Monday, March 30, 2009

Albany Lobbyist System Caused by Leaders Lack of Ethics and Morals Standards

Albany Lobbyist System

Caused by Leaders Lack of Ethics and Morals Standards

Just like gambling has nothing to do with the reason that Rick's Café was closed down, lobbyists are not the cause of the dysfunction and corruption in Albany as hinted at in Part II of the Daily News series on the corruption in Albany. They are just the result of leader who remain in office as long as they want and make money for themselves and their friends. Rick did not stop when his bar was closed because of his character. The only way to change the moral fiber of today’s elected officials is to make sure they have competitive elections and some of them lose elections. An anything goes - if we can get away with it attitude and value system has grow in the Albany swamp because they consider elective office lifetime appointments. We also need law enforcement officials who use stings and other tools to send a massage they will no longer allow pay to play. This dose not happen today for reason True News and only True News has been pointing out. *** New York’s Political Mob Wars *** Organized Crime Politics *** Organized Crime Politics Part 1 *** NY' s Leaders Have Lost the Values and Morality that Once Made it the Greatest City in the World *** NY's Non Investigations *** Inspector Clouseau Investigates *** Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up *** Lawyers and Developers Control Comptroller's Campaign *** Tweedies Honor Indicted Pol

True News Reported It First: A limitless line of lobbyists still pulling strings in Albany *** Reformers Have Their Annual Press Conference . . . Nothing Else *** New York Needs A Sun Burn *** Spin is the Cancer of Journalism

Daily News Says: The political earthquake that gave Democrats control of Albany for the first time in 70 years created chaos — and opportunity — for a vast army of lobbyists.

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Daily News Says: It’s a big-bucks business. Though numbers aren’t yet out, officials expect last year’s haul to exceed the $171 million the state’s 5,300 lobbyists pocketed in 2007. Especially well-positioned, insiders agree, are Patricia Lynch, former top aide to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan), and Parkside Group’s Evan Stavisky, longtime Democratic strategist and son of state Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Queens).

True News Reported It First: Lawmakers-turned-lobbyists Al D'Amato and Susan Molinari

Daily News Says: The clout of lobbyists “who were retained because of their personal relationships with one individual” is evaporating, said Joseph Strasburg of the nonprofit New York Public Interest Research Group. Frequently cited is Park Strategies, founded by Pataki’s mentor, former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato. The firm would not comment. *** DN Editorial: Make it a freebie, Fonz. Herewith an appeal to former Sen. Alfonse D'Amato, New Yorker, American, pal of current Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and fat-cat lobbyist: Stop with the idea of charging the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation for your services *** D'Amato signs on for $50G WTC job

True News Reported It First: Lawyers and Developers Control Comptroller's Campaign *** Candidates Accept Funds From Laid Off Workers

Daily News Says: Tenants can't find a friend in capital State of Shame: This was the year tenant advocates were waiting for: a Democratic-controlled Senate coming in to make long-awaited changes in the state’s rent laws. Since January 2007, landlords and their lobbyists have funneled $2.5 million in campaign contributions to Democratic and Republican senators and Assembly members, the Albany watchdog group NYPIRG has found. Republicans pulled in $1.5 million and Democrats raked in more than $1 million.

True News Reported It First: New York’s Mad Hatter: Krugerspeak *** Kruger Bankrolls the Gang of 3

Daily News Says: Sen. Carl Kruger, a Brooklyn Democrat who faced a minor opponent, took in $27,700, records show. He has 40,000 rent-stabilized units in his district and has not taken a position on the issue.

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SHELLY'S SPENDING SPREE Lord Mayor of Albany Sheldon Silver and his pliant handmaidens, David Paterson and Malcolm Smith, used the cover of weekend darkness to deliver a state budget that raises spending by at least 10 percent -- a staggering 33 times the rate of inflation.

Albany WHAT DEMS ARE 'UP' TO -- $132B: 10% BUDGET BOOST AMID TAX HIKES *** N.Y. State Leaders Outline Budget Deal *** Tax Hikes Focus Of Preliminary Budget Deal *** State budget busts bank, and critics howl *** Three Men In A Room Reach Budget Deal *** Taxes Galore in New State Budget *** MEET GOV'S BUREAUCRAT BONEHEADS *** DN Editorial: Dangerous deal Gov. Paterson and Democratic legislative leaders have agreed on an overhaul of drug laws that all but decriminalizes the possession and sale of narcotics in New York State. This craziness must not become law *** PA BIRD BRAINS: DATA HID JET SMASH-UP DANGER *** We’ve got a budget, which contains a number of taxes and $5.2 billion in cuts. And an income tax hike on the wealthy. The wealthy have different opinions about it *** The Middle Class STAR rebate is gone.The bottle bill has been expanded *** The Middle Class STAR rebate is gone.The bottle bill has been expanded *** There may be a deal on the horizon for the MTA? *** Assembly finance strategists say that the state could save $240 million to $350 million just by changing the day the paychecks are cut *** Tom Suozzi will consider a gubernatorial run if Paterson doesn’t run, but won’t primary him *** The Post calls on the Senate Republicans to prevent a quorum and block passage of the budget - at least long enough to "shed light on the process." *** Tax the Rich! How did the poor win the New York tax war? Welcome to the era of the moneyed underclass *** Addicted The myth of the Rockefeller-drug-laws repeal *** Bukharians For 'Busy Man' Bloomberg

ffects of Raising Taxes NY Times Editorial February 8, 1984
"Current research suggests that high state and local taxes play a significant role in harming almost every aspect of economic performance, from inducing companies to leave for greener pastures to discouraging new business startups and hindering the creation of jobs. Until the last few years, the common academic wisdom was that local taxes didn't matter much. Albany Top Earners Hold Mixed Views on Plan for Higher Taxes

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America the Tarnished These days America is looking like the Bernie Madoff of economies: for many years it was held in respect, even awe, but it turns out to have been a fraud all along, Krugman, NYT

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