Friday, March 13, 2009

Forget Britney; Media Outrage Hits Big Spenders

Forget Britney; Media Outrage Hits Big Spenders

Forget Britney! TV Paparazzi Turn Cameras On CEOs *** Souvenirs of a Scandal Madoff's vast investment fraud has inspired T-shirts, musical parodies and even a "nondispensing piggy bank." *** Commentary: Madoff living in luxury prison McClatchy Washington ... *** Teens cover Bernard Madoff's home in toilet paper because he lost ... *** YouTube - Ballad of Bernie Madoff *** New York Columns - Bernie Madoff Mocked at Party! *** Disney Imagineers to Create Nifty Torture Park for Bernie Madoff ... *** Michealene Cristini Risley: "Greed sucks" *** Fluther: Does Bernard L. Madoff deserve the death penalty? *** Daly: Madoff is disgraced, yet his smirk endures *** Molloy: Victim says Madoff worse than '29 market crash *** Bernie Madoff - and the circus - comes to town *** MADOFF BARES HIS $65 BIL LIE LOCKED UP AFTER COPPING PONZI PLEA* SWINDLE VICTIMS CHEER IN COURTROOM *** 'I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING WAS CRIMINAL' *** MADOFF'S MISSUS FACES FIGHT FOR HER LUXE LIFE *** MAY HE LIVE TO BE 130 IN PRISON *** 'TURN AND LOOK AT VICTIMS!': ANGUISH OF FACE-OFF *** PATHETIC, PATHOLOGICAL PIG HAS LEARNED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING *** INSIDE BERNIE'S CELL... *** Madoff: "I Knew What I Was Doing Was Wrong, Indeed Criminal" *** Madoff's New Home Slightly Less Swanky *** Madoff Goes to Jail After Guilty Pleas to All Charges *** Victims Seek a Glimpse of the Schemer *** With Bernie in jail, feds move forward *** Madoff vics tell it like it is: He's 'the embodiment of evil'

The City MET AXES MUSEUM STORE STAFF *** Layoffs In Store For Metropolitan Art Museum *** 74 Are Laid Off at Met Museum; More May Follow *** Straphangers, brace yourselves: MTA fare hikes looming *** $TARING AT A BUS ROUT - No Albany bailout will lead to cutback in service *** HARLEM'S AMAZING CHARTER: MAYOR TO 'A'-LIST KIDS: YOU PROVE PREZ RIGHT *** FORECLOSURES IN APPLE SOAR 44% *** CHINATOWN PRE-K TOTS REPRIEVED *** Subway station not getting Citi-fied From NY1 *** Bloomie finds money for state projects From the NY Observer *** Financial Clock Running Out For Governor's Island *** A Warning on Governors Island Funds *** Podcast: Going to School on Voting *** NY Giants keep ticket prices at 2008 level *** Companies sue to stop city’s Willets Point rem... *** Bloomberg moves to take control of Brooklyn park from state *** Newser on road snared in cell phone crackdown *** MTA to hold emergency meeting *** NYPD cell crackdown under way *** Stalled Rescue Plan Prompts Emergency MTA Meeting ***

On the Road to City Hall ANDY'S BIG HIRE *** BREAKFAST OF CHALLENGERS *** Protest Assails Díaz for Opposing Bridge Tolls *** Why there's less loot for wanna-be politicians *** Mayoral hopeful Controller Thompson fires shot at Bloomberg's wealth *** Bloomberg's Double Deal - As term-limits fight raged, a hush-hush $1.2 million campaign - Robbins, Village Voice

City Council to New York:
Drop Dead
Real World
Foreclosure crisis builds in New York
Council Circus
City Council to form task force to fight bedbugs

Pay to Play Audio: Dominic Recchia Yells At Coney Island Hearing *** It’s All About Recchia! The Voters Have No Choice The Daily Gotham *** Recchia still ahead in the money game - SILive: Island Politics *** GL Analysis: The Disgraceful State of Coney Island *** The Daily Politics - NY Daily News *** KINETIC CARNIVAL - The Coney Island Blog: Abruptly Canceled CIDC ... *** New York - "Coney" Archives - Runnin' Scared - Village Voice *** Council Members Downplay Indictments The New York Observer *** Quid pro quo? Carrion OKd architect's plans after home renovations *** Carrion under fire from Watchdog group

Inspector Clouseau A Year Later, a Spitzer Scandal Lives On *** A witness in the Dopp hearing accused the former Spitzer aide of asking for travel records to be rewritten by State Police from memory. The hearing ends

Smith: Conference committees will happen *** Transit Rescue Plan Author Opposes Stopgap Measure *** Senate Republicans say Democrats have shut the door of transparency in the budget process *** Casey Seiler writes about how the state budget crunch may affect man’s best friend *** Paterson loses an aide; Cuomo gains a fundraiser *** Speaker Shelly Survivor: Others licked, he still ticks...

