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For the past several months this blogging site True News has been warning its readers that their dysfunctional government and politics was about to destroy the greatest city in the world. We are glad that the Daily News has joined our campaign with their new series "The dysfunctional government in Albany: You guys are a disgrace!". We feel the Daily News is off to a good start but there are a lot more reasons for the State of Shame then the corrupt up in Albany. In this era of spin where every act by a political official is excused by a public relations flack on his or her payroll, it is not necessary that the NY Post, Times and the rest of the so called old news media join in. It is also now time for journalists who are left at the failing old media to join in with the bloggers to develop new ways to expose corruption in government and politics. Everything that appears in today's Daily News Editorial Capitol Offenses: "New York's Legislature is the worst of the worst" has been said over and over again by True News. Talk abut the tail wagging the dog. In the mean time True News looks forward to the rest of the Daily News series. True News even offers them a few more suggestions. You can count on True News as you do a D train. It does not go fast, it is not fancy like a Rolls, but is reliable and goes on and on and on until it gets you there.

True News Reported It First: New York’s Political Mob Wars *** Organized Crime Politics *** Organized Crime Politics Part 1 *** NY' s Leaders Have Lost the Values and Morality that Once Made it the Greatest City in the World

Daily News Says: The dysfunctional government in Albany: You guys are a disgrace!
A lack of public input and accountability has locked citizens out of their government and made the Capitol ripe for corruption and favoritism.

True News Reported It First: NY's Non Investigations *** Inspector Clouseau Investigates *** Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up *** Lawyers and Developers Control Comptroller's Campaign

Daily News Says: There have been a string of high-profile scandals, indictments and convictions - including a governor caught frolicking with hookers, a controller forced out for using state employees to chauffeur his wife, and a Senate majority leader indicted for shady business dealings. The executive director of the state Public Integrity Commission, which is supposed to keep the executive branch honest, is under investigation. . . "The problem now is there is no cop on the beat," said Barbara Bartoletti of the state League of Women Voters. . . Controlled by lobbyists: The ethics panel that over-sees lawmakers has done virtually nothing over the years. The former Lobbying Commission - long considered the one effective oversight body - was folded into the Public Integrity Commission and its bulldog executive director fired.

True News Reported It First: NY' s Leaders Have Lost the Values and Morality that Once Made it the Greatest City in the World *** New York Needs A Sun Burn *** Will Dysfunctional Albany Destroy the MTA? *** New York’s Political Mob Wars *** 'GRAFT' JUST LIKE BAD OL' DAYS OF TAMMANY *** Lawyers and Developers Control Comptroller's Campaign

Daily News Says: Lobbyists have a stranglehold on the Legislature. Relying on buttonholing and campaign contributions to legislative leaders, the lobbying industry, which raked in $171 million in 2007, can block good-government legislation for years. . . That stranglehold helps speed through dead-of-night laws favoring special interests, like insurance companies or labor unions, with little notice, no debate and virtually no dissent.

True News Reported It First: Organized Crime Politics Part 1 *** Tweedies Honor Indicted Pol

Daily News Says: Legislative leaders buy loyalty by awarding committee chairmanships and leadership posts with thousands of dollars in stipends - although some committees rarely, or never, meet. Members almost always vote the way they're told. n Notoriously lax campaign laws let legislators use campaign cash on meals, travel, cars and gifts. Financial disclosure forms are a joke, allowing lawyer legislators - and others - to hide outside income and client lists.

True News Reported It First: Change Has Not Come to New York . . . Why? *** What if Albany Does Not Answer? *** Appointments Strengthen Special Interests, Corrupt Politicians

Daily News Says: Other states make it easier for rank-and-file members to move legislation forward. Unlike in most states, in New York, public hearings are seldom held on legislation, committees take their cues from legislative leaders and the two houses don't hold joint open committee meetings to hash out differences. . . Legislative leaders buy loyalty by awarding committee chairmanships and leadership posts with thousands of dollars in stipends and doling out millions in pork-barrel spending for local projects ranging from Little Leagues to health care clinics. The leaders also control the once-a-decade redistricting process in which the legislative lines are redrawn, often to protect incumbents and a party's majority.

True News Reported It First: New York Needs A Sun Burn

Daily News Says: Transparency is another major issue. Lawmakers are required to file financial and ethics disclosure forms, but they are heavily redacted when made public. That means, for instance, it's impossible to know how much Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) makes in his role with a prominent trial law firm or who his clients are.

True News Reported It First: Reformers Have Their Annual Press Conference . . . Nothing Else

Daily News Says: Good-government groups have attacked Paterson for dropping Spitzer's reform mantle. They note there has been no push for campaign finance re-form. They and a handful of lawmakers want to create an independent redistricting commission to take politics out of the process.

True News Reported It First: NY' s Leaders Have Lost the Values and Morality that Once Made it the Greatest City in the World

Daily News Says: Sen. Seymour Lachman, a Brooklyn Democrat, said at a recent hearing on reform. "I witnessed members cede their independence and judgment to their leaders in return for favorable committee assignments, staff allocations, office space, funding for district projects, and financial and manpower support, if needed, at reelection time."

