: UFT doesn’t give a s#!t about losing aid(NYP) * Mad maks to rot(NYP)* Wrist slap in Rikers fight slay(WSJ)

Robber Sought in Hold-Up of Brooklyn Dunkin' Donuts(NYT)

Two Correction Officers Sentenced In Connection With 2008 Rikers Assaults(NY1)

Man Behind Two-Borough Stabbing Spree Pleads Guilty To Times Square Attack(NY1)

Bill Clinton: MSNBC 'Has Become Our Version Of Fox'(Huff Post)

Stop SOPA New Media Vs Old Media

Wikipedia, Google Go Black to Protest SOPA(WSJ) * Protest on Web Uses Shutdown to Take On Two Piracy Bills(NYT) * Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Trashes SOPA On OutFront * Why We’ve Censored * A Political Coming of Age for the Tech Industry(NYT) * Protestors demonstrated outside the NYC offices of Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand to express opposition to SOPA and PIPA.  


Group Blasts NY Lawmakers' Support Of Anti-Piracy Bills