‘No Picnic for Me Either’ Obama’s plan for education reform emphasizes state incentives, rigorous testing and accountability. The question is whether he has the courage to follow through- Brooks, NYT

The President GEEK-IN-CHIEF RAID *** WIRE: Obama official on leave after FBI raids... *** PATHETIC, PATHOLOGICAL PIG HAS LEARNED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING *** Officials: Obama close to stating new Afghan goals *** Obama takes on role of nation's confidence-builder *** Advocates worry Obama easing human rights stand *** Turkish trip intensifies dilemma for Obama *** Obama to get report on stimulus plan from Volcker *** Obama Declares: Economic crisis 'not as bad as we think'... *** OBAMA: TROOP MOVE TO MEXICAN BORDER UNDER CONSIDERATION... *** Obama on Spot as Rulings Aid Gay Partners *** Obama Defends Agenda as More Than Recession *** Obama: Crisis not as dire as it seems *** Obama's Gay Rights Conundrum *** Obama Has a Multi-Front Mandate - Eugene Robinson, Indianapolis Star *** Quit Blaming Market's Collapse On Obama - Jonathan Chait, New Republic *** Treasury Woes Persist: 3rd Pick Withdraws - George Stephanopoulos, ABC

Congress Pelosi dodges chance to end automatic pay raises *** Congresswoman, Tied to Bank, Helped Seek Funds *** Merrill under Congress’ thumb, official says *** McCain And Graham Oppose Obama's Iraq Ambassador *** Congress' automatic pay raises are safe and secure.

National SC Gov. Sanford set to reject stimulus millions *** Texas Governor rejects jobless aid; Perry says no to $555 million in federal stimulus money... *** GOP's Steele clarifies his opposition to abortion *** SHOWDOWN: Justice Dept. Investigates Sheriff Joe for Enforcing Immigration Law; 16,000+ Illegals detained... *** ASTRONAUTS DODGE SPACE JUNK... *** Oh God, not another gaffe from GOP chair

Shoe guy doing a brisk business From the Times Ledger:A Bayside shoemaker said the number of requests for shoe repairs at his Bell Boulevard business have risen so much since the economy began declining last fall that he is planning to hire full and part−time assistants.

Wall Street Mess STATES TAKE A TAX BEATING *** GE Downgrade Lights Up Immelt's Failures *** BofA's CEO Lewis Jumps On 'We're Profitable' Bandwagon *** BofA's CEO Lewis Jumps On 'We're Profitable' Bandwagon *** CITI SHOCKER: KEEP THE MONEY *** CEO: 45% of world's wealth destroyed... *** Stewart hammers CNBC Cramer on DAILY SHOW... Developing... *** S&P 500 Biggest Three-Day Gain Since Nov; Banks, GE Climb... *** Investors See a Glimmer and Shares Soar Worldwide *** China ‘Worried’ About Safety of U.S. Treasuries *** Madoff Goes to Jail After Guilty Pleas *** Household Wealth Falls by Trillions *** A Besieged Bank, and Its Hometown, Look Inward *** G.M. Says It Won’t Need Finance Infusion in March *** In Hard Times, Freelancers Turn to the Web *** G.E. Loses Its Gilded Rating *** He survived WTC, so economic slump no biggie *** Siris: Investors are blinded by illusions *** Is the Worst Over? *** The Hole in Our Wallets *** Playing the Economic Blame Game - Joel Stein, Los Angeles Times *** Signs of Confusion from Obama, Geithner - Byron York, D.C. Examiner *** Washington Must Fix the Federal Reserve - William Greider, The Nation *** Washington Must Fix the Federal Reserve - William Greider, The Nation

International While Everyone Fiddles Europe and Japan are lagging behind the world’s wealthiest countries to stimulate spending. The price of inaction is getting higher by the day - NYT Ed *** Closer to the Cliff Until Pakistan’s rival political leaders end their squabbling and focus on defeating extremists, the region will remain unstable - NYT Ed *** 2 Nations Agree to Ease Bank Secrecy Rules *** Sweden Aids Bailout of Baltic Nations ***
Controlling Pakistan's Chaos

Media Mess WHICH BIG CITY WILL BE FIRST WITHOUT MAJOR NEWSPAPER? *** News Corp. Unit Buys Rival After Settling a Suit With It *** Talks Resume Between Minneapolis Paper, Union *** Layoffs, Salary Cuts Hit Fresno Bee *** Scholastic Magazine Latest To Feature Cover Ad *** Miami Herald To Cut 175 Jobs... Best Life Magazine Folds... *** Seattle Paper Employees Told Jobs May End Next Week... *** Recession TV: Networks Greenlight Pilots About Tough Times