True News Reported It First: Can't Anyone Here Play This Game Anymore?

Daily News Says: Who pays for all this? We do: with sky-high taxes, expensive policy, bad laws and laughably ineffective public servants.

True News Reported It First: NY's Falling Voter Participation *** Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again *** The Real Campaign is to Suppress Challengers *** New Yorkers Have Lost Their Anger, Soul and Cockiness

Daily News Says: A lack of public input and accountability has locked citizens out of their government and made the Capitol ripe for corruption and favoritism. If the average person saw what's going on, they'd descend on Albany with torches and pitchforks like in the old Franken-stein movies," said former Assemblyman Thomas Kirwan, a Newburgh Republican.

True News Reported It First: Can't Anyone Here Play This Game Anymore?

Daily News Says: In the last two weeks alone, a massive corruption scandal in the controller's office was highlighted in an indictment, the governor and Legislature were finalizing a budget deal containing massive tax hikes in complete secrecy and a state senator was indicted on charges of beating his girlfriend.

True News Reported It First: Competitive Elections + Press/Public Outrage = Change and Action *** Forget Britney; Media Outrage Hits Big Spenders *** Deadline Brooklyn *** Shrinking Newspaper Coverage Means Less Real TV News More Sexy Reporters *** When Watchdogs Don't Bite *** Bloggers Get Their Press Passes

New York Times, Post, Newsday and TV News?

New state budget packed with pork for Albany legislators, despite economic crisis

From the Daily News:
Despite the state's growing fiscal problems, the new budget will be larded with tens of millions of dollars in legislative pork projects, the Daily News has learned. . . The number is expected to be somewhat lower this year to reflect the rough economic climate, lawmakers said. That doesn't matter to Senate Democrats, who until this year were in the minority. "Reductions or no, this is still so much more than we've ever gotten," one said.
One source said Smith had to deliver pork money to secure his leadership and ensure needed votes for the upcoming budget. . .

"It's business as usual here," said Elizabeth Lynam, of the Citizens Budget Commission. "We've had the complete meltdown of the core of New York's financial engine, yet the news doesn't seem to have traveled up the Hudson."

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How to Train a Governor The political free fall of Gov. David Paterson of New York isn’t from any big personal scandal. He has alienated the public just by being terrible at his job, Collins, NYT

Albany RIDERS RAIL AGAINST LAWMAKERS WHO SASS TRA\NSIT: The nerve! Riders in the districts of some of the Democratic state senators who stalled the MTA bailout plan -- and then scoffed when asked whether they actually carried MetroCards -- blasted... *** 'FREE' DEEP DOWN INSIDE: PATRIOTIC NAME ON TOWER BEAM *** DRUG CONS AT END OF 'ROCKY' ROAD SENTENCES MAY BE CUT FOR 1,500 *** New State Drug Laws Replace Jail Time With Treatment *** Deal on State’s Drug Laws Means Resentencing Pleas *** VIDEO: Malcolm Smith On Rock Law Reform *** As State’s Budget Deadline Nears, Leaders Still Far Apart on Many Details *** Rallying Around a Politician Charged With Assault *** State Senator Pleads Not Guilty To Assault Charges *** Attack? Alleged beating vic has kiss for Hiram *** Hiram's gf, another member of the Rihanna Denial Club *** Harsh Economy Takes Toll on New York State Summer Arts Program *** A More Transparent Budget Process Is Needed *** Paterson responds to transparency questions with snark *** Tale of the tolls: The issue rises again! *** The AIG drumbeat: Cuomo gets 'Hardball' love *** State legislators to offer up MTA plan *** The MTA: Finally, Someone Mentions Pensions(NY Fiscal Watch) *** Details on Applying for “Green Infrastructure” Stimulus Funds(S.W.I.M.) *** An on-time budget, but at what cost? *** Unions: Have not heard from gov. on layoffs *** Lawmakers sweat over budget solutions *** Unions Take Cautious Approach to New Power Alignment in Albany *** TN Sunday Albany's rogues gallery See a who's who of elected state officials who got in hot water in the past five years *** Obama heading to England & meet with Queen *** Paterson, Albany leaders settle on personal income tax hike *** Albany Agrees on a Plan to Raise Taxes on Top Earners *** GOV CLINCHES DEAL ON HUGE TAX HIKES *** MONSERRATE'S NO VICTIM - NYP Ed *** Tax Hikes Focus Of State Budget Deal *** State Lawmakers Work On MTA Rescue Plan *** Wine bill dies *** AUDIO: New York Legislature Agrees to State Budget

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It's Not The New York Times by Michael Wolff Among the biggest media stories going, it surely seems to me, is the end of the New York Times. The verities not just of journalism but of the establishment itself—nurtured, and in part created, by the New York Times—necessarily change. This seemed so large to me that, not too long ago, I proposed the Times’ decline and fall as a natural book topic. The response among various publishers was practically unanimous: Not enough people would be interested.

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