Friday, March 27, 2009

What if Albany Does Not Answer?

What if Albany Does Not Answer?

Daily News Editorial: Give Carl a call
Keep it up, folks. Keep the heat on. And turn it up like a blast furnace on state Sen. Carl Kruger of Brooklyn, who is determinedly pushing New York toward killer bus and subway fare hikes and service cuts.

Finance for the Future, by Kathryn Wylde, NYC Partnership Another major factor in determining New York's future is the extent to which it offers a competitive environment for business, both large and small. State and city tax policies and economic development programs need to be carefully reconsidered with an eye toward recapturing jobs in support services, technology and back office operations that have been cedzed to other states and countries during the past few decades.

Kathryn Bar the Door NY Competitive? No Way Tax hike for rich gaining steam: Gov. Paterson, pols mull big rate increase "What you're going to wind up doing is driving people out of this state," said Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) *** Mayor Bloomberg said that raising taxes on high earners could drive them from the city. "One percent of the households that file in this city pay something like 50% of the taxes," explained the Mayor. "In the city, that's something like 40,000 people. New York's combined state-local tax rate of 10.5% is already well above New Jersey (8.97%), Pennsylvania (6.98%), Connecticut (5%), or Florida (0%). Which is to say that Mr. Bloomberg is right that New York's upper middle class has plenty of options if the politicians give them another reason to move. New York state and city revenues are falling amid the collapse of Wall Street, and state lawmakers in Albany are considering income tax hikes for households earning between $250,000 and $1 million, who already pay 6.85% to the state. Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that City Council Speaker Christine Quinn wants to increase the city's top tax rate of 3.68% for households earning as little as $297,000 (to 4.25%); those earning $532,000 to $1.2 million would pay 4.45%; and above that 4.65%. *** Tom Golisano warned there will be consequences for lawmakers who approve a budget that includes tax hikes.

Albany MTA's Melt Down *** ALBANY POLS BUS-TED: 5 HOLDOUT SENS. ON MTA'S RESCUE PLAN HAVE NO METROCARDS *** CHEATS BACK IN 'STILE' It'll be a fare-beating free-for-all. Fare hikes and the MTA's plan to eliminate nearly 600 customer-assistance agents at 150 subway stations is "an invitation" for turnstile... *** Booth Attendant Jobs To Dwindle Under MTA Plan *** Sighting a Rare Breed at Subway Turnstiles: The Single-Ride Rider *** M.T.A. Is Warned It’s Facing a Downgrade in Its Bond Rating *** MTA workers now fear for their jobs *** Investors forecast gloomier days for MTA *** AGENCY'S BOND RATING SHAKY

MAKING NYC PAY FOR HIS PROMISES Brooklyn state Sen. Daniel Squadron wants a shiny new waterfront park for his district -- he just doesn't want the high-rise luxury condos needed to pay for it. So he's proposing to find the cash by raiding the city treasury - NYPost Ed (Rubinstein gets old pal son off the hook from park promise)

New York Times Light New Yorkers are Hurting. Even your own employees. Get a real columnist like Meyer Berger not this BS With the Politics in New York, Who Needs HBO? *** The Great Reporters - David Randall - Meyer Berger *** Jimmy Breslin: A chronicler of a city's more amiable rogues and ... *** Pete Hamill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The City 2,000 TEACHERS FACING AX: KLEIN *** CITY SUFFERS WORST JOBLESS HIKE EVER *** City Unemployment Reaches 16-Year High *** Labor Department: New York City unemployment skyrockets *** City Jobless Rate Takes Highest-Ever One-Month Leap *** Interactive map: City's unemployment skyrockets *** THIS IS NOT THE FREEDOM TOWER: MONEY TRUMPS PATRIOTISM IN NAME CHANGE TO 1 WTC *** Port Authority loses 'Freedom' at WTC *** Port Authority Ditches "Freedom Tower" Name *** VICE SQUAD'S BIG 'NET LOSS: $EX SOARS AS COPS CUT CRAIGSLIST STINGS *** HYBRID CABS 'FINE' - TLC *** Panel Enacts Incentives for Hybrids in Cab Fleets *** Bloomberg orders 4 more firehouses closed From the Forum West *** NY1 For You: Beating The Parking Game, Part 3 *** Former Rockaway Firehouse Goes Green *** Klein Wants More Money, and More Flexibility With It *** Plus: Brooklyn stores hit hardest by retail slump *** Traffic declines at NY ports *** The Independence Party is Neither Room Eight *** City demands building pay over illegal signs *** Readers help butcher throw feast for hard-hit New Yorkers *** Gotham Gazette: Finance for the Future *** Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer entered the mayoral control fray, proposing a bill that would give him and other BPs responsibility of Community Education Councils *** Bustle and delay at the W.T.C. *** Governors Island’s future

