Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tweedies Honor Indicted Pol

A Magazine That Should Go Out Of Business

A Question of Morals, Values and Ethics

Bruno indicted -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY *** New York - Joe Bruno Indicted - Runnin' Scared - Village Voice *** Former Senate Majority Leader Bruno Indicted - Gothamist: New York ... *** Atlantic Yards Report: Three Men in a Room: our dysfunctional ... *** Bruno Faces Mail and Wire Fraud Charges - City Room Blog - *** How Eliot Spitzer Finally Got Joe Bruno on the Ropes -- New York ... *** Joe Bruno indictment likely - pals *** More on the FBI's Bruno Investigation The Daily Gotham *** Troy City Hall to be knocked down, Bruno says Spitzer was "nuts ... *** SPITZER'S POWER PLAY: BURNING BRUNO & BRIDGES - New York Post *** New York - Joe Bruno Hits Back at NY Mag - Runnin' Scared ...

City Hall MIKE: 'IT'S A DISASTER': Even rich feeling it *** Job-hunting becomes full-time work for many NYers *** 2500 jobs at stake as Queens hospitals set to close***Two Queens Hospitals To Close Within A Month *** Volunteers Rally Around Their Laid-Off Leader *** Construction On $980 Million Skyscraper Suspended In NYC... *** 'Riot' Warning Over School Control *** Council Releases Report on Mayoral Control *** Klein Defends Mayoral Control of Public Schools *** Troubled Catholic Schools May Become Charter Schools *** Profile of a Harlem Private School (Forbes) *** Cut Assistant Principles Before Teachers (Edwize) *** Press Beats Up Mayor's Big Campaign $, "Wine and Sushi" Aides - Is Class Warfare Coming? *** So Sad. Andrea Batista Schlesinger Is Hired By Bloomberg Campaign - Millstone, Daily Gotham *** Outcry after a Whirlybirds Firm Gets Inside Edge for Heliport - Voice, Robbins *** SI: A-Rod tested positive for steroids *** Escort boss in Spitzer scandal gets prison *** Manhattan Beep is the Latest Pol Getting Gotham on a Diet *** The Proposed City Budget: Not Real Until November -Littlefield, Rm8 *** Can Obama Save New York? *** Avella Disses Building Department’s New Development Process (Brownstoner).

Where are the Candidates Running for Office on these Issues?
How Long to Fix a New York Streetlight? *** New York Documents Show Elevator Mechanics Caught Skipping Work *** Two Ex-Inspectors Plead Guilty to Taking Bribes From New York School Bus Companies *** Joel under fire admits bus bungle *** Work back on track at Deutsche Bank bldg *** NYPD stops thousands of minorities, few are charged *** Contractor tried to bribe inspector From the Queens Chronicle *** Will backroom deals and all NY's Stimulus funds be used to build the Net's stadium? As well as other lux developers projects stalled because of the recession? *** Real Estate Industry Calls for Infrastructure Spending (The Future of NYC) ***Dumb New NY Taxes: Theater Ticket Tax (8%) - Popik, Rm8 *** Why is government still in the apartment business in New York? - Popik, Rm8 *** As Stadium Rises, Neighbors Wait for Replacement Parks (Bronx News Network) *** New Technology Keeps Riders Informed on the L Subway Line in Brooklyn*** Amazement, and Skepticism, at New Train Locator Screens.

Albany Recount Ends, but Barbs Over Senate Race Persist *** The daring young senator: Kirsten Gillibrand proves quite the acrobatic flip-flopping contortionist *** SNL Under Fire Once Again for Paterson Portrayal.

Washington Biden Outlines Foreign Policy Agenda *** Tough Times at Obama Inc. - Times, Collins*** Obama Promises Action In Meeting With Victims' Kin *** 'Mr. President, Don't Forget My Son Jimmy' *** Terror victims' families pleased after visit with President Obama *** $34M ANGER IS BUILDING: FOES SLAM COSTLY REDO *** Stimulus Deal is Reached in Senate - Janet Hook & Richard Simon, LA Times *** Tremendous Skepticism, But It Must Be Tried - Michael Hirsh, Newsweek *** With Daschle Out, Pick Dean - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek*** The Stimulus Tragedy - Wall Street Journal Ed *** Two Sides of a Debate - Washington Post Ed *** McCain Blasts Obama - Politico *** Obama Names Economic Recovery Advisory Board - Barack Obama *** President Weekly Message: Compromise *** Read the President's agenda on energy & the environment *** Obama Diminishes Himself to Serve Pelosi - Paul Mirengoff, Powerline *** Pelosi dismisses bipartisanship calls... *** Here's a Stimulus: Educate Lawmakers! - Steven Pearlstein, Wash Post *** Kennedy flying in from Florida to vote on Stimulus...

Wall Street Mess Madoff's celeb vics - Koufax, Malkovich *** Watchdog group: W. gets an 'F' for bailout *** Awful to Merely Bad Bank Rescue Options - Hubbard, Scott & Zingales, WSJ *** Jobs Down, Stocks Up? - Lawrence Kudlow, RealClearPolitics *** Another Gift for the Auto Industry - Derrick Jackson, Boston Globe *** Disappearing Jobs - New York Times Ed *** There Are Bigger Culprits Than the Bankers - David Reilly, Bloomberg *** Regulators shut banks in Ga., Calif... *** Chrysler CEO Could Be First Test Case Of Executive Pay Limits *** Hundreds Of State Offices Closed In California As More Than 200,000 Workers Stay Home *** Why Men Are Losing More Jobs Than Women *** The 6th Highest Wall Street Bonus Payout In History (The Matrix).

International Israel's Fateful Elections - Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post *** Biden: Time To Repair Relations With Russia *** NATO Chief Calls For More European Troops In Afghanistan *** Workers Begin Fleeing Dubai.

Media Mess Murdoch writes down half the value of WALL STREET JOURNAL... *** CHICAGO TRIBUNE plans job cuts, salary freeze... *** Spielberg film talks collapse...