Road to City Hall Mayor’s Campaign to Woo Independence Party Is Close to Paying Off *** True News Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again More on the Independence Party Dennis King: Nonsense from Foxman aide re the Bloomberg ... *** Dennis King: Mayor Bloomberg Gives Tax Dollars to Newman-Fulani ... *** Cult News from Rick Ross » New Alliance Party *** "Psychopolitics": Inside The Independence Party Of Fred Newman ... *** NY1 24 Hour Local News Top Stories Bloomberg Efforts Support ... *** Sharpton Lawyer Helps Fulani The New York Observer *** Broadband Video Independence Party of Queens Protest Against ... *** CAMPAIGN CONFIDENTIAL – *** Fred Newman (philosopher) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia *** Political Party Of Outsiders Has Come In From the Cold - New York ... *** Mob-tied cannoli king gets creamed *** The Staten Island Advance says "it seems a foregone conclusion" that Bloomberg will receive the borough's GOP endorsement; party leaders will meet sometime over the next two weeks *** TNPM Koch Robos for Bloomberg *** Bloomberg May Once Again Run On Independence Party Line *** Brownstoner says Bruce Ratner is a "major player" in the challenge to City Councilwoman Letitia James *** At Brooklyn Democratic Club, Thompson Ties With Avella, Few Votes for Weiner

A Divorce for Governors Island Until Governors Island, which is controlled by both the city and the state, has one boss, the plans to develop the 172-acre piece of real estate will remain stalled. - NYT Ed

Albany SILVER TAX HIKE TARGETS 300G EARNERS *** CUOMO LOST IN CREDIT-DEFAULT SWAMP *** Dems take up collection for Hiram From the NY Times *** Sources: Lawmakers Reach Deal On State Drug Laws *** Port Authority Ditches "Freedom Tower" Name *** Golisano Offers To Fund Lawmakers Who Think Independently *** Bigger Better Bottle Bill-- Don't Let Gangsta Kruger Kill the Bill *** Health union takes hard line on $3B in pension... *** Tax hike for rich gaining steam: Gov. Paterson, pols mull big rate increase *** There are more questions than answers in when it comes to the “big ugly” as the budget is being called *** Senate Republicans rail against a Rockefeller drug deal they haven’t been briefed on *** A second top official has quit his post at the state Insurance Fund amid an investigation by the IG's office *** New York's unemployment rate in February was the highest it has been since June 1993 *** School aid will remain flat *** Downtown Express EDITORIALSmith’s transit fiasco *** TNPM Paterson On Ex Post Facto Transparency *** New York Income Tax Rise Hinted as Budget Gap Grows... *** State Senator Pleads Not Guilty To Assault Charges *** Health Lobby Figures the Best Way to Paterson Is Through Vulnerable Democrats

Pay to Play Alan Hevesi: Shakedown at the Pension Fund: The fiscal watchdog's team wrote its own rules - Alan Hevesi spent a dozen years as the people's top fiscal watchdog—first for the City of New York, and then for the state. The entire time, two loyal gatekeepers were ever at his side: One was his slippery, back-slapping deputy, Jack Chartier; the other, his brilliant and furtive political adviser, Hank Morris. Last week, the team broke up with a bang. The comptroller's gatekeepers, we learned, were collecting their own tolls. Morris was arrested, charged in Andrew Cuomo's staggering 123-count indictment with helping pluck some $35 million from companies seeking to handle investments for the state pension fund of which Hevesi was the sole trustee. . . . Robins, Voice More

President Obama BAM BOOSTS AFGHAN TRAINING *** Sources: More US troops for Afghan war *** In New Afghan Strategy, Obama Will Add Troops *** Hil angers gun lobby with stance *** Obama says automakers need 'drastic changes' *** Obama seeks input of bank CEOs on recovery plans *** Obama to Meet with Top Bankers *** THE INFLUENCE GAME: Obama limits stimulus lobbying *** Washington Post Reporter Unleashes Giggly Bitterness on Robert Gibbs *** PAPER: Rahm Emanuel's Short FREDDIE MAC stay made him $320,000+... *** TOKE OF THE 'TOWN': O 'HIGH'LIGHTS 1ST WEB FORUM *** Key Senate panel backs Obama's budget blueprint *** Obama Goes for It All in Budget *** U.S. Discourages Hiring Foreigners *** Obama to Woo Public on Europe Trip *** Obama budget plan raises the stakes

Congress Key Senate panel backs Obama's budget blueprint *** Zeal for battle over bonuses waning in Washington... *** Zeal for battle over bonuses waning in Washington... *** As Lawyer, Senator Defended Big Tobacco *** Dems Reroute Madoff Donations *** Baucus, Pelosi clash on health care *** Frank: Industry can't stop regs *** Wasserman Schultz, working with cancer *** McConnell skips Afghan briefing *** Prospects dim for labor bill *** GOP *** Analysis: Clinton pushes for stronger China role *** GOP Presents Own Budget *** Bad blood: GOP infighting on budget *** Palin stiffs Alaska legislature *** GOP lawmaker flips on AIG bonus tax *** GOP gloves off for budget brawl

The Market Mystique The top officials in the Obama administration still believe in the magic of the financial marketplace and in the prowess of the wizards who perform that magic, Krugman, NYT

Wall Street Mess MADOFF STOLE BACK HIS OWN 20G TRUST-FUND GIFT *** Bernie victim nearly falls for 2nd con *** GEITHNER'S DERIVATIVES FIX IS A TOUGH FIT FOR MARKETS *** NEW BOSS ON WALL STREET TREASURY OVERHAULS THE RULES *** Citigroup Layoffs Hit Custodial Staff *** Manhattan Art Dealer Charged With Running $88 Million Scam *** Roubini Says Stocks Will Drop, Government Will Nationalize More Banks... *** Says 30% Drop in Commercial Real Estate Values 'Inevitable'... *** Inquiry Asks Why A.I.G. Paid Banks *** Two in Three at G.M. Pass on Latest Buyout Bid *** I.R.S. to Ease Penalties for Some Offshore Tax Evaders *** BusinessTop Bank Regulator Placed On Leave In IndyMac Probe *** AIG's Top Risk Officers Remain *** WSJ Opinion: Did Fed Cause Housing Bubble? *** Budget Gaps Pit States Versus Unions *** Las Vegas Project Weighs Bankruptcy *** GM Unlikely to Meet Deadline *** Diebold and Skeel: Geithner Is Overreaching on Regulatory Power *** TNPM Ruth Madoff Got $2 Million From British Account Weeks Before Bernie Was Arrested *** Citigroup Crosses the Line Another ailing bank, another round of retention bonuses.

International Analysis: Clinton pushes for stronger China role *** Swiss banks ban top executive travel; Concerns that employees will be detained... *** Pakistani and Afghan Taliban Unify in Face of U.S. Influx *** Aided by Safety Nets, Europe Resists Stimulus Push *** Brazil's President: 'White, Blue-Eyed Bankers Have Brought World Economy To Its Knees' ***
Iraq's Bull Market
*** China Slowdown Stunts Entrepreneurs ***

Media Melt Down NO LOOT FOR YOU: NEW YORK TIMES SLASHES ALL NON-UNION SALARIES 5% *** Times Co. Announces Temporary Salary Cuts *** GOOGLE to cut 200 jobs from sales force... *** Print Version of Blender Magazine Will Cease Publication *** Newsprint Maker Said to Be Making Progress on Debt *** Washington Post Offering Buyouts Again, Layoffs Possible *** Google to Link Ads for TV, YouTube *** Bad news week for newspapers *** Budget Travel Cuts Its Budget